Akram Nadwi – The meaning of ‘Huda’

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing the concept of guidance and how it is important to not be a part of Facebook's search for writers. They mention the importance of working on the path of Islam and working on one's condition to achieve success. The speaker also mentions a tablet experimentation with Amara and how it is a positive step for the writing community.
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Somebody is asking Can you please clarify a definition of guidance? You know, it is coming in to record anyway but the guidance is simply meaning that you know the part of the truth that you know leads you to Dina fella that I'm going to spend you know to be a part of Allah to worship him, you know to your searches busy that is that is the guidance is that right path the right path or wishing walk and then you reach your destination, you get paradise you get pleasure if your Lord he was happy with you, you please him that the path that you know that by which on which you can please your Lord, that is the Buddha that the guidance that God is very, very important to not not

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irritating your favorite writers. Do you have to understand what the guidance is?

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But that is a lot more close. The two words which people have to understand Buddha and taco that was

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it and can Allah Hoda, Amara with tequila tablet. You need to be on the right path. Working to Allah satola on your condition should always be after cover all of us fear of Allah on all of us careful maybe I'm slipping maybe I'm missing it all the time this tablet to hold on toccoa will make you to work on the path right like that. Why this first surah Quran mission both countries Amara

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