Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 30-06-2023

Akram Nadwi
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Everyone and welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a, which occur on every Thursday at 6pm PST. I hope you've all had a great aide and inshallah we'll begin with the first question. The first question we have chef today is, Samuel Islam says, I want to be a doctor, I am young now I have to study a lot, but whenever I'm doing my duty, a guilty feeling works that I'm working for dunya a lot, but not for Islamic Studies. Is this from Shaytaan?

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Okay, well

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you know, the most important thing for every believer is, you know, to worship the Lord and to learn how to worship the basic thing how to pray, how to fast, you know, reading the Quran, understanding the Quran, these are the most important thing. So that what you should have your priority to become an alum is not really obligatory and everybody not, not necessarily. So don't worry about that if you understand your religion, you follow that that will be enough we need in the society or Muslims who are experts in every field of knowledge, you know, in engineering, in medicine, in so many other fields, because Muslims are not there, then we are going to depend on other people. So it is very

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important sometime.

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You know, becoming a medical doctor is more important than becoming a Mufti that there's so many of these if we don't need them, so to use this, you know, like, you know, in a town, one of these enough, but there's so many of these, but that no Muslim doctor, and that what Imam was complaining about his own time that everybody loves me second fatwa. While actually learning the medicine is more important. That is a further fire and Muslims are depend on Christians and Jews about the sunset. So don't worry, don't feel guilty. You know, study medicine become doctor. But at the same time he spent time to learn this lesson for Apple. In Rachna slum Institute there are many courses

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which are not actually for a specialized people to make Ghalib. But they help you to understand your religion. Like for level they go to start a course on the organic studies to understand the Quran to three year course not with McCollum, but to help you to understand the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is only Sundays. So while you're doing your formal education, you know the doctor, you can study these courses, they are only Sunday they are not so intensive, easily can be done. Certainly summary of the matter is that you know any filata valid,

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which is beneficial for Muslims, it is good, you got reward for that i As long as you don't neglect your duty as a believer, either worship or full of Sahara

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desert glow player and chef. The next question is by Nikhil who says, if my company gives me a credit card for company use, then is it haram to use it can a person use a credit card if he pays on time and avoids interest? You know, the what is haram is interest if somehow you know you can make sure that you know you pay things on the time and you don't reward just to yourself. There's no harm and that you know, it won't leak become a haram. If you happen to you know, pay interest. You know, unless you're obliged to some type you do have no in a way, but don't do things on their own or your own choice. So if you want you can use it, but make sure that you pay a royalty on the time

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that low current share on a similar topic. Nahal asks, Why is interest haram in Islam? Why is taking interest from banks and savings? Haram and how does it affect our society? No, this actually is a very longer explanation I don't think I can be able to do to explain to you why interest Ramita it will take a lot of time. But you should be clever enough to understand this thing. Allah subhanaw taala has made many ways how the money and properties are moved from one person to another person. One way exchange. Like you know, I give you something up with something like buying and selling that happens mostly these days in the money but in the past is to happen by camera to sell for some time

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you transfer something by gifting. I like to need people to give gift. So that's absolutely fine. Sometime, you know you can give charity like you know poor people to give them sadaqa to refer them to us or whatever money and some time people borrow money from you. Lending that's also one of the favor. When you lend the money you're doing

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Do you No wonder. So the person you gave gave you are just taking from back from him, the amount you give it no, don't think that if I had put this money somewhere else, I would have got so much profit because it's not profit making it lending it a favor to favor should not mix with the profit. So if we want to make profit in the business, you know, involving buying and selling, but when you lend the money to someone, it is purely favor, you're only allowed to take back what not more than that, when people mix favor with the business, in that it makes haram eclipsecon very, very bad. So did the announcer because the people who borrow money from you, they are needy, and you know, and you

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know, get reward from helping them. But now you want to charge more money to basically put them under more pressure, they don't have money to do anything. Now they will have pressure to give you more. So how can they survive? That why people are with stink say that, you know, interested in really like sucking the blood off poor people. So it is very, very ugly, very dirty.

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Thank you. It'll be clear to you. You know, the problem over time is that people have made the borrowing and lending or the business and that very, very that what is that clear about is that absolutely haram and that what Islamic funds or Islamic Finance also makes Riba is the business and they have no need for it. The names don't change the reality Islamic banking is a bad idea and Islamic banking, maybe throwing bank is worse than that, because it uses lumps in

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just a closed head and shift. The next question is by Abdul Rahman, who asks, can a father write a will to give all of his savings to his only female child when he passes away or should his brother also get a share?

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You ever can write a will for the people who go to inherit you because Allah already returned will. So they have to get a car to the will of Allah Nautica to your will, this useless will not will only can be returned for those who do not inherit you. And you will Lika right for them. One philosophy of property, like somebody very far away relative from the somebody's friend, a poor person, or somewhere you know, you can make 130 of your will to go to them. But those who are hurting that your son, your daughter, your wife, your husband, your father and mother, you never never can make any will for them, that will will be invalid, no doubt about that. It has nothing, no validity, and the

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shares will be distributed a time to the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Just love her and chef. The next question is by Fatiha who says salam Yasha in verse 110, of Surah Al Imran, when Allah talks about Hydral OMA, will we be disqualified from being the best nation if one of the three characteristics is missing? Encouraging good, forbidding evil and believing in Allah? And what is the wisdom of mentioning about Al Kitab. Afterwards in the same idea

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in your love for Hatha has no relation with any people. So everybody has people in his lives. So Nero people become to live by their faith belief and by their

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deeds. So Allah has versatile people chosen people a best toma because, you know a certain action so the Muslims believe in Allah subhanaw taala the command the god forbid the evil.

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They fear Him all the time. They will

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be chosen people by the don't do this. No, not that no guarantee for them. Muslims can be worse than I believe us that you can go here for granted can be anything. You know, I don't know exactly what is it measuring about

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your book, but maybe it's a reminder that our Lupita was was chosen. But when they change themselves, there are lots of other changes in his favor upon them. So similarly for Muslims. If Muslims change themselves, or LeFevre will no longer no longer remain with them.

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Or glow fixture. The next question is by Feriha, who asks, would I become sinful if I forget the beer which is mandatory from ninth to 13th of the ledger? Should I say it right after the prayer and is it allowed to talk in between the salah and the deck beer?

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You know these days? We're not only Florida all the time, people should be read Allahu Akbar Allah what Elijah he didn't Well well well, but Allah, Allah, Allah hunter

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with a voice in a women, you know, among themselves and men, you know if that kind of a ratio a little louder, to Palooka and one of the important

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place for the Buddha for the for the prayer, but in the bar people say that you know, it should be immediately after the prayer, no interruption or all those things. This is not right. Really, you know, it can be something you

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Even in the prayer, you know, people might, you know, in fasting if you eat by mistake still you're fasting valid, so that things can be forgotten after the salam you forgot us talk to someone, did you remember then the setup, because at least Motorola has, you know, had at least in our life are given the forgetfulness. When you forget something, you don't have any consequences. So don't worry about that, you know, do Takbeer as much as possible. And if you forgot something, or two will remember that forever, even for the prayer if people don't pay on the time that the professor read when you wake up, because they're not sleeping person. Oh, and don't forget. So don't worry, you

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know, keep saying that Bureau until the end of the young.

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You know, especially after the prayer and if you forget, when you go

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to that location and shift a related question is, says salam can we continue making dua during the days of the shriek especially after assertive Maghrib? Will it be accepted just like the Day of Arafah Thank you chef.

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Dua dua that we are already accepted in OData, certain times are more likely to make a

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movie with data Java, he accepts. Somebody asked a shaker, can you tell me the name of someone who says I would love to divert other people when they moved while lakhs to somebody asks, Can you tell me the name of somebody who if I asked him, he can make the offer me and two other accepted checks. I don't need us to have a diver by North emoji with Java don't accept door. So don't worry about the time not the one who accept to all these all the time there are nothing anytime that if you asked me, you know on this occasion, I will not accept electricity. In any time you asked me accept the real condition try to turn to him, asked him you know with proper heart and mind, he will accept he

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knows I will not accept. So on the occasions make more effort but actually don't hesitate to ask anytime. You know day or night whenever you like you can ask

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who listened to you?

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That low head and Chef The next question is by a Nika who asks, Is it Islamically wrong to moderately decorate our houses, not overly decoration, but moderate decoration as a neat clean and well decorated home can make us feel better and boost our mood

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in order to keep house clean and tidy and that actually obligatory, the Muslim should make things tidy and clean as best possible their body, you know their hair, their property, their house, and but sometimes people also need to, you know, see not beautify things that beautify themselves, nicer clothes, beautify the house, it did no harm in that. But to save the red to spend too much money, invest money, and to make it more attractive. And then when you pray, your mind goes to the cartoons of the house, the purpose of the house and build the house to serve you then you become servant of the House have become worried if somebody comes if they drop anything what will happen and it's so

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expensive car carpet, the demand house becomes such a you know, thing, a burden on your mind. It's normally house. So be careful to make it clean, and make a tidy little bit Doctor Declaration, which does not affect so much it does not involve so much money that we find. But if it's too much money, you're able to question on that day of judgment. So be careful. And also then you'll be auditing worried that you know somebody dropped something somebody damaged, something will happen. And then you can't live in the Peace new house. And maybe you start saying that Nobody's allowed to come to my house. I've seen that people. They don't allow people to the house because it is so clean and so

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beautified that they're afraid that somebody will make a dirty so what the purpose is to make how to like that. So if a more decoration, that's fine but too much integration and spending you know a lot of money in these things. That actually is not right. I think that is stupidity because that money is wasted.

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So the lawyer Laker chef, the next question is by nichette, who asks, what is the real fear of Allah fearing emotionally for his punishment or just not doing haram things? I mean to punish or interfere in front of mind that you don't do anything that make him angry with you. So all the way to London, His commands OBEY Him and Don't disobey Him that is real fear really? That what you happen and when that fear comes deeper than people know their hearts quite scared and trembles and that Allah Lhasa really then they are the same people. But the real thing is that you avoid haram and Don't disobey Allah. You are among the faithful, faithful people

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to Zack Lohan and Schiff

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the next question

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Um, is

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sorry, I'm just trying to get out. Here we go. The next question is by Mohammed who asks a salam Wa alaykum Eets ADHF. What is the ruling on the eighth Hadith? Should it be accepted? What will I do when someone says that if I did, like what's your perspective about Lai Lama?

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You know, I've explained this so many times really, you know, this religion is based on the Quran and the sound Hadith, nothing weak, really. And there's no need for we did nothing in the week at least, that you don't have in Quran and Sunnah. Nothing. So I personally I don't like rarely people refer to the weaker this em in polite, the no new father, or the father is useless Fidel. Really, do you think because it's bigger than lasma used to obey Allah because of the fatwa? You know, why don't you make her mind I will obey my Lord. You know, even there's no facade. There is a big thing. And the big four Lila for being here that you got paradise, Quran says those who obey Allah, The God

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paradise to work any better than that is to I think, really believers should have practice of obeying the Lord, Allah and His messenger that every beneficiary, why you always need somebody to tell you that if so, hundra this much time you get this reward that reward? What if somebody has to tell you these things? Why you can't learn really, that whenever you have bad laboratory volume anyway, there are the Carozza data.

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So even when people refer to the weaker this just use the listing really, I don't understand what makes them to go to meet this one. There's a whole Quran is about the virtue of the good deeds, or every single thing, and I never think very, because the de comer Faru ye shall Khadija they ever did something because of this because this nothing they even did not know that this

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just a little bit and shift the next question is by son. This is Salam aleikum Eid Mubarak chefs have. You once said that contrary to what I had before you consider either fitter and bigger aid than Adel Adhara Could you please explain why you believe that?

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Well, I saw that you're bigger than the other other. No, no, no, actually, I wrote an article on our own you know, when we're children we used to think it would fit or it's bigger you know, Naughty Dog people always say to other hate the bigger reason we used to think we got our own horn Ramadan has passed and you know, it is coming and you know, just first the offshore world.

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People used to make a new cloth for that. And when and then after that, your cloth will be kept in the box after a defeater and then you need rather how you're going to wear same cloth and that was made on the interface and then after that you use the whole year to for the children or the feet of other big ones who didn't understand why did the high school the big one that I met really, but I do both are bigger and both are great no doubt from different ways. But that I said you know when how children used to think

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just a glow head and shift the next question again by Santas, I was wondering what is the exact criteria when did wanting to dip determine whether alcohol in non food articles is deemed halal or haram thing with what a lot of not like really people either to be drunk with it they do you lose their senses you know when they come for the prayer they talk people should have command that would actually means people do things if they will. And I think too if there's something occupy their mind that you know this extra these drinks then certainly it because then you can't really decide it It can't take any

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judgment so since it alcohol haram you know, Islam did not want any bit of that because if people say oh, you know this is more about it fine for me I don't contract who's going to decide really then once a contract exalt realized, so that if anything, if a big quantity can make the event it's more quantity we have

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that people mix some part of the alcohol in certain foods and drinks and medicine so far that the rule is if they mix and make a chemical processing, you know, the cook it or something else, and it becomes something else and no intoxication that's fine. But if they mix it if it is,

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you know, without any cooking, no chemical processing, then you're putting haram in the food that should not be allowed. So but if after putting any bit of alcohol processing, then it's fine.

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Just have low hair and check the next question again by Sun is our toys for children like plastic or ragdolls for girls, for instance, with faces on them or they haram

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you know, like these and adults and things like that when children play, nobody respect them, you know, they're

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Flying, even the companies used to have, I shed a lot and I used to have, you know, dolls and

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stalagmites, lots of horses of beings, you know, like horse properly and in house or the person loves and the Prophet did not mind to children's twice as long as they you know, they're not, you know by the tune district. They're fine.

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Just go ahead and shut the next question by Mohammed is Chef Salam Alikum Can you recommend a chef for this year to knifes and they are and is this permissible? Just Abdullah not worry about all those things ready? What do you need to the Quran and Sunnah read the Quran. You understand the book of Allah but Allah Komatsu and then read a biography of the person love them, how was he just copying? Make refer to follow him. And you need a good teacher. If you don't understand something ask your teacher to explain to you attend some colossal lambda like that. Don't worry, in this formula, no chef Sophie Pierre baya, there's so much probability if I explained to you you heard all

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these people digit business in all theory moreish, I have a buyer come visit big huge business integral philosopher and then you know it more techniques really there's no real thing there anyway, if it had anything good in it allowed him read his profit but the profit

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companies never have been build their profits their proper teachers.

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You need a good teacher you don't need a peer because peer must optimize your head anyway. Definitely the mystery there misguided the mascara that everybody else to don't come here to all these businesses. This is a very, very dirty business. There's so many that if you learn from people, you'd hit this thing, so don't worry about that it just you need to Quran and Sunnah. I have a teacher who can explain you the meaning of the Quran sunnah when you don't understand certain some class or learn from the good teachers that what you need

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is a Glow Kit and check the next question is by Nofal who asks, I am learning Arabic trying to learn Quran and trying to read every day. How can I increase the number of Quran more I have I have working full time as an engineer. What should I do to make my Quran journey good.

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What I'm doing with this writing really learn Arabic language is spent time that the next step will come to do to the board can't do everything at the same time to just just do that until you have a real good level of verbal language. Then start going to the board on thinking and understanding Sharla

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Janklow head and Chef next question is by Farah who asks, Did chef say that if you miss Fajr because of sleep that it is not a sin? Yeah you know if you don't make intention, you know some people sleep and they have intention to wake up debt is a sin but you know how you really prepare you have alarm you know ask someone to awaken or somehow you missed or did not hear the alarm or you know and then you wake up when sunrise and you know sin repent and lose the professor himself Mr. Clear five he said don't worry, you know that nursing are the people who sleep and when you wake up then they do the prayer. But if people don't make a regiment don't prepare for that don't have worry, they just

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sleep you know very very late keep talking wasted that time certainly gonna go to work for the federal delegates in but if you prepare you really are concerned about the future prayer and you make somebody to wake of you and and still you somehow could not wake up level for your sins.

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The next question also by Farah chef is a Saddam chef. There is a big trend nowadays to improve your appearance with fillers and Botox injections. Because the effects are temporary. Is it halal to use them

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and only moderately water these things are but just you know don't with an artist inside your time because once you start something like that, you will get hybrid of that and then you will not be satisfied without using that. Then your money already invested. And these people will always keep improving their products and asking you to buy this one and that one you know best thing they spend your time you know on your beautiful your character your good deeds and educating yourself. Naturally about Allah has made that we are fairly at the end of the day people look at your character in your voice you know how you behave in if somebody is angry all the time to go hungry

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even if that person most handsome person the world's most beautiful nobody likes that person. And if you react very quickly if you are calm person, you think you help everybody you kind even if you're not so beautiful but people love you they would like to be in your company to learn from you. So beauty really at the end of the day matters. The inside of beauty that automatically you know when you travel with a companion. You always find people who are patient, you know nice people in their character. You don't look for the most beautiful person on the face of that. You know

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Because I can't go along with these people, even those who keep saying somebody spent so much time in beautifying himself in front of the mirror, I would not like to accompany that person because you know by the person by the time they're present because ready I will miss my career I will miss my my my work that this process takes me time in all these things. So don't worry too much you know naturally beauty is fine and you improve yourself a little bit. You know, however in the house and Mira in a comb and some you know creams which are not very powerful, or something like that, that will be that find some good smell maybe, but most time is spent time on to beautify your character.

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You know, learn how to be patient. Learn how to control your desire, learn how to be kind to the people how to be helpful. This is going to last that people love you.

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Does that locator and shift the next question is by Munna who asks a salam Wa alaykum. What does it mean by the verse that says only the taqwa can reach Allah and not the meat or blood of the animal in Surah Al Hajj meaning how is what is the condition of your heart? You know, when you sacrifice animal your heart is that you know, I'm giving everything that I left witless on Motala you know, I'm not attached to anything in at all for sincerely, fellas are not to show off not for anybody else. Yeah, that what Allah loves really, to he wants the people to sacrifice you know, their property, their time and their life and everything for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to show up.

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And now in India, Pakistan about this. People buy all these bigger, more expensive, sheeps and goats and they're tied in their newspaper that I got this sheep around for 1000 rupees or 200,000 rupees. And they make all that and tell the people so Allah has no need for your you know, 100,000 rupees just showing off. But somebody buys a motor today and then does sacrifice distribute the meat according to the Command of Allah and His gift here for that will Allah accept or not? Allah will love the people like that that will have meaning in your hearts will be fearful of Allah, that you know the fear of Allah, looking at Allah not strictly reward from the people that Allah loves not a

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know how expensive anybody

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is up low head and chef. The last question we'll take today is from Hassan who says, there's this hadith about Muslims being allowed to finish their food or drink when hearing the alarm for Fudger in Ramadan. Someone recently said to me that this hadith isn't to be taken literally. And that one shouldn't finish their food. Could you please explain if that's true? And if so, what's the true meaning of the Hadith? You know, the portals allow them to earn in the

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Quran. Because generally to wander around when people wake up for the Hadoop, they eat fast food without too fast. And the second Adana was when people end that SOHO and they start fasting and there was no you know that how people used to do so when the second half and he said stop if you're eating something just drink the water and finish and there's there's literally no that there's no other sign in our time people don't have advance rather than that timetable. Deep Dive they will start to follow the timetable but if there are than you can hear and the only time you can follow that and you didn't know how to follow today I don't understand why somebody stopping you for longer

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than if I thought it said on the time. Yeah, that's a good thing Stop eating and drinking after them. Because you

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deserve love okay and and check. That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can enter answer it next week. Does that cool? Okay and share for your time and Zach Lowe later on everyone for joining and we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm PST as always, a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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