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Musleh Khan
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Right away, let's get into the first introduction if you'd like of Surah Al Fatiha and this is of course, after we have gone through many introduction to seeking knowledge and we discussed some of the basic etiquettes of a student of knowledge with him or herself as well as a student of knowledge with their teacher or shape. And we gave you a series of points that in sha Allah, you could use throughout our discussions and these points that I've given to you. Were also points that I've used for myself that I've benefited from tremendously and I still benefit from them even till this day. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala always and forever for his tofield and having said that insha

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Allah Let's begin with the first subtopic of sorbitol. Fattah, which is the name so we're going to look at the name of Surah Al Fatiha. The word Al Fatiha Of course comes from the word Fattah. If taho Fatiha literally means to open something and the reason why so that Al Fatiha is called Fatiha because it opens the book of Allah azza wa jal by its recitation when you use it in prayer. So basically when you say Surah Al Fatiha in your Salah in your prayer. This is the reason why it's been given the opening. It's it's been titled this because this is what begins officially your prayer and we're going to come in sha Allah, if there's time to just a short side discussion about

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the person who doesn't use sudo et al Fatiha in their solar, we're going to discuss in sha Allah are very basic of what is the physical ruling regarding the person who doesn't do that. And believe it or not, there is a difference of opinion amongst the URL ma ma ma ba hanifa has a completely separate discussion on this with very strong evidence the evidence is to support that. So total fat is not a criteria for the validity of a solid

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from the names of the solar cell fat, it is also called omega n which is of course the mother of the poor n. It is also called the mother of the key tab or the book or Malky tab, the mother of the book. And this is of course according to the majority of manifests the rune. In addition to that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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tells us in an authentic hadith that all praise and thanks are due to Allah azza wa jal vo Lord of the universe. And when Allah when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said this, it continues the narration, all praises and thanks is due to Allah azza wa jal, Lord of the universe and the mother of the poor and he's referring to sorbitol Fatiha now he's praising this one sort of alone calling it the mother of the poor and the mother of the book The seven often repeated verses of the great poor and in Arabic We call this sub aerial method. And so the seven often repeated verses of the poor and and this is also written reference to an A in Surah tel hedger. In addition to that,

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another name for sorta tel Fatiha and this is found and also many books of Tafseer is that it is also called M or n. It is also the mother of the entire poor. And actually, we mentioned that the next one here that I will give you is a core anilao theme of this is what I want to mention, and allow the meaning of the great quarter and the word aldine comes from the word our album either means something that is vast, something that is powerful, something that is great, something that's beyond this world, something that even you can find names, you can find words to describe how amazing how vast, it's you it just leaves you completely some of the names of sorta alfetta is also

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it is called the Great por en. Now this is interesting, because it's not called the Great sutra, it's referred to as the great core en. Now the reason why so little fat has all of these different titles. So this is the second point that you want to note is why is it called the mother of the poor and the omole keytab. The mother of the book, why is it called the Great core and this scholars have various opinions as to why this is from them.

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Some of the scholars they say that it is called the mother of the poor and simply because it is the first surah of the entire poor end. Remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that place the core end in the order that we see it today wasn't something that was just miraculously done by the scholars or by the sahabas this is something that Allah has said

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Virgil himself had instilled and prescribed for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is the way he taught the companions to recite the Quran. So scholars say this is why it's become the mother of the Quran because it's the first surah and generally speaking, the mother generally is sort of that primary leader when it comes to the household and taking care of her children. Another reason why scholars they've called this the one of the wisdoms of why it's called the mother of the poor n is simply because it entails all of the discussions of the poor and when it comes to our belief in our a PETA. So when it comes to our belief, our creed our Arpita knowing who Allah azza wa

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jal is knowing the the traits and the characteristics and the attributes of Allah. So again, we find this all in so little Fatiha. This is why some of the scholars they've said that anybody who wants to know who wants to get a general synopsis of the entire poor and just study sorta tell Fatiha certain fatty How will give you a very strong synopsis or diagnosis of what the entire Quran is talking about. And we're going to look at some of those points when we get to the first a a insha Allah from the names of sawtell Fatiha is that it is also called a Shiva as Shiva, which is the cure. And this is based on a narration of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he mentioned

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that the opening of the book meaning Surah Fatiha is a cure to every poison is a cure to every poison. If you look back in some of the narrations of the Sahaba or Omar Abdel hottub rhodiola Huang, who used to use sawtell, fatty had to perform Rokia and others, some of the sahabas including some of the main students of Ebner Ibis, they used to use soda Telfair amongst other suitors as well to recite over a cut or a wound that they would have. So even if a scorpion came and bit them, or they got injured in battle, one of the ways to cure that is by doing a what we call europea or it is it's actually a type of cure exorcism depending on how serious the case is, but simply a bite or a

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wound or you have a cut, you can use sort of Al Fatiha to cure that and scholars even have commented generally speaking, you can use the entire core and to cure yourself as well. So, this is why another name for sort of alfetta we said it is the cure another name it is that it is also called a Rokia. It is also called the spiritual cure. And this one here is exclusive to a person who is possessed or a person that say God has done has been done on them. They've been possessed by a jinn they have I mean and that sort of thing. Then sort of that effect how also is one of the primary cures for that spiritual poison or problem?

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Also sorta, Telfair town, is called El Keifa. El keefer. Yeah, which is the sufficient because it suffices for everything other than it, but anything else does not suffice it so this is all based on narrations that basically softail fat have because of what it entails because of its discussion. This is why so little fat to have becomes enough for you to understand who Allah azza wa jal is

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