The World of Jinn #3

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Correct. And beloved by the shin.

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The Shin, they take the shape of some animals and humans. Now we're going to talk about the form.

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There is a book out there, I've done so much research into this field, but do not call me to tell me she can say, can you come and perform okay? Because I don't know, but

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but I can tell you how to do it, but I don't do it to him that I finished I stopped doing it.

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There is a book called

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interview interviewing.

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Interviewing isn't what happened was a men will actually be used to is a doctor, I call them doctors, these are the people show you who are sort of

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experts in this field.

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So he was actually performing opia on the man who was sick.

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And then the Jin later on, you know, he provoked the gene and then gene spoke, so did that man was actually possessed.

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And then he had a conversation with that person for a very long time. And he wrote down that conversation in his book.

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I do not say that, that you know, whatever happened is true or false. But we'll talk about the fact whether the gene Can Can, can speak or can utter, you know, words, using the tongue of humans that we can shout out to Allah, explain and give you the evidence.

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So he had this very long conversation with this men

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who gave him some, you know, explanation of the form of vision and how they look like and whatnot. But anyways, he, we will go to the end and the sooner

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the sooner Alhamdulillah can tell us everything and pretty much everything. If not, then we go to the consensus.

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And Buhari

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there's so many ahaadeeth in this regard.

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They're very well known Hadith about Abu hurayrah.

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Isn't it about Herrera, who was actually guarding the back of the Muslims byton mal,

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came to him a man

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who wanted to steal from the bank of the Muslims right above him. The man said, Please, I've got kids, I've got family Let me go. He said, I promise I will never come back again. He wasn't he thought the Prophet. The Prophet told him that man will come back again. And sure enough, the next day the man came back again and wanted to see from the back of the Muslims caught him and wanted to take him to the prophet Isaiah Salaam. He says, Yeah, I please, I've got kids, I've got no family and and the poor man, let me go, I will not come back again. And then he let him go. And he went, and he told the progress of the Prophet told him that man, he will come back again. And sure enough,

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for the third day, the man came back again.

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And he caught him.

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And he said, Please let me go and I will teach you something. I will teach you something that nobody will ever teach you.

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He says what is it what is it it says before you go to sleep, they fight ayatul kursi you will not and you shall not be harmed by any shape and

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you shall not be harmed with any shape and that is the hotel who says this shaper himself.

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He went and he sold the property to them. The Prophet told him South Africa

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said he he spoke the truth although he's a liar because they lie.

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They lie they lie.

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He hearing is really particular instance he said the truth he spoke the truth. If you went through the site ayatul kursi before you go to sleep,

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you shall not be harmed by

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holy sites ayatul kursi before go into sleep.

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Okay, from now on.

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From now inshallah tada all of our sisters along before we go to sleep. I will talk about this inshallah to Allah in detail, you know when we talk about how to protect yourself

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and decide if turqoise kursi

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recite ayatul kursi Allahu La Ilaha Illa who will have to pay more you know the Sora

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isoko see before he goes to sleep,

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you should not be harmed by the shaitan.

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What we tried to say here is that this man came in the form this Genie this shaitan came in the form of, of a man so they can take the forms off of humans.

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When we talk about

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how long ago was the creation of gin before it's nobody knows. All we know that they were created before men or before humans but how long ago? Allah hota Allah Allah, nobody knows.

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Allah as I just says in the Quran

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those who eat Riba will not stand in the Day of Resurrection except like standing of, of a person beaten by shaitan leading him into insanity.

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Again about the dwellings of jinn, into into the, into humans, those who ate it by those who deal with usury, we deal with interest, usury and that will not stand in the direction of resurrection except like standing on a person beaten by shaitan leading him into insanity. This was also explained by you telling me

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if you tell me he has a very nice if you go back to his fatawa explains this beautifully about the existence of of jinn and how they can dwell into into the human bodies.

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But my brothers, when we talk about you know, inshallah will explain you know, epilepsy but that does not mean that everyone who has epilepsy is possessed by Gene. Okay, let's have disagreement.

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Not everyone who's got this sort of disease, epilepsy is possessed by aging.

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How about the offsprings? Do they do they produce do they get married now, just like humans, they get married, they got kids,

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they produce, they've got houses and places again, they live in. Again, the weddings, we mentioned that weddings, but just like humans, they have their own lives. And they get married and they produce offsprings.

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In the battlefield of battle, my brothers and sisters, the shaytan also appeared in the form of soda

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soda law, right, who later on embraced Islam.

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So lockup nomadic, so that Abdul Malik came out and people saw him, he saw this man so that Abdul Malik, you know, screaming that the Prophet ISIS got killed. But actually, that was the shaytan who took the form of silica domek.

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So they come in form, sometimes they come in form of humans.

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I just remembered something but I thought not to say

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because maybe it's not appropriate.

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How about their waist? Do they eat the you know, drink, not just like humans, I said, they also, you know, can produce and have offsprings and also they can eat and drink.

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Their the waste could be in the form of smoke. What is the evidence evidence is in Bukhari, that the Prophet Allah thought Islam says about the one who misses salata fossa,

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the one who misses out on the Prophet says is that man, actually the shaitan has urinated in his ear or her ear, that does not mean that that person has actually the ship and has gone on union ated. But maybe the unit here could be in the form of smoke.

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But the party, the man who actually misses out on the profit, so he says that that man actually the shape and has urinated in his or her ear? How so you may wake up and do this, you know, I don't see nothing.

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Actually could be in the form of smoke but yes, as per the Prophet is Islam, the shaytan has urinated in your ear if you have mistletoe.

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It is so much not me who says