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Okay Miss Miller of my Rahim

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monitor barbata Allah molecule or the Euro from Kumasi, sama

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so as I mentioned in about the Quran same thing is to say about the sooner the professor listen

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God if people knew the guidance they also need an example of the people who follow guidance Kadena

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oh you can see the Quran like direction which direction go

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but doesn't enough people also need a road to walk on too soon either like your road people say you have to go east or west, but you need to road you need proper road proper path on which you can walk. So this is the soonest another path but if if people don't know direction, they know the road they can go down route direction the first thing you learn your direction properly from the Koran then after that see in this direction how the Prophet muscle awesome he walked follow his footsteps that was soon and as soon as Sunday as soon as you can read music you know something on which someone walks in again and again. If somebody walks only once in as soon the path somebody walked

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only one because it's so nice when somebody walks on something again again The sooner the path walked upon again again that as soon as possible.

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Too many military people say in the community there sooner if you ask them did the Prophet do know is the Prophet even did not do what's How can you sooner it needs to be done again and again. When he did again again, that was sooner means

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sooner. There's a mis misunderstanding in the world about some reason is because just the books or the Hadith has been written to people think of whatever in the books of the Hadees or sooner they don't understand really why Buhari includes so many details they think every symbol for him included in the book, it must be sooner ever that Muslim has got it must be soon now. This is not really they know what they do. But when we read them we don't understand what they're doing. To we misinterpret them to first thing take out from your mind that Bukhari and Muslim you know what they will glue and listen no then close sooner and things which are other than the sooner so now the one part of that

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if you really want to know the book or the sooner properly maybe more likely, you can say like more even more Tiger something which you know sooner but generally more Ted more like you can say because sooner but Buhari was a millimeter is meant to be what Bukhari Muslim but sooner is something different. So know simply means really, whatever had been taught in the Quran, in a practice how to how to act upon that the sooner

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to something not in the Quran, and the Prophet did it can be consulted.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam doesn't mean anything. He does things either messenger meaning to act upon the Quran that was so nice to whatever the Prophet does as a messenger a meaning to teach you how to add one the Quran that is sooner but the prophets Allah than before being messenger he's also a human being

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to like any human being he does many things every human being does he also does you know that you don't need to follow him he's also an Arab he got a bit different from his culture you know he wears the same clothes as our people were you know, he is same food I did he has a medical treatment as they have got now you come and you think it also not not right? You know, what is so nice that when you fall ill you should consult a doctor and get medical treatment that sooner but let's say medical treatment at the Prophet does not say that in his culture. He did because he can't do anything else he can't find a medicine for an hour time he has to found follow his time. So nice that you have to

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cover your body and you have to protect yourself against the heat and the cold that is soon but to have certain types of dress I the Prophet did doesn't assume that that's our culture to try to understand send food the professors and loved Sorry

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Sorry, that was a good food for our people. They loved it because you know from very beginning they know that so much praise for the read and enjoy that in a study that they used to make from meat and I and underbid together. Sorry. What is good actually what soon either there's some time You should eat the food, good food, have your people that they know that don't think you're alien in a car they somebody never eats any good food always and raw food. People think really, to be pious used to be like that. No buy it means that you be like people to Sanai, that in some time You should eat the best couple of years like we have come in this country. Sometimes you go unexperienced you know what

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Turkish food is and something like that, the sooner

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sooner not that. You must have studied that nothingness. You

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You know that an example of that best food, the example, but for Indian people would be something else for Turkish people. So not something that people keep misunderstanding things, too For example, you know, the professor loves them, he's a good man, he cares for the people, but the way he cares his own way, but the way you get will be different but getting sooner. The professor says to his to his wives,

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telling stories, you know, some entertainer or something, you know, people have come happy, that is sooner. But you think No, I must tell the same story of the professionalism that imparare mentioned Hadith

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in Bukhari Muslim in a good generation, if you tell the story to your wife, maybe they become upset and they just fall asleep the baby don't enjoy that anyway, because that was good, maybe a lot of people but daughter was sentenced if you keep reverb people who do not like that does not so neither telling the story, but not exactly the same story that try to understand let me spend again, so now only means that that practice or the person that is alum, which he did to apply the Quran is a killer, whatever he did to apply the Quran, that the sooner the guide and that what he did, what he did either human being Oh,

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that is not sooner.

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You know, that is some details which can differ in your time lacking in our time maybe made the best medical treatment is available there. You can go there too far. So now what is tonight, you find you get medical treatment,

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but not the same one different because it's same when you can never confirm to impossible to this one misunderstanding among the people that we can see in London sometimes I find people walk in the street with a turban and they think you know they do jihad with a very turban? No, you're basically making yourself alien. The professor has never made himself alien to the people. When you come to Makkah you never can differentiate the Prophet from Abuja by dress, Abuja and the Prophet had same cloth, same food, or same thing. There's no difference between a Buddha and the prophet in the in the cloth it is the same the same people are will have same thing the Prophet never actually made

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effort after Islam to make Islamic dress the nettle no Islamic uniform didn't ever happen he continued with the same cloth as even God nothing's changing this word people don't understand the sooner you get to cover your body and a good decent growth of your people your people therefore profit not necessarily profits people

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to this thing keep in mind when we say tsunami tsunami is whatever the professor attempted to apply the Quran

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why whatever the more than that they are not sooner that culture. Culture is either not contradicted the sooner is fine. If content is there culture needs to be changed every people have culture you know when it came to one istan

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of one plus became Islamic because Islamic alaric Avaya dress in a fulfill the purpose it covers the body it also protects traditional cloth fine Indian people they want to wear like Western people they have their own cloth it is truth eyes like it covers the body fine to think really that you must be put up with me like I'm

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not not right but this actually never had been that it is Indian growth Indian people have developed nothing to do with the past allows them to think the sooner is not right to think to octopi height is soon not right. We don't even have word for that in Arabic language there's no single word for topi current soy the word borrowed from some other language they don't have their own word it is such a rich language if they have a dress Why in the world because you know their their dress different outside these devalue mama Some people think the professor used to wear a mama all the time that a big investments understand no he did not well he one knew where the amama when a

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delegation came when he wants to make more effort to welcome people to their country see he making effort but generally in the prayers at home meeting the people he's one people no matter how hard you can find how many will serve people all the time yeah mama and somebody in my mosque and also in a shirt and trouser did not fit tell him but he has in mind Mr. Sonata he goes in the shirt and trouser but without a mama

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Mr. Tanaka without a mama can go with our cloth but does not fit with the trouser Anisha but never mind you I'm on my soon

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he will maybe he get reborn cuz sometimes people are misunderstanding a lotta is still a gig with their word because it is the making effort but all I need to teach them so this is another matter is sometimes people do something because they love the process allows them to even default them in this multi dose division or sooner. Maybe they can get reward but if they're correct and they think it is sooner at the teach everybody then they will get seen by some somebody loves the theory because the Prophet loved Yeah, maybe you can get get rewarded because he loves the Prophet by we start teaching that then it will be stick

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cuz then he corrupted the religion, he should not do that, too if you do individually personally something of those things which are now soon, you know, on your own, maybe you get reward but if you start teaching that, that the corruption not something usually what I say if you read the body now you can see your clearly but you know my shot I mean his book and waffle but he hadn't mentioned these two points very clearly two times or sooner. And then more clearly done by marinela they read his book, who to lie about ever, but he said not the measures or Roman lobbyists Allah Islam, you know the sciences or the person Larissa lumpini which he said sooner to ties similar to Hoda and

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sooner rather sooner the guidance and soon after culture so now the culture are like and he mentioned that food eating clinic medical treatment the unknown again comes around I love you and everything and don't think that you know everybody does mistake I will do many many steps to multimedia great man but he certainly didn't stick when he named the book a table number V

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or it is a table RB or a people's medical treatment is nothing to do with the professor Larson. He also followed his people. You got to make a table number vt a table RB. Similarly you know, food does not mean that Tom larvae now somebody comes to Kalamazoo says well only is it whatever people do in the past, right a new somewhere I never find suited doing anything new in this world. The Bible masters derisively anybody can write 10 books every day. Just get a book summarize it make a new book a few things here and there because nothing is actually copyrighted because

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they're referred for volumes that's music or it's a new book just exactly what by what centers by center securities here and they're innocent change it just like that. See anything people have done Susie comes and makes a new thing under the sub envirothon comes here it is high is not too far this she usually comes here so no shalya too high just about the same her This is just make it all the time keep doing that people think oh naughty two people wrote in no time your rights are rather limited to you. So up comes the right philosophy that

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if you've never made any new argument against Greek logic, or anytime you're the one actually the summaries are not also successful in thermit arguments are much much better, much more detailed, much more convincing when you summarize it. It doesn't become something that other people should really the orange yellow box you can you can see it when people receive it to death is so good. They don't understand it it based on something else. History Ravi Ravi every single t series or made it coming from Nakajima sada books, aka Dr. Bobby, nothing that there is research you did not do any research. You're just copying them what by what? idea that same idea by Mira Kalani, they have been

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copied there too. I never find him asked us to do and tell him also he comes on he said in every center there have been an almost de Shafi none of them are hanafy or Maliki or somebody on Twitter did our specialty Shafi on for the 10th century. Industry he is who is most I hope I'm God. He said about himself. I'm ahead of the century, then maybe after him somebody else claims to he said but after this, it will muddy. But last year people

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have been making all these emails to people they said in the last email, you know, email the vibe he was 40 or what he disappeared to be muting. Then they realized really that maybe after their death, some other token that they mute them to when they're 60 or older. 64 year old, both of them they come to the come to the city. Today we met the mom arrived. And he said to us this last meeting after this if anybody cannot that he met him while he's alive. The finish to now nobody can meet him up to this up the masucci also met that first thing to consider is that Islamic anyway, nothing to do with Brenda Delgado he missed very clearly, this all had this had this week. This concept in the

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concept in Islam is in every generation will be people Karl Karl became mere Santa 100. And in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, this actually had to be conspired totally on article on this matter. And had this happen without this. The way the word is used to mean people of one generation in every generation, there will be some people who will reform the sector in emergency but nothing to the 100 years that people don't continue generation to our country 200 years. And on the base of that wrong idea. He made a list goes on all from Shafi mother, nobody's from any other mother

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to anybody don't have to secondly, because some people get something wrong. And then people start tapping them without thinking. They're nothing like that. And they're not the Buddha did not I will never be in that sense. What I'm in love with a salad. If you eat a lot of food,

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whatever holla if you eat that, that is another professor used to eat halal food. People should eat halal food. He used to eat it

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You know, literally not to fill in the stomach if you do that you eat your food, but don't fill your stomach that is not the partial answer to people don't understand people think you have to do exactly the same thing. But in few things, you know, I give you an example. This really helped me to understand my teacher morozova

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Rama he was the director of a matassa big mercy India job to follow even as they said trustees used to come and meet once a year. So once some meeting was there, too, I took some trustees to show them the hostel that the students and the students were having breakfast dinner there you know, duster convertible Colaco, you know but dirty you know not so good that you think they're there after that we you know mirror image father breakfast for the trustees to very nice clean sheet you know, properly there I'm good food testers who went to to see with me there's no lifted because I cannot bear the students up on the dirty you know,

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clock and we eat and so clean we can't do this tomato salad Okay, then I removed that and brought the same 131 very sad eating I said to me stop now. You saw the clock 30 you removed it? Did you see the food? The food that is towards it and whatnot like that? There's a different food but this food are you eating? Are you eating something different for the students? That what we do really we follow the prophet in very small thing but in reality what the Prophet came to teach nobody follows him. Two people think a rifle hijama you follow the Sunnah but what prophets nothing to do day and night Really? Nobody cares about that. People think no if you read you follow sooner, but he's too

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concerned about halaal Hara that we don't we don't have cancer. We have reduced the sooner to those tests which are very easy anybody can do anybody can do it. We don't need any intention. They're here soon I disappeared to anyone to that question keep in mind when we say sooner we mean that practice of the person or listening or even saying which he did to apply the Quran to the prayer the fasting does aka the halal halal and haram in buying and selling all the they are the sooner the professor loves you know he taught it he applied for further tests which he did either human being I was another day or another so not the professor listen them

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what Buhari Muslim because the life of the person listen I'm in many ways can be helpful for the believers some because sometime you need to know the contents of the Quran

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to what they did any relate to the price analysis they include because it could be helpful and people need to know more about martial arts to certainly those stories are helpful for us to battle a bother but lapada many meetings you can learn from them in a professional life, early life whatever details can come here they can be some helpful some typically provide a context but then as soon as possible hiring Muslim either to provide to you a book you know those details which have any connection with the life of the person also it is like anything not necessary you need to follow them but it can be helpful for you something to satelli history is helpful to basically say Buhari

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Muslim is like history of the professor listen them, you know, which actually major party sooner anyway, but some parts are not sooner by split they belong to the history or the professor Larson that what you need to learn to minister is a Bukhari Muslim, understand distinct that there are some Hadith which are far apart but not to say sooner, you don't need to follow that, but if they can be helpful for you for something else, and that people can ask the ultimate discard. So this one thing I wanted to tell you the difference between Suna and the Hadith Hadith is simply minister Hubbard another word for Hadith is harbor harbor means report her DC report her DC reporting, the sooner the

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profit on whatever the rate is the profit that it had the data is off burner. So on reported to Heidi habito hover means history, history of the process, this element is history inclusive, the sooner on other than the sunlight will once you understand this thing, then this idea that hey, this must be sacred gold away from Yama unnecessarily people met her This is sacred. This is not sacred, you know, people have to understand really what is sooner and what is other than to not pass a law to Salem and hamdulillah that thing has been preserved by Zuma very clearly referring to Sahaba they do this then tagline did and then people after that, did

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they preserve the knowledge both in writing and also in memory to meet artists used to memorize because in their writing with very little immigrant, but later our writing developed so much. Generally everybody started writing to after 100 years. When people go to study hard is generally day to write actually before coming to the class. They used to come

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Read the book of the teacher, and they used to do reading became very, very common, very different very rarely. People think that in all the Hagia Sophia, Antonio, Monaco, Sofia, Maria, Anna, and all didn't read it all from memory, there's not really they used to have their books, and his Tunis. They used to copy from them that why there's so much agreement.

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But these books are not proper books. And there are books like notes to notebooks, I actually wrote an article or GitHub, GitHub on the two types of the books, to some books that people use, right, either Norse to teach

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them, some books, it used to be proper book with argument, no proper beginning and end and all those things.

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Even the books which are like norson, they're done by the orlimar. People, the arts are not they're not organized, but then they're not proper book meaning it does not have that argument and a system like Mata Mata is not a book intersection. It's a book like notebook, direct,

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indirect motor for America, the different order different. They do whatever they like is to motel water, because in what order not important in water, but books Alexey viser Kitab Imam Bukhari Sahih Bukhari Muslim Muslim they are proper book written you know with that intention they have ordered they have 13 You know, it will and it follows that if you discuss if you take out these other countries, it will have no meaning really, it really matters of where Buhari crusades they had this which has got 10 information and Buhari will use for five information and he this other five information it could be intentionally he thinks this or this other five in information they're not

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important it could be ugly sometimes it is there to people this book in the proper book like books written by Aristotle

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the notebooks I started never wrote a proper book or his writing sir just notes like malice motor to it was the old fashioned nothing new really all these people they need to write for the students if you study with them, too It will be helpful for you if you're not studying for they're not writing really far everybody has to complete comprehensive argument does not work but there are good people to even when the right knows that they are very clear they can be helpful. But that keep in mind too in Islam there have been many many books of heavy but when people think how these books they think like no books music there have been notebooks people used to write for their students the students

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can remember honey for the books you know so many cadaver dogs and all those sorts like notebooks they're not proper proper books are very, very few admission in the grammar, you have CBl kita you have gotten around behind the book, even in my shop the books, they are not maybe a restaurant is proper book better argument no Dustin Berkey taboo on all that they are like most you know typical argument content order content is still demand the same thing.

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To this how we actually happen is many many artists came into existence, Bukhari and Muslim on books like that, they are not only Hadith, their Hadith plus argument

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let our people become lazy that thinking now we have got all the sound how this anyway argument is there if anybody in this argument they can go We don't need to read all those again again, he knows so much, you know, hustle something like that. So people started you know, collecting Hadith, just a month, without argument without this not without anything, that we can start after 300 years. Now people like mon Bella we know he wrote masabi and other people too he started writing books, which are in from these books, but without any argument without any sin or nothing if you want to know you can go there. Then what happens is these bukan became potent.

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Then their argument is finished. Nobody knows.

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Bukhari Muslim Alia for Baraka lebara two people do some very very quickly and after a while they even don't know really what because most

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people don't understand that this actually happened a big loss anyway. So among the books which have been compiled together without argument without decent art without any proof, you know, among them are many books what's your call about not 40? Because somehow in some weaker this has come if some people memorize you know or learn 40 had this digital epidemic, none of them have found any way at all the week. The no new really for this number. I don't know what why this number becomes so important in Islam, but it's so many for other alien Medina Satoshi Salim Singh, Abdullah Baraka did the first people who wrote it 40 Howdy. And then after that in many, many 40 had these people people

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kept writing

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to one of them is

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Mr. Navi 40 had this directly he took from somewhere else, not all from him. And then in Raja Bella, somebody comes here are some more difficult 50 Hubby, but him now exactly, it's not 4043 so you know, you're 4243 I think 42 4200 No, no, we had done

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So that's what he did to he is selected from these books the Bahamas in January and for other tests as well don't have this which actually are good teachings and people knew in their life more often does this good thing is something like that that should be done but therefore the common people but all of us should learn something real thing too far calmer, too subtle you need because they don't don't need argument necessarily, you can provide them he wrote his book also.

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That's more complete one, but even the 4142 They are also very good and people should learn the real Islam to deal with this. People who wrote fortunately there are many many different intention some people wrote on certain topics. Some people have more of these techniques you know javita which have you know, makan Hadith or Medina and Hadith are this is

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a sample of like about Jihad about Bill Walton about some topic. Ivanova Imani in selecting the ossola Islam the fundamentals of the religion to love the desert very very important is no doubt a lot of people should follow them and make effort to act upon them. These are these you know, all of them like you know Hadees of debris radish Rama, Rama Rama vignette, intention actions are good intentions they're very good at this really in the people that then memorize them and teach them some of the Hadith he has got from other sources

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and some of these sources they're good but few out there actually are not right actually I in my book, I beat him tomorrow inshallah I have a mark seven Hadeeth which are week to week to make any argument some of them could be nearly like fabricated basically very very weak but seven not not more than seven to dos image should be understood properly. The problem with that other than seven the rest of the hottest they are sound savvy either they will call you must know they're not they're still your sound

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when we communicate people don't understand what they mean really definitely.

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No, it was a mistake to people making sticker mistakes I've not had the window had that incessantly shot and move it in near far her these were people during mistake mistake not her not mistake not fabricated but they did mistake that is misunderstanding they're somehow saying of someone because saying the professor too did not public getting the knot in emetic by mistake they make her listen to these things have different names. One name is Charlotte. One is Monica how the Discover by comparing that white culture Charlotte miss when we compare we found a more authentic one isn't this a mistake up level people to like Malik and Sophia thought they also can be mistake. mannakkara

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music when a mistake is done by big people that have been loaded and had to go Of course against the fundamentals of the religion. To that keep in mind that Russia and America be the namesake. They don't mean they are happy. They're not happy.