Reminders The 4 Step Process Part 6

Mirza Yawar Baig


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The speaker discusses the importance of learning and teaching Islam, particularly in the context of the Facebook post about the number of people who have died in the world. They emphasize the need to focus on fulfilling the sunanda and continuously working on deeds to improve one's chances of achieving Islam. The segment also mentions a video about a boogeyman and a boogeyman in a truck.

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Nothing very low. So that was a violation of freedom da, da, da da he was right. But

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I would like to begin by thanking Allah house Allah for giving us the opportunity to pray a little further by gamma in diversity. It is no

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there is no blessing of Allah subhanaw taala that must go and tanked. And this is one of the biggest of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala Alhamdulillah very sharp by Gemma, and we prayed for Georgia. And as a result Allah subhanho wa Taala has written the whole night in our Amal as

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this is from the solar solar cell, a very, very poor person, please. Lucia by Gemma and he prays

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that I will give him the reward for having worship the whole night.

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Even though we have the humbler slept well in the right, but it is recorded as worship, we come back to our

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reminders, or which were one the issue of the four step formula for learning and teaching of Islam. And we are on the short skirts enough.

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We dealt with various issues of scale. Today, we will do the final one of them which is called badania or karaya remote. And that is that is from the hobbyzone resolve it seldom when the Sahaba asked him when he mentioned, he said a time will come on you when you will be as

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as the ocean, but you will be you will have no weight. And you will be like the form on the ocean of form on a flood.

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In this I have a forum you see for the sidebar to imagine that there will be large numbers and there will be no way it was impossible to manage because they were so few and Alhamdulillah they had so much influence and so much power that they could not imagine. How is it that we will be so numerous, but we will have no weight and we will have no value in the eyes of the world. And that sort of a sort of film says because of what happened. They said what is what happened. And he said home with dunya aka raha to mouth, he said the love of dunya and the hatred of death and the dislike for that.

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The basic cause for both of these things for hobo denier and Kara has is a lack of your pain in the accurate

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both of these illnesses of the heart come from a lack of your cane India. So the man didn't have the mallet went to Makkah for Amara and he asked people he said Is there anyone here who has seen the Sahaba? Is there anyone else?

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So they told him about one of the tabernacle, and he requested to meet him and when he met him, he asked him he said why is it that we hate that

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and this value of Allah, He said to him, it is because you hate to go from a place which you have adored and decorated and prepared to a place which you have left to be desolate, a place which you have abandoned,

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because a place where you have built a beautiful palace, obviously, you do not want to leave that and go to a place where there is nothing. So, he says the degree to which you will have your pain in the era depends on the degree to which you work on the asset

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and a lack of the update on the accurate results in love for the dounia and a hatred for going to the asset. Unfortunately, whether we hate to go to the asset or not, one day we will go

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whether you love death or you hate death that will come irrespective The problem is is when it comes then it will be very painful and very troublesome and very, very problematic. And then the problems will start it is common for the people who have no knowledge, when they talk about somebody, they especially if someone has died after sickness or after some suffering, they will say oh Alhamdulillah the man suffering has ended. But this is not necessarily true. The man suffering has ended if the person was a moment and he died on him

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then inshallah his suffering as index and Allah will open the doors of his blessings for him. But if the verse was not a Muslim, if the person was a was a non Muslim, or if a person was Muslim and he was indulging in all sorts of haram and if Allah subhanaw taala chooses not to forgive him, then his forgive then his suffering does not end it starts and the suffering which starts at that point, at the time of get does not end.

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And if you remember the lectures of destiny or after which we are doing the last lecture I spoke about that is always a dream.

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Where you mentioned all these people in the jeep, those jingdong Who are those people that are people who are Muslims, all of those, all of those people who have about whom the Bashar videos are people who are Muslims, but people indulging in Haram in spite of knowing that they are. So humble dunia Vergara has almost is the result of lack of European in the asset. And that is why we need to work on the afra How do you build the octane in the app by working on the alpha by doing those deeds and concentrating on on those deeds, which will be with us in the alpha. And so therefore we concentrate on the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala we dance in it on the vigor of Allah subhanaw

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taala you concentrate on fulfilling the sunanda vamos also does a lot of it. So we concentrate on so the cat and Farah and all forms of goodies, where we are spending apparently out of what we have in this dunya but actually we are investing in the Acura for a return which will be far higher than what we can ever imagine for the Trans Union. And that is also part of the skills and that's where we must constantly constantly and continuously work on this. inshallah.

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Tomorrow we will talk about a dialect of the Quran, for instance, was a Lola Highlander with Kareem Ali. He was heavy as rain