The heart vs the nafs

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The speaker discusses how the mind and body are connected and how the body is the tool and heart. They also mention that the desire to be powerful is a desire that is stronger and weaker in the heart. The speaker suggests that the mind and body are connected and that the desire to be powerful is a desire that is stronger and weaker in the heart.

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You know what, when you say, I see this right because I the tool, but when you say, my heart sees that's also true heart is the commander without commodity cannot see the bottle right? When you say my mind, see, that's fine. When you see my heart is also fine. Let karasawa attribute to relate the sink to the heart. So after we die, sometime you can relate the thing to the mind, simply the heart, the heart is the commander, the both are fine. In the meaning in her mind, the tool and heart of the commander is the tool and heart is the commander. You can relate the seeing and thinking to aiyana mind and also to the heart. There's no difference in these things. So that we're thinking that

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people's soul in a room ruins their life comes that then people have got nothing. NASA basically is it that Allah subhanaw taala met in the people in a put a certain desire, these desires, their weakness are the people you cannot function your life without those desires. These are left for eating, drinking, a relation between men and women, this desire being anger, angry, this desire has been put in your nerves, why they will put for a purpose to then your heart controls over them your mind control over them to use because you need to use them. You know you need to eat, you need to drink you need to have relation in men or women, you need to be angry. People need all those things,

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to deal with the hava have been have been put inside. But there should be under the control of the heart and mind to the problem happens even when this desire because it's stronger, and the mind and heart because weaker in front of them. Then Then this nothing starts commanding that will cause enough set lamotta to be so nasty the one commerce evil with heart NASA came and weakened the heart. And now you work for the desire. Desire was good, as long as it under the control of the heart. But when the desire to become powerful, now the heart is weak. Now the NASA start commanding that why you need to be purification you need to learn to eat that way when you eat less than it helps you

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because nothing becomes bigger when he fulfilled that is or when you too much drink too much to live too much become angry too much have a relation between men or women too much, it becomes much stronger the heart dies because very very that what Nasim used to know basically the place of your desire did not a Bible. This is good but it needs to be trained that why NASA sometimes can become a NASA that's what the mind me that NASA we did not command anything. It listens really to the heart to get on NASA McMahon. Now let's put my neck and go to the to the paradise. But when nurses are more of a suit, that the problem when the stronger the deafness and the Saudis in your soul. That's

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another matter. That's basically the life of the people.