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The importance of learning to improve one's understanding of the mind and heart, improve one's personality, and purify their heart is crucial in learning to improve one's understanding of the mind and physical bodies. Different activities such as practice and learning to fix one's heart and use their mind are key in achieving this goal. Different teachers and working in a family with multiple jobs are key in educating students about history and improving their thinking, focus, and heart rate.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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So, in this trip are the trips like that, usually we get three things to the first half of them is a very important that is actually come companionship of the scholars and that is in a scene Islam is not only people used to study with the with the teachers, they used to accompany them. That way when you look at you know Abu hanifa hundreds of students, they are not called telomeres or telomeres or they are not called meridian disciples. They are called what Sahaba saw him his use of Sahaja hanifa Muhammad sallallahu alayhi hanifa even the companions, the Sahaba today have companionship. So, the Sahaba was very important really to people not that you learn from the teacher that you know you are

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learning that Salaam coming every Sunday and the teachers go you go back you never have never spent time with a teacher to compare your ship with a very important cadet you understand the teacher more you can see their night you can sit with them, you can question them you can ask them to that helps you helps you to become company or the teacher that why mohabbatein used to make one of the important condition for the Father, the robber Ravi, that they have accompanied the teacher for a long period. Like Malik Marika completed his teacher, day or night many Mater, you know luxury

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shopping over here completely for a long time. Her mother said he accompanied his teacher I give a soft Yani for more nearly 20 years, all the time he working with him in the street, learn from him. The first thing you actually get with this companionship, which you don't get here. If you're sitting in a madrasa, certainly stay there your company or the teacher but in the salon, you don't you know, you come from home, and the teachers teach you have to go back to you knew that some outdoor experience of companionship for the teacher to just one thing you get from trip like that. Second thing, education, education, what a military proper tarbiyah do you learn here, you know, we

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teach all those things, but you never learn, you know, in a more political way, how to how to use your abilities. So in these clips, we emphasize to teach people two things, one, either how to use the mind thinking. So it is very important people not only how to think. And second thing is how to refine the heart. If you think properly, but your heart is not pure, then the thinking that would help you. Like many people, the doctor said they know smoking is so bad for them to mind the sound they think properly, but hot enough to the smoke. So they know smoking is bad, they smoke. So you need to learn a book, you need to have a good understanding of both of them. Two people need to

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correct their understanding they need to think properly to you know, they don't get any harm from to surround them. And second thing they need their heart to be purified or clean to second thing which were to emphasize according to the Koran, and biographies of Don regeneration, and many other advisor that which can help you how to understand how to think. And second thing is to help you how to purify your heart and how to clean and how to make it a better person to clean from the jealousy and hatred and all those things.

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And the third thing is, it's always important that people learn from more than one teacher. Many, many teachers you can see in their 30s you know so and so he learned from 1000 people like Raymond ajar one of the great Mossad data and historian more, he wrote a book valutare rebel dad, in his Bible, if it comes to that he has got 1000 teachers, 600 men and 400 women, to 40% of the teachers are women to one person, you see, I would worry that biology teacher Buhari, he learns the history with 70 women.

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In our circles I studied with 80 women are hindered from them. So people aren't at all Am I used? Or am I used to say if you don't, if you have only one teacher or two teachers, then you are similar to meaning it you copy when the mistakes. But when you get more teachers, then you can compare cuz sometimes teacher can do mistake. But you say oh, this teacher said this, but three other teachers, this is something else who's more right, then you can compare. You can avoid the mistakes of your teacher, too. In this race you basically you have opportunity to meet more than one teacher they can come and teach you ask question and not their methodology. So this this is very helpful to people in

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the past decade used to make effort to learn from more than one teacher. Another thing also is that Islamic scholarship is not just you know, to get a skill. It is basically part of your personality. You become part of the family. It is your genealogy to divide the youth to get each other when you get a data from a chef. It seems because the color is your father, you become the same family to people you advise them to get as many jobs as possible many many jobs to travel

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Sometimes the teacher from history who are this is not the very very low nozzle, then you travel you get more people there's a higher two lakh coming in this trip to Turkey now Turkey has got a turkey, a place of many miscast people from Syria and from Saudi Arabia, many places for some disturbance of our war. They now have they moved to Turkey time, you know, some of the material right now my teachers and some of them my friends, you will have time to spend with them, and most importantly is a chef Amina Suraj is a Turkish and he is the last person who studied properly with our Lama Zahid allegory at the moment I don't think any Arabic maybe we either have one or two people I think I do

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I know what I've got from him but we don't have any proper student of history other than chef Amina Sarah is very old man well no grammatical series as luck and he's in how normal he is how kind he is and how soft is it to he can come he can do something called tourists not because very high cuz you know, you know, from one person from puffery, then we have got chef Manuel, my teacher you know, I think he's the most learner person about how this in our time in history with somebody like him got some lesson or to educate a Georgia and there are a few other people in Syria somebody says shahana sabonis there is a great Mufasa he wrote and see if you can get you can get him to Jada his stuff

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too directly until a few other minor senior friends lecture homeboys the machi wider family maybe you heard their names and also more likely one of my friend you know, Sal mana Buddha you know the Fatah Buddha Allah tala to his son salmaan shekhawat very keen to teach him and educate him to make him like himself, but sugar died you know earlier they still you know, Solomon has been you know, studying the books of his father editing them and printing them to here got a lot of knowledge that also very high so, not to these are the funerals which come to my mind that there are more people gather You know, when the time comes nearer, I will contact them. So you have a time to spend, you

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know, to at least see some of these people get each other from them, or maybe some classes with some of those in will make effort. inshallah, in the evening, if some of them can come and spend some time to you or teach, you can ask question. So, these are three things that come to my mind that when you win a trip, you get this the first thing so for the companionship, Second thing, education, proper education, Missy, you basically, you know, improve your thinking and improve your focus of your heart. And the third thing that you are exposed to so many teachers