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Assalamualaikum everyone welcome back to our weekly q&a with

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SLM Institute and all of our social media platforms. This q&a is every Thursday 6pm PST PST for half an hour.

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I think what we'll do this time we actually had a lot of questions last week they weren't answered so I'm going to do is probably just the first few questions at the beginning of answer in sha Allah if that's okay with you. Let's take the first question. This question is I heard a hadith that there is no Salah when there is food and and the call of to impurities urination and the call of nature or the same thing. Can you please elaborate on its scope? What if there is a very less time for data rather than I haven't paid the right I'm getting the urge to go to the washroom Should I hold on and do my and pray or should I relieve myself first and then pray

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my Rahim Allah Hungary lawyer bill oil me alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Sahabi Molina.

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So we have to understand the first decade of prayer is not only the body only it is with the mind and the heart actually the mind the heart The most important thing for the prayer the many people will only learn the prayer of physical prayer something saying and a movement you know, Roku aside

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but these Roku scidac I'm reading they need intention they need a will they need thinking meaning it is not that you attend the prayer you should be actually present in the prayer you know that that is more difficult thing. So that why anything that distracts you from the attending the prayer from being presented the prayer is disliked to either measure like you know somebody is very hungry to even if he plays physically he's playing but his mind is in the food and if somebody is you know origin nuda or desperate need for any human you know that is needed then his mind will be occupied by those things. So that's why the professor's advise people that you know firstly free yourself the

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prayer should be the most important that you do with all your mind and heart to that rule or the room but don't you know play you know in rush you know if you have a need go and do it and then come under prep properly. But sometimes there is actually a pressing need to pray when food is there or when you you know desperate for you know going to the human noodle there could be some time like for example you know you are in a place where there's no water on your water is there now if you think you go to the call of nature and then come by if you don't have some refer to some of those occasions maybe it could be allowed that you pray and then you go you know your toilet or whatever.

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But generally, you know, just out of laziness that people you know, pray quickly does not like prayer should be done nicely with the full attention while your mind should be resulting in the prayer.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question.

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From idle can the walima happen right after the after the nigga without any gap on the same day?

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Always a necessary

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thing is in generally the way of Voluma is it opens after consummation of the marriage. But it is not necessary it could happen even before that you notice celebration. So Allah allow walima to be before permission to marry after nigga you can do

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so if there any need any reason for that it did no harm by generally to advise the people should do well after conservation of the marriage.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take another question.

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Are we out

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allowed to do what they wanted for and for a deceased person collectively, and sharing the juice each so each person does it

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you know, when people die, then all their actions and now the can't play the card read the Quran they can't do anything or ended that why people have to do or good deeds before they die

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when other people do some good deeds on the behalf of a dead person, so that we need to understand really, that people can do on behalf of dead person filters, not everything, they can do charity so that

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you know money that you can do, you can make $1 that will love forgive my Father, forgive my you know, brother, my, you know, my friend or something like that, for this Muslim, that you can do the door to set apart and why you can do what you can't do the salon they are we have, you know, you can't do fasting either we have. So all the Avada that is done by the body. You cannot do on the behalf of anybody. But the body that involves money you can do on other people's behalf. You can do hygiene on somebody's behalf, you can do ombre on somebody's behalf that has money, you can decide upon somebody's behalf you know, the physical alibi that only dry you can do that has come very

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clear how this you can do kind of people read the Koran on somebody's behalf. Generally Abu hanifa and other folks don't like this because companies never did this metaphysical elevada but you can do one thing you read the Koran and then make dua for the person, draft of Quran is more likely to be accepted, you can withdraw but don't say that I read the Quran on behalf of CERN. So, you get a physical alborada it cannot be done on the behalf of everybody so that what an all die by that should be done alone they no need to be collected except you know congregation of paper that is so if you want to do reading of the Quran then to offer someone who alone there's no reason to be in

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the public and getting cut that is showing up and people do for the sake of other people it will be pure Alibaba should be hidden as much as possible too Don't be often don't be part of any collective reading of the Quran.

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Okay, exactly.

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This question is referring to I think an answer you gave last week from Sn. His question is you said that the Quranic or prophetic draws on to be treated like magic and that we should make our own guys. But what then is the purpose of such dies on prophetic words more valuable than hours

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you know, thing that people are talking to people don't make a difference between liquor vichara for light, very important. And Vicar many times liquor is the prayer salaat zyk liquor. Today the vicar should be done sooner the professor loves it to do the solar. Another thing is boron, read the Quran. You can't make your own Koran, and then Vicar are specific to us that the professor used to do are certain times like in the morning in the evening, when somebody dies or something like that, that you follow that those words there's much much better and it's about the forgiveness of Allah forgive me if you follow the prophets verse, because these two you need all the time. You can't

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invent any What better than that. You know this, but there are things which you need. Your needs does not necessarily mean the Prophet knew them. All those things you should do from your heart, your mind, in your language in your words.

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I think that you find out the words of the prophet and prophets of word don't have any more importance here. It is your words so that you are one of the ones you don't need Avada pollino the Prophet even advise people if you use your shoes, it needs to be repaired. ask Allah to just ask Allah so Allah I want to repair my shoes helped me we've not known that 10 times 20 times but he had once you know some doors you need all the time like Allah forgive me because if do sin all the time and forgiveness all the time to something like Allah give me paradise that if you need all the time

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or love making pious or law making God fearing this draws you need all the time so you can set up an outlet jr hasn't destroyed you can follow but when it comes to your specific need of dunya this dunya then said those things I just saw once don't need to copy anybody no prophet copied the dog for the profits lose the Quran in order that Moses is oh let me make the war in the same What's it Rahim did know these two have their own when they come from your heart and mind that more effective and to understand it very important to know Do I not like magic? I read an article about you know if you know the story of Alibaba and 40 thieves so in that is

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torey that is a story of Alfredo ala Arabic a story, but it is actually possible in every language. In that story Alibaba sees the the 40 thieves that a leader comes to a cave which he locked on, he said, sim Sim, Sim, sim sim open, and this word hidden that word mean. Then the lock is open. He go then inside he colors, whatever, then he comes back Simson upload and it

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does grow. So this was sim sim had magic effect. No, do I like that? They're not magical. It is asking a learner less gaming makes you ask Allah from your heart and then he gets there. So in other words make difference. Though do not magic to understand properly. When you say Allah do, then he will do that. But if you say certain words will make him to do to you or wrong, really, there's nothing magic in Islam, to always be very clear those doors which you need all the time. Yeah, that you can see in your words, you can follow any proper messenger, even directly, you don't need follow. But if you want it, you can do but do all that you need your delivery, somebody want to

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marry. Somebody wants to build a house. Somebody was just seeing your words on what he wants to don't need to say all the time.

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Okay, just talking to Harsha. Let's take a question from choudry.

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You said that contraception is haram what should they husband do if his wife wants to take temporary contract contraceptive methods like condoms or pills

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in the thing that you have to understand this thing all together really people who have to understand what the marriage is, you know, if there's a medical need, then find in on somebody, you know, when pregnancy they have problem and difficulty, you know, and sometimes they need maybe more of airport, I don't know if we can ask the doctors, they're fine, just you know, because wife, she was it to something else. And people you know, this really motherhood is a very, very important thing, a family very, very important. By in our time, it was really easy, you know, earning money has become more important. So earning money is so much also in enjoyment of the life is more

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important for that purpose. People, you know, sacrifice motherhood, people don't want to be mothers anymore. Or if they want to be mother, they want to just one child enough to this to survive, because something else had become more important our mind that, you know, we work, Dino employed and something else, I want to go around the world and see, and it triggers him to stop me to nobody wants to get any hardship in the life. So the purpose of the life had changed so much eligible to harm everybody's harm already. So don't don't fall in the trap like that. You're sitting with your wife, and discuss the matter and tell her that in one day, we're going to die. And we want to

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account to toeless hautala he doesn't like ugly people do all these things. You know, your children are at his mercy Rama, you know, if you have got a sheep, if your farmer you know, if a sheep you want to be more more sheep, nobody to ask children actually less important the sheep. You know, farmers want to have a more more sheep on butter. Now, you don't want to have children, if the children bring their own for William, you know, I just because of your busy life, you don't allow it for them that's very, very minor in their life actually for that purpose, that you raise the children, you raise the children life not that you earn money like machine and you just enjoy the

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life is not life, life, the duty function doing something, you know, important on actually one of the important to the life is parenting, to be parent to parental look opposite children and an enjoyment there. So, you know, don't become you know, now what are really every where your money values have been undermined by you know, modernity, by modern ideas and thinking, basically, the whole I see what our culture has become a secular, secular everything, our thoughts and ideas, you know, morality, everything of course secular, you know, everything determined by the money and by the enjoyment. Nothing is determined by values. What does not matter really what matters is that

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something we lose more money sometimes brings more enjoyment. So believer should be different from other people.

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Okay, just talking to Harsha. Let's take the next question.

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We know that when one has an impure dream, they should when they wake up they should do awesome. However, is it compulsory to to dorsal when a menstruating woman has an impure dream? Because anyhow she is still Nergis until her menstruation is over.

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What are the impure

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Do I didn't understand what you mean by including

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what I'm not

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so when someone has when someone is impure due to having bad thoughts

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not only we brought him to me the absence shaitan or Jen or something like that, oh, something it's essential that maybe she can ask the question or more clear way inshallah we'll get back to the mean by your dreams. You know, when people see dream, you know, sexual relation and they become Yes, yeah, that Yeah, that makes it wasn't overly glittery. But that's certainly also the obligatory cut, you have to pay or you have to read the Quran. But if women are in that situation, yeah, then they don't need to watch it in Darfur itself was the Ministry of Avada. So if they don't do it, rather than that, no need to do except if you want to read the Quran because some people will invest

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tuition, they can read the Quran. So if you want to read the Quran, then yeah, but because that, you know, Dream makes you believe you have to have birth to that birth will be obligatory for reading the Quran.

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Yeah, okay. Just talking Harsha.

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Just give me a moment and we'll find another question.

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Okay, there is a headache. That's a diagnose. We'll never go to Jana. What is the actual meaning of a diagnose? Does it mean a husband? Yep. Does it mean husband will be punished if his wife doesn't fall? It doesn't follow the rules of Islam?

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No, the youth means somebody who has no meaning either he does not have any honor to this man, you know, doesn't mind any problem if the wife hides the relation with other men, or she goes with them and she enjoyed the life with them, or he doesn't have any problem. So that man is actually the youth the youth means he has no error no an honor and no humanity. Yet people like that will be punished by somebody had the honor respect and does not want to harp on his wife without telling him in hiding then he's not responsible. But if he knows and history accepted in the youth that actually is one of the big sin.

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Okay, let's take the next question from Junaid. Some people say that we should lead the scholars to informing the people about fit because there are so many opinions. But once I learn things, in fact, should I not teach others for example, my family or my community?

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What you don't need to do is if somebody already follows an opinion, which is valid, you will need to teach your opinion. But if they don't know yeah, then teach freshly somebody does not know how to do then to do you can't do anyone have any opinion by somebody does already come to Shafi mother, and you know when I say Mother, don't teach, don't confuse the people, because they all are the same very similar. What matters is in the Avada

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don't confuse the people but certainly you need to teach is important. In other words, how can people pray? How can people first because they need to know the rulings in order to not have all these are not important when you say import what the problem is, or or people should not fight for rulings. If there are differences, people should not prefer one or the other for no reason. People should allow division flexibility to somebody follows a ruling that's fine, then you don't need to make your wife follow the Hanafi madhhab and you follow Shafi Mother, you don't need to teach her your mother. Because you know she wife does not need to follow Mother of her husband. Nobody needs

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to follow any Mother, you know that people choose whatever they like, up to them by somebody does not do anything. Yeah, then you need to teach.

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Okay, and on this same topic, we have another question. Can I pray behind any man who is not from my school of thoughts?

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opinions, opinion very important that nothing and they're not important. Certainly you can, you know, pray behind anybody. Shafi can play 100 feet. Mom, honey, you got a prepper one maleki Mom, you can pray by somebody who doesn't have any mother. I love him. He knows by prayer. And he's a pious person. You know, I have a question for me for him. If he sent me five different via Michelle will for him. Are you from Luton? Or you are a different person?

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will share me for you? I wish I could answer for him. Maybe that's another comment. If Mirror mirror for him is from Luton, then this question from his he made a mistake because he had the attorney in my class for more than 10 years, maybe 15 years. And he knows everything that I know. So now still if he asked this question is a big problem. And the penalty will be that he should invite us for a nice food somewhere. Then we can forgive his good discussion because

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This course is not appropriate for someone like me for you.

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Go convey my message to him. Yeah. Okay, inshallah we'll wait for Murphy to let us know if it's from Luton, please do let us know. Okay, let's take the next question. What is your take on Yeah, Georgia, my George

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my jujhar You know, one a type of human being a tribe and they will come out the end of the day, you know, after the Silas Lama has come, they will come and ruin the world and he says lamb will have no type no power to fight them, under diversity strike the whole world. on his side, His love will take refuge with believers into mountains, and he'll make $1 because of his dog, in some certain disease, they will spread a mariachi module on all of them will die, it will die very badly spell and disease again because of the death, huge number of the people dying, then he will make another door, then a big flood will come and Allah will clean all the earth. Then he says I'm going to follow his

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followers will be living in the world, all the people who believe that they're not an unbeliever. So that will happen but we don't know who are we actually module everybody guessing there are people who say yogic module era Americans, some people have written a book or curry are among my teachers and people I know that they are gone they are Europeans. They are big module. Some people say big modules is not people. It is a system to people just keep guessing really. If you read the Hadees you can see and also the Quran, there are people but we don't know and

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whenever future predictions are in the Quran sooner the intention not to make a profit or distorted tell you who they are. Just be aware a little bit when this will happen. You know, the Don't waste your time these matters because there's something current that they know meaning of every prediction, they don't want to really just in the door, listen to the people like that.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take a question from the

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question is there is a sorry, you can't see the full question on the screen. There is a hadith narration that sabots been vs hit his wife and broke her hand and the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam allowed her to get a divorce but didn't punish him. Why is this is domestic abuse not punishable? Not a punishable crime in Islam.

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FRB signifies exactly, you know, the whole thing has not come here. You know, sometimes people do because you don't know the whole story, you know, the professor allows people to have domestic abuse. First thing, I believe, in this type of the case of Mrs. are very rare, that you know, they heated their voice and do the cases are not like that easily. Women can't take divorce and separation. So much can happen. So when in Hadith narrated, the whole story does not appear, because the story has come in the contest or the whole lot that women can demand from the husband, to separate to separate them to leave it in that story. What happened after that what the Prophet did

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punishment, then nothing like that. People don't want to mention all the details, because that they are not relevant to the purpose for regenerating the story. You know, all the stories are the title parcel so they never have come in full. They will leave any part those parts that people think are important. People should not abuse that well understood. People understand it. So you know what actually happened? You know, Akiko dorama say if a husband, you know hits his wife in a way that it leaves any injury or something mark, she can take him to the court that Islamic law you know, people are only allowed once to hit a like a gesture like with a missile visit the call missile like that,

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just a gesture to show that to alert you does not happen then after that they're not allowed to hit you somebody's done. The wife can take him to the court. So this ad will not have all the details because nobody narrates all this to let me know when you mention that I attended a party in London It was very nice biryani and then you pray, won a Peabody biryani and then read this I narrate a story from us so and so said he went to London and there were food while biryani and distant but in that party, hundreds other things happen.

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They will have many many things. But I don't know I don't repeat because that were not important for me when I narrated now in the future may be important for the people. So many people don't understand it when the Hadeeth come into castle only Oliver in his small parts. It does not bring to you all the necessary details. And people who don't understand this thing, and they think that this is full, they always miss it It always that why she people always make many, many more claims. Then the tests allow them to be very, very careful. You know, it's like your report when you report about your mother, your father your family. You don't report it everything you report it that is more a

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part that is important to you, too.

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teach people. But around that there could be many questions. Like, you know, some time I teach about, it's not about my teacher something, then they say what happened next? What happened next is not important for me. I want to I want to test some people are interested in to know what happened just like the Quran mentions the story of people that gave birth Quran didn't mention about the color of the dog is going to be important for some people, but not import for the Quran. So always understand really, that when a Quran and Hadees don't explain something, it does not mean they don't exist. They're not different important for the narrator. So what happened? Did they punish what

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happened about this? Or she forgive? We don't know the details. But certainly the focus, they made very clear that if somebody hits the wife under this market, he can she can take him to the court.

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Let's take another question.

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Many Muslim debate about the prophets of Allah Allah said I'm being created from nor or not, is this something we should be concerned about? No, you don't need to concern about anything really the professor Sam is a human being descent of Adam. So Adam was created from the soil. Are we clear from sir No. When we say Are we are clear from soil, meaning that our father Adam, now everybody comes from the drop of the water that comes to us and the farmers ask him what it means he's from moon, meaning, Allah gave him light guidance. So even if you're a 14 year old, and if you can profit now we've got new light guides here light, what are the light? Even actually, everybody likes your

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teacher the light which guides you that the meaning of that? No, it does not mean some career from something special? No, nothing, actually, you know, he's a family of Adam. And let's notice in the last of them, our new hongwei rahima will either run or not, I mean, he lives in urology, or that will come from Adam and Adam was from the

00:26:59--> 00:27:40

the profit must be profit of not a very new genealogy. That you know, he is from more or less human being from the from Adam know, he's also descended a father, his father Abdullah Abdullah, son of Abdul muttalib on Abdullah military son of Hashem Hashem from Adam enough going back to Brahim and Iran goes back to either one it's not the same you know, people come from me from the sword but after them nobody made from soil nobody after Adam everybody comes in certain are imitating marriage to the Prophet came from his father for parent and the parent confirming their parent going back to say the Prophet from know what they mean do they mean he they're not coming from the drop of the

00:27:40--> 00:28:23

water from his father is stupid to say something like that? Nobody had come like that. So you know meaning hail from lightning he's a guide he has a guidance he teaches people so you can say like on my father My teacher the light was on me meaning that you know he got you got to say my teacher created from the musk what meaning is it then I must cast perfume say my teachers characters know they have perfume you know like the like musk people use this for as you say my optimism from iron to another body mean you they are made from died? No, it moves me as I had done. So you're always being carozza the Quran knew what was

00:28:24--> 00:28:29

it you know, meaning at the guide so like no, but Quran not more Koran the book like a book.

00:28:35--> 00:28:39

Okay, we will try and take one last question in sha Allah. This question is from Mohammed.

00:28:40--> 00:28:52

He doubts that a doubt that has always bothered me. Did the Prophet so lowly Selim doubts I showed Yolanda during the scandal? Why didn't he unconditionally believe and why was he so distressed?

00:28:54--> 00:29:37

Is there so the Prophet did not know unseen you know, Professor Larson knows she's pure, but he has no proof to make people come down. They will make a rumor is hurting him. He did not accuse hidden never accused her. He'd none of us are legends at all the companies didn't use her. But they don't know how to defend until the Parana was very clear that you know in this case, you must be firm. But that time that in that no guidance, there are no guidance no para. And the professor lesson kinda does not know what to do it his wife, to fire your wife, you cannot be extra different differentiate. Other people have seen that you are siding with your wife. You don't want to you're

00:29:37--> 00:29:59

not a prophet prophet should go for the rules, Father laws, so why to the prophets and know that she's fine, but he doesn't. He actually hasn't not each possibility there. Anybody can use it. Anybody can divulge the possibilities. There are rumors are there too. She asked Ayesha Ayesha. If you have done this thing, then repent to Allah Allah will forgive you. And if you have not done Allah will reveal

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

You know, he said this he did not know. But I certainly influenced by people's rumors, like any human being. So, you know, this is I don't know how you doubt come to your mind it happened to everybody. When people start saying something anybody can have been impressed, but then you have to be having a good answer for us. And now in the future, whenever somebody makes a rumor about any woman, say no, it did not write. It never can happen denied rejected, but now we have a guidance now we cannot say, but until that time, there was no guidance.

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Okay, I think we will end it there in sha Allah, Jacqueline Akasha for your time, and jack Miller, her and everyone else for joining us. I think we've covered a wide range of topics hamdulillah.

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Just again, this will be my last time announcing this if you just give me one moment.

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