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Farhan Abdul Azeez
AI: Summary © The hedge group discusses their journey to the hedge group, including praying and staying off the bus, praying for a shot, and staying late to avoid consequences. They also discuss hedging during a shift and the importance of learning to be less attached to the world through practice and understanding the rules of the universe. The group is instructed to collect pebbles and go to different sites for a demo, and they are also instructed to use their eyes for a demo and to focus on the prize. They are also warned to be less attached to the world through learning and understanding the rules of the universe. The group is expected to be preparing for various situations, including parties, nights, trips to cities, and even the 10th day of the ledger.
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solara mannerheim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a big man So we just finished alpha and alpha we said we stay there until the sunsets after the sunsets then we depart from out of and we go to was deliever we go to Missouri I saw the city council tweet and you guys put out the gym before we covered it

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like you liked in the notes or something

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it was all good. So the we're using hashtag sweetness of Hydra I haven't had a chance to search it yet is active.

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You guys posting your gems.

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gondola All right. So we leave from out of here we go to was deliever

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is actually interesting because it prompts that send them you know, the Sahaba are waiting for the Prophet of Allah to go and then they follow the prophets I send them right. So the prophets I send them was waiting though after the sunset, he was on his camera and he was waiting and waiting and waiting and they want to go and they're not going they're waiting. They're waiting, they're waiting. So it kind of got to the point where people were like, you know, they're they're kind of getting a little restless. And the problem was waiting until Saturday news aid King when he was having a crusade came he wrote on the back of the right of the Messenger of Allah cinnamon rolled with him to

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him was that he

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does have avenues he was a man, a young man is around 1617 years old. And he was very loved to the Messenger of Allah, Allah the size or even told Ayesha that that you know in the booth I have been I am most definitely loved with Salma. So you also love it with salmon. The salmon was a very special man to the Messenger of Allah and I said lemon, he was like 1617 years old, because we've had a lot of your bus gets delayed on leaving out of I know that the Messenger of Allah and all of the Sahaba were also delayed. They all waited until seven was a little amount. And then look at the level of Assam, a young man and look at the Messenger of Allah. I sent him spending time out of all this I

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have 100,000 her judge wisdoms, what would the Messenger of Allah for heads that year 100,000 Plus, and the process that I've chosen to ride with him to go a 1617 year old young men to ride with him to was that event. And so as he was going the appropriate way, and obviously if you're going on your bus are going in your bus.

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But if you're walking, then the process that I'm he would tell the people are you Hannah's a Sakina Sakina. You know, take it easy, go with tranquility, like don't go too fast. So it wasn't him. But he went kind of at a moderate pace. And then the narration says that when there was some space in front of him, he would hasten the pace a little bit, when there was some space in front of him, he would hasten the pace a little bit. And so the edge of alpha, so depending where you are out of it, if you get to the edge of out of the boundary of alpha to the start of was Delta, that's about approximately four miles away. It's approximately four miles away. So if you're looking to walk, you

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can, but just be aware, it's about four miles to get to the edge of was that Eva, then once you get them was deliever. What do you do there? Let's go over some tip number one, we said that you do not pray motivate a shot in arafa. You pray and was that effect so the sun sets and alpha and then you leave? And you pray? Maghrib and Isha and was delivered. Okay? Now what's the sin of the Messenger of Allah nice alum, if you want to get the exact center of the messenger of a loss, and this is what he did, when he arrived in was that

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he had one event called and then the karma was called and they prayed for lots of other so the belongings, their bedding and all that stuff. They didn't take down yet. They didn't set up the bed or anything they reached was that he felt they got where they wanted to go. They One of them was called the karma was called and they prayed. So that's after praying so that's and then the Sahaba took down their belongings from the from their rides and whatnot, set up their beds and that kind of stuff, maybe 10 minutes or so. And then another IBAMA only was called so one of them to begin one a karma from a loop and then one your karma for a shot and they pray to like I saw that in a shot. So

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whoever wants to like follow the submit to the tee if you're going on your own, what you can do if you're walking you wonder what he does I sell him prayed and then put down his bedding and then pray on atalaya Okay.

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And so what if the issue comes so you're on the way Tim was that he felt like when I first went to Hajj The first time I went you know, I I hadn't eaten much like I kind of want i undercut it a little too much so by the time and I was exhausted but after I'd have so when I sat on the on the bus I just passed out. I just completely passed up knocked out. And so when I woke up, the bus wasn't moving. It wasn't moving. We're waiting, waiting, waiting. It's not moving, it's not moving. And finally we're like, Alright, we need to pray about going up and I said, What's the ruling? If your bus is stuck and you need to Primavera benicia what do you do? So what you do is you look at

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what has been nights, and what how do we calculate Midnight in Islamic terms?

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exactly halfway between mothers and fathers have a vision for Latin American salons and fetcher. That's midnight. If midnight is gonna come and you have not yet reached most deadly fat then you should pray where you are. Get off the bus and you pray where you are.

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Okay Now ideally if your bus is stopped in traffic it's easier to get off right? The problem is is that if your your the bus riders not letting you get off, they're delayed the traffic is too heavy but they're not letting you get off then you would have to pray on the bus but standing is a pillar of the Sun so if you're able to get off the bus and pray you pray so you pray wherever you are listening of course is to pray MacGillivray shot in was deliver okay? If you do that if you pray macgibbon a shot and you don't reach him was that he is a physio required of you is the sacrifice required of you know, the answer is no. But if you missed was that he fell altogether if you don't

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get there before Salatin failure then according to the majority opinion spending the night and was very fair is why it's a requirement and so if you miss it, you have to take a photo you have to play the video. Okay, now some a very minor opinion holds that it is actually a broken a pillar of hedge and what do we say your pillar of hygiene means if you don't do it, you miss all of hides is invalidated. So very minor opinion though the overwhelming majority of scholars hold that was any fat is wired up and therefore if you miss it, meaning not miss prayer there, but if you miss spending the night there before slots and budget, if you don't get the reference allotted budget,

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then it's required of you to pay a fifth Yep. Okay, now, the processor gave permission for the elderly, for the woman for the children, for those who are weak to leave mazetti for early. What's what are you supposed to do when you go to muslera you spend the night there and you pray slots and fetch it there and was very fast. So Margaret benicia, then you sleep. And one of the parts that have to do by the way he prayed mother up he didn't pray son, and he prayed a shot and the scholars differ whether he prayed with it or not. There's a difference of opinion whether he decided and prayed with it or not. Regardless, he immediately after that went to sleep for the Sunnah of Masada

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is to pray and then sleep right away. It's not to stay up and socialize or pray to hydrate or anything. It's to sleep because you have a long day ahead of you. The 10th of the hedger is called Yeoman hedging. That's when you have four responsibilities on your shoulders is going to be a busy day. So it was ahead of us a busy day and therefore the sun is to sleep right after so that's a nice shot. So you pray Sasha and then the Protestant and he woke up, and he prayed, so lots and feathered right at the beginning of its time. Right once lots of budget came in, he prayed. And then from that point on, he went to a place called Jebel kusa. Jebel kusa, it's within was that Eva and some

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scholars hold that is what a lot of that are referred to in the Koran for either a felt terminology that's in federal court of law in Delmar Shaddoll haraam remember a lot Elvish idol haraam? The scholars say some scholars say was that if as a whole especially idol Haram, others say you know specifically is general possession where the Messenger of Allah went after he playing slots and fetchit he stood there and he made that tell us penalty he faced the Gabba and he made to Allah subhana wa tada until just before the sun rose. So if he prays federal right when it comes in and makes it just until the sun rises, it's approximately you could say roughly an hour or so give or

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take of da da and Vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And at this point, you're still in the Tobia, right? You're still making the televi you haven't stopped yet. The next step of hedges when you stop the telomere but now you're still in telomere. So the Messenger of Allah He went to Jebel Puja and he prayed and he made there are there so let's, that's some of the fifth let's go over some of the reflections on this on this step of Hajj. alesmith is a source of Bukhara student number two verse 198. He says as the first we just mentioned, but he fell in

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with guru gamma hada come in.

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mill cabine lemina. On lien law says that then when you leave out of that, then remember a law, big liquor of a law at the federal haraam and again with the scholar says, either all of them was dead, or specifically, were the master of a law one after sadat's, infigen Willow alum. And Allah says and remember him by invoking Allah for all good as he has guided you, with guru who can come that you're blessed to be a Muslim, that Allah guided you to snap remember him for that favor? And and then barely he says before your his guidance of you You are amongst the baldly those who are misguided those who were straight. Then Allah says in the next verse film boomin

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was stone Pharaoh la

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la foto Rahim Allah, Allah says to my field woman hater I found oneness then go forth with people go forth from and make a step out of Allah ask Allah for forgiveness, for Indeed Allah is Forgiving and most merciful. So we asked Allah to forgive us our sins. Alyssa revealed this verse. Why? Because the people of Rajesh they felt they were superior to everybody else. See, what do we say about the autobiographies outside the boundary of the bottom right was that he was inside the huddle out of us outside the huddle. So the Quraysh would say it's not befitting of us to leave the boundaries of the huddle, so they wouldn't go to alpha

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They will not go to alpha. So Allah says film battlefield woman Hazel FL bonus go fourth word that people go forth from some scholars say it means that when they leave alpha you also go forth with them all Muslims, you don't have any of this nonsense of staying outside of alpha and staying in the mazetti fair right? You go for the word they go for go forth from meaning you leave out of fat and go to Ms defend some scholars say it means when you leave was that effect regardless, the correlation wouldn't go there. So again we learn use find a repetitive theme and hedge witches that have humility. The courageous though they were too arrogant to leave and go to the bottom goes

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outside of the bottom to arafa allows teaching us humility, that go with the people where they go, right and then last days was Stubblefield law. Now this is interesting because we just left from out of we just love from a place where the sins are forgiven. Why is the lessons out of telling the people leave from out of that and make us that far when you just add your sins forgiven? Again, Number A teaches us humility to Allah subhanho wa Taala we never know if our deeds were accepted. We don't know if we were amongst those who were accepted. And we always have this this this this

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this kind of awareness to Allah subhana wa tada that we always have to ask Allah for forgiveness. Remember sweet sweetness of Salah, those of you who were there we at the end of class we counted 13 different ways in which Fallout wipes away all your sins. And then what's the first thing we say after Salah is over? We say it's dacotah three times We ask Allah for forgiveness and Subhanallah similarly we leave out our fats all our sins are forgiven inshallah to Allah and then Allah says it was still futile and ask Allah for forgiveness. So you may have had deficiencies and you don't know if it was accepted. It shows humility to Allah Subhana. Let's add and also realize that it's a bond.

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You know, we said that there was an unsaid shape on fields. There's no day more than a day of out of other than the day a battle of budget, in which shaytaan feels so belittled, humiliated, angry as the day of alpha. So realize that as soon as you leave out of he's ready to attack you to make you fall into sin and you'll see people after leaving out of there getting into arguments, they're cursing and they fall right back into sin. Don't do that. Be aware right that bacon lahoma Bay keep saying the television you're done with the back to the Tobia Keep your eyes on the prize focus on the last panel it's out of focus on going to the house level less panel what's out, you've cleansed

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yourself. We talked about spiritually cleansing yourself to go to the house of Allah so keep herself spiritually clean and pure. Go to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala so realize again, and this is for the her judgment on her judge that she thought is waiting for you at every corner, every corner he's waiting for you to get you beware of his plan. Now, was that event comes from the word is deaf is the laugh which means to draw close to draw close. What does that mean? draw close? What's the context? What's the how do we understand that to draw close? We see autofair is the furthest back from the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala remember that the map I showed you guys out of that is the

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furthest meant sec right? So now you're drawing closer to where what's the goal of hedge to go back to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala so you're drawing closer to Allah subhana wa tada and as you're physically drawing closer to the house of Allah, spiritually you're hoping you're also drawing closer to Allah subhana wa tada and raising in rank. Right so you're drawing closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala and in the journey you're hoping that you're drawing close to Allah spends on that as well with your heart and some kind of law What are you doing was that he thought you put your bed out and you sleep. This is the world's biggest sleep over party. 5 million people just laid out in

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the open desert It's awesome. So how to love the simplicity of it the beauty of it you know, you're just you it's hard to even find the spots you're walking in. There's people to set up everywhere to sleep in this huge summer party. Right except you're supposed to go to sleep is that the one you stay awake all night and party. Right You go to sleep. But so Pamela it's it's amazing. You see you see the people there and you you and it makes you reflect on what that again simplicity right Subhanallah look at the stages of heights that you go through you start with the five star hotel, right? Mecca Medina wherever you are, and then you end up going to Mina or maybe good as easy as

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easy as another city that people go to now the hedge group save money to cheaper hotels kind of get a hotel right it's maybe goes from like a five star to like a two star right so you go from like Mashallah to

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and then from that you go to Mina just tense, right? And then from Mena, you go to was that effect, not just tense, and now you're What? You're in the sand. Nothing. There's nothing there. It's just if you have a sleeping bag, great if you don't sleep on the sand, sleep on the rocks, right? Everybody's doing that somehow. Although the rich, the poor, the governor, the governor, everybody's the same. They're all in the same spot. And it teaches us one of the lessons that Heinz is supposed to teach us is to become less attached to this world. Right less attached to this world. And if you can deal with this kind of stuff, then a lot of that is preparing you for dealing with all kinds of

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situations in your life. Right you you have it you have a good with a five star hotel and you have a rough and was ready for you have it in between and meaning you have in between and asiya you have different stages. And if you're dealing with the whole time and all these stages, you're saying the big kolomela big and you're focused on Allah subhanho wa Taala this teaches

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When you leave Hajj to do the same in your life, things may not always go according to plan. You may have different tests and different things. And the whole time your eyes should be on the prize focused on Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there you pray for us. infigen right. And then we said after fudger Prasanna, what the devil was and he made Dra. And they could have a lesson time and tell BIA until the sun almost throws, and the prospect of then left was dead, before the sun actually rose. So the sun is you leave was that effect before the sun rises? Now here was that effect is where you can collect your pebbles for the demo rocks. How many pebbles do you need?

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How many apples Do you need for the gym? A lot?

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How many do each one

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do seven and each one right? So this is what happens on the first date, meaning the 10th of the hedger you only stone Geminis will aka the big jamara. So you only need how many stones seven. Okay. And then the 11th of the ledger, amateur Shrek, the 11th 12th and 13th. You each you do all three gemelas all three

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basins where you have to stone, right and each one requires seven. So you collect at minimum you collect 49. Right. If you're leaving on the 12th of the hedger from Mena, then you need 49. If you're staying too low 13, which we'll talk about in the next session, all this stuff will be a little more clear, you'll need 70 you'll need an additional 21 Okay, so here are on the way to you know, when you leave was ready for on the way to Mina, you can collect your pebbles there, okay. And then some handler does, you know, it's remarkable when you walk especially, it's amazing. You're walking with people from all walks of life, all corners of the globe. And it was a panel that when I

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was going the first time I went to hedge, you know, I had sandals and I saw, you see different sites and panels. And one of the things that was remarkable, you see these old men walking without any shoes at all. And when you're walking from was ready for domina you'll see a lot of trash, unfortunately, a lot of trash. And so I saw this old man without any sandals I wanted to edit right so I'm gonna give him my sandals and I get the edge of you know, saying I'll walk on bare feet. So I go to him I just look at his face. I see no sandals I go and and so I think he was I don't know where he's from, I think he was from like Russia or the Caucasus or somewhere in that region. So we

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tried to communicate with one another in a way that we could signal to his feet as to to my feet. I forgot my sandals. And so he understood. And he he said something, what I understood was edges. That's all I understood. So my understanding was he was asking me Do you want to edit? And I said, Yeah, so I want you to have the nice older man, you know, Scott white here and stuff. He said, I said, Take the sandals, and I'll walk barefoot. But Subhanallah I just saw that he wasn't wearing sandals, I don't look at the size of his feet.

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So rather, he takes his sandals. And he puts his feet in it. And so the sandal has like the top part has like this little you know, it's like wrapped, he could barely fit his foot in there. His feet were huge. Mashallah. But he wanted to give me the edge, although I probably made it more hard on him. And he put his foot in there. And he started walking like this. And I said,

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What did I do?

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The spirit is just remarkable, you know, that they everybody's looking for the pleasure of a loss kind of what's out and he's like, you know what, I'll make it. He's thinking in his mind, I'll make a little harder on myself. So you get the engine inshallah, and I hope, which I like to get into since

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he said, but you see a lot of amazing things when you walk, you know, if you can walk as nice. The only thing is, if you're gonna walk, you're walking back to me, now you're walking back to your tents, right? You need to know where your tent is. Okay? We're also be trouble. Right? And the people who are there like the government officials, whoever there who are there, they don't know the maps. Unfortunately, they that's what they need to teach them. But they don't teach them that. So they don't, they can't give you direction. You got to look at those maps posted in certain places. You have to try and figure it out. And oftentimes you kind of figure out the long bootleg route to

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get back to your tent instead of the nice direct route. Okay, so that wraps up was very fair. We'll go ahead and continue to the next session with the Yeoman. Now how did the 10th day of the ledger, Yeoman hedges? Well, it was that one and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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