God-consciousness and Deprivation

Akram Nadwi


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The conversation is about the fear of Islam and how it causes people to feel under the heart. The fear is related to the actions of the people who don't have fear of Islam. The fear is related to the actions of those who have been punished for their actions. The book has also changed people's behavior and made them happy.

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Wasn't war differences shaky on Turkey? Oh, okay.

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No Shadow Minister, somebody who deprived, too shabby is the person who did not fear Allah. If you don't feel in love, what will happen is that you deployed, every good comes from the fear of the fear of a night, the source of the good, it makes the heart in the right place, when you feel under the heart, because in the right place, then all the body functions properly. When the fear of Allah goes, notice functions, then just shutting. It basically means people who don't have fear of Allah, then their body and their intention, nothing functions. The team is the one who the heart is right. He fears Allah when he fears Allah, then he acts actions. They are nice and pure, come from their

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destiny to Turkey, the one who fears Allah, and then his actions and whatever he said, is because endovenous hornless hautala on the award of disobedience taco basically I got

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three conditions. The first thing is that Guan means Morocco to luck. You see Allah that Allah sees you that's the first part of that was sacrifice DACA is that you feel you since you've seemed you feel like you know, if you work in an office and you see your boss

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to one level, then you work properly, you feel him that you know you got to psych you. So first thing is you see Allah, when you see that he's seeing you, then you fear him that you know if I don't do it properly, you know he's going to punish me. So then after that, you obey Him or word disperse that twice or three to Morocco to Allah, Allah and then it Atilla or principle, or treating mestalla that's the purpura has come to make people happy.

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If people remember if people read the Quran to discuss with Allah the handle does not have any hand to shadow. It this book Can you discuss distance? In June this book has come to change you