Akram Nadwi – 99 Names of Allah – The meaning of Al-Samad in Surah al-Ikhlas

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Kairos and the importance of understanding the meaning behind them. They also mention the use of words like "monster" and "monster" in English to describe people and their behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to rely on someone who is strong and confident.
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If you look in the Quran, what you can find really easy some points they are like main pillars of the sutra, what you call a mood or moody means like you know when other people used to live in the tents to in the tents that they used to help killers that how tense is centered and what used to be the main pillar in the in the mood to every content will have many pillar ahmud so similarly every suit of the main pillar parabola has a mood basically a summit hit a summit this summer the must be understood properly This is some of the really which is never understood actually by the philosophers

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and by the door the Muslim Simpson which are well known nakida I don't want to criticize everybody in the world because people always think that I could give people but truth really is when you read the Quran, you really become so angry that Allah in even you read about Allah from the Quran so powerful with you all the time helping you you rely on him you ask him you know everything for him when you read a lot of the books of Eden theologie did know life there it is just a discussion no argument nothing is there you don't feel that you know, you rely on somebody is so power frequently somebody really has come to me to give you a right understanding of your load what some of the means

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to some other basically means

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like for some time in the sea, that the big big rock very big huge rock in the past when people used to have ships and boats in the summertime where they used to tie the ships and on board with the rock to basically take refuge to the rock and the rock in their title but integrals like a rock is so firm to seek and not move it but all the system then need to rely on that rock to that okay some of the means some other also used to mean Arabic language

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when people used to fight in the war to there will be some people to destroy strong in the fighting in the army. If you are close to them you feel protected so I'm fighting next 200 worried if your nest to have invalid use a near death to basically be like summer two that are pika summer. If you fighting and you are next to a child Tell me what will happen you will be so much scared next to a coward person you will be scared but if you fighting and next to us how worried next to you is in

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the room next to us however, next to you is people like us next to you are people that you know grid computer Comdata these people when you fighting then we feel so protective. And you feel really so much confidence in that how are you to color summer, the summer also used to be that big a man in the war that was so brave stand in his courage did not fit anybody did not need any real and secret salary sometimes to say send me alone. He can just fight an arm alone. That was some of these and everybody else can rely on them to this some of the some of the basically the one who does not lie to anyone, but everyone relies on him. Everybody needs him without him you basically cannot survive

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that some of the means Allah who summit

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