Akram Nadwi – The whole universe is standing on the command of Allah

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the negative impact of actions on one's environment and the importance of thanking Allah for his favors and helping people. The success of people in fitness and personal growth is also highlighted, along with the potential for personal growth. It is not about being arrogant or proud, but rather acknowledging and thanking oneself for one's success.
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However we will learn the shirt why the game is really low here often and often low in Shakur Toma as he then Lacan

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so 100 I've been teaching enough for a long time about the sliver and patience

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and then you know it came to my mind last week reading the Quran that whenever underneath a command something you know about any Alibaba

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so sometimes for answer the law looking screwed so you think so then I realized really thanking Allah is actually one of the purpose of his favors. So whenever he gets favor you know the one the yellow paper really that we thank him that you know whenever you see any new favor cons so he wants to thank

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Why is he like that the wireless author wants us to thank you know first thing is you know, try to understand every that we have got from Allah to thanking he was obligatory all the time anyway even even if we take in breath in order to because obligated to thank him so you look around any favor that you have but really your money even the health when you're able to eat

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you know anything can happen to your life to your health, and you're in the hospital or any problem so the way things are going on it's all favorite formula. But we don't realize so what he does he wants us to realize that but we don't realize to what he does give new flavor. When new flavor comes then you suddenly something new you thank him that reminds you also all the existing servers there's so many firsts on my list hautala too, when people learn about the fjords of Allah subhanaw taala they become more and more humbled arrogance goes away the truth that comes to their mind because the truth The reality is that nothing is from us nothing nothing is promised really.

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You know, when you look at I write a book if I think I can see really nothing from me, you know, if I single I write with my mind, but I make my mind No, if I think oh it is my time I spend my time but did I make time? Did I give enough time for my life? You know, I can die anytime if I think I might knowledge but do you think do I think that I made my knowledge? No Allah smarter gave those opportunities that I got the knowledge in such a way if you did not want it, nothing would have happened to when you start think and nothing might

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come to my mind to write an article about this or even people say me mind I if you go deeper you find it nothing me an idol doesn't exist. there nothing mind why? It is just just it is the illusion does you think like that. The nothing, you know, people say my father, my mother, my son or my daughter, my sister, you know, all my on my mind, my health, my house. If you start analyzing the nothing mine in the country, we ourselves we don't own ourselves, leave anything else, we do not create ourselves. But we forget very quickly to what Allah does, out of the famous many, many fields that that he keeps giving a new favors to new favors or like to remind God the old one clever

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people, the thank Allah for the new favors, and then also start thanking for the last one, the previous ones to Allah subhanaw taala said, then I give you more favor, because you know, let's create a he can make more and more new things. But when after reminder from him, you don't thank you

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in what it gives me any new thing, but don't thank Him, then one day he decides to take away from you the favors. And that is the people time when people decline. And all the favors have been taken away from them. I've seen it you know, in my even village when I was young boy that I've been people very, very rich top people in the you know, their family and you know, they have a lot of cells and big houses, you know, in the village. Hardly anybody has houses like that. These people, everybody knows them. But they become arrogant, you know, harming people hurting people. Now nobody knows them. Now the families are basically nothing, they don't own anything. There are people who are very

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poor. Now they are the one who are in the front. And lots of changes so quickly within 3040 years, people have been changing.

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So whatever you have got he can take very easily to understand all the time really whenever you have a favor. In order thank Allah sorta don't become arrogant. Don't think I'm better than anybody else. You know, anybody just to think that you could have been the place or that person. The reason they're personally in the place that is a no must be something but our luck would have made us to be in there. Every time. keep remembering Allah remembering the favors to thank him whenever we thanked him that existing favors continues and the new favors keep coming. And the Baraka will remain with you and your family all the time.

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But when people don't realize, you know, they're just so stupid they only think of what they don't have they don't ever understand what they've got the law even takes away what they but like we Muslims don't think give protesting and all those things too every time we protest something more had been taken away from us every time a reason is because we don't thank him what he has given us we don't thank him. So this is the very very important literally all the time that you know if you have got some new knowledge thank Allah for that knowledge also thank for the past one if you have got any new favor thank you if you've got you know your children healthy thank Allah for that you

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know and also thank for all the help that affordable or good news in any bad news can happen to you for your family then all your programs York you know thinking that I'm going to do this and that all will be a shot and nothing you can't do anything everything happening okay the word thing really they whenever I think more I'm the word really not as solid as people think the whole university standing on just a command from Allah that only thing soldiers are less Come on nothing is solid you know sun rising of the sun moon we take for granted that every morning The sun will be rising and clouds will be coming the rain will be coming guide train will be on this you know we can get the

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train we can play with all those they really don't have any romantic system nothing any time they can change any time it all one little fixes are less common. Whenever that why we need to please him everything third waikerie Allah mentions in the Quran about a marriage that in a people should remember Allah because all these relation new and old one you know your rotation your father and your brother sister a new one husband and wife all they are just amount of the soul they don't they're not nothing you think they're very solid. People think my wife my husband and my father and my mother our luck and creative innovative and all of them they could start hating you nothing is

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yours it all just a lot a lie they made a command that way all these relationships exist that why he said what the hola hola Rita sir Luna be he What are

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you know, Fear Allah, by who the name you ask each other. And Rahim is a name that has met all connections together. All together if his name is not there, nothing will be there. So you know how I think really when you're lying down walk, thinking that what exactly I've got? how Allah is favoring me how much he gives, you know, how can we we have so many plants, why our plants work, unless there was, you know, anything can go wrong. No plan can work. You know, if anybody wants some theory, you do very little

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1020 things are done by the people are many other elements are met. So make connections, and they work together, then something happened. So many things actually, we have no idea we left on Apple when I planted something in the soil, I'm a farmer, I plant something, I become very happy that I have done something, something will grow. But actually I don't realize really, that this soil to be able to grow is not I did not do anything. Allah made it the rain then right in light of so many things and you know,

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the miracles of the 10 really worked which we don't know, there's something grows, what do we think it in my effort? If it went really well I just want to give us a you know some happiness, that we made effort simply not when you seek another, you do very little really but allow us to see the effort to thinking we should make thanking our habit. And that why even in Paradise, one thing that nobody paradise what one thing in paradise will be the currency hunt 100

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people at the paradise they will keep thanking Allah, every time they get new favor. They keep thanking Allah smart Allah in this world, we thank him and hereafter, we thank him. So this actually was something Kadena coming to my mind and I want to remind you, that never become proud and arrogant. Can nothing is the mind nothing is yours. It all from Allah, the way things are they very easily he can take it away very easily. Anybody who you look lower than you, he can make them TableView very easily. You know, it changes so quickly cannot imagine. So don't look at anybody that they're lower than you and don't become arrogant and proud. And always keep saying if we listen to

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our listener that or from him, and that how the professor last night actually when he conquered karma, and when he entered to Makkah, that while he was saying Alhamdulillah Wada, or thanks for Allah, He is the one who defeat the old army. He helps his celeb and he make all the easier for me. So the profits and loss of dinner

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relate any of his success to himself. In our time, you know, people just make one board in a football. And then they because jumping are so happy, they don't understand really nothing, you know, but they still feel so proud and arrogant. That should not, you know that people should be worried, really. But when you do this thing, a lot can take or you know your happiness so easily. You know, you guys see so many successful in people in the fitness industry and rich people people mentioned their name, you know, many of them, they get cancer, or a very early death, or sometimes they have depression, they committed suicide. They're very successful people. People are jealous of

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them. But something goes wrong, because they've got arrogant, they think they're proud of their own ability. And a lot of that takes away things from them. And anybody can see how little they are.

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So that ugly, what No, I want to remind myself and all of you that make the tanking ideal hybrid, where if you have any question, please ask.

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Sonic wassalam Yeah.

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Just Just from this topic, then you're just reminding me, I think I had

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maybe it was like a scene from one of the companions where they would say, like, if they went through, like a period where they had no, like hardship.

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You know, normally people you say like, if Allah tests us because he loves you. And so when the companions went through a time where they'd they'd like, things were easy, and they weren't having hardship, they'd get really scared. And think, oh, like, have I done something wrong? is Allah punishing me?

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Is this is this like the mindset the mindset that we should kind of be carrying?

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Yeah, you know, every time new forever, thank Allah.

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Tiwari whenever he some difficulty, cost, ticket, a reminder from Allah to take us to make us to turn to Him in any problem that happened to your life and makes you to turn to Him and ask Him to help you, that fella You know, he made you to be connected with him. So that actually I wrote an article as well this all the needs that in this world, you know, Allah subhanaw taala will have given us so much we don't need anything. But people don't realize really nice our favors from Allah. Because when you need something, you turn to Him and ask Him do you get reward? You draw, if he he makes use in your daughter need energy? If you have gone difficulty, no problem he's not dumping. So

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unless I like create difficulty in provenance in order that people realize their weakness and turn him to him to ask helper you know, people can ask for help, every time they should ask anyway, but we forget. So new is the difficulty is a problem. They are all fears from Allah. If people don't have difficulty, they should be worried. Because Mr. loweswater donor is somehow

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not happy. We did not create those things through which fears can come from him. Because when difficulty comes to you talk to him, then you know he reverse you

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delicacy all these prophets and messengers, all we have difficulty until the end of their life. In hardhearted, Melissa de la Toronto, he had a wife in married and they divorced her. Peter said to him that why you divorce your wife in a marriage so quickly? He said Ricardo since I married her, she never fell in love with my skirt that there must be something wrong with her that Alaska did not even make her to have fever or something in some illness. So if people don't have illness don't have any problem. It could be scary. So anyway, when you have good things, thank Allah any problems turn to him. So your life will be a career in violence are all the skills that whatever I have got it can

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be taken away from always can and I really hope that why not have a look and give me easily all the time in think his hair was coming on. I also think that you know, maybe I lose my first wonder I should not lose a lot less people love that. When they are they are between the Raja and hope, hope and fear.

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Basically. Yeah, that's correct. Exactly.

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Stop now.

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