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Akram Nadwi

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You know, it is obligatory on every believer to make the best effort is possible for the religion for example, if you have any serious illness, you are not going to follow any doctor, you ask people who is the more reliable person, you compare one with other, you become more more serious in this matter. Similarly, it could be positive that you are not a scholar, you don't read the Quran sooner. But still you need to make effort. If somebody says to you read this thing, it has particular about reward. It is not enough to take from that person, ask the person what is your evidence. And if you are satisfied, if it is properly that's fine, if you're not satisfied, you should go to other people

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second arlynn third olim compare between them until you're satisfied. If you are right, you get double reward in all this effort, if you are still run because you know you don't know it's still a good one reward. But if you accept someone without the proper effort, which you could do, in a fact that you could not do your as possible, but the effort that you put in making but you do not make you wait guessing you have you kind of make this effort. Ask the evidence. You can ask if you did not give as a lead, then you don't need to not obliged to follow. And if you've given evidence, it's not clear to you ask someone else until I got this image. What do you think? Second a few people

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until you become satisfied that this is right and do it is still if you're wrong, you get rewarded? Is it clear? People must make effort for their religion. Don't take anything blindly. Otherwise, run cultures will develop in Islam.