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We have chosen for the IDC study these two important words, Jamia optimum, Elisa Timothy and Asahi of Mahara loudhailer. And the reason is, because they want to revisit the book. It is easier compared to other words, after of the sixth source of the Hadith, you want to read the book, it contains all the major Hadith, in the calm and in whatever Muslim Muslims need in their life. And that my mother in law says that, that you know, anybody who has got this book in his house, it is it has got a prophet who speaks in his house. So it is a really great book of Islam. I know the one of the four major works in Islam people used to call the most sold Islam. So, he wanted to address the

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Hadith from for every subject every topic, and then after that, he mentions that all the difference of the opinions of the religious jurist not only for mother, but the mother Sahaba and tavai and after there are the differences to that very important to learn the difference of opinions and also their arguments that he brings, there. Second thing is multimedia also discussed

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the problems in the Hadeeth lll and problem and also he discusses What is it you know, what is the state of the Hadith, the CEO of Asana, if there is something Monica is terrible, so students will be able to learn a major important discussions about the faith and the Hadith both through this book that why in what have great teeth into Yamanashi Muladhara, who started out of Hadith in India, he chose not to me to teach it properly in detail. Then peacemakers can learn all the major Hadith about the fifth and also the problems in the Hadith.