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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the Prophet's approach to women, including his approach to women who are not good at sex. He emphasizes the need for women to be the Prophet and that they should not be afraid of doing things they want. He also mentions the importance of women being the Prophet and that they should not be afraid of doing things they want.
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When the brothers and, you know, brother left the Medina for most people in the city, everybody writes in the professor left for the small karma. You know, when the Prophet left a prophet of God, the news of Sophia is coming from Syria with a Cardamom which has so much milk

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and then I was young, send a message that Muhammad, my fear Muhammad will come artech and take all the width of the karma to send an arm and Abuja wanted this thing anyway. So then I came with an army of 1000 fighters.

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Most people say, everybody said, the prophet left Medina to to fight this karma to take their wealth. But by the time it came out, karma was lifted and he happened to face

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he did not come with proper preparation. More for the first person who said this, he said no more. The Prophet left Medina to fight Abuja, nada Carmen, and very clear from the Quran. He made a very clear argument and now everybody India keep repeating the same thing. The exchange mala simplicity, NaVi everybody says this permit Moses the Quran said when they were leaving Medina, they're scared.

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One of our eyes addicted to be scared to go for a party style one comes

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into the discussion the house cannot measure that you don't want what I wanted because I wanted to prove the order. But why did you not want it part one? It means there's something else bigger,

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smaller fry. People read this story from Sierra books and they they have different opinions. More often I met at Quran central he wanted to understand from Quran to his gender people's understanding what the prophet Medina what are the intention this one thing many many years ago really even was the parcel of it one example that I wanted to give example to see how he thinks.

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The story of sorta hurry means that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to you know go to his wife during the daytime anyway, tonight what for one why but during the daytime it could go to anybody to want to wipe off his wife she has got good honey very pure honey from Arabic land, you know. The Prophet love honey very much. Every day after supper he'll go to this nice house to get honey otherwise become jealous nature. To then I sign the one party the maker of conspiracy to distribute the profit concert. I will say to him that I smell from you male or female if it is something in a very bad honey or something very bad smell and hops I will say same thing and some other isolates.

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It's empty. So the Prophet came after eating this honey and ISIS is made for me my wife you know where he went to Africa she says molecule from you.

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Present do not eat any sugar. Don't eat a garden. This honey could be the honey has somebody to eat I will not eat honey anymore. There was a pass on sale

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today become successful.

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Then the Punahou will endeavor Khurana said to the two wives is Hassan Ayesha in the toolbar and ally for the solid blue coma. If you repent to Allah for the Sabbath, or double fostering nearly right, if you repent to Allah, you must do because your hearts are deviated zaba the turnover from Alaska to you should return back more or fly signal server does not come in this mini survey really comes when clients do not turn away from turn to something. You sell us the right you will listen to something and apparently Dude, you will survive many times that's

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their hearts inclined to not inclined from something tonight is turning to something and this is turned around if you do this. It always comes with color in plan meaning if you repent to Allah, you will repent anyway because your heart already are inclined to repent if you regret any way You are now ready to repentance. You see, we have two different things. First of all, to make our wives the Prophet so bad, they're defeated. Their second one makes them more already. You know, they did some you know, out of jealousy they did but they regret the heartache. They want to repent. They want to because everybody you know good noble people, sometimes they don't mistake that they feel very bad.

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These women are no good women, very pious to they did something out of desire. But suddenly they realize you know what the Prophet did not do this this game. Today I've been prepared to see how modify the only person who understood so deeply