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The speakers discuss various verses in Islam and its impact on society, emphasizing the importance of using personal experiences to inform actions. They also touch on issues related to Islam and its implications for society, such as the printing of the Bible and a woman named Jani. The segment uses examples such as Jani's garment during the Day of Resurrection and emphasizes the need for people to pay attention to their youth and encourage them to take care of their health.

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Allah Allah addressing the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he to whom b g hadn't Kp Robin he goes to the Quran, Jihad

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Jihad forget that you have the truth, but how can you deliver it in a nice way to the people?

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Without further delay I want to share with you the verses in slack medium.

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was the Kuru field kita Ibrahim

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in Casa de una de

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mentioned in the Boko Mohammed Ibrahim he was a truthful man and a prophet

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if you call it a de

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la Mata boo,

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boo boo, boo boo neon kashia Yeah, apathy

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apathy means now Daddy,

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my father

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Why do you worship something that does not hear or see

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nor it will help you?

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Yeah, by

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any means? Mima Mia Tikka factor Gianni de casa rock on so we again Daddy, father, my father. Allah has given me a portion of knowledge that you do not have I'm not saying father that you don't know Do you know father? You taught me a lot but I get this extra knowledge that you do not have follow me father.

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I will guide you to the straight path

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he's showing k k.

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de la Buddhists showing

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my father I'm afraid that you're going to end up pushing the shape on in a shape on a can a little rough man y'all see

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shaitan is this obedient to Allah? To the Most Merciful?

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Yeah, Betty in me.

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Raman effect Hakuna Alicia Pani Walia

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I'm afraid for you father.

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I feel that Allah will punish you, the Most Merciful will punish you allies. My you know the so merciful Father, but I'm afraid the Most Merciful will punish you and you become a follower of shaper.

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Have you ever seen anything beautiful than this more beautiful than this?

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Look at the reaction of the Father.

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are you speaking about my idols about my Gods over

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the abdomen? If you do not stop I will stone you to death or do you have another choice? Please

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leave if you stay keep speaking about my idols in this way. I will stone you to death

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of Lee before I do so.

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Look at the reaction. Look at the two chorus call Salah manana II nanny peace

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Stubblefield Ola cannot be I will ask my Lord to forgive you

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in Can I be happy?

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He's my friend.

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And I will do your wish father will art as you know. I will leave. I will go to Philistine I migrating.

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Hurry resell Alicia Davina.

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This is a message to our youth.

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And Alhamdulillah Allah is blessing this oma with a lot of youth who are

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getting into the path of Allah, the true path, the Quran and the Sunnah.

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But please use wisdom with the nearest of kin, steal your family members. Do not turn them off because of the way that you deliver the truth that you have. And this is the OSHA of Abraham. This is how we take Abraham as an example in this issue of our staff are largely welcome.

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Alhamdulillah your beloved I mean, lovable, humble person.

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What Santa

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y shadow Allah illallah wa sallahu la sharika yaku

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y shadow anessa

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Wanna Vienna Mohammedan Abdullah

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before Ibrahim alayhis salam lift era

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he had to establish the object, the evidence against his people.

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he debated with them right and left. As I said at the beginning of my football, his his people were

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some who used to worship the stars and some we used to worship the idols.

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There is there are maybe five or six verses in Surah Al Anam

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which a lot of Muslims do not comprehend.

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The verses that talks about when Ibrahim looked at the kawaki

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Phelan jannali, Laila Kolkata when it was done,

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he saw a store.

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He said the store is my

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fella, when the store disappeared.

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I don't like those gods who disappeared. The next night Falun

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When he saw the moon he said this is my Lord for a method called an

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akuna nominal Congo Pauline.

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The following day he saw the sun fallen mera Shamsa. There's a button called

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a lot of Muslims they say Ibrahim doubted

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chakaipa Himalayan Maha

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Ibrahim Ali Salaam was debating

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with his people if unhappy letter houda key data Muslim Min manava

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the Akita of a person cannot be taken or deducted from a debate

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because sometimes if you're debating with a non Muslim

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you may not use the Quran because he's using analogy.

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So you may use the analogy it does not mean that you believe in the analogy because analogy when the the presence of the text is there, this laser cutter to form an Akita. He goes like this, okay, my people are worshipping the stars. Okay, I'm going to do the same with you. Okay. I'm going to worship this one they used to say this far is for luck. This star for riches the star for sickness. Okay, this one is mine.

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up in the morning, where is the star?

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Politicians for us? This was my God. Help me. Please My God. Disappeared

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from the full moon I'll go for the moon tonight. Oh, Cuckoo.

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Cuckoo limited map the hour.

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I'll go for the moon tonight. The moon is mica today.

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What is the moon?

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So he's trying to prove to them that these stars

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they disappear.

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So he's debating with them.

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Of course, at the end of the debate,

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once you debate with somebody By the way, and then

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hear your token and then they start using the threatening language that they need. If you don't stop, we're gonna burn you. hallas you know that you're a winner?

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Dima moussaka. dallisa Ram can be a model for how he was talking to the field. Jani

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Dennison laini Taylor.

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We are debating what brought the jail here.

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If you're debating with somebody and then at the end he uses threatening language you know that you want

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because they bait his foot. Use evidence, mental, physical or physical. If he says I'm going to hate you, leave him leave him.

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For they made a fire for him. They thrown him into this fire naked

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Subhana Allah.

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Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala delivered him.

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Cooney Bogdan wa salam and Allah Ibrahim.

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This fire

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did not even touch but the ropes that they tied him with

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a woman piano Ibrahim

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you have shown us we own piano, oh fat and rotten hula people will be resurrected in the Day of Resurrection naked.

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seminal Hala Ibrahim the first one who will be given a garment to wear in the day for selection will be

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arisa Why?

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Because he stood

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For La ilaha illAllah, naked in front of the fire

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jabril came to him Can I help you that has to be a law

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or not Milwaukee, Allah knows will take care of

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in two minutes

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beside the support of Allah,

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the patience of Ibrahim

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the pure faith of Ibrahim

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what were the elements of his success again his his people

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you know one of these elements

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it was actually mentioned by the disbelievers

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once they went to their

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place where the please that I idols say never even know he

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broke all of them. And he plays the oxen, a shoulder of one of them.

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Who did this man

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who did this to our idols, here is called Santa Ana.

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Fact I have Kuru mukalla who Ibrahim

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we heard a young man

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young man

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know how bass can

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be Saladin Hassan Hudson

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the majority of the successes that the religion of Allah is Islam was was granted by the youth.

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know, based on Allah,

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and once you become old enough to be

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you know, Adam,

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are we a sheep? The son of Adam will become so old. The fun of his life is about to say

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that Shinzo hyah tea and coffee

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so his all

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has been opened up between him and the grave is inches.

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Why a ship woofie hitting 10 boxes. His heart is used in two areas

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to rule and

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he thinks that he's going to live forever

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and the love of wealth.

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If the oma

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is to come back,

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it's going to be the youth who will make it happen.

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I hope the brothers

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our elders Do not misunderstand me here. We need your experience.

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We need your experience to help the youth

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but the youth are the people who will do the work.

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Maybe this is an invitation to all of us as individuals and as a community as a community to start paying attention to our youth.

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Breathing build them, teach them

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breathing you child

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Allahumma furlanetto bana seraphina Marina

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COVID Catherine. Hello Marina.

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de nada Abu Dhabi had stopped for la sala