Akram Nadwi – Are women inferior to men? – What the Qur’an says about women

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of missing family members in the internet world and how it is impossible for men to be mothers. They also mention the problem of missing family members and how it is impossible for women to be mothers. The speaker suggests that the problem is not just a social problem, but a political problem.
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Nothing is really in water unless water has created, he has clear as a complete, you know, nothing is missing, but missing comes in connection to something else. Because two things they create a third thing. So in order to create the third one, both of them are lacking something to fall apart in a mail is a complete human being female is a complete human being. But from this male and female, Allah makes a new thing. And that is, you know, a family. So, my male cannot make family alone on a female cannot make family alone. So there are something where both of them complement to that work with the like, otherwise, independently, they're fine, you know, male is complete, female is

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complete. But both are incomplete. In relation to family, you know, you can't have a family, just from two males, you can't have a family, just from two females, to you need a both after that is a very important, a lot of really, there are something which in relation to family, men, daughter, men cannot be mothers. So in that aspect, that they are not actually so good, there are these outparcel Allah said

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that, you know, paradise underneath of the feet of the mothers,

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we don't find this record for the men that know how did the paradise under the feet of the female of the Father, they know how do you know somebody asked the person last and who should I obey? He said your mother, then he asked again who he said your mother the third time then he said your father, do you consider that there are some aspects where a no male have some lacks something and there's some female lack when it comes in relation to the family. Also February both are fine in it is in relation to children, there is problem to this, we need to understand it properly. So once you understand really, then people should know really the women's role either mothers in a very, very

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important role does the best role they can do because they are basically, you know, responsive for the future generation to raise them for that they have to make sacrifices, you know, some time actually, they spend more time at home, looking after the children, cousin of people think writing a book signed your career outside of the home, they are more important. They don't understand really that looking after a child or rather a child is also very important, it's much much more important to that never should be underestimated. So when the women are at home

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in many many cultures sometimes what happens is you know they don't have a daughter personal to you, which men have got of learning you know being eloquently speakers and this and that. So that can happen in some time but enough data obligatory that should happen. But that was early happening in society. The coroner concern here that no women are referring to the men or men in front of the women actually Corolla did not like really that anybody make him similar to his creation.

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You know, it is a big a big insult of the littlest hautala that why we don't like idols because whenever you say this idol is a like a picture of God. It insulted because idol is tonder created, how creator can become you know, resembling Allah subhanaw taala to impossible, you cannot make like that, too when you people call Allah male or female the problem are people they got female goddess and they used to say that you know Daughters of Allah and this and that to Allah set up for yourself or don't like that.

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So, you know, how do this yourself in a winner

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in your house, if he somebody beats the good news of a female you become upset and you you have no power to relate to Allah to another female inferior it our argument really for it to our people that you are the one who make all this problem and now you have no problem to relate it you know, the women to Allah you know, it's certainly a live event to regret it. medulla is not allowed in other people say, you know, Isa Islami Son of God it is fine No, or actually has a very heavy Christian metastatic two women actually want a rear door where it's come about female read the verses which are about the male you know the porosity they say Allah has got a son It is such a such a stupid or

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such evil speech that the heavens are about to split and the earth is going to become in a piece in pieces are mountain going to fall apart this has got a son. So whether you see a son or daughter the same thing to Allah some other makes argument a time to their culture customer cuz he did not immediately that we met cannot be adequately speaker. No, actually I have written this book, you know, female scholars, in which I will now publish good news and 43 volumes, nearly 10,000 women, there are women who are very good speaker and you know in

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The war and everywhere in public and the speeches of praise even I shed light on her she had good speaker to kind of be by generally in that society there are not going to speak at Allah said you know people who you find inferior in your society you have no product to read for yourself you may be inferior by does not mean you know we must should be an affiliate no random Nazi like they're actually Khurana rest of them were on was them to have in the right same like like men and Karasin men and women are both from sold to understand that that verse has come in context of the you know, people who

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let their goddess to Allah they said they are Daughters of Allah to Allah reacting to No, don't say like that even you cannot access something like that. And how can you let Allah

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