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Salam Alaikum everyone and welcome back to our weekly q&a with cefaclor leathery, this q&a is, again every Thursday 6pm BSC. Last week, we did start a little bit early, we signed up 530. But we'll go back to our normal routine and Sharma says 6pm to 630. Inshallah. Thank you, everyone for joining us. I know we already have some questions, and I know we had a bit of a backlog of questions from last week. So what I'm thinking Jeff to do is there's actually one we will be starting on a little bit of a heavy note, but there was one question that we got last week and that I think it's worth answering. And actually, one of the first questions we just got now is on a similar similar tone. So

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inshallah we're going to start there just so everyone anyone who's new who have any questions, just add it in the comment box. If you're watching on YouTube, comment underneath the stream, Facebook comment and I will be able to see your comments I'll try and go in order inshallah. But Schiff, we had a question last week from I can't put it on the screen, but I'll put our second question on the screen is sha Allah from Massimo Rahman. And he said, What is your advice for sisters in our community who have faced sexual abuse as a child? And he spoke with one example of a sister who came to them in the masjid and she was feeling suicidal? She needed some guidance. And actually, we just

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got a question now

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from for the Moinuddin. What you said, how can we console someone who has experienced horrific events and acts against them? For example, physic physical abuse, child abuse, child abuse, torture, etc? What words of comfort are we encouraged to provide? And maybe as a community? How should we be dealing with this?

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new line of my Rahim, this actually is a question is a very important, and I have been involved in some of these cases, for a long, long time, if you haven't gave a talk in London in one of the con conference on this topic, and there are some of my friends who are working on this. And sometimes they seek my help. So certainly, you know, Muslim community has many, many problems. On one of the problem is, you know, child abuse. And what is more worrying is that very often this is done by the people of the religion, Minister, people who are scholars, imams in the masjid, people who teach good Islamic tradition. And, you know, so many of these of us, and then, you know, those boys and

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girls who are abused for a very early age, their lives are ruined, basically, in the future, they become mired, there's so many problems that I have, you know, heard about the vitriol is very, very painful to first thing is,

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you know, I will advise that cases like that, they should not keep secret, very often Muslim think that, you know, if these cases are known, then Islam will have bad name, and the keep hiding to disability. And just because Islam will have no bad name, Islam actually encourages people

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to rise up to go against any justice, if any injustice is done, Muslims are the first people to get up and support the Rand and, and get justice for the people. So these things should not give otherwise, those people who are involved this matter, it becomes their hybrid, the key problem, actually they do, and why knows about those people that have been doing for many, many years, because people don't complain about them, too. The first thing as soon as a case like that is known, you know, don't keep a secret,

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you know, take it to the

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authorities let the committee know. So then they actually become careful about those people. They you know, they don't want their children to be taught by those people. They don't get the position in the masjid, I've imam or teachers or something like that. So the first thing is that we should not keep a secret. We should make it known actually. One of the Imams he was doing all these things until now I think he keeps doing and there have been you know, girls who became younger and some of them actually complained to me. And when I mentioned that you know you should go to a write authority you should complain about this. So that sent the Imam me threatening that if you go to the

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anywhere, then my genie will kill you. So the sky says Nigel can kill you. They know these people just making story just in basically to keep their, you know, the crime hidden, that no genie in their hand, lucky enough support people like that they are wrong people they're really

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better basically they have no shame shameless people is doing this thing the name of the religion to first thing in the Muslim community should be very strong, support the wrong people and get, you know,

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the wrong words without their emails, so our limb or teachers or anybody in the community on subject family people could there have been a customer with a family people involved? Anybody wants we know, we have to take them to the right authority. And in larger crimes known to other people can be saved Islam, the Quran makes very clear that Muslims must support the wronged in homosexual command, the prophet selasa encourage that, to that first thing, keep in mind that those who have been abused, they are maloom they are wronged we have to support them and help them and those who are involved in this case it they are the wrongdoers, they are the unjust. They're, you know, there shouldn't be,

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you know, punished in a civilly in the future, they never can do something like that. Because there's so many lives have been ruined, really I know, personally, many of these people, and they told me that, because of that they can't pull it into life, the finish the life it had been finished, really. And this is not a one or two case, in many, many cases, at least somebody's preparing all this information wanted to come. And the names which are in this list in I was shocked, really, some of those people are famous and this and that. So this is one thing, we should get up against the wronged. And if you are telling the stories, you will be really mad. Because I

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know these stories, personally, people who are who have been subjected to these wrong rules, they're narrated to me. So it is not something you know, I'm just exempted people have asked me to write some articles about this matter. But I think I don't want to write in that i i I said I will write more general way, I don't want to mention your name, because that is something to be decided by the court, people should prove to the court. And that's why I advise people do not

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you know, allow your children to go for a tuition with any amount in your belts or your boys don't trust anybody. If you do trust, you will be in future regretting. And don't invite any mom or any teacher to come to your house and teach. Teaching always should happen in a public space by the teachers who are

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qualified and they're in high permission by the authorities to teach like that. So then they can teach all these tuition at home, or teaching the homes or the teachers in a strictly should be strapped. Because that is the and you don't know really you don't can't don't know people have lost interest, and then your trust is broken. And sometimes the parents don't know really what happening, you know, the children later on, they grow and didn't inherit, but the parents have no idea what is what is happening. So, this is a very, very important thing ready to go that it had brought. Because this is the case if it is on such a large scale, that many of us will not believe it happening in,

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in this country in America, in Canada, in all the wisdom of actually it must be happening also in India and Pakistan or Bangladesh. But they are you know, things are so secretive people don't understand. So it the case actually brought okay the people who have been wronged, they have no crime did not default, to we have to console them, ask them to start your life especially and a lot of life are given you're actually not really seeing any of it. I love it, it fit you more more reward, because you have been wronged and the loss will hurt I will read your status in the day of judgment and asked in this world to usually start in your nothing really wrong, the people have done

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no crime, they will be rewarded. You know, you have to console them and remind them that no 14 There's no mistake and whatever you know, you know,

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insult or you know wrongdoing they have been subjected to for all that they get reward to the family should console them, the friends and the teachers. They should can actually I'm saying to you that you know if anybody like that hearing me, don't worry, it did never your fault. Nothing from you. It did not your defect. Sometimes people will think that why it happened to me, but don't worry, because the last one what are the bigger plan, you know, evils in this world happen? And anybody can be subject to the evils for a bigger plan, but you will not have a sponsor for that level rewarding the people who have done devil responsible to we as a community we have in full duty to make effort

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that in the future this will

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Never happens to the people who are involved they should be compliant and taken to the court properly right authority and also the community should declare their names to in the future nobody can you know, be Miss used by expected by these people and young boy or girl who have been subjected to these things and we should make effort how to encourage them how to bring in a confidence in their life and how they can start that I freshly so you know, they forgot their future and past and start a new future it's all our duty I can't go very long, very not a we don't have enough time away to something really we should make in a proper you know, one day program really where many people to

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speak and some people don't speak and then after that people come out with the proper policy what to do if it's really something we need to address it is very very important. So it is good that is a discussion has been brought in all these things used to happen in the Christian churches. But at least now they have got a very clear path policy what to do and you know that is come out but Muslims still don't know how to deal with this case at all we have to learn and we have to move forward inshallah

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because it has Yeah, definitely I don't think this topic is spoken about enough and maybe next sometime in the future inshallah we can delve into it more

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okay let's take we have a question from Mohammed

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who is asking this having come on income mean that everything then bought with this income like food and drink becomes haram to

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start early you know haram eating anything make it haram not your money not allowed for you. If you buy a drink by haram money

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haram and those who drink they will be in a small for haram if they don't know that's at the pub what otherwise you know, the whole family knows they will be sinful those who know and then they still use it, all of them will be sinful haram money never can justify it, it should be written back to those people to whom it is belong. You know and if it has come from the wrong earning sometimes people you know sell it

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you know, drugs and all those things. So then it should be reported to the right authority that I have been doing this in the past and now I repent. What should I do with this money? To maybe they can help you but a simple matter is that you know, Haram is haram, nobody can make it halal.

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Okay, let's take a question.

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This sounds quite interesting. There are many cases where your wife needs to work and the husband can't work due to internal problems, let's say for example, health problems, but if he can he will work Is this allowed? And will he gets will he get his sin for not working?

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No, you know, people have got due to you know, to look after their family, you know,

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as best as they can do if they have, they don't have work or they have some problem. So, you know, lacinato always forgets people, he forgets people who are ill, you know, he those who are enabled, or Quran said like on the fruit now I'm not saying Lhasa Allah never burdens people, you know more than their capacity to he never does like that. In this matter. The head wife really should help her. And, you know, for her moussaka she would get we would have sadaqa because now her duty to look after her husband's family and it's for money by she gets her money it would be like a sort of, you know, charity for her. She's got so much reward, if she can do if you don't do that the husband will

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not get anything

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okay, inshallah let's

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the next question is quite long, but I do think it's something that maybe quite a few people can resonate with.

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So Stan is saying how does one reignite the hope for Allah's mercy after neglecting Salah for almost an intentionally for three months? How does one we saw the issue again, is it a punishment that one can't seem to reignite it in the past I was able to get back to the prayer even if I missed one or two prayers and have therefore but now I don't have that sensation and it scares me Sure. I think this is what a lot of people sometimes when you're in that habit of praying Salah it's easy and then you you miss it for one day and it suddenly becomes a month two months

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yeah, I'm not saying either. Because the way we live our life really. We have become such as have the mood to where we like something feel happy to do it. Then we don't like we don't do it. It all the time keeps happening now. We have good mood to various cloud fronts. We don't have good mood. We don't care about the people. Our parents, our family, our study reading, you know we read when we feel would have mood. When you don't have mood we don't read the prayers we do when we feel better. We don't feel a mood. We know

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Let the player see it all wrong habits of them. You know, being a slave of the mood is very, very bad. Really, the way in this world is, use the mind. If something's good for you, then force yourself to do it, whether you like or don't like, enjoy, don't like that what you need to work hard, that are lower than what if it means really, and if something wrong, bad for you,

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then force yourself not to do even though the smoke is good, bad for you. Don't force yourself not to smoke. If you know the prayer is good for you, then force yourself to play the simple matter whether you like or don't like, feel more free, like, once you start doing like that, then your life will improve. That will allow us to other people that were obedient misery. Obedience is different from convenience. If you obey Allah, when it is convenient to you, not obedience. Obedience, you know, does not follow convenience. Obedience is something obedience will come with difficulty. It seems really difficult, but still you will be Atlas amatola You know, somebody has

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harmed you. And Allah subhanaw taala asked you to forgive, you don't want to forgive but you forget because Allah has commanded you. So that is obedience. But when you follow your mood, that's not obedience. So people should come out from distilleries that are not part of the modern world. That way, all the marriages fail, people marry, and it fails. Why? Because when they married, they're excited. They have got desire, the bar, the color, the lover, they have love. But within few months, a few days, few weeks, that love you know, because the weaker, and the people become, you know, tired of each other. Now they're looking for something else, you know, they defied the argue to

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happen, why? Because they don't follow the reason. If the thing really that now husband, wife, we have got duty to make this relation to go. And Allah Allah has commanded me how to obey my husband, how to obey my wife, how to look after them, then you will do it. But if you only do when you feel happy, when you feel in a mood, then you're not a Muslim, Muslim means slave of Allah, the One who surrenders his desire, his will, the will of Allah subhanaw taala. To make, I will force yourself to the will of Allah to the Command of Allah. That's what a believer actually is. Whether you like it or not, like you feel happy, don't feel happy, you have good mood or bad mood. It doesn't matter.

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What matters is that you open if you obey the law, even if don't like you got reward actually got a good reward. Because you're forcing yourself if you want to do obey or love when you like, and when you have good mood, it's not obedience, nothing happened to you, then what happens soon, mood will change and you will change. So learn one thing in the life, all of us find out what is good for you, then do it on Earth, find out what is bad for you, then avoid that. Don't don't follow what makes you happy. it all away dangers, always follow what is good. If you follow what is good, you become happy, real, real happiness. And if you follow what makes you happy, you never can be good. You

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already made bad people who want to be happy they become bad people and people who want to become good, they become good and also they become happy to make sure that you know you force yourself for good and make your mind to decide not your desire

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Okay, our next question I don't have it noted here. But

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the question is,

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in terms of our relationship with the Quran, we're told that our relationship with the Quran should be such that not a day goes by where we don't recite the Quran we seek we seek the solution to all our problems we seek from the Quran.

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We seek our happiness from the Quran and we become so attached to it that it becomes like our companion our friend, how do we then kind of when we're told that our relationship with the Quran should be like this? And then also there are opinions that say that for example, when a woman is menstruating, she's not supposed to. There are some opinions that say hey, you can't you can't recite the Quran while you're menstruating. How does a woman in this situation kind of deal with this when her relationship with the Quran is such that she can't she's so attached to or she wants to be reciting it?

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In the thing that I had no doubt that is a very important thing that he reminded. People always should consult the Quran every day in the life of Greek maybe to ever twice a day, you read a part of the Quran, reflect upon that understand, it will keep reminding you from beginning to the end because you don't know which verse can be more important for you to keep reading and also you know what follows come sometime can explain what you did not understand. So, you know, people have to read the Quran from beginning to the end, but little bit every day, you know, like in the morning, read half an hour, some page and then try to understand the meaning. There may be afternoon or

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evening. You read a little bit a replica of a riff

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problem that the women who are in my situation. So there are two opinions that are, you know, opinion that I follow that they can read the Quran that no harm and that can't touch it, they use a piece of cloth, but they can read the Quran and they know how there are many collective American people have been Buhari all these people have been saying that women in this situation they can read the Quran in Hanafi madhhab and some other mother. People say the women can't read the Quran when they are in the situation, what they mean by reading it with the tongue, too if women open the Quran in whether Arabic or translation and the real with their eyes, you know, you understand the meaning.

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Nobody starts from that nobody no Hanafi no Maliki no Shafi nobody has problem for reading, we die. And most of the books we read today, you know, when you do mattala reading you do with a saint, Quran read with your eye, and look into meaning reflect upon that. So nobody can distract you from the Quran. So people like me that allow even to read with the tongue. But if you follow an opinion, we did not allow to read with the tongue. At least they allow you to read with it. Why can't you read? Actually, most of the books we read or I could always read with it anyway, all the books, every book I read with I don't move my tongue and understand and if people do this thing people

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don't need to read with the tongue in order to understand so women have you know, their new Mary, where both of us are there, if you want to read there are people who allow not only people like me, Imam Malik saw or leave on Buhari, big people, girl out there. Or if you follow the opinions of other people when thinking part of it to at least really die because they thought this type of reading will die. They will only stop you from reading with the tongue.

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That makes sense.

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Okay, let's take a question. We have a question from Scheibe.

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And he's asking, there are some views into Syria stating that the Muslims were facing the same type light as the Jews in Jerusalem the Muslims were commanded to change their paper to make the Jews did not follow the Muslims does this mean that they remained facing that pipeline Jerusalem until today

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that what the thing really that they face, just I don't want they do not really occur but that they're, you know, the temple or whatever.

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And if you read about a Torah you can find really there have been commanded for the sacrifices of our prayers to to face Jerusalem, directly in Torah still there are verses which makes very clear that when they do major sacrifice a big thing, then the fifth caliber is the Muslim Primula. So that what it makes clear that the Qibla for the famed Fe Rahim whether the descendants of Ismail are descendants of is happy, so happy the father of yopu for the funeral to all the Jews relatives hug. You know all of them they have been commanded to face the Kaaba in muckety muck aroma, and there is a book written by Mona farai. Or use a fee man who was the be and modify by the expert of you know,

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Bible, Old Testament New Testament and also he learned Hebrew language from dirty proven that Acaba has been the traveler, of all the Jews and Muslims everybody, except for a small thing. Jews used to face Jerusalem, but for our big things, they used to face kava And still there are verses in Torah, same it nothing changed. And still you can find he has given reference of all don't oversell. It is more book. Are you sorry, Freeman was the be and I think I could I don't I'm not sure a ticket has been translated to English to find out if we translate it, read the translation, it will help you inshallah.

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Okay, let's see, we can take a few more questions, it seems today, we're getting really long questions, and I'm just mindful of how much time we have left and giving each subject as to time.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's

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see, okay, let's take this question. Can women go in public wearing a subtle perfume? Or is it totally prohibited?

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Nobody wants to be a no have bad smell. Neither men nor women. So, you know, women, everybody wants to be happy, you know, the good perfume makes you happy and more active. So if we will apply a perfume, which they can smell, make them happy. You know, there's no harm in that as long as the perfume is not very striking, you know, with other people can it can attract other people to just, you know, something, it makes them happy. You know, I'm not, you know, other people probably smell passing by, then there's no harm in that. But if other people smell, then no reason for that for searching is enough.

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Because then, you know you're interfering with the people that then they have to attract it to you into your public space, but not in such a way that you disturb the people. So, women as women, they are allowed to use public space, they can have perfume that whatever but they are not allowed really to disturb the people. If they are disturbed by themselves, this is their problem. You know, somebody just sees a woman and distract it the problem, but women should not cause any distraction. And perfume is one of the important thing. So they should not be strong perfume in light perfume is fine, if you like perfume that's allowed.

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Okay, let's see if we can

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take another question in sha Allah.

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Okay, I'll try and see if we can take up to their heads question although it splits up into separate comments. I'll try and read it out. Inshallah. He's asking I'm confused regarding the different varieties of the Quran. I've heard people say that all liberal arts are correct, but when I read extracts of * like that have tested a temporary I get a different impression such as when he mentioned the different readings of an Iowa and then prefer some over the other for example what I understood why we didn't get the texture of the Iowa our nephew BeautyCon email whatever you mentioned the two different readings orona and corona and then he preferred Corona please correct me

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if I'm wrong and could you please shed light on a very important ad? Maybe we don't have time for that but maybe just the first question he asked. Who am I really don't think you need to go so deep in this material you know to like every language you know, people can pronounce things differently. Softer people can customize the sentence differently. Sometimes use the preposition sometimes you don't use preposition you know sometimes you precise and don't emphasize that our body language indicator Quran to the preserve the aim of all the teachings are for, you know, experts of the teachers reading the Quran. So in Kufa and Basara and Monica Medina, the people who used to read the

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tea the Quran, how different possibilities are there to in the future if people follow any of those possibilities, you don't sit around you know, really not people have been following that that's all by done changing meaning material sometime maybe very little, not too much to just literally infested to or non good nothing to do with leave meaning it just basically because in Arabic language when you have a while in WhatsApp if you can, some people can gain differently these things are more grammar points you know which have more than one possibility. The most of these are coming from Arabic grammar to people who should read the Quran they will express a phobic grammar as well

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to any possibility in Arabic grammar, they allow that so that how it can be doesn't make a difference you know, you read it this way or that way. Either language is corrupted meaning to more focus should be on the meaning or the meaning maybe the Quran has changed your life. If Quran makes you nearer to Allah makes you more pastors enough that what you need really you don't need to, to focus on this teaching of that teaching teachings or just means you know, readings or just means they need the lead you to understanding the door to make a reading of the Quran, you know, disrupts you know, a DVD because it is just important thing is more thing. Real Thing is the meaning how you

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understand it so focus on understanding the Quran and acting upon the Quran not too much on where you're reading because that's not important.

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Unless you have just this small follow up question, I will leave it there inshallah. But this this specific vest.

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So many people, many men will kind of use it as as a reason to say, okay, women should be staying at home and they shouldn't really be leaving their houses. Is this is this correct? No, no, okay, God, I spent so much time you know, got a you know, one of the recording I know so many times discussion gara does not mean that it's district home. Otherwise, what means when the Federal Center said, we're at our red Nataraja Gouda, don't walk, exposing your body in public if people don't Janelia if women don't leave the house anywhere to how they can expose the dumpster outside in public. Meaning is that when you are at home, be in your car, you don't properly if people come from outside, they

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don't see you, you know outsiders. When you go in public then don't show off that arena then forget about just meaning it means that we must restart home meaning when they're at home, they should be with Waqar you know, because to outsiders comes today don't mix with them. And when they go outside, they put on jilbab to the DOS show of their body that nothing so in the Quran that women are must eliminate the house nobody or radical women are not in house. You know Maria Muslim is outside she the most pious woman, my Muslim sisters outside musasa miss these women

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outside, all the women that come go and put under the type of problem with the women going out and the prophets Allah has said to revise Allah that allowed people to go out to a women can go for sharpening for any, we must have the property to do all these things on all the computers wives, it doesn't have the meaning of karma contaminated very at home. The you know, be sure that when outsiders come, they don't mix with them. But when you go outside, they'll put on Jojoba don't expose your body is used to go through in the jar Hillier.

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Exactly harsher. And for anyone interested, maybe we'll try and have a look and see when she did explain these verses in more detail and will try and let you know in sha Allah, just like a hotel for your time. I know we've got a little bit over and inshallah we will see you in our next q&a session. And again, just our coaches akmola, her and everyone else for joining us. I really appreciate it. And we we enjoy having a wide variety of questions that are always coming, I can see that we do have a lot more follow up questions on this topic. I do want to give it to you right in sha Allah sometimes these topics do need more than three to five minute answer. And this q&a is done

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in in a way where it is only 30 minutes. So we do try and get as many as possible and sometimes we can't answer all of them as we'd hope to answer them in Sharla. Just so it for anyone who is new s&m Institute's is Scheffer comm is the co founder of Islam Institute and the principal. So anyone who is interested in anything that we do, we offer Islamic scholarship program for people who can't commit to full time studies. So people who, full time mothers, working professionals, students who do want to pursue Islamic Studies, As Salam Institute is a place for you. This is why we started, our applications are open. We did open applications in Ramadan for the next academic year. So anyone

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head on to our website, which is on the screen, our Facebook, Instagram and in sha Allah. We will be back soon with our q&a. I'm not sure if we have a q&a running next week. So please just keep up with our Facebook in sha Allah on YouTube. And we will announce when the next q&a will be in Charlotte. I just go home everyone else for your questions. And we will see you when we have our next q&a. So now Annika

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