Akram Nadwi – Maintaining Intentions

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of breaking habit and not just thinking about it. They encourage people to think about the importance of being different and not just thinking about it. The speaker also talks about the painful feeling of thinking about it and advises people to plan ahead.
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Somebody says that when we learn something, because our hybrid.

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So do we need to think every time I do we do it, because it's just too difficult. Certainly the other meaning will never come. That's what we need to do, we need to break the habit. And that if you look at this lesson, you can see a ladder made or emitter to break the habit. Further,

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you prey on the time

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there in hazard in our effort, he commanded you to praise or asset both in the time as long as you pray Maghrib and Isha, both in determination to break your habit. Did you realize really the reason we do in this space and the time this time is that this command will change, it's a commodity, it is not that we are shipping time as a lot of money, but it is how he made if he changes we change.

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You do washing then he says when you're not feeling well, not enough water do thermo he bit hybrid, then you realize really purification does not come from the water purification from his command. If he comes in now to do them, that the purification purified away You know, when you pray, you do Yambuku inside out properly. When you fall ill he said you can just sit or you can lie down, then you realize really a bar that comes from his command what He commands, not the way we do to keep ticking again you put on your clothes nicely when you go to the mosque. When you go farther. He said to take off all the clothes, you put on this different separate cloth. You realize really you know

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covering the body? No either we do it not important what importantly what e commerce ever that has this has been developed. You keep eating, drinking three times a day, the month of Ramadan, breaks your habit teaches you new way Why? To teach you the real thing to obey Allah and His Messenger thinking if you don't think you don't come near to Allah, Allah that every time you think when you did the right thing every time he makes it near to Allah tala when you don't think and don't become here to lasala thinking is the one which makes every different city when you pray $100 bill will be saved millions of time. Every time you say you should think really that what this word means every

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time you can see your nearest dollar

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no doubt really thinking is the most difficult thing in this world. That why tackling imitating someone is just that it is so popular. Then you don't need to think somebody is a bonafide then if he thought then why you have mind then give the take out your mind. You just want to follow why Allah gave you mine separately from Abu hanifa just think we should

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be different for Abu hanifa people said to him that you were clever they knew to differ from him to he said Allah subhanaw taala has commanded Monica to follow religion he can't please thinking he's got to follow my thinking. I'm not going to follow a cutter body fat thinking people kept to keep keep changing. It is difficult, but that that I'm sorry I said I live in La Jolla in Santa Fe covered with created mankind difficulty with no enjoyment in this life. There is no easy way the way is it difficult. It is really suffering. If you want to find any easy way the no other easy way impossible. You need to think you know if a Prophet did not think why there was the Quran makes him

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cry. He thinks he's de minifying certain verses actually. People ask him why. You know you become your hair can grow so quickly so early. He said a botany

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surah and your sister they made my head what is widowhood?

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If you read not thinking how can you hear Cumbrae this way Who

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are you? What it makes it help them gray by so who he thinks he understood the meaning the meaning is really sought in it Really? Is it painful the meaning of Surah Hood is very painful if you understand really it really make the head you know it is so painful. His head can grip because our we've read nothing hypersurface we read him so much. And by the in the lobby. Nothing happened to his cut. We don't think he thinks he knows what it means really what the message is. It made him to become old before the old age.

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So thinking never should be given up. Actually people should plan themselves all the time to keep thinking

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