Mohamad Baajour – Divine Messages #08 The Hoopoe of Sulaiman 2 Wings of Tawheed

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The Hood Hood lost the city due to the firing of a cadet fire on a night in Herba, leading to the loss of the city. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning to area and not spread false news. They also discuss the struggles of finding the right person to ask questions and the importance of protecting people's lives with alcohol, Islam, and the Hadith system. The segment ends with a recitation of a holy water drink and a promise to attend a shower.
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He used to speak to the and so he had powers by Allah subhanaw taala that nobody had. And one day. So a man was going with his soldiers and he checked with a cadet fire. And he looked and he found out that the fire, the Hood Hood is is missing. So he asked him when he came back, where have you been? He said, I came to you with

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certain news. What was the News, the news that he saw

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the Queen of Sheba of Saba, and then people making sujood to the shrimps to the sun, other than Allah subhana hotel, and that Subhanallah that bothered the the hood hood so much that he came back and informed slay man Alayhis Salam was

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one of the main lessons

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we learn from this

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you know what, before I before I continue, I want to tell you something, I want to give you some great news from Rasul Allah. So Allah Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah just, I want you to appreciate these gatherings.

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Allah He

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you will only

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the weight of these gatherings when you lose them.

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Or when you go to a place that they do not have them. Like when we go to our countries and stuff, you know, you get so busy with dunya or the massage younger Salaam Alaikum Salaam Alaikum Salam Alikum they lock the doors. So we are so blessed here. Listen to this hadith Subhan Allah, Allah rasool Allah say salam, a Yo yo, hey boo, and yellow do Illa Bhutan, I will take

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where would Fayette team in who? binaire cortini Binna Katerini Telma wine.

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I suppose I seldom you know, his slew one of his ways of teaching is amazing. So he's, he wants to show them that

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the Ibadat with Allah are a form of business

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business with Allah, a teacher or Robbia the 100% Guaranteed profitable business is the business with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it's not a problem Trump okay.

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he said, Who amongst you

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would like what did we say you have to mean we explained it before. You have to do

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Not specifically when?

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Yeah, sure.

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Yeah, sure. Mom and Dad, that when Saba, you have to do, we spoke we spoke the other day,

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rather hour rather means early in the morning he leaves which is a little fresher

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includes the rest of the salad. So you have to do any who would like to go in the morning to one of those

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two valleys, one is called Bhutan. And one is called a lackey who would like to go to any of those two values which are valleys in Medina and would come back from these valleys? Listen carefully with to

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Carmen's coma Wayne fat, healthy attorney top of the line, Yanni in our language, who would like to go to downtown Dallas and come back with to Ferrari.

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This is 2016 updating.

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Anybody would say soccer Brother, I have two Lamborghinis and Hamdulillah. I don't need to know who would say that. Everybody will say

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you know don't make your cell phone or brother, not me. Come on you everybody would go. So

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this is exactly what the Sahaba said, Man and of course your rasool Allah who would not and listen to the rest of the Hadith without minerais if min owl Kofi Iran and who would like to go and get that without being sinful, or without cutting the relationship, any without stealing them. You're gonna go there and get them without any sins or

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yours. So the Sahaba said all of them, of course all of us here rasool Allah who would like who would say no to such a great offer.

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Now listen to the

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to the main point of the Hadith,

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Allah and you have to do I had a come Ill Masjid

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sir Yetta alum I attain or will you

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attain higher on law who Menaka attain was Elesa Roman Salesa were Aruba, hiraman, Aruba, workers has already come in at the hint I mean, able, Allahu Akbar.

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So Salam said, for one of you to go to the masjid, and learn or teach to area is better for him then to camels, three is better than three, four is better than four and so on as the number of camels.

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Just by coming to the masjid

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sitting down and learning the

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deen of Allah understanding the money, the meanings of the of the if this is the virtue I want to make you feel Bismillah May Allah accept this gathering, inshallah may accept May Allah accept from all of us and grant us this reward that mentioned in the Hadith and charm for you. Let's go back to the story.

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One of the main lessons of the story

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is that when the Hudhud came back with the news, first of all we spoke last week how important is to know that the news are short don't spread the news that are Fake Double check authenticity, we spoke about that. But there's another important point.

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Go to the person in charge

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and talk to him personally.

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I have an issue.

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I don't go and talk about the board of the masjid to everybody in the masjid without talking to the board.

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This is very common. I have problem with Dr. Javier I will never have a problem with him inshallah. I go talk to everybody in the masjid before I speak to the doctor.

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The hood What did he do? You went straight to slay man.

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He went straight to slay man Alayhis Salam, when you have an issue with someone go to them you actually go to the one who can change go to the one that matters that can do something. Allah when we have this habit, Allah I want to tell you something, Danny, it's bothering me. Did you go to the guy and tell him stop him right there Allah, His fitna will lie. It's fitna.

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before you tell me can I help? No, no, I just want to tell you because these people, these people

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these he put like 700 800 People

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know if I can help hamdulillah but if I can't help you just want to spread fitna in the community at home this and that between the siblings don't talk don't have just say what what will go to the person that can change? Number one, number two

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Subhan Allah how many things we could learn? Get to the point?

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Where were you? I came with important certain Yaqeen What is it boom.

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One time a brother Okay. Can I ask you a question? Like brother, amen. Also makes fun, but I have 50 questions only can I just ask you 50 Questions

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hamdulillah and that's what we are here for. I will never be bothered with your questions. Anytime. You could ask me anything you want. So when brother came in, not, this is two three years ago. I want to ask you a question brother. Do you have time?

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I have time but just generally try to get to the point in time like let me know what you want. No, no chama just one minute. Okay. Football.

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I was going to Jersey

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on my way to Jersey Subhanallah we passed by Brooklyn and my auntie lives there so I said let me stop say salaam you know.

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The handler was a question but not handler she had a baby boy May Allah bless him. Allah he cute, so cute. And the name had run out. I told him Abdullah they insisted on our drama. They were having What's the question? Anyway, I said salaam to them and hamdulillah Balanchine and by the way, they got a car, brand new car. I don't know if it's true or not, but may Allah forgive them anyway. So I stopped by South Sudan and I continued to New Jersey. While we are on way the jersey we stopped at the Verrazano Bridge major traffic major traffic. Yeah, many people took us like at least one two hours, stuck in traffic whatsoever.

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Question. And then I'm coming just give me a minute. And then when we when we are in the car my son flew up

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for you.

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Allah hamdulillah my wife had wiped is in the car. We cleaned up the car

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was what's the question? You're heavy? Chef, I'm coming for you anyway. Long story short, your chef, we got to Jersey Hamdulillah. There is by the way, there's a new Lebanese restaurant by Chef I advise you go and check it out. Yeah, and you'll falafel Allahu Akbar. Yeah. And you have to taste it. Baby habibi. What's the question?

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Long story short? Yes. Yeah. When I get to

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the Jersey market, it was gone. Can I

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share together now? What is this your cousin get to the point. So the hood, you know, especially when you speak to someone and he was very busy. Just get to the point.

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Man the king. So he did not he knows the etiquette. He's talking to a king. He's talking to a prophet. I have very important news. And he told him the news.

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Subhanallah how this hood hood with

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his limited

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abilities. He was able to recognize the greatness of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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He was able to feel so sad that there are

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human beings that are making Sousou to to the Sun other than Allah subhana wa taala.

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Allah Subhana Allah said in the Quran, we're in mere shame in use of beer will be handy. Wala kin love to have come on, let us be her home.

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Everything, every animal, every tree, every branch, every leaf, everything is making this be glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala but in a way that you do not understand it. He does Subhana but they're all making us be to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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another thing

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this hood hood

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because of his sincerity, his class

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what happened?

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The whole Yemen

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became Muslims

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with an effort of a bird.

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he came back. Unfortunately, man, we all know the story. So a man went back and the Queen became Muslim and all her people followed from the effort of a birth. So

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how many Muslims how many people became Muslims with your efforts

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living in a non Muslim land

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so we can benefit from the stories not just to Allah it was nice. Okay, brother Hamdulillah. Another story. How many really how many people were so impressed by your o'clock that they said a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasul Allah, how many people were so impressed

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by your giving, by your

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dedication to the salaat by your commitment and conviction of your deen? And they said, this has to be the truth, a shadow and how many people how many people forget how many people because Muslims became guided because of your o'clock.

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Muslims came back to the dean because they said Allah Look at this. Look what the Dean have done to him. Look what the Dean have done to her. Look after she became guided after she became persistent on her salad and her and her hijab. Look

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how she she's shining. I want to become the same.

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How many people how many people

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well, what's happening is exactly the opposite. People are repelling from the Dean because of our actions.

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We have a problem with our locker one. dilemma Rahim Allah honey, but we have problem. We have put so much concentration on Salat and cm on rituals,

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lot of concentration or five daily slot in the masjid. But he goes home and he beats his wife.

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He goes home no respect

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to the children, he lies, he cheats. He buys haram. He says haram, what did that Salah do to you in the Salah? 10 Halal fascia you will Moncure salad supposed to prevent you from committing all these things.

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You're not doing anything with it. Your beard is going to hit the floor. And still

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you backbite you you have so oven

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evil thoughts about people every time say somebody says something, you immediately go to the to the evil side, you don't assume maybe my brother give him the benefit of the doubt. So what did this Salawat do to you? What did the CMO from Madonna did this fairly hedger?

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One time I asked her brother

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has said American brother, this is brother of Azure. My name is so and so. This is my 30 Azure

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and I have a Range Rover and I have a villa in Medina. Yeah have you got your name?

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Sir has did not do much obviously.

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What does it do?

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It has 100 I should change your life upside down.

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So this bird was able to

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be the reason for the guidance of the city

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and Subhanallah to honor the spirit

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to under this action will happen.

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Or so LaSalle Allah Islam said

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or He prohibited the killing

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of the hotel.

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To under the action of one person of one bird that the Rhea or the descendants of hoods till the Day of Judgment, you're not allowed to kill them

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because of that specific any that reason, but this is another

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Hood Hood, you're not allowed to kill one of the birds are not allowed to kill.

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What's the lesson from here? That if you are slowly, Allah Who will protect your

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descendants, your offsprings? Bismillah every time you're solid, you will increase the possibility not 100%, but you will increase the possibility of the protection of your children.

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By the way,

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that hadith of

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the Hudhud is prohibited from being killed. It has three other

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animals and insects. Anybody knows what are they? One of them? Definitely you're not going to know. But there's two in that hadith called harana Rasulullah cuttle Arada. He named one of them is Hood Hood.

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one of them is called an RB a solid saw Ra. I have a picture of it. But because it's not it's a kind of

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bird. This is a very cute bird. I don't know the story, why it's prohibited to kill it, but it's prohibited to kill it and eat its meat anyway. And the last one is

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bees. Now when we say ants and bees, if they are not harmful, if they are causing any harm, then it's okay. But to go like you know, remember the Hadith of the NABI who burned

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the ants, so it's not allowed to go you're just having fun. And it's sometimes you see kids, they see ants on the floor, they start jumping up and down and killing them. This is prohibited. But if some ants are ruining your home or this and that you're allowed to get rid of it. So Subhanallah

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another story from the Quran. With so many so many lessons to learn from And subhanAllah please any take these lessons and try to implement them in your life. So we can be just like recited in the Asia and a treasured same same Surah Alladhina istemi own and cola fatemi una escena Allah Subhana Allah said if you would like to know, if you are amongst the guided people, everybody would like to know, am I guided or not? Allah said, the people who listen, when they listen to something, they apply it. These are Buddha Iike Alladhina hada, whom Allah what would occur on Al Bab when you act upon what you heard,

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then you are from the guy that people

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may Allah make us all from the guy that people May Allah guide our offsprings our wives, our families, may Allah strengthen our love to one another. May Allah subhanaw taala protect you all

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insha Allah to Allah please. Tomorrow, Fisher is at 615 Please come to Fisher, please.

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The most beloved Salat to Allah Allahu Akbar when I hear that Allah He my heart bleeds. How can I know that the most beloved Salah to Allah is Salat al Fajr of Joomla in Joomla that means it is the next Salaat Joomla Version of Joomla Joomla and tomorrow 615 So, please attend tomorrow Charla Tada and also I will be giving the hotel also tomorrow Xochimilco, better coffee comes

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