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AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people's lives, causing a shortage of people, money, and causing a " handyman" who wants to help people in their upcoming schooling and work. The importance of patient and patient behavior is emphasized, and forgiveness is emphasized as a way to achieve success. The segment ends with a statement about a " handyman" who wants to help people in their work and schooling.
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opposed to talking about just come sit down

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so on equal to hook Lok

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salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda may have found out when finally my lamp tena wasn't known when

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he asked Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from mosquitoes and increase us knowledge

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa out of man yet Rahim Malik el Medina.

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Allah yes and I couldn't luxury in South Africa whether our cell phones and even thin also we will sell them and I mean Muhammad Ali he was savvy as you made a mother

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are you ma'am?

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today as from

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sort of

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when Allah subhanaw taala

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you said whatever they do when they show you

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how you wanted to do

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what happened same mean, more anyone who CEUs

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for this year is so Robbie

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and levena either also that I'm most eager to call

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guarding him.

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Be him.

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Whoa, now

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he got home.

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We explained this before just because of the occasion. Oh dear brother, when he's on his mother passed away. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive her since May Allah subhanaw taala elevate her status and gender. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive the sins of all our fathers or mothers have passed away? I mean,

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Allah subhanaw taala is telling us in this area, one that 100% no doubt we will be tested.

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We will definitely be tested. There is no way a human being

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that would pass through this life without being tested. And that has mentioned many places in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala said, and if

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me as even nasally otaku, ie

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one who no one does the people do people think that they're going to be called believers without being tested?

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No way.

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There's this there's a saying getting into the debate that if you're not being tested, something's wrong.

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And test

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not only with the test, cause I'm sorry, test is not also only with the sharp test could be also the failure. That house that children does health. That was that business that you have. This is a test. What are you gonna do with it? That's also a test. The Sahaba said, for the Alana was mine. They said when we were tested with shadow

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with hardship, we will patient but when we were tested to help, it was very hard. Subhanallah so Allah subhanaw taala is telling us here 100% We will be tested, even with a little bit of fear, a little bit of hunger, shortage of money.

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Shortage of souls. So what happened with our brother he lost his mother and shortage of summer. And like you said before, some of that could be translated into

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just like fruits, the actual translation, and it also could be like the animal said it could be you could lose the

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Baraka in what you have not mean a thermal rot is loss of darker and we've seen that Subhanallah there's no dark and old time nobody can the children nobody can anything.

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This is all we spoke before the point I want to make today Subhan Allah

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is the next day.

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Every chef when he is reciting this AI from Yeah, even looking at an understanding of somebody or Salah he will stop here I say Allahu Akbar. And he goes down. Why? Brother, the topic has changed. Now we're going to hash in the software will mirror the idea that we all know when you go to hush, you have to say this. In most of our metadata, we share a lot of data where terminal failure is a type of behavior.

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Well, Allah He there's no place in the Quran. There is no place in the Quran better than this place for this I.

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Why, ALLAH SubhanA Medina data before he said, you will be tested with fear, hunger, shortage of

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money, shortage of people, and shortage of Samara fruits

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in the suffer, well, I'm in sha Allah, what is the Safar who are the people involved in the story of Safa.

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Brahim is her job and

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what happened with her?

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When she was

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after all this time, Allah subhanaw taala listed Rahim is around with the baby.

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And he took him and he left him with his mother in a place. Nobody.

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And when he left him when he was about to go, she told him where you're going, leaving us?

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He kept quiet.

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Then she said,

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America, do you hear that? There's a lot or do you to do that? He said, Yes. And Mara saleha. This righteous woman, that's all she needed to hear.

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That's it in

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them. Ah,

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Allah subhanaw taala will never never disappoint us.

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What happened?

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that stuff, repeat that stuff. fear, hunger, loss of wealth, loss of people and loss of Samara. Because of how southern? And if hope they were called.

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What happened? Was there when he left them there?

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Was there any feel?

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Absolutely a woman alone with a child with a baby? And it doesn't was their hunger? There was nothing nothing was in?

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Well, then there's no vegetation whatsoever. Was the shortage of people. There was nobody except both of them.

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Was the shortage of money. They don't have no money at all. Even if they have money. There's nothing to buy.

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Was the shortage of is it there's there's no truth whatsoever? What happened? Yeah, well, because of the patience of this woman.

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Is that feeling McKenna?

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When the *

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the most peaceful city on Earth?

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Is there any hunger in Makkah?

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Anytime he makes a mistake, he has to smoke and feed the people of Makkah.

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At the shortage of people

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24/7 365 days back

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all the time.

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And the shortage of money, the most expensive real estate on earth. And the closer you get to that mobile family, the more expensive is the meter.

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And he showed us with

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just the dates, there's 100 different kinds.

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Look at the patience of this woman. How it transformed all the five possible

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tests into

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great opportunities, unfortunately.

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Why? Because she was patient. She did not tell him. Where are you going?

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Leaving. Are you crazy? You're leaving us here?

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Okay, what did we learn? Yeah, when I was there's the Halacha is usually about a slot.

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And the whole of today is the whole of the sub.

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If he was

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Allah subhanaw taala to honor that woman.

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till the Day of Judgment, the hash is not going to change you're going to run between software and Marula

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all of that because of her patience. So when when we are hit by a calamity,

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number one, we have to be patient.

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extremely patient and patients instantly.

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Now after we close for a week, and two weeks why me? And three weeks he was young. And the funny part is when we tell somebody oh brother so that really? He was with me yesterday? Yes, if you if somebody was with him yesterday, he's not gonna die.

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Right? We all say that. Well hit that back.

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If he was with you yesterday, that's what yeah, what does that mean?

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So we have to be extremely, extremely patient and not only patient expecting the reward from Allah subhanaw taala for that patience.

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And remembering the reward that Allah subhanho wa Taala promised the patient once

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in Nana, you will first saw the ruler edge Rohan behind me he said.

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The patient ones will be rewarded in a level only Allah knows how much nobody knows.

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Second in Allah you hippo Sabri. Allah loves the patient as

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well. Masa believe in Allah Subhan Allah is with

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us in the company of the patient choice.

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So whatever calamity

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befalls you, my brother, my sister, we have to remember this ayat, and only the true believer, the true believer that all his life is spent in the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala he would recall this if on the time needed

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you lost your job, to hamdulillah in Allah

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your son is an excellent in Allah and Allah here Rajon

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Your mother has cancer in Kerala in a garage on instantly.

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Now it's very easy to say. But when we are hit by the calamity, this is where the men rise.

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This is a difference. Now let me easy.

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phone ring one, the difference? All Amaya life all your life could change with a phone call.

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One phone call one text message all our life would change.

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So firstly, of course, speak patience, extreme patients, not only patients because I have no choice. He's not coming back no patients because I remember the word of patients. Second

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every time someone dies in our community, this is a message to me and to you to wake up and come back to Allah

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Who guarantees you or guarantee me that I'm not next? Is it my age? Is it my health? Is it my

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nationality? What is it? Nothing? Can not nothing can guarantee that I'm not next or your next nothing. And the funny part is we all know that

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we all know that and we still dealing with riba.

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We still not wearing the hijab. We all know that and we still live we still cheating we still missing the treasure.

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And we all know that that I could be next.

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People will be gathered tomorrow maybe to say condolences to my mother or to my wife to my husband. And we still nothing has changed.

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You get the brothers, the sisters getting upset. 1015 minutes tops. And then everything goes back to normal. What happened to the death? Where's the more evil? where's the where's the lesson from the death nothing guesswork Allah Almighty myself and I remind you

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every time we hear that did not happen by coincidence in our community.

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It is a message for all of us to wake up and come back to Allah and every single one in this room has some kind of shortcoming including myself on top of that list

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don't think I'm sorry, I'm sitting here I'm better than you but as Allah

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we are all in it.

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And we are all here to help one another improve and get closer to Allah. And if we don't then we are not doing the main role of a Muslim which is hon Morrows when De Luca

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we gotta wake up

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whatever that sin is, whatever it is, you know it.

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Stop it. Now, which brings us to the third step. Toba.

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Rasul Allah somebody said them

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in his sister

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used to make a lot of about Toba who Rasul Allah Allah

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Allah Finley them be Kula there was you love a welder who were accurate and then he Yetta who was so rough

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you Allah forgive all my sins, the beginning of it and the end of it. The one I did in public and the one I did in secret, the small one and the big one for so long and alarming are some of them used to say that those who

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who gave me who gave me the guarantee who gave me the guarantee that I'm going to gym

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Toba repentance to Allah subhana wa Tada. Not only from the sins that we are doing now, from every sin we have ever done. I have no clue if the sins I done before I became committed to the deen I have no clue if they were if they were forgiven. I have no idea. I begged Allah for that. And a lot of us like I repeat i i said before a lot of us came close to Allah on a later age. So we have done missed a lot of Salawat Mr. Moto from advanced Mr. Lot of zakat messed up in many, many, many occasions. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala the forgiveness May Allah forgive everybody who attended today I mean

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Toba, sincere Toba.

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savvy, Satio, rushing gafware Rushing that slowly rushing

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to look when there is something good to do? Well,

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where's the donation? Wherever there's a sick person, where there's the Janessa where there's an old saying Where does the widow run, run?

00:17:47 --> 00:17:49

Run will he run

00:17:51 --> 00:17:52

especially as the sadaqa

00:17:54 --> 00:18:03

I'm not talking about the saga of the masjid only any form of sadaqa when you go when we leave this dunya none of us

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takes a penny with him right?

00:18:07 --> 00:18:11

But we can send the deposit before we go.

00:18:14 --> 00:18:17

I cannot take it with me. But I can send it ahead of me.

00:18:18 --> 00:18:19

By giving it in Suffolk

00:18:21 --> 00:18:39

find many times I said that find widow in your country, find them often. And unfortunately there's a lot of them in our countries, wherever you are from and make them a salary $50 A month $100 A month. Allah is not going to kill you.

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But to make a huge difference to that family. And it would be a sadhaka that Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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will make it grow for you.

00:18:51 --> 00:18:57

And then the day of judgment you will find out Allahu Allah that could be the reason for me or you to alter gender.

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But we get very excited up to another 10 minutes 15 minutes or maybe 10 We get home tomorrow morning to Western Union. Nobody's gonna go how much you have done.

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Nobody's gonna go

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nobody's gonna do it.

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Karis 10 I was passed by I wish all the excitement is gone.

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Nobody's gonna do anything.

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That's why the difference between Allah subhanaw taala said Aladeen SME owner, coder fed TV on with us and you can let the law well they're

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the ones who listen and immediately they do something. They are the ones who are guided and they are the ones with the brain with understanding law.

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They are the men of understanding.

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Do not waste a moment here. Do not waste a moment or lie wherever you can help in a

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for whatever it is, Do not be Listen, any animal was told us a man is entering gender because he moved, he removed from the street, a branch was blocking people a branch.

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A prostitute is entering gender because she gave a drink to about a guy that a human being a dog. So do not belittle them. And you say, Well, this is gonna help if I help the brother set up for Sunday school. No, this could be the reason for your time for agenda. What's the big deal if I see something dirty in dementia that I pick it up? My brother is going to pick it up. This is somebody who's going to come to the masjid and clean Why do I have to do it?

00:20:43 --> 00:20:52

And we keep throwing things on each other. You never know. You never know what is that? That's gonna take me or you two gentlemen

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when someone asked you for help,

00:21:04 --> 00:21:05

but you mentioned before again.

00:21:08 --> 00:21:10

First thing you do is thank

00:21:13 --> 00:21:14

you thank you.

00:21:16 --> 00:21:23

Because he gave you an opportunity to invest with Allah subhanaw taala What did he do? We can't complain.

00:21:26 --> 00:21:26

I gave you

00:21:27 --> 00:21:30

I have to, I gave to the masjid already. I built this

00:21:33 --> 00:21:37

when CFO, Min meraas

00:21:39 --> 00:22:03

member when I started in the fundraising, and this is what the statement, this statement is, should be at the beginning of every, every lecture of every hope of everything. It's all about him and it's all the bottom line is what's the difference between me and you and him him and earth is the level of iman when Allah said why people may Mario's come

00:22:06 --> 00:22:20

to edit Roman numerals. Allah says stem from what I have given you. It's not your it's not from your sweat. You're doing your job hamdulillah great Mashallah. But that's not from your sweat. There's a lot of people sweating not making 10% of what you do

00:22:23 --> 00:22:24

well, I

00:22:26 --> 00:22:26

rose up in the

00:22:28 --> 00:22:29

mirror cavalier

00:22:32 --> 00:22:40

about before you die and then what we are going to say you're telling me what am I going to say Allah? After I die? Say after?

00:22:43 --> 00:22:44

February Pradesh

00:22:47 --> 00:23:00

ILA calling your Allah just give me a shot. Give me just two days, three days. I shouldn't create very short period of time. Yeah, Allah give me what you want to do. If I give you a short period of time when you want to do

00:23:02 --> 00:23:07

you want to go to hedge? No, no, no, no. You want to pay on time.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:09

What's the first thing you want to do?

00:23:10 --> 00:23:12


00:23:15 --> 00:23:16

go back to the men.

00:23:17 --> 00:23:24

Go back to the man. If I am a true believer, I hear these words. Hola. Hola, como, I started looking

00:23:25 --> 00:23:30

brothers. Is there anybody in the community needs anything? Please call please.

00:23:32 --> 00:23:54

I don't want to be amongst these people. This is the movement so that's how they think Brother anything I can help. I don't know how long I'm staying. Maybe today maybe tomorrow time is very limited by by my my distance to the grave is getting shorter and shorter every single day and we all know that. But what are we doing about it?

00:23:56 --> 00:23:57

What are we doing about it?

00:24:00 --> 00:24:03

And I will finish it one by this statement is Pamela very strong speaking

00:24:06 --> 00:24:11

Latin Tada remote had data stalking, stalking on target

00:24:16 --> 00:24:21

Do not wait for death to be righteous, be righteous and wait for a

00:24:26 --> 00:24:27

lot of people become righteous

00:24:29 --> 00:24:34

at the last day know that doctor said you're gonna die in two weeks

00:24:36 --> 00:24:36

has shown

00:24:38 --> 00:24:41

a lot of tools to MacPhail. autobill, crying we are

00:24:46 --> 00:24:50

the creator of that doctor told you could you not say that it

00:24:54 --> 00:24:57

was more truthful, but that but maybe some of them are

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59

worshipping a cow right?

00:25:00 --> 00:25:00

We think

00:25:01 --> 00:25:04

and you leave the Creator which definitely you're gonna die

00:25:09 --> 00:25:31

May Allah make our last deeds our best deeds, Allah Masha, Allah Amana, karate Maya Braley Allama Jana, women SME owner COLA to be owner, your law makers from the people who listen and apply and make money out of law from the people who practice what they preach. May Allah forgive all our sins May Allah forgive all our most May Allah Subhana Allah when the planning

00:25:35 --> 00:25:35


00:25:37 --> 00:25:38

you in no

00:25:39 --> 00:25:40

luck at

00:25:55 --> 00:25:56

all yes

00:25:59 --> 00:26:00


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