The Harms and evil of Jealousy

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The transcript discusses the concept of jealousy and how it can affect behavior, including feelings of pride and engagement. It also explores the negative impacts of jealousy on various human appearances, including one's appearance and relationships. The segment provides examples of how it has affected people, including a woman named Connie who refuses to wear a dress and refuses to receive a hand presents.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan Hubie Avada

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a Mavado for the villa Yamuna. shaytani R rajim Bismillah Allahu Akbar, Rafi

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Amiya soon and salam

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ala woman folly, said Allah will as

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in his calm and in His command has different types of commands.

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One command is to do with our external

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with our outward that is known as in Islam, our salad, our zakat, our hedge, that is to do with the external, just as that has been emphasized in our Sharia.

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In the Quran and Hadith we also have commands pertaining to our inner self, our heart, our spiritual condition, to do good, and to have good attributes like honesty, love, kindness, compassion, and to stay away from evil attributes, like jealousy, insincerity, love for fame, etc. Sharia Islam, NASA Rosaria calm Jessie Namaaz Rosa's ecart Prozorro dia. Belkin DeLuca Well, for me has the word Giuditta taka chesterford Peda home or Budi ADATs Amana Jasmine million. For example, Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked once that Yarrow sola which of the people are the best subset better? console log here to nivia Kareem saw Selim said cool no more MILCON was to do Okay listen,

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people who are truthful what they speech and people who have a pure heart, people who have a pure heart and what truthful in the speech, so Sahaba said yada So, now we understand Citco Lisanne we know that who is the people who are truthful mobile Kolkata mclevy, who are those who are pure at heart, so maybe a cream sauce them said who are tatty and nothing like this Murphy well above Walla Walla acid. This is made mentioned even imagine and it has been authenticated via cream sauce Lim said a hearted fears Allah does not commit sin does not have injustice in his heart and does not have jealousy. These are the best of people who speak the truth and the heart is pure. So that is

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why near cream sauce Ramsay Puja is a subset better in acne corner to Abner for Maya to serve deal or shift searches Avanca Maliko. Now out of the bed attributes which are to do with the heart, one that I would like to concentrate on in today's by ion is that of Hassan jealousy. Now we can call it jealousy or envy, sometimes it is used synonymously but let us call it jealousy because it is more commonly known jealousy. What is jealousy? Jealousy is you see someone who has a favor from Almighty Allah whether that favor is to do was deal over dunya you don't like it? And you wish that Allah was destroyed from him. Whether you get it or not is a different matter. So jealousy is you see someone

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with a number you wish that Allah must destroy it. You're not happy on Coco Mila, why did he get it and you wish that it must be destroyed? That is jealousy.

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And there is something that is very similar. In in the definition you see someone with a good attribute, you see someone with a good favor from Almighty Allah and you don't wish that it must be destroyed by him. You don't wish that it must be destroyed, but you wish I was also get the same.

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You see that I must also get the same. What am I have written that is known as Rita emulation. Emulation is in dunya we met as it is MOBA, it is just merely permissible and in DD matters, it is recommended. So I hope you get this definition correctly the definition between jealousy and perhaps that has called it envy. Jealousy is haram. Envy, in worldly matters is promotion.

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It is mobile and in in religious matters it is good to yea work your karma to schedule and hustle kissy kissy two three shots he achieved this much say nah who's Hawker who escaped Avahi key wise Karna year has said kill at the edge okay haram

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or do three here keiki CK a cheeky smartcore Decker who Shona or rush kurta who can was kill who seal was cool risky who silk who schoolkid worker now he has shipped dye or a RIPTA dunya which is oh man mobile hair or DNA cheese oh man was the Habad like for example, just to give you an example as an homage to the Allahu taala, who is a time of the Battle of taboc He gave half his wealth. And this also a Jeep Nebia Karim South Salem when Amara Viola who came he didn't ask him how much you gave. He put you up nick it Nadia, here Pooja, how much did you leave behind? Subhan Allah? Sometimes you can you got to know 1 million and you gave 1000 is good. It's very small. But if you

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got 5000 and you give me 1000 It's a very big amount and the business didn't say how much did you give? How much did you leave behind? So mircera left half? So when you allow them again, the same question, not how much you gave, how much did you leave behind? I left behind a lady's in a suit. So Omar started having this. He said, Oh, I will worker How can I compete with you? He had rushed for him. He had the desire to emulate him. And he said, Oh, our worker, whenever we try to try to emulate you, whenever we try to compete with you, you always will be ahead of us. Now this is RIPTA to emulate someone wish that you can be like him. This input in dealing matters is good. But in

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terms of worldly matters, kisi capacity Galio someone got a beautiful Kaiser i hope i also got a Mercedes. Yeah, it's not it's not a very great quality, but spermatid As long as you don't wish it It must be destroyed from him.

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So this is the definitions, but this half the jealousy is one of the greatest sins It is haram. It is one of the most destructive emotions of a person which one person may have for another person. Therefore Allah Allah told us to seek protection of Allah from the acid, woman shall be hassled in either acid or nice equal protection from the jealous person when he makes any commerce jealousy. Because there is no greater harm and no greater emotion negative emotion than hazard and jealousy. Therefore you seek Allah's protection away from the jealous person on E commerce jealousy. And therefore to be a cream sauce. Selim has made it haram and maybe a cream sauce and said a lot about

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Hello, while at the hospital when

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Allah Juana do not turn against one another, to not hate one another, to not be jealous of one another and be like brothers and to one another. So jealousy is haram. And Imam Ghazali rom Talalay is narrated a hadith very amazing Hadith Nebia Karim saw some said, one of the greatest fear I have with regard to my OMA is wealth will increase and they will be jealous of one another because of the wealth. One has more and he will be jealous why that person has got more

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mediocre himself who said one of the greatest things I feel about Muhammad is that wealth will increase and they will be jealous of one another because of the wealth increasing and they will say why don't I have the same and they will wish that it must be destroyed from that person. Now why is jealousy haram? Let me give you a few examples and few reasons. Firstly, it was the first guna committed the first guna and some that was committed was because of jealousy and envy. He please did not make sister in front of other Malays salat wa salam, the first act of disobedience. Why? He said Anna Pharaoh men character demeanor out of jealousy. Why did Allah give human being that particular

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aspect? Why did he give him that perfection? Why did he give him that subset? Bellagio guna Yeah, so yeah, I said que Haram has said Kihara, Monica K would you hottie subset de la Jo Guna. He says Amin Pahwa or jova Allah Tala kiya calm Tina for Manitoba, hustle Chioggia say the first thing is because of hustle. The second reason why Allah has made it haram that perhaps one of the most serious

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one of the most serious aspects of jealousy is this. You see Allah Tala gives people favors Allah knows why he gives. So Allah says a woman

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I give people

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Risk Mare is the Tao Allah Tala forma de Mer is the Tao. Now if you have if you are jealous about another person the risk or you are jealous about another person's name but are you are jealous upon another person.

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What are you saying?

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You are saying Allah made a mistake in the distribution of his nomads

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yet a comic about a moto moto Acadiana yet poofer Kimata Radhika RBA karaoke Allah Tala Contiki electron Kakuda Why did Allah give him you are saying Allah made a mistake. Can you imagine what a great what a great Quran and Sunnah it is with regard to jealousy. You are saying Allah made a mistake by Why did he give him Allah?

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Why did Allah Allah give him this? Why did Allah give him children? Why did Allah give him so much wealth? You are implying that Allah Tala made a mistake. Thirdly, it is the height of foolishness.

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So what is Allah? You know, what is the height of foolishness? Why is the height of foolishness you know, people who are jealous, they have a very great opinion about themselves. They feel Allah will give names to others based on your ones. Allies, we're gonna give people names and favors because you like it or you don't like it. So a person who is jealous has a very great notion about himself. Such a greatness or someone is very beautiful. He says jealousy is counting other people's favors rather than counting your own famous people who are jealous have such a great notion of themselves. Someone has said very humorously that if today people find the center of the universe, many people

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will be disappointed that they are not in the center of the universe. They have such a high notion. So jealousy is the height of foolishness. Allah is not gonna give people mud because you like or you dislike it. Or Allah is gonna give people famous because you feel Allah must give someone Allah has got his own system. So jealousy is the height of foolishness. Fourthly, fourthly, Allah apne HCA HC, HC maatregelen cielo Carissa Chaura Dolla dolla, Tata Tata, up ke Hawaii Shatkin metopic, loco loco Nia mattala Anita. So just feel yet to enter a year or a year into higher hamaca it is the it is the height of foolishness. It is a height of selfishness.

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So a person who is jealous, he is so selfish. That nevermind, he cannot give other people he can't even stand Allah giving other people. So it is what it is you can give. And you don't like animals give someone you know how selfish can you be? Well, how selfish. How selfish can you be with regard to it? Yeah, you do. You can even you can give but you don't even want anonymous give someone else. So it is a height of foolishness. It is a height of selfishness. And it is also the height of frustration. Now what actually happens when you are jealous that Allah is giving someone every time Allah gives him you becoming frustrated? You're becoming frustrated won't stop giving him but what

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will happen you will become more and more frustrated. But what is can you imagine how foolish it is but yet people are still jealous. Someone had says so beautifully today, ads look up net took say zucchini to stroke a success Nokia.

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People today are not are not perturbed and disturbed because of their own failures and their own difficulties and their own challenges. But they are disturbed because of the failures of someone else. Why Allah gave him a yet is it is your disease your your Are you in control of the universe while Allah gave him

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amazing. So these are some of the aspects that we have to keep in mind then just look at the spiritual harm. Jealousy eats away your good deeds. Jealousy eats away your good deeds, has said has said say but you're here at yarmulke Bertha

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nebbia cream sauce limits APR Komal acid final acid.

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Kamata Corona, stay away from jealousy. Jealousy devours your good deeds, the way fire devours wood. The way fire destroys wood. That is the way jealousy destroys all your good deeds. We have lot of Amahl we have growth now and the Salah and you have jealousy. Jealousy destroys all it. Secondly, fair thing Nemea Kareem saw Selim I said in a hadith in dibny mahabang la H TAMIU. Fi JioFi uptil E Mini al Eman? Well Hassan said jealousy tarnishes the amount of a person that is asked them I said in a hadith two things cannot gather in the heart of a believer

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Bear Imani and an acid you know Eman and acid cannot be joined together in a person. Lie yes Tammy Wolfie JioFi uptil more men. There's two things cannot gather in a person Eman and acid. If you got a man you will never be able to be jealous.

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And then the via Kareem said Allah Allah He was so limited. Lawyers on NASA they failed Madame Mata hacer una SubhanAllah. Goodwill never dominate in a society with jealousy becomes common amongst people. Now we saw some he said people will be on board as long as they are not jealous. Low helper hunger Jeptha acid nacre anger that means the moment they are jealous, there will be no goodness in community and society Subhan Allah says look at this layers Allah nurse will be higher madam people will be on good as long as they are not jealous. And today look at it how many families are destroyed. They don't have unity because of jealousy. How many friends were extremely close if turn

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the backs on one another because of jealousy, kidney those sad. It is such a such a DOS TT they can hacer que se wo dos de Burbano. Yeah. How many times how many workers are in one factory one place and because they are jealous of one another, the co workers the enemies of one another. So a jealous person can never be a leader. A jealous person can never have through a man a jealous person. Allah subhanho wa Taala destroys his good deeds and there are so many other harms that are with regard to jealousy. Lastly, let me say with regard to something Matangi has made mentioned a very amazing thing. My camera McNally has written hazard cutting the raw data, there are three stages of hazard

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and he has reverted so beautifully. One is Mazu one is mature and n one is module and one is my other, my other module and this is the three stages what are the stages one is where you are module excuse, right? What is excuse one is all of a sudden jealousy comes into you and there is Dr. Jana Yego Nakaba if name one is, you know, all of a sudden you get you get a sense of jealousy over someone. You see what something good and for a fleeting moment you become jealous but you don't follow it. You just keep it at that and all of a sudden you take your heart away from it. In that you are excused up basura no guna no sun, no reward. So jealousy comes naturally instinctively. So

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there is a person is excused. Mathura guna here post it module. He is rewarded. You get jealous about someone you make dua for him.

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You get jealous of someone you go against your sense of jealousy, you make dua for him.

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Or birthday.

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Today was one that two weeks ago someone sent me a clip that one particular Mufti has got his beer. He's a millionaire, he's a billionaire. I said Alhamdulillah give him

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Why are you becoming jealous? You taking out a whole 30 Page why he became a millionaire. So he's a millennial. But why are you getting jealous? Why are you worried that he's becoming normal, yada yada yada. So, one is module that you get jealousy and you go against against jealousy, you make dua for the person Allah will reward you for that. And one is where Allah Tala takes you to account and what is that you have jealousy and from jealousy, you start speaking bad about a person, you would act against him, you try and work against him, there is where you will get guna where you will get some three stages of jealousy. One is Mizzou, no son, no reward. Instinctively it comes, you deal

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with it and you stay away from it. One is jealousy comes and you go against the instinct of jealousy under rewards. And one way jealousy comes and after it coming, you you follow it, you start speaking against a person bed, you take steps against him, and that is the one where you will be held accountable by Allah subhanho wa taala. All in all, jealousy is something is a height of foolishness. It is a height of selfishness. It's your saying that Allah Tala has committed a mistake. You feel it, doesn't he? A person cannot have through a man if he is jealous. All in all, it is all very important for us to stay away from all aspects of jealousy. May Allah protect us