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Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The customer asks the agent for advice on managing all responsibilities and projects, and the agent provides practical tips for doing so. The customer then asks about managing personal matters and the agent explains that the naturality of life is not a factor and that people should be raised to be easy life. The agent also discusses the importance of being aware of one's naturality and how it can lead to problems.
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At the first session, you mentioned about this idea that you shouldn't be doing just one thing at a time. And you mentioned 10 specifically, and I wanted to ask, you know, do you have any advice on managing all these different responsibilities and, and tasks and projects and work and any practical tips to ensure that sound is achieved and everything? I mean, you just said Get on with it. But do you have any Can you have anything else to say, in terms of you know,

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you know, managing all your

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duties, you know, things like, you know, I want to study I want to learn how your wife or children to manage your matters properly. We know our money too, can you look after your family, but from that time, also save some time for us to study for other duties in the society? No, just just to save properly, sometimes some of them will upset but that's fine. That's what happens in life anyway. Well, you'd have to attend things that you're not always perfect. But you know, just keep doing and Allah will forgive because you're making effort to make effort, you don't have to be perfect. That never happens.

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But to just be in my job can do more than one thing at weakness. People should do more things, but chapra weaken the carbon, they can't do me to the naturalness model giving people the ability to be able to like this continuous, they have so many ways, but at the same time, you know, look at the professor, some nine wife kalkaska mccobb, mother offered reading the Quran to third not in the prayer, you know, advise the people teaching the Quran that was in in one gun, sometimes their wife his wife is upset sometimes he does not see them for one month. He's angry with them and all the products in the house happened and he saw the process and moving on. This out is known as the old

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typical life you know, in that life, everything happening some of his children die. Sometimes somebody were to die, Hamza had been killed him all the prompts happening, and that's how life goes. One of his problems will make us upset, but he has all these problems by Still Life goes on sim everybody else.

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So the disagree people are you have enough strength, you can manage all those two, but we are time ready. What what actually people have learned in the model time is not natural. They have many weaker person. They're thinking dive needs to have easiness that is wrong. People should be raised to be tough. You know, if you are raised to be, you know, easy life. You can't live your life is not like that. to basically what people are learning in the West. It is superficial, like it's not real life. In reality. Things are not as a result since always.

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Two people need to learn to live

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the life not easy people should not distinct

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