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We started with this mnemonic Athena cathedral my dad so Hannah clarity mana Ilana alumna in Antalya Hakima Beshara is Audrey were silly MD, one of them Lisanti of Concordia, my God. So shall we continue where we left off from last time? We were talking about the the kuffar or those people who were the kuffaar or the machete, Cameroon or anyone who were disobedient people to Allah subhanho wa taala. And what were their crimes that they committed in this dunya. We also talked about the Cofer and the ship that they committed. One thing I do want to make it very, very clear, is that when we talk about machete, goon mostly coined the word mostly when it comes to the word shift. And the word

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shift means to associate partners with Allah subhanho wa taala. Now when we talked about people in general, where there is two classifications, one is the classification of caffeine. And there's one classification of mushrik. And there's a lot of things that that were that might have mentioned about what are the different requirements or the criteria in order to do the tech fee, or in order to approve someone or in order to declare someone to be cafe, those are things that we're not going to get into right now. However, when we talk about from a strictly from a theological point of view, you have the mushrik those people who associate partners with Allah subhanho wa taala. That means

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that Christians are considered as Mushrik that means that Hindus are considered as Mushnik Buddhists people. They're also considered as mystic people who worship Satan. There are a lot of Satan worshippers, they are also considered as majestic people who worship the sun they are considered as mushriks. The people who worship the fire they are considered as much snakes. However, on the other hand, you have people who don't do exactly * with Allah subhanho wa taala. But they deny and they reject the message and the truth and they fall into the category of caffeine. An atheist is not necessarily a mystic, but he is a a cafe because they reject the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and the message of Ursula so Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and in to put it in a nutshell, every This is his very carefully, every Mushrik every Mushrik is going to be a cafe. Every machine has a cafe, but every cafe is animistic. Does that make sense? Every Mushrik is a cafe, because when a mushrik they worship any other deity besides Allah subhanho wa Taala they are in essence rejecting the message of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So they are also have, they are caffeine. However, the not every single Cafe is going to be a mushroom. That's number one. Number two is that when it comes to to matters when it comes to and this is a long subject matter, which I don't want to get into right now we'll talk

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about it some other time. But the Quran mentions another category called a halal kitab. What is that added to keytab I don't get up here. When we talk about the Yama all these people do fall into either the category of gopher or difficult fall into the category of *. But when we talk about some certain matters of this dunya for example, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the subject of marriage, can a Muslim marry a Kitabi, or a Muslim can a Muslim marry a Jew or a Christian? When it comes to those subject matters, there is another category that is mentioned in the Quran, and that is called Al Kitab. And these al Kitab is in reference to the Jews and to the Christians. Now it

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does not matter whether it's a Christian of that time, whether the Christian of today because even the Christians that existed during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even they believed in the concept of Trinity, probably not to this extent where it is right now. But nonetheless, they did believe in that concept. And this has been highlighted in the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala he says Lakota gefallen Levina CalU in Allah 32 selesa this is something that has been mentioned in the Quran. So the reason I mentioned this is because no one should get this misunderstanding the where are the Al Kitab when we talk about marriage and when we talk about

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Eating meat once again, a very it's a can of worms right now, I don't want to get into that right now. But when it when the Quran talks about these two subjects, Allah does create another category called an Nikita. But when we talk about theology when we talk about COFRA and sherek, when we talk about the Day of Judgment, then there is no category called Al Qaeda, but that time, so these people who even though they are considered al Kitab, in some matters, on the Day of Judgment, they will fall into the categories of caffeine or Mushnik. So now once again, coming back to the crimes that they committed. One of the things that has been mentioned in the Quran is that Allah subhanho wa

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taala, he always consoled us wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam, by telling him that when you see these people, when you see the machinery, corn, when you see the Quraysh, when you see the caffeine, when you see them walking around in the cities, and they're going about their life, and there is no punishment that has come upon these people, do not let us deceive you. And in essence, now never did us well. So Allahu Allah, he was some Arab feel that, honestly, this message has been sent tourists wa sallahu wa salam from Allah subhanho wa Taala is truly for us. Because as a human being as a Muslim, when we see people committing crimes, and there is no accountability, when there is no one

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to hold them accountable, or there are no repercussions of their actions, no one is going to say anything to them, then we usually lose hope, we usually lose hope. And this is in any case. And this is why Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that when you see the criminals, and the way they are going about their life, and even though you don't actually see a Wrath of Allah coming upon them, yet, this should not deceive you that what they're doing is absolutely right, and you should not follow their footsteps. And this is something that many of us we actually look at, it bothers us. And not only that, forget about the company and emotionally going, even when it comes to Muslims.

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When we see a Muslim, this happens to many of us, we see a Muslim, everything is going so perfectly fine in their life. They have money, they have wealth, they have a huge house, you see that you look at their life, and you feel like they have no problems in their life. At the same time. You know, they don't pray a lot. You know, they don't come to the masjid. You know, they don't pray, they don't take time. And they don't pray and dedicate themselves in Ramadan as much as you do. And it always comes to your heart. shaytaan always comes to your heart and says, look at you, you go to the mush every single day, you work so hard, you pray so much salad, and yet you have one problem after

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another today you had a car problem, you fix the car palm, your child gets sick, your child is not okay, you have a problem at work. Now that problem has been solved. Now there's a big problem at home, there's gonna be a huge bill, you just don't catch a break and Shavon comes to us and says, look at their life and look at your life. See, this is what happens when you come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. And slowly and gradually, this messes with a person's mind. This messes with a person's mind. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala he tells us that these are things that are temporary, and in the accurate these people are going to be held for what they are, they're going to be held

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accountable for these their mother Allah gave them and how they were and how they wasted them. Not only that, one thing that we see we see with criminals we see with the caffeine on the machine going even with Muslims, with criminals or with with wrongdoers is that they have a habit of not fulfilling their covenant covenant here. It means it has so many shades in so many forms. One covenant is the covenant that we have made with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. When Allah said before we were created, Allah asked us, allow us to build up become a manager, Lord, and we all said Bala Shahidan yes, indeed You are our Lord. That is one covenant that we are made, then is the covenant

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in this dunya if I'm an employer, I have a certain responsibility. Today an employer thinks I have power I can do this I can do that I can treat this person this way I can treat that person that way. I can abuse them. Why? Because I have the power. But once again, as I shared with you before the hadith of Ibn was rude, or the Allah Tada, hadith of Abu Musab, or the Allah Quran, not only that, but when you are in a position of authority, we have to always remember the Allah gave us this position, and I have to execute my responsibilities properly. These are people who don't execute their responsibilities. They don't fulfill their covenant and Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about

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this in the Quran he says what oh food bill and what oh food bill and fulfill your promises. Allah says in the Quran in the beginning still not either. Yeah. Are you Hallelujah, Amen. No. Oh for Bill, rude, awful bill, that fulfill your covenants fulfill your promises. Each one of us we are in a certain position. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask us about each of these positions that we are put in and how much do we take care of them?

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The next thing there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually is how you could say that when a person, he is true to Allah subhanho wa Taala making summarizing this right now, when a person is true to ALLAH SubhanA what the island ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, that I become his ears through which he heard, he hears, I become his eyes through which he sees. So this is what Allah subhanaw says, and I could see what that means is that we use our eyes in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has deemed lawful. We use our ears in the way that Allah subhanaw taala has deemed lawful. So for these people also on the Day of Judgment, there will be accountability, everything

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that we see everything that we see everything that we hear everything that may come to our heart, and once again, all this is going to be questioned by Allah subhanaw taala and I do want to make one thing very clear here, because at the end of sootel, Bacara Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about something that comes to your heart, Allah says in the Quran liLlahi maphis. Am I worthy? Well, Murfin oh, we're in trouble. Do Murphy unfussy come out to fool who you have sinned can be Allah, anything that comes to your heart, Allah will hold you accountable for this. And so the Sahaba they came to us wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it said yes to Allah. This is too difficult for us.

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Anything that comes to my heart, I see something, something comes into my heart right away. I'm not I cannot do it. I mean, this is a hard thing. Sometimes we cannot control and this is when ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. He revealed the idea to the Quran and the Prophet SAW Selim, he conveyed Allah's message to the Sahaba that do not become like bunnies saw Eve that they said, Samir Anna was saying, there will be we listen, and we disobey, but say Submariner will Aparna whether you like it or not, you say Submariner. Either we listen what up on it and we will obey. And then after that Allah subhanho wa taala. He said, Now the next is we're in he mentioned that only Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is the forgiveness of sins. And not only that, but anything that we carry out one is a thought that comes to our heart, but one is that we carry it out if we carry out the wrong action than Allah subhanho wa taala. He will hold us accountable for this. Now. The next thing that we have to talk about is

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the the types of reckoning and the the explanation.

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Or before that actually I want to talk about

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one of the things that we see with the people who are the wrongdoers. They don't do things to please Allah subhanho wa taala. They don't do things to please Allah subhanaw taala, especially in this day and age, in this day and age, I'll be honest with you brutally honest with you, one of the most difficult things for people to do, who are engaged in the field of Dawa people who are engaged in education, people who are engaged in lectures, giving lectures and so forth. The greatest obstacle, the greatest challenge that does exist today, is the challenge of making sure that we do everything for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. In this day and age, there are so many people who are doing

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so many good things, but how many times are we doing it only and only for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Think about this, have you ever thought about this, imagine you're in a position of leadership, or you're in a position where you are in charge, and you make a decision, you make a decision not because it's the right decision, but because you're looking for some other interest, you want the approval of this such and such person. And so you make you make a decision based on them. You make a decision so that you can so that they can be happy with you. That is a violation of your responsibility. As a Muslim, as a Muslim, we cannot make a decisions just to please people we

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make decisions to please Allah subhana wa Taala if we do anything, where there is even a slight bit if there is 100% of the Ummah and Allah subhanho wa Taala believer in our brothers and sisters, he can make a stand on this he can make a stand right before himself and he can open up the armor. And if we can see at that time, that 70% or even 99% of the armor was done only for Allah subhanho wa Taala say, but if there's only 1% If there was only 1% A quarter of that 1% That was not done for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Ahmed will be rejected by Allah subhanho wa Taala This is extremely difficult to do nowadays. But this is why it is so important and this is why it is so

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difficult having a loss and having sincerity and whatever you do is very difficult. And there are a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Salem we have heard that we've heard about this, that will on the Day of Judgment, one will be a Adi that will be called One is a Shahe that will be called One is a person who used to give a lot of charity they all three will be called and Allah will ask all three of them that Why did you do what you did? And they all said Yeah, yeah Allah we did it for your sake. And Allah says

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Hana with Allah will say no. Either for one person he will say you did this so that people can praise you. You gave stuff across the Allah so that people can call you a generous person. You are shaheed so that people can say What a brave person and this person's Ahmed will be rejected, and they will be thrown into the fire jahannam. So this is why it is extremely is extremely difficult to do. But we have to be very, very careful when it comes to our actions and when it comes to our armor. Now, Alana ought to be Rahmatullah Allah. He's a very famous professor, he actually gives a very detailed description of what the situation will be like on the day of judgment. He says that

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imagine you're standing in a huge piece of land, and you have no idea everyone is distressed. Everyone has no idea what's going to happen to them. And everyone's in the state of panic. And what happens is that ALLAH SubhanA, WA Tada calls your name, where is Funan been fallen, been fallen, and no one at that time the angels they will go, and they will go to the entire crowd. And I think about this today in homage. Today, when you go for Hajj, how many 1000s of people are there, and it's so difficult to find someone yet on the Day of Judgment when Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I'm looking for fuller and Ben Fuller, I'm looking for full and been full on the angels on that day, every

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person from the beginning of mankind till the last day, they will be on the day of judgment, and yet the angels they will go and they will scout and they will find this person and he will be brought all the way to Allah subhanho wa Taala and this person will be trembling, he's going to be in fear. He's not going to know what's gonna happen, what's gonna what's, what's the what's the final verdict, for his situation at that time, Allah subhanho wa taala. It said that Allah subhanho wa taala, he will talk to him and he will make him remember of all the actions that they he committed. And then after that, not only that, but Allah subhanho wa Taala will give him a book of deeds. He

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says open up book of deeds. And when he opens up book of these, Allah Allah says that when this person opens his book of deeds, he's going to see say, after say, sin after sin after sin after sin, and Allah subhanho wa Taala is gonna make him acknowledge that, do you remember this sin? You remember this sin, and if a person denies it, ALLAH SubhanA will remind him and then after that, Allah subhanaw will say, No, you think that you're doomed, look at the end of the book. And then a person will go all the way to the end of the book, or you go to some other places in the book, and you'll see her Senate after her Senate. And for some people, may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst

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those people. For those people. Allah subhanho wa taala, the good people, Allah subhanaw taala say that today you have a yard and today you have Hassan Al, but today My Mercy is in full swing, I will change these Huseynov I will change these into Huseynov and you are forgiven and you will enter into Jana. And at that time, this person when he receives his book, as is mentioned by majority orlimar that when a person receives his book in his right hand is going to be given to him right in his front. But when a person has given his book in his left hand, he's going to be his hand to such an extent that some alumni they mentioned that this is going to this is going to injure his shoulder

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because his hand will be so much behind that and his book will be received on his left hand for those people melesa bahala na makers amongst those, but then those people they will come before Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah subhanho wa Taala he will tell them open your book and when they open their book, they're gonna see how SONET after Huseynov after Hassan and they will say we have been saved but then Allah subhanho wa Taala he will say that no, you are not looking at the entire book. Look at the entire book because Allah subhanho wa Taala and certain Israel he says, it cannot kita but you and I we all are authors of a book, we all are publishing our own book, what book am I

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referring to the book of deeds, die book of deeds at that time, Allah subhanaw taala say that read the entire book at that time a person will see that they are has an ad but then they are say and they are say ad and the RSA ad to such an extent that they say they out the outweigh the has an ad and that time Allah subhana wa Tada will tell this person that you transgressed in this dunya and today there is no forgiveness for you and you will suffer the consequences of your actions and then this person so the Aloha convention is very clearly for Imam and odia Kitab will be a meanie for your own haha Omaka Okita BIA, Allah Subhana Allah says, As for those people who are given the Book

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of deeds in the right hand, they will say how Omaka Oh Kitabi I read my book. It's like this thing about this. When a person is so happy when a person is so happy. Imagine your child, he gets a good grade on his report card. You know, if they get a good grade, you know what they do? They come and they give you the report card. That's what they do. Right? They will come and give you the report card remote report card, right? We might report card and the Pentagon things. They take out the report card and they look at it and then Shahbaz Chavez right that's what we'll do.

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But in the case, in the case, that when a child does not get a good report card, he hides it. On the Day of Judgment, a person who succeeds they'll be going around, read my book, everyone will look at it. This is a person who succeeded but broke to you, Oh, son and son, oh, such and such person. And then he will say, in the volunteer honeymoon, in Serbia, I knew that this day is going to come and I prepared for this day. And this is why today I have this, but on the flip side, a person will say any person who was given his book well, I'm an audio Kitab Oh Bishi Molly for your cool. Yeah, Latynina. Muteki Tabea. When a person gets a bad report card, you know what they say? I wish I would

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have not seen this report card to begin with. On that day, same thing will happen. A person who receives his book in his left hand, he will say I wish I would have not even received this book to begin with for your Kulu Yeah, Latynina muda kita BIA, Willem de Maha sabya. La Yeah, later Hardcastle. All the Magna Animalia. I was so much for this dunya. And this dunya did not give me any benefit at all. Brothers and sisters, that time, at that time is said that even Allah subhanho wa taala, he will bring even the animals he will bring even the animals to be judged to be judged, a one an animal in this dunya that has horns that hurt another animal that did not have horns, they

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will be put in an opposite positions in opposite situations and retaliation will take place. Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no other purpose to bring these people on the day are to bring this creation on the Day of Judgment. There is no other purpose, but to show mankind that just like I made sure that justice will be served, even when it comes to animals. And then after the animals, they will turn into dust and they'll be gone. At that time. The cafe, the wrongdoer will say we are cool, Catherine. Yeah, Nathan econda Taraba. The cover that time will say I wish I was able to turn into dirt, I will turn it into dust. Because when he sees what happens to those people, he has

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received his book of deeds in his left hand. And then not only that, but he sees what happens to animals, he will say yeah, Nathan equal to Toronto, I wish I would turn into dust. I wish this day when I even occurred to begin with. This is why brothers and sisters, there's a lot of accountability that's about take place in the hereafter. Every one of our actions today we say today we feel like that we are we can do whatever we want. Today we feel like this is these are my hands to have you feel like these are my eyes. today. We feel like these are my ears today. They're my actions today. It's my money, it's my house, it's my actions, I can do whatever we want. No brothers

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and sisters, every single thing will be held accountable for this on the day of judgment. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala he has given us this opportunity, because Wallahi at that time, may Allah protect us and may Allah subhanahu make us amongst those. But can you believe the the the loss and the regret and the grief that a person will go through in fact Allama Rahmatullah Allah He mentioned that a person who will be given his book of deeds in his left hand, all of a sudden his face will become black mean that he will be full with grief in sorrow, that time, he's going to wish, at that time, he's going to wish that I wish I can go into this dunya and I can make something

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of this akhira by that time, it will be too late. This is an opportunity that we all have, we always go to the graveyard, we bury people, we always bury people, we don't realize that for them, their opportunity is done. Their book of deeds has been closed except for three different cases. But for the for the majority, the book of deeds has been closed. But for us, our book of deeds are still open. And then not only that, but when we do wrong to each other,

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when people do wrong to each other Subhan Allah, on the Day of Judgment, on the Day of Judgment,

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when ALLAH SubhanA wa declares all this, what happens after that? There'll be going

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they'll cross the bridge, they'll get on the other side, the right, right before they enter into Jana, right before they entered the Jana. At that time, people just like before all this the retaliation and the end the matters were settled between the people matters between the animals were settled. Now the marriage between the people there will be settled right before they go into Jannah you know, the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where we hear

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the bankrupt person. We've all heard the Hadith

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that happens after right before you go into Jannah. If when people come and they want to demand their rights, if a person demands the right on that day, at that time, this is why the problem says that if that person is in a situation that he has violated the rights of other people, and his Huseynov are gone. He's already crossed a bridge, but now because he doesn't have anything left this person will be thrown into the fire John No. This person will be thrown to the fire. Johanna. This is why when it comes to people, when it comes to people, we're lucky if you are the mother alone. If you are the mother alone, you have a right

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either you can forgive the people. Or if you want, you can hold people accountable right before they go into Jannah. You can hold people accountable for you go right before you're going to Jana. And that is where the matters are going to be settled in the in the scores are going to be settled, no person can go into Jana, because when it comes to Hakuho law, the rights of Allah subhanho wa taala, solid zakat, Tila and anything that's related to Allah subhanaw taala, Allah can forgive them. But when you neglect and when you hurt other people, and you exercise your your dominion over other people, you do build upon other people, then in that case, people can come and people will come on

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that time. And they will stop you from going into Jannah. Because today, when we think is when a person crosses a bridge, they're in Jannah, automatically. That's not how it works. After they cross a bridge at that time, the scores will be settled. And at that time, if a person has violated the rights of other people, and your Huseynov are taken away and given to the next person, and his say ad has been put on your shoulders, you just cause John, you'll be picked up and thrown right into the dining room again. So this is why it is very important that when it comes to other people, we keep our matters clean, we keep our matters clean, if there's any person that we have hurt any any

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person in fact if we have even hurt a person and they have passed away the alumni have mentioned that if you give us a call on their behalf inshallah Allah will accept that but nonetheless we always try to make sure that our matters are settled between everyone else. So this is why it's very important that we keep this in mind. So I will go and stop right here. I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to give us the ability to add what's been sent heard inshallah next week, there are some other things I do want to talk about. And then we'll get into the the balance. We'll also talk about briefly the the bridge and then we'll talk about Gemini agenda for that inshallah. Ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to give us ability to prepare for that day. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive our sins may Allah subhanho wa Taala shower His mercy upon us on that day, may Allah subhanaw taala make us feel amongst those few who will enter into Jannah without any accountability does not come Allah hi I mean does Aquila Subhana Allah who will be hunting. That's the word Allah in that stuff we look at one of the lake is akmola Hey, I said I'm wanting to live with

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