Akram Nadwi – Your main reference is not the Maqasid

Akram Nadwi
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You know, when you read the Quran asuna

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you know, what is the purpose? Many things I think many people think the purpose of the Quran Sunnah is so you can bring an order in your life and society, you know, and this is the best thing for us to have done in an order. So then from you know, from the process, the way they understand it, they make many, many simple rules.

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What exactly yeah, more general rules which can help people, you know, to follow that pattern to follow up with the law, but without the radical Islam did no harm not to Islam basically about this thing, nobody should harm anybody, and nobody should be harmed to the people make it this is not this is what we need to understand. And on base of that people have developed many ideas of other for Korea, are called a PR theory are those major, major rules with the thing they have derived from the Quran Sunnah. So it makes very clear that how Islam looks at the interests of the people in all this society, let our energies become you know, more

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basically deviated when people invented with all mercosul

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disagree, this is this thing that you know, society will have peace and order. And people should have you know, peace and order the family. This is not the end, this is not the boxer they did not the purpose of Islam, this this is

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what do we say? What are the fruit? What are the fruit of Islam, when Islam comes, this also will come people who have peace people have ordered this thing. But that is not the purpose. The purpose basically otherwise, if Allah wanted, this is a purpose to make the society peaceful in order, unlock and how many human being anyway, they don't fight. They don't have any problem, no disorder.

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The purpose was to test people and to test people whether they obey Allah is my Sunday or they don't obey,

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to order read refreshing Allah messenger to whenever you make a law, any rule anything in any advice for the people always, always refer them to Allah said this what Allah said they should do because Allah commands they should do because they want to follow the person lesson, when you derive certain major rule schoolyard and also, you know separately and this Parana, basically 510 20 these are sold or put, then what happens is these use will become your reference. The people do because they are so at one in wise, also wise the principles, they don't refer to the consumer, the way should be for every month, or every believer forever will make a report on your reference. So now you're I do this

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thing, because oligomers and I drive this from Alaska mode, sometimes you're not clear, we're still if you make this effort, even if the mistake is to your right, because your effort is to obey the law. Maybe not understand what he said, but at least say that what you want, you want to obey Him. But when you follow this Kumbaya to middle class person, you're referencing messenger that at least directly, maybe indirectly. But most people will know Islam, is it left wonderful, many people said

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Islam is just just just to become a reference to this language. When you make a justice order your device should be really I do this because Allah has commanded me to be just here. I do. Talk about all the time, people should refer to us amatola Iran as soon as should be your reference. Yeah. Are you looking at the old law? What are the oldest all the time, we don't make it. You know the way other messengers, they always want to make. People want to obey the desire, simple matter. People want to please the desire please themselves, the society, my son, Jessica, to lift the people raised him to please Allah, and to obey Allah, His Messenger then lifted him later on, when people lose

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that experience.

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And theirs, they face other you know, facts, customer culture, and they see the rationality behind that to the water to bring Islam down also to that level, to become acceptable to people, the average person becomes the to make Islam acceptable to the people to be bring Islam down to the level of people. That a big big mistake, because the purpose actually is not that we make Islam, the order and peace and people are peaceful. It is never, never ever perfect, but upon this people should obey Live Messenger. Peace will come but that that is one of the fruit of the real fruit. Is this a spirit that I want to please my dog? I don't want to please myself. When you make those

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minsmere principles that your intention becomes to please the people but is the society the people holy how impressive Islam is you make Islam more impressive? Is it clear? I don't if I smoke properly or not, but this or simple batteries will keep or within the mind. That reference always should be Allah and His messenger. Reference URL should be the book of Allah and as soon as the professor lists the ship

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No other reference reference never should be to police people reference service should be to police intellectuals and anybody society that people think if you make it more rational it will be more acceptable no

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then the people secretary of compact okay salami that's all good again the guy fulfills, fits in our understanding the only thing that now don't feel any obligation to come to Salaam though is you know Islamia also looks good. Because it adult same thing what we do, we are so developed anyway. Great people we have great love the logic and dissenter, Islam also can fit in their income. They never think really, Islam has something better than them. When you make diviner obey and Live Messenger, then it's a completely different field different matter. The order people know really what they're doing is their own rational indifference, not from Allah messenger is because something different,

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or Islam is asking you to compose messenger other to ask you to come to the human knowledge, to different knowledge. And you know, and then everybody in the nature have got really obedience to Allah, this their military, keep asking them they'll come it changes the life. When you speak to Islam. Quran said it changes the lives of people that difficult thing

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but when people make a snap to go down a river people no interest really it but only thing to be that then you don't need to fight. People will think oh, Islamic also civilized religion. And there are a lot of volunteers actually, all the pyramids associated basically want to convince people the world is a llama. So as Islamic civilized Islam not a barbaric Islamic civilized religion. This never has been tertiary. So intention should be to obey Allah and His Messenger

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