Akram Nadwi – What is the main difference between men and women?

Akram Nadwi
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So under sterically in Islam and the Quran and Sunnah,

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the men and women, both are the same thing. Both are submissive Allah and both are human being. It being solidified blooded, no difference between men and women, both are expected to worship him both are obliged to worship Him. And when they will worship Him, they get the same reward. It is not the human says wahala, he gets more reward than when, if we may say Subhanallah, same reward, same action. So in being slave of Allah, both are the same thing. In being human being human, both are the same, or are measured very clearly the men or women, both are from the same soul. to men and women are both are same human beings, same human. And the same way, Celeste folder. So there is no

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difference in these two aspects. When Alibaba comes, celebrity Allah comes, there's no difference between men and women. When humanity comes, there no difference between men and women.

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Both of them must worship Allah, or both of them must learn how to worship Allah. And both of them must teach people how to worship Allah. The Quran said that believing men or women, both are aware of each other.

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When hung on both of them, they command the good and forbid the evil. Pura also said, Amen, you, whether you're male or female, whoever does good deed, they get rewarded to worship Allah, whether male or female, you could reward you command good and forbid evil, whether you male or female, you get your reward, or both our helper helper sofija support officer in this matter, then no difference.

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There are lots of hautala wanted for humanity to continue on to continuation of the human generation, there could be more than one way, one of you could have been like trees, that you know, you have a plant st one trees, and then fruits come every every year and you get more and more fruits to whatever could have been every year, or every month, new children are dropped from the heaven. And, you know, human generation continues. But that actually not because they know different intellect like electrons are and please allow ourselves in a different way to basically allow people to learn celebrity to learn Alba from their ancestors.

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To he wanted to create a family system, to where people are born, they learn how to worship Allah, and then they that grew up then teach their future generation to this teach it continue meaning humanity or slavery of Allah both continue in future generation, for that purpose he made in a family system, or for the family system, out of his wisdom, he made that you know, there should be father and mother. You know, and and you know, both of them their own duties, there in the house, there should be father and mother. So, you know, marriage in relation to father that purpose, he made some differences. So each one of them can play the role, that they are not different in being a

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human being. They're not different in being slaves of Allah. But the difference will leave there for the family purpose. The difference between men and women have been made for the family purpose.

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those differences are not met, either human being, they're not a man in the bada. That way, they don't matter further, the difference is only for the family purpose. That why when they're in the family, they're allowed to remain different. To in the house, there will be man or woman, their husband and wife, the difference will remain with inside the family. When they leave the house. And they come outside I The human being is Celeste of Allah, then they should cover their differences. Men have to cover their own difference. And women have to cover their own differences. Then what we have to cover it in more for under a minute, but they should cover they should have cut the men and

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women have both come out from the house or the human isolates of Allah they should not come either men or women that are very important. The father purposes of women have more to cover to Allah subhanaw taala far in when they come in public, he has made obligatory upon the women they put on you Deneen are they hidden Angelababy hidden when they put the jitterbug that jitterbug makes them eligible to use public space

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in public space, men and women both are human beings, but the should be coming either human beauty should cover the differences. And then after that they come as human beings to try to understand the when you put it above that makes women eligible to use public Express equally what public space I mean, to to work on a road to one day any road public road, then men and women both can use them in a in a equally

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public transit transport. Men and women both can use them riding time or riding horses, or you know our buses. The cars are Aeroplan they can use in equally coming to the most fun place.

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Both of them can use you know, equally learning studying centers of learning mother sorry, whatever can use equally for shopping minimarket shop they can use properly. Well, as long as they hide the differences too far the women when they come out in the Juba, djellaba makes them eligible to use public is properly that hype up Java has been you know, otherwise above does not make a sense it's after debug you need another barrier.

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If when we come out, and after that is still they cannot use public space they have to make another barrier, then why is Bob Dylan basically they have to carry their house everywhere. They basically remain inside the house. The reason above has been in Islam, because to make women to use public space,

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that what we have learned in the Quran, and Sunnah. There's no single proof in any Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he advised the women of he asked the men to make a barrier between men and women, while using public space. It never happened to like it when the people used to come to the most of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, there was no single barrier between men and women. When they used to attend his lectures, there are no barrier between men and women, women used to have same access as women, no barrier between men and women. And the Hadith, in sidebar in all, there is so many that the women used to pray just behind them in some time in old days, in Medina,

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there are some men whose clothes are not appropriate. And they can't be uncovered when they're going inside the

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the women complained that, you know, sometimes men go inside their private parts uncovered Insider, and the eyes of the women fall upon the private part because they're so close that no barrier Tell me if this complaint had come in our time would have made this complaint an excuse to stop women coming to the mosque because your eye force on the women's mess apart and this and that, or if we are more generous, we said then we should be behind no behind the room, they should they should not be able to see. But the professor lesson did not do any of them because both of solution are basically very harmful. What he said he said of women, when they go Insider, they remain insider

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until the men who stood up to then their eyes will not fall on the private part. Because if you make another solution where you make a barrier between men and women, then women will not be able to see the movements of the men and sometimes imasu mistakes, Mr. Sell love. And women think it is he had gone to stand up and by mistake he says are yet to sit and by mistake he stands up if there is a barrier, how they will know what happening you know there's so many product barrier barriers and may create so many problems. The profits or loss of did not go for any other solution. He won't listed. Just you know we may remain insider until men have stood up

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and others competing at the personalism young boy hinders an art Bukhari and Muslim and other books are the Hadees but details are isolated from other places. So there was one tribe there are not Muslim. And later they became Muslim. When they became Muslims, the prophets Allah asked them among all of you who knows the Quran the best that he can be mum to people said nobody knows the Quran as much as this young boy knows.

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And he said the reason I knew more because when the companies used to pass by my tribe they used to read the Quran I learned from them even before I became Muslim. So the professor said okay this boy will do the prayer. He said I did not have proper cloth from a poor family my father parents are not rigid to my clothes were not appropriate to when I used to go inside the my private parts used to be uncovered the women a component to the men wore on our utter economical cover from the private part of your email

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to see where women are so close they even can see the mom leave the people who are behind a mom but even their eyes are also can fall on the Imam directly because after a mom that the men rose or the men then women come to me the women are so close their eyes are so careful on the Imam to decide whether or not our mommy can cover for the hour the private part of your mom then the boy said people are my tribe the collector of money and they bought for me a new cloth and China gets a new cloth I'm so happy here I was so happy I never had been so happy you know after it's not by anything is become happy. This is a solution that promises made. I named I have studied the history of you

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know female female scholars and returned to the most current teaching. I never had come across it any records whether written handwritten manuscript of printed word from the Toronto parser lesson until very, very late. I never found any evidence that in public space there ever has been anybody

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Here's a bit of an image in public you'd never know most, actually people used to describe the teachers how they are, how they look like to miss the seeing them to their, their, an audience or their, the public is best. What we assume really is that certainly it is not that immodesty higher, to them not mixing of touching each other, but still they're using equally. And in samata, the names of all of the automation equally, that no sane, single indication that whether teachers are separate from the students, or students from the from every class, there's so many minutes so many women, at least some time, somehow happen. Big books I've read, and the few teachers who have got the same is

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not they bring them together, some men some women. So sometimes teachers also are mixing some minister when or when they sit and the students are listening. And you know, record happening and everybody signing or writing down or giving each other men or women both that are found two simple things, when we may use the public space, they must come in jilbab jilbab makes them eligible to use public space like them in to win the trailer on aeroplane, when they are on the buses, on the coaches on the cars, on the roads, in public parks, in the school, in the university, in the colleges, in workplace, any public space, once they have got jilbab they are equally eligible to use

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any public space is around never stops it. Certainly with desire comes the laws are different anyway, even among the men. If desire comes among the many rules are different. Even the men will not be free to mix each other. If somebody had dessert for someone to disaster doesn't matter. What's the deal, Bob is there jilbab makes people eligible for Apple. Men are not allowed to wear silk cloth, because you can make so they should avoid that. But if they're having a rough cloth, Eric lullaby cloth, but it's still the Qatargas the rules given that I'm not even allowed to use this one. When ragosa cuffs, even simple cotton for Apple, maybe wooden cloth, a Sufi cloth, I was

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Sufi Cracow. People think I'm Sufi. If I like that, then I will come on over them. I'm not allowed, you know to wear even dead to when desire comes through search engine. Certainly you find a the in the books of the history that sometimes they would hedge out. Every time the word hijab comes in the history for the women or for the men, it always comes in the context of private space. Well, women are in private space like in their own houses, then women are not obliged by the law to put it above. When men are not in Geneva, they are in their normal cloth. normal clothes are the women are attractive. They are meant to be protected. They're colorful, and sometimes they're shorter, they

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cannot talk properly. But in the family, that's fine, too. When women are in private space, then men are not allowed to intrude upon them without permission. But if the men come to law, they have to be behind that behind the hijab. That way the kunafa ultimune Ramadan, first aluna nuwara hijab, if you come to the voice of the Prophet, and ask anything asked from behind the curtain, the job basically for the minute, men are not allowed to interfere in we immerse a private space to whenever killers used to happen in the houses of the women, then women teachers used to be there, under mahari, the red and also female students in front of them. But very students who are not Mahara. They used to

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sit behind the curtain, to when we may use private space, then this barrier, when we meant to use public space, the no single burger neither in the most of the personnel is not heroin, not anywhere. If you want to understand how to work it, you know, you can look at

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what the VA told me.

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It isn't the VA public Plus, the VA is a public thing in the VA, that Islamic effort to separate men and women. Is there any barrier between men who men tell him he really is any mixing in the world, more than mixing up?

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We like in this classroom, you know, we're together. Are you mixing?

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Is it possible for you in these days, even in normal traffic, not in hygiene or Ramadan? Even these days if you go really it is possible for any man to do tawaf without being pushed by a woman

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or is it possible for any woman to do the work without being pushed by a man? Is it possible? No. And I already know this story because this story actually expressed so clearly to one of my friends in Madina munawwara when you go there, so you meet him inshallah he'll be introduced with ministry for a very noble family, Ahmed

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Shafi, he mentioned to me his story of one of his Shafi for his silica in hanafy mother, you know certainly if men are touched by women, women by men, nothing happens in her booboo not broken in shafee mother, by touching oath is broken in a man is tied by woman then or both are broken. In tawaf. You know

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There's nothing that says you never can turn it off to now Safi for has given that interval. If men omitted, the row continues further away than they

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do, you can cut

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them off with a photo in the photo above. You know so many people. If you do one shot and you're tied by a woman, then you go to do or do again. It will take us two, three hours to do and then come back and left shot again. We'll try again

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to see if a mother sometimes can help people you know, people should people should take up a honey for Allah tala. He anticipated what could happen in the world. But this Shafi for him, he said, No, no, I'm still Shafi, like many 100 feet are very strict to his various race. No, no, I'm not going to polish on a female. I'm just you know, Shafi all the time, what he did, he puts on gloves to no American turn, he never committed by women.

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He did, nobody can touch because, you know, covered properly. And then he said that I was in the sixth round. And it's just an old lady came to me said Oh, you want to do the warlock Shafi malherbe, and she put her hand on my forehead.

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Now what he can do

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so in a theory, that not enough people agree all the time they say bear here, you know, tava is a thing of where the no barrier but here's the unimaginable people cannot do Norfolk Norfolk they said that they're very possible if that nobody why you what barriers in prayer. Tell me really in prayer, nobody will sit in prayer. We will miss Roby I then anyway, no mercy in the classroom, nobody's got to mix it. You know, people, people said even men don't mix like that people have not set properly. The we don't have any record in history or in the Hadith, that you know, actually, even in the prayer 100 female had more restricted, even 100 female. If oh man of prayer next to mine, nothing

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happened. 151 Listen, if if men and women both pray the same prayer behind the same me, Mom, if Omen Nestor next to mine, then there's a prayer because it will be if the prayer two different prayers and they're next to each other, nothing happens nothing mother, for every five praying, and a woman comes up right next to me, or I pray sooner, she has nothing. Nothing happened to her.

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You know, being next to each other doesn't make any difference, you know, even 102 in a classroom, it's not clear anyway, nothing in Hana, female that the only problem is in, in the prayer. If it is the same prayer behind the same email, or both are following the same email. Then if a man woman is standing next to him, in a man, then the prayer of the man becomes invaded not woman. But even 100 feet people say if it's a big gathering like Juma

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prayer, a woman has no place and she comes and stand next to Imam Tell me what would happen if a few people say he must protect them every they're basically the whole press compelled them to say we make you know, they do this. They allow, you know,

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other malabari Tolima crew not to not become invalid, but even 100. FEMA reception to try to understand this matter properly, people don't understand it. People don't realize the difference between public space and private space. It is very important understand Islam, public space, public space, everybody's allowed to use it. Anybody can come on the road. You cannot believe us. unbelievers are good people, pious people, everybody can use it proper, properly.

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