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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of "proof" in relation to shaming people. They use a analogy of "proof" to explain how Subhanallah deal with people who mocked and mocked him. The speaker also talks about how Subhanallah overtook people in London and tries to convince them to stay away from them.
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I always say, a sign of piety. A sign of piety is when you humble yourself when you treat people with utmost respect, look at Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the highest of us.

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When faced with enemies, people who really mocked and scoffed How did he deal with them? Look at the people of Taiwan look at so many others, he dealt with them in a very polite way very polite way Subhanallah in a way that they wouldn't have imagined. Because he knew mentioned when you know, and you know that you know,

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then Subhanallah you don't need to flex your muscle.

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You don't need to hear is the prophet of Allah being told we can crush them? He says don't crush them. They don't know.

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What would we have done? We don't even have the ability to crush them say Please crush these guys. You don't even have that ability.

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And what did they do to you? Nothing they just overtook your vehicle. That's it and other youngsters I'll give you an example mashallah

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road rage get excited. You know what, you're harming yourself. Protect yourself from this by just humbling yourself it's okay they can come first No prob they can overtake the car, flush it and wave at them mashallah, we had a group of youngsters yesterday excited to be next to us pulled up here the roads of London the A 406 I promise you they thought they were going to subtract a figure from there and make it a 405 the way they carried on.

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But to be honest, what did we have to do?

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We just let them be a little while later, they got fed up and went off. And I'm sure I shouldn't blame them. But maybe they were just excited. Nonetheless, what happens sometimes we forget that hey, they're Road Rules, they're things we might end up harming ourselves and others just because on the spur of the moment, the heat of it. We've lost a little bit of the consciousness of where we are and what we're supposed to be doing. The same applies when Allah blesses you, and you're devoid of faith or connection with Allah.

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You tend to forget for a moment

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