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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen was to wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Unum. For od B. Human si si Raheem Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Leah bill welcome FEMA uttapam wa Abubakar so the gorilla data on our universal de novo and

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respected automa on my dear brother sisters. In short, I'm gonna just say a few words say something about my teacher Moraga, you know, whose words you have been just heard. And second thing is about another trauma. And last thing is my advice to the new graduates. To First of all, my teacher, Mr. Robert has a another way. Perhaps he is the most senior are in India. He was born in the year 1929. Now, you know, 2000 or 2018 to nearly 89, nine year old Roger, I studied with him for many, many years. And I have been very close to him. Actually. I wrote a book about him as well. Recently I have written a book about my 20 teachers. An entire book I discussed you know, especially those

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qualities of the teacher which impressed me most about more Ravi, I included the Booker, two articles. One is about his teaching Arabic poetry to learn Arabic poetry jahai poetry from him. Second thing I wrote an article Manoj allamani Helmer who taught me how to control yourself. Even our my teachers even in Croatia,

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the one actually who influenced me most in this matter to control your suffer is more of a very amazing person. Never because I agree our best software miner nice, though he has been already in administration and trauma teacher and he has so many problems but are aware very calm and controlling himself. That way everybody loves him and likes him to this actually important quality amaravati and we are locked reserve him and protect him when I mentioned to him that this happening. So he said oh he's going to give a message. And that's very, very high p 100. about this. And since he gave me a Java I mentioned he said Edward

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I know I've written a book about a snod but one important sort of morava morava is it can be very sheer sir say

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he got it. He studies he Buhari with somebody in India Sha Holly Mata, who was Sakura de sabaneta Rama Shah Hari Mata and Sha de Mata has got a Java for our check for saying evening, mahasin Ansari, a Yamani who was one of the important expert at the Hades, India came from Japan. And certainly Bhopal did very very high Sonata morava Hospital loudhailer he these are not these from Shah Hari Mata from Shah Hussain Pakistan in the center sorry for many, many people going back to sacani and to salmonella, Dara, Dorfman's insulin, those great people. So this I want to talk just something about my teacher second thing about another trauma, another trauma was established in India in

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nearly in 1819 to nearly 120 years when otherwise established and the main paragraph and a trauma virtually chilly things you know, to all my facade on three motors important three most important matters one is it in India those days, there are so many groups and six, find a few the maleki Shafi yahagi Deobandi but so many people and the fighting and sometimes their cases used to go to British court and in a judge had to you know, start a Hindu course or Hindu have to judge about refleja then Anna Terra Halima, who is more right because the the record that muscle disputing about reading father by the mom to parties and record to Hindu court and Hindu discuss it who is more right and

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there is an argument the very very actually no doubt shameful for Muslims to another Why could you say that unity other believers did issue that they are minor issues. discuss them in madrasah in public where Muslims don't discuss your identity that you are 100 free your Maliki Shafi, Hanbury, Deobandi selfie, you are just Muslims, whatever differences you have got discussed in your classroom and privately but in public you should be Muslims. So one important thing in Mehrotra Nova UT are the believers on 110. Now really among our domodossola In other words, they want to emphasize on this matter that Muslims should be united. I've seen actually even in Middle East a pillar so my

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divided been in other words, in fact had been that Muslims should be just unity you can differ, but with differences you should remain united sacrifices word that Arabic language should be taught as a living language, not a language that you study the text. You can't speak a language. You cannot write it the language. No, it should be

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Like a living language to from very beginning another trauma they emphasize, when you study Arabic language, you can speak the language, you can talk to the people, you can teach in the language, you can attend any seminar in lecture we can discuss with our people without any hesitation. And when you write, it should be current Arabic language people. And since then you can see that Rama has produced so many orama who actually are so good Arabic language I was reminded recently no money, and their books are taught and studied in Arab world. I remember you want to say one of the great expert of architecture, he asked me that he has been in so many programs, how to teach Arabic

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language to non non Arabs, he said, we never have been so successful. We don't know how and otherwise so successful that people study in India, in that trauma, they know our teachers, but people who suffer another word that can speak Arabic nicely, they can write so eloquently, we never have been successful in Arabic. So 100 is amazing, to another way emphasize to teach our big like a living language, not a dead language. And the third thing is it you know, depth in the knowledge now that Rama had been don't teach is something from my point of view, or from the school teach that how scholars are experts are different periods. They made effort to solve the progress of their time,

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however, hanifa Malik Shafi they had their own time and how they made effort to solve the problem that that time don't make people to be biased for a month after school. So 100 that is another thing actually, there were people in at Adorama they're not bias are any mother. Maybe they're mostly Hanafi but they're not biased. They appreciate everybody there Nami, ma Shafi Imam Malik Muhammad, Allah tala uma Tamia, bizarrely raazi everybody, there are all of them and they learn from them how to help their society and when to teach her they don't teach her this from any angle th Hadees from the angle of the books, which are written like this, I Buhari say Rojas should be taught from the

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anger can Buhari say mostly for the same angle? And either words of the prophets or non SLM not to support an image of a school to about this so that changed the methodology and about the Koran actually, revolutionary karate but not important. The madrasa index an Islamic Quran never had been important. One lady they used to teach actually, were the words of the Tafseer are less than the Quran itself, let alone My the first madrasa where they start teaching the Quran, you teach the Quran, teacher study many, many tafsir they come to the classroom, teach from the Quran and explain to the people. So, this actually how they emphasize the depth of the knowledge. So any idea three

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major, you know, a contribution of another one of mine India, the first one in India, the believers, second one is teaching Arabic language as a living language. And the third thing, the depth of the knowledge. Now, last thing I wanted to read, to be my advice to the, you know, to the graduates, and in this matter, I'll just mention two points. One is like just last week, I you know, when you read a Purana Lee, I love this thing, that paralia book, when you read again again every time you learn something new. So in a sutra anonymizer so many times and every time I take notes it was last week I have a really short run on and I just came across this verse in last few verses that sutra, instead

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labeled welcome FEMA.

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It is tied my mind what Allah says. Allah want to test you in what he has given to you.

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That actually opened my mind every body tested in what they have been given. You are tested for your present time. I am. I'm tested for my space and time. Honey fastest test on his own time is pressed. Every buddy's tested for that time and space. Samuel silica la casa de Amara faru Abu hanifa Malik Shafi humble Imam Hassan de Razi in a 10 year, everybody they had their own testing, get time and best place to advise you. You have your time you have your space, you can learn from the past, you can learn how Abu hanifa was so successful in passing that test. How because it was so successful to passing a test. But your test is not the same test you don't repeat the same thing. You can learn

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about the Quran, Quran is created or created. You can learn our daskalov and theologie. But they are not your theology. They are not your challenge. You understand the challenge of your time what your time said liangzhu FEMA atakan Allah not testing you about what it tests in order to test you a retest. Remember hanifa is not going to test you as he tested ohare he is going to test you a card your time and space, learning your time, learn your space, learn what issues are, what the problems are. D that the challenge good. Allah wants you to deal with them and make answer for the study or your society, Syria in many, many people leaving Islam what are the doubts, what are the problems,

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learn them and then address them in a speech in writing say see

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ciliary men and muscles, they have doubt what is an arm, you understand that doubt understand the problem and the write down and address those problems. Every body's tested a car to the time and space to Carranza, Leah. FEMA is study the problem savani family, but they are not your problems. Your problems are different from their problems, you need to understand them and you need to be successful. I have been on a second attempt to restart my mind. Recently, I was teaching a course on alpha Russia, Dune, turbo Casa de la autonomo. When he has problem his society, people don't pay suckered. People left Islam. Then he gave a speech. And he said in a speech, a universal Dino wanna

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in a pan regional be decreased when I arrived. This really is very important. I remember when I was in Oxford, some Muslim scholars, very often they used to say we are oma 1 billion people. But is there anybody who can write on this matter? Anybody who can write on this matter all the time to keep up the same centers? We are ma 1 billion people can anybody can do this. But so clo Casa de he never said we are 100,000 people. He made his own responsibility. He said are you know Casa de Tijuana? Hi, when I am alive, is it possible that religion can be decreased? Take every challenge as you're challenging that what you used to do lucky when is Hakuna? Sir? Is there anybody among you?

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Who can compile sound Hades Bukhari took the challenge and his own challenge. He did not refer it to other people I should do and I really I remember about myself that you know, once I read you know some articles about the women that a Muslim women actually are not educated Islam does not require you

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to iron out ugly. Let me do something to I did not ask if you do not make committee did not make any proposal? No, let me do whatever I can do tarantola that'll help me. Similarly, actually, what's our to our tea now, in a Muslim area directly? This is the book most people don't understand what the book is. To I discovered this word, somebody should write a good commentary on the book, then it came to my mind I should do. So this is a very important theory. Whenever a challenge come, you should think I should do. Don't think other people do. If you think other people do never can happen. If you take a task, you take a challenge you can do some of you can follow America through a

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career in your society. What are the challenges, then is tied up and they do it or not will help you don't expect other people do you aren't going to do similar in this country or all over this country. You need to understand your problems and stand up and make effort I have to do it. It is my responsibility. Like

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I said, a universal Dean Juana. Hi, Carla, Jeremy decreasing when I'm alive, to my advice to those graduates and to everybody had to all these two. First one is layer on FEMA. You are tested, according to your space and time, you're tested different from everybody else. Learn about other people's testing, but you have to understand your challenges and your problems and you need to address them. And second thing is do not refer your product to somebody else. You should accept the challenge. You should say it is my challenge. You can reject me decrease when I'm alive. So this is actually my advisor uncertainly actually I couldn't I you know congratulate our viewers are really

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moved offer them we are not negative, successful I'll give them success. And I expect them actually to start teaching and preaching combination of both are impartial Saudis to say teach like academics and preach like a preacher to both should be every alum should be a teacher or a preacher at the same time.