Akram Nadwi – The Lawful and The Prohibited – The Fiqh of Muslim Life in the Modern World

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the sources and conditions of the people in society, particularly when it comes to the people who live in non- Islam countries. They emphasize the need for people to have proper knowledge of the sources and conditions of their lives, as it is crucial for individuals to make their own judgment. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of learning and promoting the course in order to teach others and solve problems.
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basically the, to know that divine revelation, divine command philosopher hautala on the people have to know the cases which are the facing, then to establish a relationship between both of them meaning human judgment, to fit the basically becomes the human judgment, connecting the divine revelation with the inner cases which are coming to the which of which are faced by individuals of society or the state or the people in general. So, one on 100 we have got divine revelation. On the other hand, we have got a series of problems and issues and the cases, you know, for the for the people, now, we have to know how to confine how to find the ruling, you know, from the Quran and

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Sunnah from the revelation for our for these new cases, for that purpose, people need to make their own judgment and that judgment only can be in the right judgment, which is based on the proper information people must know revelation properly, and people must know the cases properly, that way for us to say that anybody who does not know his time, anybody who's not not to the market and the shop or anybody, not the business, he never 2030 4042 the essential that they must know the sources properly, they know they must know the Khurana properly they must know so know properly, they must understand His revelation properly, and how people are able to derive the rules, but they also must

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need to understand the time properly. Now, over time, there are many many issues are arising no doubt, you know, for example, like you know, mortgage insurance, and also people have an Islamic Finance Minister related about the issue about the state and the power. And there are so many issues related to the you know, Muslims living in non Muslim countries, Muslim being the minority, to these issues, actually, you know, about daily life of the believers in modern times are very important. People need to know the first half of daily life a believer in the contemporary society in the contemporary world, the people need to know. So there are issues which are clearly known for

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individual life. There are some issues with our father family, there are some issues for the society, too. We need to learn to answer those questions, you know, halal Haram, certainly people need to know, you know, when they buy into shopping by by muted what is halal, what not what the Haram in that matter, this course will be in not only in a future, all the issues of contemporary issues which are related to the life of a believer, either individual, or in the family or the society. And it is really important for us to understand the solution properly. And what can help us if we understand the sources properly, and we also understand these issues properly, to some time

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some folks have heard they know the sources, but they don't know the issues. Some people they are very good to know these issues properly in their time, but they don't know the sources properly to when they ignore us of any of them, then people cannot find proper ruling, we have to learn the sources and we also have to have proper understanding of the situation or condition on the Tokai in the past like inaudible honey, for a whole lotta multi country mumbo jumbo, then all these people, they used to study the market and you know the society in a much, much more deeply than we can imagine. They used to go to going off to the market to the shops to understand what the business or

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the people is, then they used to be further away. They don't understand the neural network. And certainly if you don't have an idea what people are doing, how can you people must make effort when somebody came to spam folder from a low dollar. Why he was buying something. He asked me for a while he asked him the question, you must count out he said to me, no, don't ask me now, my mind is busy with my Sharpie, asked me when I need to consider these people. They don't want to be further unless they understand this properly anything which can distract them and they can make their mind occupied, they will target for the time that we know it today. It is important that when somebody is

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angry, or somebody is very hungry, you know they should not they are not allowed to be fat. Because when you're hungry, you cannot think properly. When you're angry, you cannot make no proper fatwa to people should not do in our time certainly there are so many issues that we are there under so much discussion and argument going on something saying to somebody say hello, and the same to somebody who say, you know no difference or will happen. But difference now what type of cause so much that one cannot imagine. And I really feel that was most of the differences are because they either if some people don't know the sources properly, or some people don't know these conditions properly, if

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people understand the sources properly and the human conditions properly, and then they make full effort to find you know, no human judgment, differences be very related, we can narrow the difference. Once the knowledge property the attorney Shall I think you know discourse is very important. And we should really make effort to attend this course and learn and properly it will help us actually for many, many should which are facing our society for ourself and also to teach other people

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