Akram Nadwi – Shaytan, the devil, can misguide you through religion

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of shattering and being safe from shattering. They also mention the danger of being too religious and the danger of being too afraid of others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting one's identity and potential harm from shattering.
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One thing I was what Allah has made it clear in your in his book is that to be safe from shaitaan and from his plotting is what he said, First Alou 100 liqueur in quantum law if you don't know ask the people have the knowledge

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This will help you what happens sometimes what happens is you know you have two different choice two choice three choice the first choice

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your own Shatta Wale easier, can you make you to go to a choice, which is going to harm you, sometimes the choice will make you is more religious,

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how can shattered shattered, but he was he you are only you are a person who only can a misled through a religion, he wants to mislead through real even resistance can be you know can be harmful to you or try to understand, you will not know and most people ignore that there are Muslims that they go if somebody know his beard and you know, and they know this and that and you know, teaching What are less water to you? How can you tell me that you don't understand it that teaching also can lead you to shut up? Very, very dangerous. And many things happen in this world? How he will do he will take with the most

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and the most somebody will how's that the preacher giving a sermon?

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Now your responsibility really if you want to be protected? Ask the people the person who's going to reach and get someone who is this person? What is qualification? That he knew Arabic language that they know Islam properly? You know, because if he teaches me I have to follow if he does not know himself, how can it is? Do you do this? No. You okay? Somebody said no. I said no. I live in London hotel. And then you listen. And then some bird what's even worse for your eye, your air and you believe in that. And you do very often ignorant creatures, Mr. doodoo until recently croscill Foster was thicker, not everybody else. this keep happening. And I've just seen in my life so much already

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people who have no knowledge of any Arabic language.

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degree fatawa

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if you actually have seen some of them are there. If you ask a question, somebody who's not early he's the first person to answer.

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people listened to that person, then articulate how satanically mixing somebody who is quite thinking workout was the one who not only is the first person to answer B or whiskey when somebody answers question, your duty to ask the person you answered this question before I follow you before I learned you tell me what your qualification Are you love this person. Do you know Arabic language? Do you know karate soon? Do you like that? If you really make your real dear to your heart, unless water will love you

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