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Do people know that this religion is based on the Quran and the Sunnah the professor listen.

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So the Quran is well preserved in the massage. Everybody knows, even children memorize, they know it by heart. So people don't have responsibility to, you know, task with the Quran, it is already available you need to understand you need to think you need to act upon that. But the sooner the process analysis, which actually is expression of the Quran, in how you're going to implement the Quran, how you go to, in a mirror, the Quran your life, to the prophets, messengers, they come to teach people how to make the Quran a mere revelation in your life to his sooner basically means translating the Quran into action to his characters, he's a man as his brother in whatever he said,

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whatever he does everything basically from the Quran. That way when people ask Asha, how was the life of the person doesn't? How would that hurt his character? She said, Did you read the Quran? Can I follow Paul Koran, his book was the Quran to his son, but this sooner is not in the Quran. This sooner you see, referred to this sooner you can learn from Prophet mouth, but not in the Quran. It's not a book, The what happens the company has what they did it first they learn the sooner then the following, they learn from his actions, they learn from his mouth, they learn from so many different ways to receive the signal from him and then they acted upon that when in our next generation came,

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it became not easy for them. Now, companies have to report to the next generation, the sooner the proselytism, now the sooner we can history. So now we can report before so now the sooner you see the profit we do this, now the sooner we can what report on history, where history comes to then you have two tasks. One is to authenticate whether it is sound or not. When somebody reports you that Prophet did this or said this you have to stick with that he did not know how this report is the person who tested me is a reliable man. Does he remember everything? That makes sense? Is it consistent with the Quran? Now the sooner you can hide it or dismiss report to this is a tough

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period was to navigate Hadith of the parcel to reporting now you treat it as the history and the report will report on history cuffs and then you have to look really how authenticated report narrators what the qualification qualities are, how honest they are, how to they are how good their memory is it how they agree with each other, how they differ from each other or distance come. So because on the base of quality or the narrator say now Hadith became different categories, some are coming from the best narrators had this a sound or this Some are coming from good quality a bit lower than them. Or this could be Hassan categorize, some is coming from those who do not don't have

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good memory. It doesn't matter if later on in duration, there are some people who are lying how these people model some people that don't lie really but they're things they're narrated strange things which cannot fit in teachings of Islam has it become one can to do so many categories claim to when you study the books or the Hadith if you don't like the Quran, for the Quran, you don't have any other terminology because he also anyway, but for the Hadees some Hades Maasai, some will be Hassan some will be jive to it should come to your mind at how to die for Hassan what to certainly it is not something people you know making no judgment in randomly or you know, arbitrary judgment

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No, it is actually based on certain principles it is science simply aren't authenticating they are this is a science, you can learn that properly you can teach it you can understand it that what muscles need when we say hey, this is something we can explain to you what it means. And it is something you can learn it it is something you also can question How can I not say that what is science from science basically is different from in America that people teach science is something which people can learn. Understand, think too hard. This basically is a science to when we say these are the evil moniker or whatever category we put it is science you need to learn. And before

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learning this deeply, you need first to understand the terms that people use when they use the term Sahih Dr. Monica Sha maruf mfu so many times, people need to know what they mean before you understand any how they arrive to this decision. First you need to know really what they mean by these words to that ethnic color. Mr. Mustafa, these

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terminologies used in the books are the hardest to find their purpose we have gotten many many books. One of the standard tests in Islam has been the book written by even has a lot of spin on it. He was the last expert of the Hadees in the after him and he we don't have anybody of that that live in big mind. To he wrote actually his book was the thicker the ticker is Mr. Ratan Tata think as you can see, again, notice ticker Musa in a selection on a summary of all the 10 keys to meaning is whatever people have scattered in order to stop the terminology

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Tesla, this is where he summarized them, I selected them, I put them in a small text,

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but are so small that people could not get the meaning. So, then he would ask him, you are the one who wrote it. Now, you don't have to have come make commentary on that use that was what it means, then he wrote a commentary on that is that is called a no news how to never knows how to lower fish or what he wrote. So, this text actually already important to certainly the people need to learn what emira Stanley said and how he missed committee, but at the same time, you know, we have to understand really that at the sciences, they are not in a very narrow and they are not if they are not, you know, you know, limited and confined in a way that you will not want to book and you know,

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everything not like that, it's just introduction. So, certainly, you know, when I teach it, if our time is there to discuss and also will come that when he defined settlement, you know, how accurate the definition is, it this definition is is agreed by most people or some people or whatever. So, you can find and look at and figure out there are certain things which are written by all the team, there are some things which are written by some people, but not other people, there are some things which he said, Would it be weaker opinion, that also we need to know in this book, what are the strongest opinion what is that group you know, we can accept what actually will kick your side to

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Dennett, you learn to understand and to discuss and argue that how knowledge comes deep and then you understand properly to initial and these two discourses whatever time is there, I will make effort to teach the worker more critically do I remember the first time when I taught for the checker in this country? After first class, few students came to me they said we have come over from the lounge This tells them not to listen to your criticism. We have to learn from the book, what if not what you criticize to anybody, sadly, how to teach Anyway, I'll teach the book. I'll praise Him and also criticizing the purpose is not to take my criticism, the purpose to discuss an article so you can

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understand it. It is human work that we can learn this way.