Ismail Kamdar – Recap Of Fatiha And Three Quls

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The importance of reciting Surah Al Fatiha in every single line of the book is discussed, along with the importance of not overthinking the importance of not overthinking the importance of knowing who Allah is and what he wants in relation to one's life. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of one's actions and to be aware of one's behavior to avoid jealousy and avoid legal and political issues. They also discuss the history and meaning behind the revelation of the Sharia law and the importance of finding happiness and peace in life. The segment concludes with a recap of the week's activities and a recommendation to read about the importance of practicing the rule of "The Day of Judgment."
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh we have been focusing over the past two months on the Tafseer of Surah Al Fatiha and the month before that we looked at the three rules. Today inshallah, what we are going to do is we are going to briefly recap the most important points of each of these four sutras for those who either missed it or might have forgotten, because a reminder is beneficial for the believers. So let's begin with the surah that we had just completed last week. And that is the opening chapter of the Quran Surah Al Fatiha. Surah Al Fatiha which we have mentioned, is the one surah which we have been commanded to repeat in every iraq of our solar, about which the Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said last Aleta Illa before he had to get up, there is no scholar without Surah Fatiha and it is that surah about which allowed us to behead know what Allah has revealed that he replies to every single line that when you stand before Allah, and you see with sincerity and understanding, a hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen All Praise to Allah, the Lord of the universe. When you see that with full Eman

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And with understanding Allah subhana wa Taala replies hamadani Abdi, my sleep has praised me

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and likewise with every line of Surah Al Fatiha Allah subhanaw taala response

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until when we see he cannot Abou yakunin Stein, you will only worship and you will only ask for help. Allah responds and says this is between me and my sleeve. And my sleeve will have whatever he asked for.

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At that point we pray and we ask Allah for the most important thing in the universe, in a sphere autonomous docking, Guide us to the straight path.

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Allah says that we will have what we asked for we will have guidance. Again, I must emphasize the point that this conversation and this impact of Surah Fatiha can only be felt if we pray and recite our Surah Al Fatiha with understanding with sincerity with conviction.

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This is how it needs to be done.

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The idea of reciting Surah Fatiha at superspeed. Without knowing what we are saying, just to get the Salah over wood. That is not a quality of a true believer. We need to slow down take our time. Solar is not a ritual. So that is not something we are trying to get over and done with solar is the time of the day. We get to bond with our Creator. It is the time of the day where we get to connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this can only be done if we take our time and pray with understanding sincerity and conviction.

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And sosua Fatiha we had mentioned covers two main themes. The first four verses described to us who Allah subhanho wa Taala is and what should be our relationship with Him.

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And the last three verses described to us the importance of guidance, and he gives us the alpha guidance. And he teaches us

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that this is the most important thing in our life. The guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala is more important than even food and drink. Because we need to eat or drink three or four times a day. We need to eat two or three times a day we need to drink a few times a day. But we need guidance at every moment of the day of every moment of our lives. Because the minute we go astray, we can fall into major sins, we ask Allah to guide us and protect us.

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So the first four verses of circle party hi as we had mentioned,

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describe Allah subhanho wa Taala to us. The first verse focuses on last rubia Allah being the robber, the Lord, the creator, the Sustainer and the maintainer of the universe.

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And we need to have full conviction in this. And we said full conviction in this means that we do not believe in good luck and bad luck. Rather we believe, while cordrea higher he was sorry, he mean a lot. The good and bad. All of it is destined by Allah subhanho wa Taala all of it has been decided and decreed that nothing happens by chance. Nothing in this world happens by luck. There is no lucky number. There is no unlucky number.

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They are no good luck charms. They are no bad luck, science. Everything is in the hands of the creator of the universe. This is a belief that every Muslim should submit in our hearts. When things go wrong. We don't look everywhere else for an answer, but we know it's from Allah. And we see

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in alila, who were in the early herodion, to allow we belong to him return if you have lost something. If we ever lost something we say Alhamdulillah

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Omar rajala, one who omega hottub, the second halifa of Islam, Allah be pleased with him, used to see that when things go wrong, he would see Alhamdulillah because it could have been worse, and it didn't affect his demand.

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this is the this is the attitude of the believer that we do not believe in luck. We do not believe in lucky charms. We believe in Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala, the creator and maintain of universe controls everything, every leaf that falls, not a single leaf falls except that Allah knows it. There is nothing, nothing at all that happens think about even the smallest thing. There is not a tiny black end on the Black Rock in a dark night.

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Instead that Allah knows about it. And it is within the control and power of Allah.

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And so when things go wrong, we turn to Allah and Allah alone.

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Surah pottier also teaches us about Allah as mercy.

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Because Allah has mercy is one of his main attributes. Allah subhanho wa Taala had said that his mercy will supersede his anger.

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We see that in the world today. Despite the fact that the majority of humans are living lives which are displeasing to Allah.

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Allah as Mercy is still evident in their lives.

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Allah's mercy is evident in the lives of all of us, that we sin every day, but Allah still guides us, Allah still willing to forgive us if we ask for forgiveness, Allah still willing to let us into His gender, if we OBEY Him and if we repent for our mistakes, this is all part of Allah's mercy.

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sutra to the party, he also teaches us

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that Allah is the master and King of the Day of Judgment.

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Meaning that yes, in this world, Allah is the ROB he owns everything, but also in the next world. And on the Day of Judgment, we all will stand before Allah, not as a group. But as individuals. You may appear with Mr. Amina, he will mean he will be was Sahiba de Rabbani. On that day, mankind and humans every human will run away from his brother

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and his mother and his father, and his wife and his children.

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Everyone will be concerned about themselves. Each of us will stand as individuals on the day of judgment and answer to Allah. And on that day, the excuse of what will the people say will be insignificant.

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It will be seemed like a flimsy excuse, it will not be accepted.

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We need to live our lives for Allah we need to keep this in mind every day in every Raka when we recite Surah Fatiha when we recite the verse, Maliki ami Deen, we should picture that day. And it should affect our hearts and make us realize that if Allah is the only one who will be answerable on the most important day of our lives,

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then why do we worry about what other people say? Why do we disobey Allah to please people?

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This is something that we should think very carefully about.

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And finally certified the law teaches us about the relationship that we should have with our Creator, which is one of worship for him alone, and asking of him alone. What is meant to ask Allah alone, it means anything which is beyond human capabilities, you ask it of law. There's nothing wrong with asking your friend for a pin. Asking someone to give you a lift to the masjid, asking someone to lend you some money. These are things within human capabilities, but things which are beyond human capabilities

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that should be asked of Allah and Allah alone. Er can assist you alone, we ask for help. We see that every day, but we do it. And finally, circle Fatiha is a dua for guidance.

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And that guidance has conditions.

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As I mentioned, we need to pray this to our understanding and with sincerity and conviction. But we also need to follow the guidance which Allah has revealed to us because on the very next page of the Quran, the very second verse, Allah gives us

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The answer and he says the legal Gita bola Roy Buffy, with a little more pain. This is the book in which there is no doubt it is a guidance for the believers. Are we following the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah? That is something we should all think about. So that is a quick recap of circle Fatiha.

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As you know, we spent two months on this topic every week looking at a different verse.

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In fact, we spent three weeks on Iraq and Afghanistan alone. So what we've done now is just a very, very brief recap of the major points of the surah the main points to take home, the points that can change our lives.

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Every time we praise Allah, we should feel some change in our hearts. We should feel our demand increasing

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because Allah Subhana Allah describes the believers in the Quran.

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And I mentioned this at the very beginning of our program

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all the way back in Ramadan.

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Allah subhanaw taala at the very beginning of circle and fan, he says in me noona Latina either Luca Allahu wa Jalla

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wa either Juliet allow him to Who's that whom he mana or other Robbie metakaolin

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that the believers are those who when Allah is mentioned the harsh tremble, but related to Quran was either Juliet Ali him, to who that whom imana when the verses of Allah are recited to them, it increases the man. This is the sign of the believer.

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Does our Eman increase when the verses of the Quran are recited in Sala when we recite it ourselves in Salah. If not, we need to change our approach towards the Quran. We need to

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make Sala real,

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not a ritual, but something real. We need to make our solar something which we feel something which affects our lives. Something which changes our behavior, something which strengthens our relationship with our Creator, because this is why Allah has ordained for us five daily sola not as a ritual, not as something that you get over what now there's something that you leave for Casa to do later. No, it's something which is there to stay in contact with Allah. And that can only be done when we pay our Salah with understanding and concentration.

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So Surah Fatiha I speak I spoke a lot about the importance of Salah when discussing circle Fatiha because the two go hand in hand

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in the Hadees could see we mentioned Allah subhanaw taala called Surah Fatiha the sola, he says I have divided the Salah between me and my servant in two parts and the committee disease are over your means raghupati so they go hand in hand there is no Salah without circle Fatiha.

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So this is a brief summary of Surah Al Fatiha the other students which we have done Tafseer of over the past few months, the last three sutras of the Quran

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in surah anass let's look back and do a recap of what a class is about for those who either missed it or for the rest of us a reminder

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surah two

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is similar in its theme to the first four verses of Surah Fatiha in that it is a description of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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but sure to equalise contains not the detailed description, but the principles the principles of knowing who is Allah, the principles that we use to understand Allah subhanho wa Taala the very first principle of who Allah subhanho wa Taala is is found in the first person

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who Allahu Ahad seat Allah is a HUD he is the one and only unique uniquely one I had from the same root word as tauheed.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is one and the first principle of knowing who is Allah is to eat. And this is where the majority of humans fall short. Yes, majority of humanity believes in one God. He believed in one creator, but some religions worship others along with him. Some religions worship others as his sons. Some religions worship others as manifestations of God. This is not what I'll do here. This is not accepting the creator as the only God in your life

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though he is when

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We go back to what we mentioned about circle party when you accept that nothing happens except by the word of Allah. When anything goes wrong you go back to Allah, when Allah becomes the center of our lives, that is tawheed we our lives centered around Allah and what he wants. When things go wrong. We know it is a test from Allah. When things go right, we know it is a test from Allah as well. Whatever happens in our life, it is from Allah. This is tawheed Allah becomes the center of our lives. And I repeat this because this is missing for many of us. For many of us, Allah subhana wa tada remains something that we speak about in the masjid.

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No, Allah is the center of our lives. How do we do our business in a way that pleases Allah? How do we behave at home in a way that pleases Allah? How do we behave at school in a way that pleases a lot? This is how a believer should live his or her life.

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So the very first principle mentioned is what is one of tawheed called who Allahu Ahad? See Allah. He is a lot the one and only the uniquely one Allahu Samad, the one upon whom all things depend again, this principle goes back to what we are talking about, that Allah should be the center of our lives, everyone and everything depends on Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah is not in need of anything. Allah does not need our worship. We need to worship Him, He does not need our worship. Allah subhana wa Taala made this very clear when he said I have not created gene or humans except to worship me. And I did not need your to provide for me or to give me food. Unless you want other sisters in the same verse that I did not I do not need anything from you.

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So then why do we have to worship Allah, Allah there's nothing anything from us it's because we need Allah. We need Allah, people who don't have Allah in their lives.

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They feel that emptiness inside them. They feel that pain inside them.

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And some of them we will find many stories where people because they do not have a lot in their lives. It led them down very dangerous paths. We will continue talking about this topic after the break, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. This week, we are looking at a recap of the sutras we have covered in the last three or four months. And we are looking now Israel is talking about who is Allah subhana wa Taala. Allah is one and only the one upon whom all of humanity depends. We are talking about what happens when we remove a lot from our lives. And we just need to look at International Justice Statistics. And we will find that those nations were people

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are connected to Allah have a lower suicide rate, even if they are poorer.

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They have a lower rate of crime. They have a lower rate of murder. Why? Because when you have a law in your life, this brings about that internal peace.

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I recall the story which happened a few years ago, where someone from the USA has visited Palestine, and was shocked to find that the Muslims of Palestine were happier than the rich people living in the USA. And he couldn't understand why.

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But after he studied Islam, he understood why because they had Allah. I mean, one has Allah in your life, and one understands other and understands the good and bad is from Allah and the life is a test. What has the ability to smile and be happy in any situation?

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While if one doesn't have Allah, you can have all the money in the world. You can have all the good things in this world. But you still be unhappy because you're not fulfilling your purpose of your existence. For those of us who spend our time chasing after debt to which does not bring us closer to Allah, understand that even when you do get it, it will not bring happiness and contentment and peace to your life. If you do not believe me, ask those who have been down that path. Ask the celebrities who have converted to Islam.

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singers like Napoleon and loon and Cat Stevens, all of whom converted to Islam for the same reason. They said they found new peace living that lifestyle, they found no happiness, living their lifestyle.

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There are so many people out there

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who have already been down that path. So I would encourage those of us who have this inclination who have this belief that we will find happiness

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In peace in money, and in this world to learn about the lives of these people, get hold of the interviews and learn why did these celebrities people who had everything in this world, why did they convert to Islam and leave it behind? And then inshallah it will help us to appreciate our religion more. That relationship with Allah is the one thing which keeps our lives peaceful no matter what is going on. No matter what difficulty we are in, we feel that Allah is on our side. So that's what solar eclipse is about. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, who is he? And when you know who Allah is, you connect with him. So if Allah also tells us about Allah, that he does not have any parents or

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children refuting the belief of many other religions that God has a son or God has a mother, you know, this sort of belief is blasphemous for a human being, because there is only one God, who created all of humanity and he does not have any parents or descendants.

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This is the belief of all the prophets who came before including Jesus peace be upon him. So, this is what pseudo class teaches us And finally, pseudo class gives us one of the main principles governing the names and attributes of Allah and that is William yaku and 100. There is nothing like him, there is nothing like a law, you cannot imagine a law you cannot put a picture to a law you cannot

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ask how and why Allah attributes? How does Allah do this? How does Allah look? These type of questions are not permissible, because Allah is beyond human imagination. Because there is nothing like him in gender

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would you he is in a zero ihlara behind a zero on that day faces will be happy looking at a God

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as mentioned in short Loki ama, but in this world, no. In this world, we do not know and that is something that we accept as being beyond human abilities to understand and to see.

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So we have two more suitors to recap for today.

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The first being super cool Falak and we had mentioned this a few months ago the circle Falcon serata nuts together. Form Elmo was a team.

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The two protection suris

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Circle Falak is for protection from what meanie Sheree mahalo from the evil witch Allah had created from the evil of the night, from the evil of magical and from the evil of jealousy.

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In other words, worldly evil.

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It is for protection of all kinds of worldly evil surendranath is for protection from

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will always be robinus. While he cannot he Latinas mean shuttering was watching Honda's from the whispering

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from the whispering of the evil devil that is protection from the spiritual forces from that which leads us to the hellfire. So between these two suitors, we have protection from everything which can harm us, Indonesia or Africa. Allah subhanho there's not just one test to focus only on the mascara.

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And to forget about the dunya No, he wants best for us in vote. That's why they do art talk to us in the Quran. Is robina artina dunya Hasina Warfield asked irati Hasina. Joaquin Agha but not

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Oh, Lord, grant us the best of this world for dunya Hasina.

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wolfville our hero, the Hasina and the best of the next world and protect us from the hellfire. We ask Allah for the best of both worlds. And so we find this with surah Falcon Solanas surah fala is for protection from the evils of this world.

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And similar to NASS is for the protection from the evils of the next world. the evils of shaytan because it is the evils of shaytan didn't lead us to the hellfire.

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So supaloc is here tonight we had mentioned also the story behind the revelation, as found in Sahih al Bukhari that a Jew from Medina had cast a see her on the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And Allah Subhana, Allah revealed these two sutras as protection from magic initially. So that's one of the primary reasons for the sutras as protection from magic. We spoke about the reality of magic, that there's two types of magic. There is the illusions and the tricks, right? That's not called Magic in Islam. That's just illusion and trickery. Right, whether that's halal or haram that's open to debate, but see her real magic

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Lack magic magic which involves the Djinn which involves actual power from the jinn. This is something which is real and it is something which is Kufa It is something which takes a person out of the fold of Islam, as mentioned in circle Baqarah and this is something we need to be aware of

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the need to stay away from these types of things. Now, I noticed in our community we have two extremes on this issue of magic, the universe will deny its existence right I have met many people who deny the existence of magic. But the Quran and Sunnah are very clear that magic does exist, it is something real, and the history of this world is proving up everywhere you go in the world, every community you interact with, there is some history of magic.

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I change Africa, we immediately need to interact with different communities and study the history you will find that there has always been issues of magic in every community. This isn't something that is something which history confirms this is something which is reconfirmed. So for those who deny the existence of real magic, you are denying something which is historically being recorded in almost every civilization and community in the world.

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And you're also denying something which is clearly stated in the Quran, and the Sunnah as being real.

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If magic was not real,

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then Allah Subhana will not have revealed a verse mean surely not per se will occurred from the evil of the magician's when they blow.

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Right, this is proof enough circle Pollock is proved enough and the story behind it. So that interpretation of those who denied the existence of this evil

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number two, they are those who do not realize just how evil it is.

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That this is something which even learning it, or asking someone else to do it on your behalf is Kufa, it can take a person out of the fold of Islam, it is a very, very dangerous part to trade. In fact, in the early days of Islam in the early days of Islam, if we looked at the Sharia, and the court laws, established the laws of a Sharia court for someone who was convicted of doing actual car or execution,

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they were executed, just how severe this crime is. So it's not something that we should take lightly. This is something major, and just as major as see her is what's mentioned in the final verse of circle Pollock, woman surely has it in is a hazard from the evil of jealousy and envy. This is a major, major issue of our times, jealousy and envy and recede. In every walk of life, people are jealous of other people's spouses. People are jealous of other people's children. People are jealous of other people's wealth, jealous of other people's cars, jealous of other people's houses, jealous of other people's success, jealous of other people's fame. Jealousy is is rampant. And the

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thing with jealousy is that it destroys the one who is jealous even more than the others. Yes, it harms the others. That's why we make this one and we seek protection from jealousy. Yes, it is harmful to the next person in a major way.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:32

But when you are jealous of someone else, it harms you even more. It eats away at your soul. It eats away at one's goodness. It eats away at one's ability to be good to others. It makes one's pity, it makes one

00:28:34 --> 00:28:40

dangerous to society. People in a state of jealousy

00:28:41 --> 00:28:43

have done crazy things to others.

00:28:45 --> 00:29:09

as Muslims, we should not allow this to enter our hearts. Because we go back to what we spoke about in the other students God rehiring he was sorry he made a law. Good and bad is all the steam By Allah, good and bad is all the steam by Allah. If something good happened to somebody else, Allah has decided that so when you are angry or jealous of that, then you are

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challenging Allah. You're questioning Alice's decision.

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And this is a major, major problem. So this is jealousy. How do we get rid of it? Number one, is to accept a lot further. Whatever happens is from Allah, God or Allah, we accept that. If you accept that, then Alhamdulillah This will make a big difference in our lives. Number two is contentment. Whatever Allah has given me is good for me. And if there's something which is beyond my

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abilities to get hold of, then this is probably not good for me or not good for me yet. And if it was the Allah subhanho wa Taala would grant it to me. Number three to get rid of jealousy. We have an aeration found in an obese, 40 Hades with

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A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and asked him he said, Oh rasulillah teach me a good deed. If I do it, Allah will love me and people will love me. So interesting question, teaching me a good deed that if I do it, Allah would love me and people will love me. Because we know many times we are faced with the choice to choose between what Allah wants and what the people wants. So this is the hubby's asking, What can I do? That Allah and the people both would love me, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied,

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stay away from attaching your heart to this world. Allah will love you. And stay away from what people have, and the people who will love you. Meaning do not chase after this world, especially do not chase after things which other people have. Because if you do this, if you stay away from all of these things, they not only will love love you, but people will love you as well. People will want to be with you, because they know that you are not jealous of them. They know that you are not petty, they know that you are not after them, you are not chasing after what they have, people will trust you. And that is that will earn us the love of the people.

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Number four, another Hadees found in always 40 Hadees, from the perfection of one's Eman is to leave that which does not concern you. This is another Heidi's point and now with 40 Hadees. The 40 hadith of which our religion is founded upon

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from the perfection of a man the Prophet Muhammad low Islam said from the perfection of a man is to live that which does not concern you are very, very powerful. Hadees if we follow this, then we will not find things to be jealous of. If you do not apply to other people's business, somebody else got a new car, it's not my business. Somebody else bought a bigger house, it's not my business. Somebody else is having more children. It's not my business. I don't need to pry into it and ask why and why he got a better car and I don't why he's got a better house. I don't know it's not my business. My business is is my life pleasing to Allah, what I have a seat halaal

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we need to think about ourselves and what does alerting not worry about things which are not our business, we can we are concerned about the rest of humanity about everybody else on the perspective that we want good for everyone.

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But we do not go into other people's business in a way that we interfere in things which are

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not related to the dean in that we want what they have, and we get jealous of it. So if we mind our own business in that way, and we do not worry about what card this person is driving what car that person is driving, while he has a better car than me why she has a better house than me, then we won't have any time to get jealous, we won't have any we won't open the doors towards jealousy. So, circle Pollock is revealed for us to seek protection from the jealousy of others. But at the same time, need to make sure that we are not jealous of others. It works both ways. And in order to do that,

00:33:09 --> 00:33:15

we need to do to do these things except Allah scholar, be contained to Allah has given us

00:33:16 --> 00:33:35

did not chase after what people have. And mind our own business. When it comes to other people's worldly dealings. We do not worry about other people what cars they have, what houses they have, etc. because energy is not going to affect our Acura or the Acura that's between them and Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:33:37 --> 00:33:38

so this is two o'clock.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:42

Finally, we covered threaten us.

00:33:44 --> 00:33:57

We spent a couple of weeks looking at Serato naturalness is essentially seeking protection in Allah subhanho wa Taala from shaytaan that that is the summary of the surah seeking protection in a law firm shaytan

00:33:59 --> 00:34:45

rabina see Maliki naskila in us say I seek protection in the lord of mankind the king of mankind and the God of mankind, meaning Allah min Charlene was watching us with up to do in a seminar that he won us from the evil of the whisper of the evil whisper who whispers into the hearts of mankind from the jinn. And then this surah is essentially a dua to Allah for protection from shaytan it's like an extended form of Villa Amina shaytani r rajim. I seek protection Allah from Shaytan de occurs, so to know is that in more details that we ask Allah by three of his names, that he is our Rob, he is our king and he is our God.

00:34:47 --> 00:35:00

And we go into more description of who is shaytan that he is the one who was worse. he whispers he whispers we don't know it. An idea comes to our head we don't know where the idea

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

came from if it is a bad idea, it came from shaytan. If it is a bad idea, it came from shaytan. What's worse, what's worse, he whispers into our hearts. He tells us to do things. And shaden

00:35:14 --> 00:35:22

is tricky. He won't tell you to do the things that you know are wrong. But he will tell you to do the wrong things, which you think are right.

00:35:23 --> 00:35:30

Right, he will trick us into thinking right is wrong and wrong is right. That is how shaytan works. For example,

00:35:31 --> 00:35:36

She didn't knew that Allah subhanaw taala told Adam Elisa not to eat from the tree.

00:35:37 --> 00:35:49

So what did she tell him? She doesn't eat from the tree. She then told other Melissa, if you eat from the tree, you will have eternal life. And you will be like the angels.

00:35:50 --> 00:36:06

You see what he did? He didn't tell him he did. disobedient tell him this obey Allah. He gave him a motivation. He gave him an idea that if you eat from the tree, you will have eternal life. This is how she done works on each of us. He won't tell us to that sin.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:10

He will tell us if you do it then this good will come about

00:36:11 --> 00:36:46

and very often it is lies and sometimes even if some good comes about through it, more harm come more harm comes out of it than good. So we need to be aware of the shaytan the way he works is through quiet and almost silent was was whisperings where he will tell us things and we won't even know it. We think we are doing good. We think what we are doing is righteous. We think what we are doing is serving the deen. But very often we are following the devil.

00:36:47 --> 00:37:03

For example, the extremists out there who kill innocent people in the name of Islam. They think they're doing a good thing. They think that they're doing jihad. They think that they are serving Allah. But that is from shaytan that is his whispering historically he tricked them into that.

00:37:04 --> 00:37:10

So we ask Allah to protect us from shaytan. He will conclude with this week's episode after the break

00:37:12 --> 00:37:49

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. We look today at the recap of the sutras that we have covered over the past three months, the dove seals of Surah Surah Fatiha Surah Surah Falak these four sutras all of which had the common theme of talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala as that is one of the main themes of the Quran, the Quran was revealed to tell us about Allah and what should be our relationship with Allah? And what is the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now there was a question from one of the callers

00:37:51 --> 00:38:41

as to what is the significance of ayatul kursi. And idle currency actually fits in with the same theme. If you look at idle guru see in details. Idle guru see is also a description of who is Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is why it's such an important sutra. such an important verse. It is known as the most important verse of the Quran, because the entire description of who is Allah, which we explained in four verses in circle a class and another four verses circle party have its founding even more details in this one verse in Surah, encircled Baqarah known as ayatul kursi. So, perhaps inshallah, in our next program, we will do a detailed Tafseer of idle currency as it is a ayah,

00:38:41 --> 00:38:59

which all of us are familiar with and recite very often. So it should ensure inshallah, it is important for us to know what this verse is about, what is the message of this verse, that we can understand it and practice it. But in short, it is once again a description of who is Allah, but it is

00:39:00 --> 00:39:10

one of the best descriptions in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala, one of the most detailed and that is why it is one of the most, if not the most important verse of the Quran.

00:39:12 --> 00:39:18

So with that 111 we have come to the end of another program, we have a few minutes left. And

00:39:20 --> 00:39:43

we have humbled over the past few months look at some of the major students which we recite very often. And I hope that this has helped us all, to not only understand the Quran better and to practice it better, but even for our solar to make our solar more real, to make our solar not a ritual but a connection between us and our Creator. At the end of the day.

00:39:44 --> 00:39:56

We all will pass away and stand before Maliki only deed before the Master of the Day of Judgment. And in that moment, when we are standing before Allah. One of the first things we will be asked about is our sola

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

and we will be asked about our knowledge

00:40:00 --> 00:40:22

Because Allah Rasulullah sallallahu has told us about the Quran, that it can be approved for you or against you, the Quran will be approved for you or against you, meaning that if we follow the Quran, then it will be a proof for us on the Day of Judgment equals stand and defend us on the Day of Judgment, that this is a person who followed me.

00:40:23 --> 00:40:59

But if we know the Quran, and we know the Tafseer of the Quran, but we still choose to ignore its guidance in our lives, and to live a life contrary to the teachings of the Quran, contrary to the teachings and guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then we will have to answer for that on the Day of Judgment, and the Quran will be approved against us. So we need to think about this. We know what it means, we understand the Tafseer of Surah Fatiha, we have memorized and recited at least 17 times every day.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:18

Does it affect our lives or not? If it doesn't, then it will be approved against us on the Day of Judgment. If it does, then Alhamdulillah it will be approved for us on the Day of Judgment. The choice is ours. Life at the end of the day is all about choices. Allah subhanaw taala has given us opportunities.

00:41:20 --> 00:41:25

And every opportunity we have a choice to do the right thing, or to do or to do the wrong thing.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:34

As a poet says, Heaven and * are only the choices we make. So return to Allah before it's too late.

00:41:36 --> 00:42:08

So this is my message for this week, about who is Allah subhana wa Taala about the relationship we should have with him about the importance of understanding and not just understanding but more importantly following the Quran and making it part of our lives. A few small tips of advice to make this to make this a part of our life is number one, everyday, everyday read some of the Quran with understanding if you don't know Arabic needed with translation,

00:42:10 --> 00:42:31

or go and attended Tafseer class, but everyday make sure that you have understood some of the verses of the Quran. Recently, I launched the app for iPhones, we have a verse of the day, it all together 30 verses. So that's one month's worth of tafsir available on iPhones inshallah, those of you who are interested can find it on the Apple Store. And

00:42:32 --> 00:43:04

I've also released in ebook format, it's available on the internet. So you can start there, the devices and the Tafseer of each of them. But make sure every day we are understanding something of the Quran. something extra number two, every day when it is time for Salah. Take our time to pray Salah in a real way, not as a ritual, not in a sharpshooter style, not in a quick just get over with attitude, but to really pray Allah

00:43:05 --> 00:43:21

to pray it as if we are standing before Allah to plead with understanding to make the such does and rules and the pm something real do this and you will feel your entire life change and you will feel the change in your life. Definitely.

00:43:22 --> 00:43:35

And you can read more about how to make the Salah more real and believable in my article beautiful Salah which is again available online, on my website, Muslim and

00:43:37 --> 00:44:13

beyond that inshallah, if we follow this advice and stay tuned and learn more Tafseer every week that inshallah the Quran will become a daily part of our lives. I will not be on air next week, as I'll be away at the youth camp for the next week, make dua for the success of the camp and inshallah I will see you all in two weeks time to start the Tafseer of idle kursi and we will cover the Tafseer of idle could see for as many weeks as is needed or as it will take and after that inshallah we will move on to another surah so with that we conclude with this episode

00:44:14 --> 00:44:23

Jazakallah Hiram, make dua for me, wahida Juana and in hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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