How do I understand if the Quran is created or uncreated? – Q&A

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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the Quran and how it has caused problems among Muslims. They explain that the Quran is a guide to people and that the writing of it is a modern Arabic language that came along a long time. The speaker also mentions that the Quran is a book of Islam and that people should follow it to understand it.

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that was raised by Mata Zilla in the second century affise era and it caused a lot of problems in Islam among Muslims. The question basically came is the Quran created like we are created like the sky and Arthur the moon on Sunday our Creator is the Quranic creative like that this question did not exist in the time the companion signed and after that many orlimar did not like to answer this question you know, they didn't unless they notice that no need for this question. You know, we took off a lot of water that's out there's a book of Allah subhanaw taala letter are some people like him are humble. And they realize that if people take you know this position, that the Quran is created,

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then the respect of the Quran he will no more no longer be in their heart they will treat Cora like any any any creator thing and they're not further crumby created. It is an attribute of Allah subhanaw taala so they became very harsh against Motorola and very tough and humble has to make or sacrifice it then in a new theologiae develop really what creative means to actually people their opinion is the coroner created meaning in the Koran if it was the law without any what we call What's our created language Arabic language Hebrew language ordering was created in the Koran in Japan net of the language is in our Creator certainly more than I don't think about anything like

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that more deductible this Quran. So this Quran is what's so a guide to even our Sherry people this one has created what not created is in the actual meaning with Allah, tala, which has no one yonder word. So simple thing for me to say to you is don't worry about this question. A verse he created a leidner created a that reviewers are with him eternal for all the time, you know, and Quran has so much activity for lots of hautala. So those attributes are not created, you know, so that what we believe really we don't believe that language are no attributes of our language are created. There were no Arabic language. Then there came Arabic language, an Arabic language in the past was

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different. Then Quranic Arabic language is more than our language. There used to be an ancient Arabic language, you know, from which came Hebrew, Aramaic, era Syrian and other Arabic these are everything that now we speak. And the Quran revealed. This is a modern Arabic language that came along a long time, you know, after the ancient Arabic language. So I'll simple thing I'll ask you, not very well this question.

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understand the Quran, the Book of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, and every commodity, ironically, is in order for us, we have to understand it, and follow that, you know, there's no way people can answer this question properly, literally, in their day of dating, but you're not going to be asking whether the concrete or not whatever to ask actually is the karate bufala did you learn it? Do you understand it? Did you follow it? The simple thing is what we believe with the Quran is a book of Allah subhanaw taala. We believe in being governor to obligate the unbelievers to understand its commands and then follow them