The Mind and Conveying the Quran

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You know what thinking means when people are thinking what are they mutually thinking always good thinking means always to think for your for your nature never thinking anything thinking does not mean integrals mind must think far your fitrah if mine did not think for you some Sunday hardware is not a good thing the thinking our weather must support the fitrah to when you have fitrah and mind reasoning both mercifully you're on the right path because some if you see do differ then there must be something wrong to when both are supported you know just serially

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when you have a plant you find out really what's necessary how much you know water needs how much in your needs and then you follow that then grows but if you bring something else if not grow mind will sell into it if you do something else and not grow the same thing what happens is a mind always got really what Phaedra needs to when you ask my follow up I want to choose somewhere to I mind will say don't do that it is very bad the how my nose is but combined know that the mind will only provide thinking for you which can help for your fitrah peep I want to smoke man's no notice smoker smoking better for you but for what either bad for my soul My heart my mind my body my nose just in mind

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find out that the mind muscle connection between mind between our mind says something good on Saturday Ron how by not consider anything else then no major limit for mind to know what is good and bad can occur to your fitrah which food I should eat? If I asked mind find good food for me might not go to find a good food which is good for Cabo far far for ship no for me from my mind mind to mind Oliver ristic water naturally good for me not for somebody else for them I want to find a house to my mind actually will look in the house and say this house good for you minute minute My feet are how I do whatever it will find something like that that how mind has to mind really what is good or

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bad it all references the fetullah nothing else but if people's fitrah got corrupted massaged they become desired for that

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you know the right foot is will be a food which gives you energy and in good health to when you are hungry ask the mind find a food which is you know the money use it everything as dinner ask people a food which is good for my health and for my energy that will happen but you couldn't possibly record on my Patreon I think for one limb is biryani nothing else that will what will happen the manual for that food it occurred to me that I corrupted my Fedora to now when mine goes to look for particular food Why? Because we corrupted our Fedora takarazuka but this corruption of the fedora tend to be killed. If you give time more mind more time or let me think really why I want this particular food

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then you know really because you just for the culture. If you're looking for something good for your health and for energy, it does not depend on this food. Other food can do the same thing and much better way. There might even be more free to the way really all the time keep thinking when I say something good or bad, it is my culture or really what I want to infer most time to the problem for us not easy to think to get rid of the culture not easy. That is not us and the Quran. Ironically What does the Quran cures people from the illness or the culture to dinner Parana because a big support for them their mind really knows what to look for the Quran that will guidance in music the

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Quran guides the mind what you're looking for, is that no Quran more likely you make your culture reference truth really I tell you truth does not need a support because that what that argument is for something else to make argument is to prove that is true. But not only somebody says something the only argument can work if it is true was it is true then myself if it true then you should accept the truth then after that even new argument once it's something proven to be true, you don't need a new argument. argument always is to prove it to look wonderful when we discuss the sound of this a non sound heard is why because if not true, then you have to follow truth his argument to

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Quranic estate Miss they're so true naturally, you don't need another argument. But what happens is, people don't know this thing. Do you think they need extra support? No, really just keep telling until they start realizing it. Because what it is so far away for some time, what happens if people don't do that right thing? Because nobody told them and suddenly somebody says the first level of feeling alien to the new thing. Then after a while they start to go but the word this process makes more sense. Really Be prepared to do something wrong the wrong way. This person's way like you cook food certain way. Somebody says I can't assume you do this work completed this camera so easy. No,

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no don't don't do your philosophy. I know how to do then you are

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After one thing really well, maybe that what he says make more sense to why it makes more sense because you're able to settle your mind will say that was easier, no more convenient. So that how the Quran has brought the two thirds of people and human human human heart and nature, not recognize the truth to when truth comes in it aside Oh, he did something I've been waiting. But generally culture barrier. That way you need to link to the way he's not to make any new proof the way that to remind them keep reading same my new Allison dinarobin a new argument, same message but a new way new time this time that time, morning, evening, Sunday, perhaps

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some people mean you have some type of feeling of not feeling well. They're in the hospital, you go and then read Quran maybe then it kind of work. Sometimes you're desperate need, like resources, when they become desperate. Then he said to them who I am then they accepted Him. So different condition can help people but truth really the most innocent neighbor where to find a new truth to demonstrate the Quran to him the Quran, but the main thing, Quran is the truth, and also proof and the truth is you don't need to make any argument injustice, just read the Quran, just get the Quran to the people. So you're basically saying like, package it in different ways, the same message. So

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what you're saying, Yeah, but you know, if people what happens is, sometimes people have certain prompts your time could be some time you just you know, address their mind, but then very quickly, because Bora Bora universal for all the time we think really will not understand but you don't understand people will understand it. When you make in your language, your style, some time is really at your current your doubt other person could be without that explanation, much better to understand the Quran. You think your expression much better not recently. In a foreign Apple, some people think that if you read my room, it helps you to understand the Quran. They don't necessarily

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when you read through me the danger also is that people become enjoyment with that type style of talk, then they don't like the Quran. Because you know, when you post something and you make again again, to people becoming deep indebted, they love that then they leave the Quran. So sometimes it could be many of these conditions. They make it difficult for other people to come into code, thereby missing just the neighbor wanted to make them just a barrier between people and the Quran. They always wanted people to get the plant directly without any barrier. Because when you create a barrier, then people already want to read the Quran through their barrier.