Akram Nadwi – The framework of Backbiting

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "backbiting" and how it is used to avoid damaging people. They argue that backbiting is not a fundamental political expression, but rather a way to avoid damaging people. The speaker also mentions that backbiting is a way to avoid damaging people and that it is a way to avoid damaging the community.
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by biting means when somebody has a defective fault,

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but you mentioned the foot to other people.

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And if they don't know they will not like it, they don't have any fault, their fault. But you have no right to fall in love other people, you know you make mockery the people what they do in front of somebody short to this effect. But to say that we are short of so and so short, either you know something you want to lower him, which is by biting by by that when you're lying, lying in another matter lying its own sin by biting me. So you say the truth, a truth which people don't like to be mentioned in front of other people. That is backbiting I've got something problem. I don't want people to be talking about that. Now somebody talks about that I will not like it is backbiting.

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backbiting is always about the things which are true. It's not that they don't, I do not happen. They are true. But still people don't want you know, I have many, many things. But I don't want to talk about that. I know somebody talks about that I will be hot. There's bye bye to the men say to the people in or locker sometime, maybe I lied some time.

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Now I repented. And now somebody may say to the people My life is a true. But I will not like that 30

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people have some bad character, some people become angry very quickly. And I mentioned to the people I've got so far that somebody could buy a house. And I mentioned that he bought boats, I get sued for that somebody lie on a mission to the premier he lies I get so far that all these things are sinful. Even if people are doing something you are about to say right it is still you got the sin, you are only allowed to tell people's truth. You know, when they are aware of center, when it helps the region or the believers have people like somebody wants to marry his daughter to someone and ask me about it about this man, then if there's any quality of this man, in which actually, if they know

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they will stop marrying their daughter from that person, I should mention that I see her, then there'll be a button. But after that I never should mention again to anybody I can measure to that person, but not to anybody else. Or somebody is about teacher lies, teach the wrong thing. To the students, they asked me that, you know you learn from him, What do you say, then I should say exactly what the person is. But I should not say this to everybody else, but to destroy to stop them or at least to let them know what the problem is still they want to do up to the disallowed to any backbiting where there is some benefit for the community of our leisure that allowed but limited

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with the added benefit. not enjoying if you enjoy the brunt of the people without backbiting don't enjoy the problem. That how had they seen also used to criticize the people that their purpose was not to enjoy the problem with the purpose to let people know that the narrator's they are not reliable. They lie. They will be week a week in memory just by waiting, but that was allowed. reason is because the religion is clear to everybody.

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