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In this series, Shaykh Muhammad West discusses the Islamic state and the Battle of Badr

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la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim Allah

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shut off in more sunny St.

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Oprah has been to Allah subhanho wa Taala was kept a steadfast on his Deen and has brought us here to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we hope in sha Allah, whatever is said and done is with the pleasure and with the, with the acceptance of Allah subhanho wa Taala bless, glad to see none of you into einval today.

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We continue with our series in sha Allah, the days of desert and glory. And we spoke the past few weeks about the establishment of the first Islamic State on the basis of taqwa and Iman, a place that the Muslim men of the world could call home for the first time in our history. With this leader, how much better can you get Mohammed salallahu alayhi wa sallam and its citizens the likes of Abu Bakar and Omar rhodiola. And whom he married and and Hamdulillah, the state flourished. And we mentioned our Nabeel Salaam, managed to bring about in the heart of darkness of Arabia, in the heart of the time, known as Jay Z, wrote about human rights brought about social justice brought

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about alleviation of poverty, and of course, without that is in the dunya. And of course, the perfect individuals for the earth era is well groomed in the state of Islam. We said how NaVi salsa lamb strategically built alliances, even with his non Muslim neighbors, within Medina and outside of Medina, and that the concept of living in a society with non Muslims is not something foreign. It's not something that is modern. This is part of Islam, part and parcel of Islam and confirmed in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah mentions that we are not forbidden to take as to have good alliances and good treatment of the non Muslims that we live with if they treat us with goodness as well. But we

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said they were remained one enemy, Arch Enemy of the State of Medina. And of course, that was the city of Mecca, the homeland of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his home family and his home tribe of the kurush. They were not happy to see the flourishing of the city of Medina, they were not happy to see that the Muslims and now at a place called home and they were still hell bent on destroying Islam and killing Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. So the hostility to the Quran continued and intensified. They sent attempts and they looked for those members within the Muslim community who was against NaVi Sol Salaam. And they tried to incite them, they tried to bribe them,

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they tried to convince them to revolt against an abyssal salamu to even assassinate, then I'll be so solemn,

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that they abused the Muslims in Makkah, and they stole the wealth of the margerine. They took that which was haram and use it upon for themselves, and that they openly declared war on the people of Medina. They said, you and I, we have war. And they also encouraged other tribes around Medina and all the allies that together will make war with Mohammed Al salam, and with the people of Medina, in this climate. When you when your state is at risk, and you have the ability to defend yourself, of course, Islam a religion of peace, we don't encourage war and violence. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions and the angels mentioned when ilasik is going to create mankind, that bloodshed in the

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earth is not what Allah Subhana Allah wants, but also fitna to actually do menial cotton, that corruption and evil is sometimes worse than fighting and bloodshed. So Allah subhanaw taala opens the doors of jihad of justice and defense when Allah says permission to fight is given to those who are fighting them. You are given permission to fight those who fight you because they have been wronged but the believers are the ones that are being victimized and surely Allah is able to give victory able to give them victory, right so Allah Subhana Allah is the one that decrees victory. So now the doors of jihad is open, and so solemn now begins a campaign of strengthening the position of

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the people of Medina. He goes in all directions around Medina, building alliances, sending the troops out not to fight, but to show the tribes that are in Medina. Medina is not an easy place. If you want to fight we are ready to fight. We are prepared as a show of strength. So many of these expeditions we spoke about last week, no fighting but instead alliances were built. We said though, one of the reasons why the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also sent these, these groups of soldiers very small groups 1020 100 men here and they around Medina was because Medina was on the trade route of Makkah, and the Moroccans the people of Makkah depended. The economy depended on

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trade. So just as the people of Mecca made sanctions on the people of Medina and the Muslims, now the Muslims were in a position to inflict a little bit of hardship on the people of Makkah. So the Muslims and obese also instructed that they should cut the trade route whenever a caravan belonging to the kurush comes

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Past Medina, we will look to capture that caravan. Why? Also because they stole the wealth of the Muslim mean we only reclaiming what belongs to us. The other caravans were free to go and come as they pleased, not even if they were not Muslim. So how did the Battle of butter come about? What was the cause of the Battle of butter?

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A few months before Ramadan, the second year of Egypt a year, and a few months, a year and nine months or so after the hegira a huge caravan had left MCE on its way to Syria. And the man in charge of this caravan was Abu sufian. Rodney Alon wasn't a Muslim, and he was one of the chief enemies of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this caravan was predicted by about 40 men and then abyssal Salaam became aware of this caravan passing Medina and he set out to 200 men to intercept this caravan. Unfortunately, the Muslims 200 men, very few camels, so you still winked at a walking pace, and obese asylum was in the Muslim Muslim in at least we traveled at a very slow pace. And in

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fact, the caravan past the point when abyssal solemn was planning on intercepting the caravan. So the Muslims arrived too late and the caravan went past safely and went on its way to Cydia. But of course, the caravan must come back to Makkah on its return journey than abyssal Salam intended we're going to capture this caravan on its way back to the prophets of Salaam to two of the senior Sahaba talhah and sad to remain in that area scouting you know now that time of course we didn't they didn't have a Medina maka highway, they will pass within the desert. You're not sure which path the caravan is going to take. It's a huge area in the middle of the desert. So scouts will lift in that

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area to monitor which side is the caravan coming, moving up and down looking for when the caravan was coming on the return the caravan Agusan returned and they returned with a huge amount of wealth. Even more profit and more wealth is a big caravan. And it Makkah depended on this caravan returning. So there'll be Sol Sol Lam was informed by his scouts that the caravan was returning and it was a big caravan and that it's been well protected, well guarded. If we're intercepting. If we're going to intercept this caravan, there's going to be some fighting. So going to be so solemn, speaks to the people of Medina, he speaks to the mohabbatein and he says this is not a conscription. We're not

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demanding anyone to join anyone who would like to join and we're going and our intention, intention is not to fight or to kill. Our intention is to reclaim the wealth that was taken from us. And we mentioned is like sustainable karate a lot. One of the wealthiest men in McCurry comes to Medina with nothing. He came within the hedgerows, nobody saw Salah was just the clothes on his back sydnor off man, how rich he was many of the Sahaba big businessmen, they lived with nothing. And all their wealth was taken by the kurush. So it was time to bring justice and Islam is original of justice. So there'll be so so lamp

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called the Sahaba was ready to join this campaign to capture this caravan. And of course, as they say, then be Salam did not prepare an army. He was not prepared. This is important when the Battle of budget occurs. The Sahaba are not thinking we're going to fight a big war. We're going to fight maybe 40 men, we're just going to stop them and take what what what goes through they don't resist and they flee to leave. We're not here to harm or kill them. So if you mean we just overpower them, about 300 to 317 Sahaba sign up, they're going to support Nabeel Salaam to intercept the caravan of the 300 to 317. Allah differ as to the exact number 85 of them are from the muhajir in the people of

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Mecca 85 of them like say nalley like Hamza in a bunker and say nama NaVi so Salim 85 of them are the Mahajan. The bulk of this army or this group of people is from the people of Medina the answer 250 of them are from the answer the people of Medina, they only had 70 camels between 300 men, and only two horses. Only as obeyed one of the 10 promised Jenna she obeyed a worm, the son in law of say no Baccarat Viola and who, right so Brady was one of the Knights of one of the first Knights in Islam because he had a horse and I'll make that around the line. Right so these were two the two Knights within the Muslim army and the 70 camels. So once again, the Muslims are going at a very

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slow pace. Three Four men cheering one camel, and of course if you're going at the pace of walking, right so it's just you take your turn even abyssal Salah rushing a camel one, one hour for you one hour for me and this is how they go. Nabi salatu salam who mentioned this next week, the actual battle, he appoints some chiefs and commanders within the ranks one of them, he appointed the head of the mohajir in the head of the people of Mecca, Satan, Ali rhodiola, and who he appoints a nalli as the Chief Commander of the Mahajan. And as for the people of Medina, he appointed one of the leaders one of the nobleman sadly been rather the Alonzo harbor that some of us might not have ever

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heard the Sahaba his name, just aside

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notes here when the Sahabi is martyred later on in a few years to come. Now this also makes a heading this is the Arusha Allah Sheikh Mansour had been passed away a lot but what a great Sahabi a great companion. So he was in charge of the people of Medina. And that is awesome, of course is the overall commander in chief and he's leading the way to go and intercept this caravan. So the hunt is on then abyssal Salaam is trying to reach the caravan, the caravan, of course, Abu sufian

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Abu sufian is coming back from Syria coming down south towards the Muslims or going west to intercept the caravan. Abu sufian is a clever man. And he already knew that the people of Medina tried to capture him when he went past Medina. So now on his way back, it only makes sense if they're going to try it again. He sends scouts out to see and he identifies that there is danger. So he takes different routes and tries to avoid intercepting the Muslims, the Muslims are going at a slow pace is going at a much faster pace. One side is trying to outfox the other side. So there's a bit of hand hand going on, at the same time, Abu sufian because the intelligent man is selects one

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of the fastest that it can find. And he sends him back to Makkah. He says go to Mecca and inform the kurush that the caravan is under threat, go and tell them we need reinforcements. We need someone to help us in the meantime, I'm going to try and avoid them. And if you look at the map, you could see that the route that Abu sufian took versus the route that Nabil Salam took. The Abu sufian took the route along the coast. So the green arrows coming from the north. That's Abu ference caravan, he tries to avoid Medina and he chooses the path on the coast. Not the normal path going straight to to Makkah. Now visa sadhana Of course go south and westwards and of course, they would meet at the

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place or the army would stop at butter, a city or a plane outside Well, a few 100 kilometres outside Medina. So the scout that left the caravan, the scout that Abu sufian sent, he arrives in Makkah, and he comes to the middle of Mecca, which is the Kaaba, the center and he pulls his clothes off and he starts screaming and shouting as was the style of the Jay Z at the jail's of Jay Z, shouting and screaming and hitting himself. He was looking what is going on with this man. And he says, Oh Qureshi Oh kurush your wealth your wealth is under threat, the caravan, we need your help. We are under danger. Mohammed Salam is coming to attack the caravan and he makes a moving speech and the

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core issues are worked up. The honor. The wealth is under threat. Many of the Chiefs they had wealth inside that caravan, Abu sufian Abu lahab Abuja Hello the worst of them, the wealth was all in that caravan. And of course, we have 40 people 40 members from different clans of the Qureshi. So the Quraysh get up and they said this was the opportunity we're waiting for. We want to show the Arabs that we are the superpower year in Arabia and anyone who wants to wants to threaten our authority will teach them a lesson and we need to teach Mohammed Salah lesson 1300 men from the kurush stand up and they pledge their support and these were well well equipped men, you know, armor and swords

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and all the weapons needed. amongst this they had 100 horses versus no bisazza lumps two horses, and they had over 200 camels versus the 70 camels of the people of Medina. So and amongst the scoresheet army you found inside this army, the Chiefs the head kuffar, those who abused and harm the Muslims like Abuja Hellfire out of the soma omiya the one who abused Bilal, remember, we know all the stories of beloved being tortured and burned his master omiya even half he was the only one of them that wasn't present was Abu lahab he wants to go but he said someone you owe me a debt you go in my place, the coward that he is right. So this is his style. So the Chiefs amongst Qureshi, they were

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coming out in abyssal Salaam when he was informed of this, he said maca has given us the the like the the best liver meaning like coming to sacrifice the heads of the the guy to come and be put down here in butter as Allah subhanaw taala would decree

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the army of Makkah is leaving Mecca. Now we saw some armies leaving Medina trying to get to the caravan Abu sufian is going in another direction along the coast and Abu sufian once again through his intelligence and as Allah would have decreed it, managed to get the caravan to escape past the Muslims and he managed to get his caravan to escape. And he sent a message to the Qureshi army on the way to meet him. They look the caravan is safe let's go back to Makkah No need to fight. We are safe and sound. And many of the Qureshi amongst them Banu Hashim, the family of an abyssal Salaam. They stand up and they say, you know let's let's go back. We don't we don't want to fight. These are

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our our nephews, our brothers, our fathers, our sons. You know if we can avoid a battle what's the point? What are we fighting for? the caravan is safe. There's no reason to fight. But Abu Jamal and that is why he's the founder of the soma and the worst amongst the kuffaar

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cursed by Allah in the Quran. He stands up and he starts insulting you coward and knew this and don't do this Don't you love your forefathers and the idols are you coward? Are you scared? We are three times the number of Muslims What's wrong with you and you managed to convince the bulk of the army to remain even the family of abuse or Salah were non Muslim at that time wanted to return. So the bulk of the Qureshi army remains due to Abuja Hell's interference.

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The prophets of Salaam becomes a way now that an army has come from Makkah. Now visa Salam is also not prepared for war. He didn't intend to fight 1000 plus men. Well thought 40 men we easily overpower them and the matter itself. No, no problem. What does he do? He said bother. He was on his way to battle and the news reaches him that Abuja army from crush Escom, and the caravan has left and the caravan is left what's the in for you to fight? Why should we what's the purpose of writing is to go back to Medina and maybe saw some does. And this was the style of leadership of Nabhi. So Salaam, this is Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the man who gets inspiration from Allah when he needs

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when abyssal Salaam is in need of something images, do I and Allah Subhan guides him? Should we fight we should we go home? Of course this is not a matter that he takes on himself. He can't say we're all going to fight. No, he needs to consult the Sahaba he needs to consult it's your lives on the line. So in Ibiza, Salah holds a council, he calls his companions together and informs and informs them of the situation. And he asked them what do you think Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals verses about the situation? When Allah says this is all part of a lesson plan. Allah says as your Lord caused you to go out from your home with truth, right? I caused you to live with truth, and

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verily a party among the believers disliked it. Sahaba human Eman is strong. But who wants to fight no one is looking forward to fighting and dying and getting hurt amongst the Sahaba did we're not happy? We're not we're afraid of this matter disputing with you concerning the truth of it was made manifests. So now there'll be some disgust with them. And they said can we not go back some of them wants to go back as if they were being driven to this while they were looking at it. sahabah winavi saw some open the platform some maybe raised the concern that shouldn't we go back? Maybe it's not the best idea. And and this is the idea of the Sahaba you'll find an in the Battle of butter comes

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up again. When avviso salam would make a suggestion. They would ask him he also Lhasa Salim Is this a command or suggestion? If it's a command and we Samantha and we obey completely. It's a beautiful story. A female, she had the right to divorce. When a slave becomes free, she can divorce her husband, she can make faster Havas, master slave woman, she had a slave husband, she became free. So she had the option to another marriage and she announced the marriage and her husband is crying, crying begging, take me back, take me back, take me back. And he's following her throughout Medina. And she won't even look at him. She won't even look at him. Now these are some looks at this couple.

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And he goes to Boho Berry era, as the name was and he says who says to shaman, don't you want to take him back? And she says, Look, I don't want him but there also is a command. Or you commanding me to take him back? If you command me then I take him back. Even though I don't like him. I don't love him. But if it's you give you ask you so make me a suggestion, then I have no need for him. So nobody's awesome. This is only a suggestion. You should have no need for him. This is the adapt of the Sahaba when nobody asked them on the day of arafa What day is it today? The only ones it's alpha today of alpha, the ninth of the ledger. They said Allah knows best. We don't you know we are

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Rasulullah we don't answer we follow which this is the adab of the Sahaba. Another example and Ibiza songs give me a quick buck. And he says stop and a man is coming into the message and he is and obviously stopped and he stands standing still in the doorway half in half out. Maybe this command is for me. I obey I don't I don't question the commander of Navy so seldom. So now the system gives him the option. How did they respond? So what did the Sahaba respond by doing? First? Of course, the Maha Jean. And they are of a caliber above the answer. And they know and of course for them it's more serious, more severe, because they're going to face the family members. They know they're going

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to face their relatives they're going to fight they know I might fight my son, I might fight my father. So they the first to speak up and I'll make that one of the nights. The one with the nuts way below one the other one with those he stands up and he gives a beautiful speech first Abu Bakar gives a speech and they say normally gives a speech and then make that gives this beautiful speech. He says oh messenger of Allah, proceed where Allah directs you to go wherever Allah tells you to go for we are with you. We will not say as the bunnies that are easy to Moosa when a bee moves us into Palestine and fight jihad, what did the yahood say? According to the Quran, Antara buka you and your

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Lord you go and fight and we will sit here you and your ob go and fight say he says we will not be like that. In fact we what we will say we say go your rasulillah and your load and fight and we will fight along with you. We

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You'd lead, we follow, and I speak on behalf of the margerine. So 85 of the mohabbatein they are we on board evil you tell us to go we go

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the unser, they have a definite issue. They made an agreement with NaVi sauce and we'll protect you, we will support you will safeguard you. But the agreement was within Medina will protect you and protect Medina. We didn't sign up for this. We didn't agree to this. So nobody saw Salam after years from the Maha Genie, senior Sahaba. Of course, they really, they faced for 13 years, the man was made strong. Now and the resources I want to hear from the answer, you make the bulk of the army, what do you say? Again, giving them the option if you want to go home, there's no punishment on you. This was not what we agreed upon. This is a pseudo la sala the fighting of Islam. And he says, We

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want to hear what you say. One of the chiefs of Southern Nevada, one of the chiefs of the unsired, he stands up and he says again, I speak for my people, and he says, We will obey you most willingly, in whatsoever you command us by Allah who has sent you with truth and we know you came with the truth. If you were to ask us to plunge into the sea, we will do that most literally, and not a man of us will stay behind not one of the inside will find the meaning behind. So the Muslim army was ready, we are ready to fight big odds against us 300 Min, a three 300 against 1300 1000 plus the number becomes less low, slightly fighting the strongest people of Arabia at that time. And they say

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we already the Muslims arrived and of course they will converge, as you know, to the place of bother outside of Medina. And they arrived, the Muslims arrived the first and they set up camp. And they occupied in butter. They were a few wells. They were few wells and the Muslims came there, and maybe some camp a little outside. And one of those hobbies again showed the concept of iDubbbz Rasulullah. Has Allah commanded us to campea or is it a strategic decision you've made and is open for interpretation to Neville says no this sort of command from Allah What do you suggest? He says let us go and camp inside and let us take control of all the welds Let's leave Not a single well

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available to the voracious we keep one well and we closed the wells up let's do this and maybe something like this is a good idea. So the end they capture two scouts to Qureshi so we're trying to take water from the wells to return to the army. The Muslims capture them now be so solemn speaks to them, and they give whatever secrets there is about the army. And that's when they become aware of all the big guns from Croatia. Yeah, maybe so some says all they head too far have come to us, as if the US was sent send them to us our enemies to send them to die in this place. It was

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a Thursday night that the rich the according to most accounts, the 17th of Ramadan. So the for the Friday night the night before as we have in you know, as we know in Ramadan, the 17th of Ramadan is where some of the allama have said it could well be that later two quarter is in the 17th of Ramadan significant things happened on the 17th of Ramadan. One of that is the Battle of butter. So then obese awesome. So how about are they at night, the camping and they sitting down and the Qureshi army hasn't arrived yet? Allah mentions what happens on that night. On that night, Allah subhanho wa Taala did a few miraculous things. Allah Subhana Allah says, intuitive and fun. And remember, all

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muslimeen when he covered when Allah covered you up with a slumber as a security from him, and he caused the rain to descend on you from the sky to clean you thereby and to remove the ridges, the fourth of shavon and to strengthen your hearts and to make firm your feet thereby. So at that night, the Sahaba Allah Subhana even though they think it's the night before a battle, we don't know what kind of Qureshi armies coming, a lock was all of them to fall into a sleep. It became so drowsy, they all fell asleep, and also how they mentioned the only one of us that was still awake the whole night was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he spent the entire night in the Hadoop

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Institute and Sala wants a hobby. Even Massoud says, I have never seen a man plead to Allah as much as an abyssal Salaam plea to Allah. On that night, the entire night, Nabeel Salaam was making dua for his Sahaba aliquots the Muslims to sleep and Allah subhanaw taala caused a light rain which is out of characteristic at a time to fall on the Muslims LED light drizzle amongst the alarm agents in the area. Amongst the benefits of this result is that they refresh them and wash them as if though Allah gave them a whistle before they went to perform this jihad is a great act of a bad luck caused him to have a life who so you're going to fight this Jihad but impurity you're going to fight also

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Allah Subhana Allah mentions that you will remove the whisperings of shaytaan that this was a spiritual cleansing and to strengthen your hearts and your feet you become refreshed and Allah mentioned strengthening the feet Mashallah, this is actually both a both a physical thing and a a religious thing. Yes, the rain came to cleanse them spiritually. But the lightness of the rain also called

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was the earth, the sand walking in the desert sand is difficult, especially if you've seen butter. It looks like the sand very like that like like beach sand difficult to walk in, but alas, a very light rain, which caused the earth to form up. And if it was easy for them to walk on the on the Kureishi side or was in a downpour, they couldn't sleep, they couldn't race. They were like in mud and they became bogged down. This is the grace of Allah. So the entire night Nabeel Salam was making dua and it's mentioned in Muslim even when he made and he says, Yeah, Allah. And this is again, the beauty of Islam. Maybe so salam, Allah didn't tell nobody. So some he went to India, how many ambia

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were killed by the people, how many ambia and maybe some C's on piano, they will come but not a single person that followed him. We don't know. He doesn't know if there'll be success or failure. Today, we can know they won the battle of butter. But nobody saw some Sahaba didn't know this could be the end. And a lot. Nobody saw something so do I. And he says that if we are defeated here tonight, today at display, say Allah, if the Muslims lose this battle, you will never be worshipped on the earth, that if I go and the Muslims go, Qureshi will come and they'll destroy Medina, no prophet will come and that will be Islam will end forever. This is what this battle is all about the

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day of full con, as Allah mentioned in the Quran, it is the criterion between truth and falsehood. The truth is on the edge, one push and that will be the end of the worship of Allah for for the for all of humanity for all time to come. Maybe someone doesn't know the outcome of the battle. Allah doesn't inform him what's going to happen when the results are mixed to our and this is through tobacco This is dependence preparation prepare your army was application. This is the perfection of of preparation. so old, like Navy SEAL some is weak is up. So how about let's make them to fall asleep. As the sun is about to rise Nabisco Sallam calls the Muslim Salah Salah, it's time for

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fudger. And of course after fudger would begin the Battle of butter. So inshallah Next week, we'll continue with the actual war that occurred.

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We have in our midst a battle within our community. And I need to give some feedback of this. And I'm sure all of you are aware of what's happening, the opening of a Masjid in Weinberg. And as I said earlier, I'm glad to see that you have not gone to Weinberg, which Am I today you're here today at Hamden in LA, and I need to give you give you feedback, as to, and this is what has been conveyed to me. I was Alhamdulillah. And amongst the orlimar, many of the the Imams of different mosques, were all invited to the MTC yesterday, and they were over, over 100 over 100 imams from all over the Western Cape, that was they were such a beautiful sight to see that the representatives of the

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Muslim Ummah were united, we know that Allah ma might have the issues, and they might be disagreements, but they all came united with one calima and one word. And in that meeting, we discussed what should be done, and what is the response. And a few things were confirmed different evidences were put forward. And we confirmed as to we first have to get the facts straight. What is this place all about? What is happening way we don't we don't lie with our enemy or friend, we don't tell we don't lie, we tell the truth, whether it's for us or against us. So what was confirmed is that this place that's being opened up run by an individual who has no formal Islamic Studies,

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didn't study in any room, very limited Arabic language, and therefore is a self professed scholar. he disagrees with 1400 years of scholarly opinion, based on his own understanding and interpretation. And one of the requirements to be an Islamic scholar, at the very least, you need to understand the Arabic language, you understand the Quran, you need to understand Arabic. And this is an important quality. We have this person who has done has a history of of things he's done within our community. And what we can confirm that in the 1980s, when our community was under threat by the Ahmadiyya group and the qadiani group that he was on the side against the Muslim community against

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the majority, he claims he's not an American, we say VCs is not a comedy, no problem. We take him as to his what his word but at that time, he was definitely, in the court case, an affiliate of this. He left Cape Town, he hasn't achieved whatever you mean to achieve. And he lived to the United States. And there is evidence newspaper articles and newspaper

00:29:12--> 00:29:53

links. They were fraudulent activities. Money was collected for an organization that didn't really do its purpose claimed to be the first black newspaper during apartheid. And this of course, was not true qualifications were not certified. And before he left the United States and then went to went to the UK and in the UK. It's got his his qualifications from Oxford in history, know that in in history, not Islamic Studies in history. And amongst the things that his organization has done is that they've campaign to ban Muslim women from being the niqab. Now, niqab is something of disagreement, you can wait. We leave it up to the individual but to force a woman who wants to wait

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

to banner is undemocratic unconstitutional, of course, and Islamic is attacked the halau certifying bodies

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

In the UK, and has done so on the radio with ESEA we've Alhamdulillah our forefathers your fathers and grandfathers, our forefathers fought so that our hamdullah when we go to any shop that sign is they we can eat freely and eat without any worry in other countries they need to look at every packaging is this Hello, I don't know I have to leave it. So this infrastructure that took decades centuries to build is being undermined by one one self styled, so called scholar, he is allowed amongst things that we are totally against is the marrying of non Muslim women to non Muslim and goes against the commandments of the Quran allows females to lead the Juma Salah which goes against

00:30:39--> 00:31:18

everything that goes against the teaching of Levy, salsa, lamb and 1400 years of scholarly opinion is even allowed non Muslims to leave the hookah and a priest to come and lecture the Muslims on Christmas. Yeah, the builder right we are the builder. And within now these returns with all the things he's done in the UK is returned and has caused great disunity within the oma already a school specific land facade fighting and arguing and an uneasiness within a community that has known for 300 years. For 300 years. We are community that has been peaceful. We have a proud, proud heritage of being proudly Muslim. We have our identity, and we proudly South African and capetonian any

00:31:18--> 00:31:58

attempts to disrupt this only causing harm and mischief. He has attacked our llama who are the inheritors of the Gambia. And again, the link between the llama and the congregation is something beautiful. We don't always see eye to eye but for the most part, the allameh have the interest of the community and the community of support of the llama. This link is the link between our dean and our people in school that will allow all intellectual donkeys to quote him and they are corrupt and they are backward that all and that our massage in other than his Masjid is sexist. We just we we discriminate against our women and we are racist that we look at who you are and the color of your

00:31:58--> 00:32:36

skin and your your Akita or your method and therefore you get priority in the masjid I don't know which means you this is certainly none of the massage that we know of in in Cape Town, and that all of us whether we know it or not, we are being brainwashed and we are backward thinking this is a revolution that he's coming to bring about. Right so this is the reality of his claims. But the worst of his claims and this is the most serious one of the claims and you'll find on the advert it says that this machine is called an centric and it's it's meant to be a beautiful word but with evil intent, Quran centric, mainly based on Quran humble algo Quran centric, we all put the Quran as our

00:32:36--> 00:33:16

Constitution, but what it really means is denial of the sunlight on the radio, when he had a debate with shift but it COVID Allah, He said that I don't believe in your manmade fairy tales of howdy I this is his claim. So what is the position of denying the sooner and this is the most serious thing? What is the sooner the sooner is the teachings, the sayings and the actions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The example when Allah says that I seem to be some as the best example it is that example from the Quran if you say you claim to believe in the Quran, then how do you answer these is when Allah says, believe in Allah and His messenger and the light which he sent down. So what is

00:33:16--> 00:33:55

this Allah is the student of NaVi, and the Quran, which I've sent down, follow all of those things, and anyone who does not believe in Allah and His Messenger, we have prepared a severe or searing blaze for the rejecters Allah says say if you love Allah, Follow me Follow Muhammad. If you really love Allah, follow his Sunnah. Follow Mohamed Salah, and then he Allah will love you and forgive your sins. When I show you love Allah showed by following Mohammed salam, look at this ayah Allah Subhana there are many, many is hundreds of him. Allah Subhana says, it is not for a believing man or believing woman when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter whenever Allah said something

00:33:55--> 00:34:15

or then I've been wanting to do this, don't do that, that you should have any choice about. Now you don't have a choice in the matter. Nobody so some cs mixolo are like this. We don't put our mind to anything CRS will have some unwritten we're and we obey and whoever this obeys Allah and these rhassoul Yes, certainly straight into clear error, Reject rejection,

00:34:16--> 00:34:55

rejection of Nabhi The sooner is the rejection of Mohammed salam, and why you'd find it The sooner is under attack is because and this usually comes from the western academics, westernized Islam. It is because if you want to attack Islam, you cannot attack the Quran. It is solid gold, it cannot be attacked. Authentic authenticity is without question. So we attacked the other primary source of the deen which is the sooner when you attack the sooner you can take away all the rituals and all the practices how to make Salah you don't have to stand up five times a day, but it doesn't say you need to do that Quran doesn't say how many walks they are or how many records is in Missouri budget. So

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

why should we follow that? How to Dress what to eat what not to eat everything. You can see

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Taking away of the Sharia, as you choose fit, and now you can start interpreting the Quran according to our because the interpretation of Hamas or salam, we don't have to accept that. And as I said, rejection of the Sunnah is the rejection of what is the sooner you rejecting the life of Mohammed Salah. If you reject, and if you reject Mohammed salam, we say, there is no la ilaha illAllah without Muhammad Rasulullah Salam. And if you reject, and you don't want to be part of the Mohammed Al salam, you cannot call yourself a Muslim. And the majority of the scholars, both in the past and in the present, have said that rejection of the sooner is an act of comfort if you deliberately

00:35:39--> 00:36:18

reject the student, and you say, I know that Mohammed song said this, but I put my own interpretation ahead of Muhammad Salah that's an act of disbelief. So this is why our son is being attacked. And this is why we should What do what is our response? We condemn this, and any other ideology that sees this and attacks our akitas an attack on our aqeedah we didn't ask for this was attacked on us, and the claims were thrown upon us. But we condemn it strongly and peacefully, no violence, no violence, again, the MDC is stressed. And I we all agree with us that we don't have to fight anyone, we don't kill or burn any or disrupt any organizations. This is not the way that our

00:36:18--> 00:36:56

Navy SEAL Sallam told us, we educate ourselves. And we reject things what we can verbally in written form and make our way out of course, but of course, no violence and we are a religion of peace. This causes more harm on all of us. If violence is perpetrated, and the biggest weapon that we that is used against us, our lack of knowledge will lie the deen is strong. If you learn the deen and you know the basics of Islam, no one can harm you infiltrate you this Islam has stood for 1400 years. And in Cape Town in particular, for 300 years, a specific, very special kind of Islam and insha Allah, it's our duty to maintain that and to continue that. And then it's a commandment from a low

00:36:56--> 00:37:29

and we see a Masjid and we'll end up with an idea that none of us should go there. Sometimes our curiosity gets the better of us. If you're curious, ask your parents ask you She asked your mom, what is this all about? Should I go Shouldn't I go? If you're not educated, you're not strong enough and you go to the Pope, you change it to Christianity. Without a doubt. The island whether he's a Muslim or non Muslim is always up as an upper hand on the one who's not informed. So don't go to these places. You're not going Muslim. Don't put your hand in the fire to feel if it's hot, you know, what's the result? Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed an ayah and you know, sometimes we read

00:37:29--> 00:38:09

the Quran and I'll end up with this. We read the Quran and the ayat sometimes just go over our heads. He doesn't have the true shock in our system. I read this is even though Allah had sinned this ayah down for us today we'll talk about this iron Shaolin. in more detail. Allah Subhan says in Surah Toba and as for those knowledge refers to the hypocrites, we established a Masjid, so as to come up to cause harm and disbelief and cause division among the believers, and as a station for ever had Ward against Allah and His Messenger, a place that will set the non Muslims and those who are on to harm Islam. Use this as a rallying ground. And they will surely say when you're asking why

00:38:09--> 00:38:50

you're doing this, we intend only good we only have good intentions. And Allah testifies that indeed the Alliance, the Alliance what they're doing, and Allah commands the Muslim in, don't stand in Salah in the ever don't ever ever stand, make one Salah one Raka in such a place, a Masjid whose foundations is on the righteousness from the very first day. How many massage Do we have around us? A Masjid with foundation from the very first day is on taqwa is more worthy that you stand in there for Salah within those muscles and you will find men who love to purify themselves and Allah loves those purify themselves. Surah Toba is number 107 and 108 we make to Allah Subhana. Allah preserves

00:38:50--> 00:39:11

our Eman, our Islam to protect us from all these influxes of different beliefs and systems and to keep us on the set often we're stuck in make to our day and night for that to protect our children in particular, please Yamato muslimeen if you have any questions, any comments, please there's a suggestion box outside please put your suggestions or email me directly or reminder that on the fifth

00:39:12--> 00:39:36

the habit that is coming up in in a few weeks time that the quarterback and for those who wish to quarterback please put your orders in the orders needs to be taken 1600 and a ship on Saturday and Sunday the quadband will be will be done. We also remind you and this is again with as soon as being attacked, so important to understand the life of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam choose the Knights of the Muslim please in sha Allah attained and attained on

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

on the public holiday the 24th which is the Wednesday the Tana baru trust, which is the oldest macabre the oldest Muslim Cemetery in South Africa. The first Muslim cemetery is being opened up and inshallah to give it's a Heritage Day We are proud of our heritage and great scholars and Allah man earlier that came to give us our Islam go the inshallah has been opened up means it's for him

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

Of course visiting the maqbara with the proper adapt and to make dua for the disease is an act of a burden as well so inshallah please attend if you can, it's a public holiday, attend for that inshallah.

00:40:12--> 00:40:25

Smile is the strength of this route if you say where do we go, just walk straight up this road, inshallah you'll find the tunnel bottle up on top insha Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah bless us And forgive us most of our guidance sokola Santa Monica.

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Just move forward to this. Just close the gaps and stand as close as possible to one another. We need some space in the back

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is still space upstairs wrong?

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Salam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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in Alhamdulillah karabi Monastery New Covenant still coming to La Casa de la cuchara Kula Nash kookaburra Nakuru Khomeini of Judah Allahumma

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salli wa Chateau La ilaha illallah wa Chateau Anna Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah salario bashira Darian Mila. You see Raja Munira for salatu wa la he was

00:46:54--> 00:47:11

bad. Yeah by the LA OC command FCB taqwa la, la la la. Yeah, you will Latina am an otaku la Hakata Kati Morton Illa one two Simone bacala tala in Accra momento la at Qualcomm. akula kolyada Saku Ali welcome Alicia Illumina McCollum

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Hello Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah May Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa Savita, Sleeman kathira

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taco la what taco mentor Jelena de la la la la la de Kitab aloha here I'll add the Heidi Mohammed Salah Lauren and send them a shout out to Hakuna Matata Hakuna Allah.

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Allah wa salatu wa salam O Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Azza wa salam ala Nabi yeah you will Latina Amazon de la la Mota Lima, la sala de

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la maison Islam one muslimeen Allahu miserly salmon muslimeen Allah miserly stone Simeon what the ledger called machine what Amira? Dhaka daddy Ravana habla namanas wodgina autoreactivity kurata Jelena Linwood Akina mama Ravana Tina Petunia Hashanah orfila karate Hashanah Tokunaga but not what the sin agenda Tama Bharatiya Aziza for Europa Allah me about a la jolla San Ysidro corbeau enhance

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la come to the Coronavirus Kuru Kuru Kuru Allah Murthy. What are the cruel I Akbar? Allah Allah does not own welcome Miss Allah