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You know, tell me the first thing in our culture basically, after Islam has become what Islamic culture, though there is also something of our way to when we say Arab culture, it because we want to sit in more pure, you know, if our Islamic point of view God if you want to is if what Islam from Islamic point of view at that time our culture was the purest one because that is from culture, any other culture, they have gotten so many things to whenever are moved with their own culture, it was easier to make the region most Islamic easily because the culture is something to people easily can not forcing people, but you know, the way they live the way they will behave it more Islamic in that

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that about that why this country easily became Muslim and they you know, easily is a change, when you know that when those nations can be Salaam who did not change their culture, they remain in their culture, then basically that tension remained between religion and between the culture that mix in that we can see sometimes they hate our people to show via moment they started hating our people to tension between R and R we started doing a budget period, dude, oh my God is there no texture like that, a basilic period is the period when the tension started between all the nations, because this is a time where muscles become divided into so many cultures. So, maybe some people

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have a problem with the unity and diversity and all these things. But in one way, we think really bad one yet By the way, just one culture one religion, one language, it helps a lot a positive part one that like that, it was not one language, not one culture. You know, it was so many different things, that why Muslims we can we can we create that very quickly, you can see in a busser Empire very quickly, regional power became more powerful, very quickly, a bustling power basically remained powerful, until only Motoki to start from from Sahaba bus after motorcade it became integrated, remember a long time, but disintegrated, because all the major parts become very powerful, because

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there are many, many claims. So it could be for one reason or another reason to us really, oh, my good way was much better. But, you know, what we consider the burqa, the burqa was you can see all the red become a bit easy for you know, that was one of one of the Hindu You know, my era when my friend he came from India do some research in Oxford,

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to he was a sailor he used to sell, you know, from India to orbit and to Morocco. He said one thing actually, I'm always amazed that is rising leave Indian shore it all people same language, same culture, same region, until I come to Morocco, are so much impressed by this unity of the people for our one diversity. But you know, other problematic one religion, one people everything if once you leave India, that basically, you know, Emirates and then Saudi Arabia, Syria, you know, Egypt and Libya and all that to somebody who's not Muslim. They're impressed by that to disagree, you made it really it he said I was I leave India and that time where once you agree up from India to start from

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India to spend until for answer, one culture one language one people, you learn Arabic language, you can talk to anybody in your rulers in Spanish, they made the, you know, a Bible translate to Arabic language. And somebody gave a similar to after again, the in regards to the priest who translated the Bible into Arabic. You know what, as a professor, he said, The reason I translated the Bible into Arabic is not to, you know, to preach to other people, not for reason, I only did for my own Christian people, because they only want to know Arabic language, the only language the Arabic language, he translated, we know his Bible into Arabic for Christian people. Because Arabic language

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was language that the people everybody used to love that language more advanced like in our time, Muslims in our Muslim they want to leave the real Quran in English because you know, that differs by that, that how powerful our language are so powerful that a nice pen, Christianity, food, they love to Lola, like a lot anyway, that was the language if you want to come learn that you will learn a language. So it has beauty, but certainly maybe it also has some other things if you've been working for diversity, maybe not so much diversity, but a healthy slump. So much