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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The issue of vomiting during prayer is discussed, along with the importance of following the scripture and communication with leaders. vomiting is considered a reference to one's credibility and is normal for nervousers. Seventhing evidence through personal models is crucial, and individuals should not mix up things. The negative consequences of vomiting and drinking before breakfast, as well as the negative consequences of eating certain foods, are also discussed. The importance of following the Hadith is emphasized, along with the importance of evolution after eating certain foods.
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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah who it was happy. The brothers and sisters Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome to lessons in film. We're still studying the chapter that deals with nullification notifications of will evolution. And brother Nur, I believe, will read the following Hadith smilla rahmanir rahim narrated Aisha radiallahu anha Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever vomit bleeds through the news, or religious McGee should go perform ablution and then complete his prayer by continuing from where he had stopped at on condition that he doesn't speak in the process.

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This Hadith

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has been regarded by an Imam Ahmed as weak and unauthentic. And this is correct. It was also regarded as unauthentic by an Imam in Albania. So we don't have to go through it and explain it, as you can tell that it is not true. The Hadith tells us that whoever vomits during prayer

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or bleeds through his nose,

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has this discharge of Mati during prayer, he should he should go to the toilet before Moodle and then go back again and continue where he stopped. So, if he prayed to us, then he should stand and continue the third and fourth Raka providing that he did not speak during the process. And of course, this is completely unacceptable, how would a person cut his prayer and goes to the toilet and perform Budo and wash his clothes maybe and then go back and continue as nothing has happened? No, one of the pillars

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of prayer is the sequence you cannot pray one record and then go and after half an hour continue the second one there should be a sequence and you have to follow this sequence there should be an order and there should be more or less it should be all together there shouldn't be separated by any thing that comes in between so this is not valid. Now, why is it mentioned in the notifications of whoodle of evolution? Because some of the scholars said that this thing nuleaf I will do the first thing vomiting, does vomiting nuleaf I will do now for in order for us to say yes or no. Can you ask? Mustafa I will ask Mustafa to tell me, how would we say yes or no? What determines if it nullifies

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whether or not?

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There has to be a specific text that says okay, from the Quran or the sun or this is the easiest and logical process that we apply in every single thing that we do in our lives regarding religion. Don't listen to Tom, Dick or Harry saying that this is Hello, this is haram all the time, you have to connect yourself to the Quran and Sunnah. And by doing this, you are following the footsteps of the prophet Isaiah which will lead you in sha Allah, and which will lead us all to paradise. Meaning in prayer, this is just a simple example. Where should I put my

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hands while standing position? Should I put it on my chest or my belly button or on my private parts as some people do this

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is really funny. He was fighting people standing in prayer and putting their hands on their private parts

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as if they're protecting a goal and for a free kick or something, what are you doing? Well, you know, I'm a sportsman I have to do this now this is completely unacceptable. Okay, what or who determines what is acceptable and what's not the Quran and the Sunnah. You have to go through the Sunnah and learn where did the prophet SAW Selim placed his hands while understanding position and this is not our topic, we will come to this inshallah, when we describe the prayer of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam, we go to the to our topic, which is vomiting. Now, vomiting, does it nullify your evolution or not? Some scholars say Yes, it does. Why? They thought, Well, if someone urinates or

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someone passes to defecates, then he is taking the filth and the bad things out of his body,

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from his private parts, so it should be similar, that if you take the back things from your stomach, through your mouth, then it should nullify your model. Now, is there any Hadith that states this, say? Well, authentic? No. So how do you say such a thing said well, we gave it the matter of some thought that it looks okay. So we wrote it on our books of jurisprudence of effect. And people have been taking it, teaching it to their students, and it became a rule. Well, I am sorry, I apologize. I cannot take this. Why? How dare you differ with the shares with the Imams who came with this verdict? It's very simple. When I testify, I say and I bear witness that Mohammed Salah Salim is his

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slave and messenger, his servant and His Messenger. I don't mention any of the scholars do I? I don't mention any of the Imams do I, I only follow him. The prophets, Allah sell them. And by doing this, you feel easy about things. Because if you say well, Imam Shaw says this, you will have 100 people jumping in saying, well we have our own Imams, we have our own different version of what you're saying. And Allah says in the Quran, if you have dispute, if you have conflict among each other, always refer to the Quran and Sunnah always refer to Allah and His Messenger, that is the Quran and the Sunnah. And this is the criteria that we judge things. So going back to our topic,

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vomiting, does it nullify weirdo? No, it does not. is a nice thing to do while praying. Of course, it's not but this does a person control his vomiting. This is something that is abnormal, this is a sickness. So if it comes, it comes, but my audio is still intact. Now bleeding through the nose. Does it nullify Waldo? Again, there is no authentic evidence that it does. Therefore, it remains on the original sense that whatever comes out, you're still preserving your model. And finally, maybe that's the discharge of Maddie mollify widow.

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Hamza does it

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discharge of many newly filed widow

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tadi Yes. Everybody agrees on that. And this because of the hadith of

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of who, what, what Heidi told us that Maddie nullifies Waldo, can you remember it? Yes, very true and very correct the son in law of the Prophet Assam, Ali, Vitali. So you always have to remember evidence? Because you will need this in life. If somebody tells you prove it to me. How do you say that the discharge of muddy and nullifies would give me your evidence. If you don't have evidence, then you don't have a case. But if you always recall this evidence, and it's always at the back of your mind, it makes life very easy for you. And it makes things clear to

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you. So the Hadith is not authentic. Fair. Do you have a question? concerning vomitus? Isn't there an evidence that when one vomits that history and he's fasting is broken? And then we can then apply this fasting through class on prayer? Or what do you think Mustapha?

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I don't know.

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Very good. This is half of knowledge. Excellent. Well, what we have left is the other half. So we'll try to

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gain that your question is relevant to the topic that is, and it's irrelevant at the same time.

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Evolution is different than fasting. So things that nullify evolution do not necessarily nullify fasting, and the opposite is true.

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Eating and drinking nullifies your fasting, does it have anything to do with evolution? Does it notify? No, it does not. Coming back to your statement that vomiting, breaks, fasting, Is this true?

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Does anyone of you have knowledge of this issue? Does vomiting, nullify fasting?

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Well, some say yes, some say no, some abstain from commenting. Actually, it does not nullify fasting. Unless it is done intentionally. The Prophet says is allowed to set up whoever vomits intentionally must make it over. And whoever vomits, unintentionally, it's not really designed, he just did it, then he must not make it over, he should continue fasting. And this is realized if a person eats too much. And after the break of dawn, he's really filled. He doesn't feel good. And he cannot sleep. But he cannot take anything to help his digestion. So what he does, he puts his finger in his mouth and vomits, and this is intentional. So this day is void.

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He has committed one of the notifications of fasting, but if a person is ill, he's sick in the midday just vomit, then there is nothing wrong in that he should continue fasting, going back to evolution, there is no relation none whatsoever. Whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally, it is not part of the things that nullifies mobile, and it's very essential to know

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that the things that nullify your widow are handful, and they're all governed by Hadith, or by verses of the Quran, which means that if you know them by heart, you can have a general realization in the sense that a guy comes in with a cigarette.

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And he's smoking. And the call for prayer is called and he drops a cigarette and wants to pray. Do we tell him go and perform revolution again?

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Well, do we.

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We don't know. We told him we tell him quit smoking. Because it's bad for you. It's Haram, but it has nothing to do with evolution. Your evolution is in still intact. What you've done is a sin. So don't mix up things. Now the things that nullify your vado are a handful. We've mentioned sleeping, we've mentioned discharging of metal Of course, urinating, defecating, whatever comes from the private parts. And we've gone through this and we also mentioned touching the private parts, so you have to keep them. So once you realize them, nothing else comes in to them. We have a short break. Stay tuned and we'll be right back inshallah.

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Hello, and welcome back. We have

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talked before the break about the weak IDs of HTML be pleased with her. And we said that we have to build our allegation on correct and authentic hadith. And the following one insha Allah is authentic.

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reported by Muslim brother Fadi, I believe will read it for us. It was Miller Miller him narrated Jabu Samara, may Allah be pleased with him, and then ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Should I perform evolution after eating mutton? He replied, If you were so

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He then asked, should I perform evolution after eating camel meat? He sallallahu Sallam said, Yes.

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Now, this hadith

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clearly tells us that it is obligatory, to perform evolution after eating camels meat.

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And it clearly clearly tells us that it is not obligatory to perform modo, after eating Martin's meat, or

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goats meat, or sheep, meat, whatever.

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And before we go into this idea, it was at the very beginning of Islam, that it was a must for Muslims to perform evolution after eating anything that was cooked by fire.

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So, if anyone cooked a chicken, or cooked mutton, or beef, and ate it, he should perform mobile, because if it was cooked with fire,

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this had the eighth obligates it because the prophet SAW Selim is asked, should we perform modo after eating Martin? And he said, if you wish,

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what is the meaning of if you wish, it means that I am already in the state of evolution, I have performed the evolution and I ate mutton. Now does this nullify my auto or not? It strictly says that it does not. But if you wish to perform auto again, then this is good. When we argue argue and say, Why should I perform model while I am in the state of whoodle? what's what's the benefit of this? The benefit is more reward.

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We have a saying in Arabic. Whenever It's time for prayer, someone would ask the others. Are you on Moodle? Would you like from ablution? And he would say yes, I would like to renew my evolution.

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A jet did we'll do a now what does renew my evolution means if you are in the state of evolution, why should you do this? Now this is an innovation. No, it's not. Some people would think that if you are in the state of whoodle, why do you promote? Again, this isn't an innovation? No, it's not an innovation, because it's more blessing. And it's more clean than us once you do it. And the Hadith status, the prophet was asked if a person eats meat does he have to perform mobile again? What did he say?

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If you wish, which means that Yes, you may. If you want to do this, there's no problem. If it was wrong, he would have said no you shouldn't you already are in the evolution status. So remain as you are.

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Okay. The issues that one would like to also talk about is

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eating camels meat. Now, the three scholars of Islam disagree with Allah Mohammed, the only school of thought that says that you should perform Moodle after eating camels meat is the hanbali school. The followers of Mr. Mohammed in Hamburg, while a memorable Hanif Malik and a Shafi and their followers say you don't have to perform mortal it's preferable but you don't have to perform Moodle after eating camels with

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in the way that we think nowadays. What do you think we should do? Before Moodle or not?

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We should follow the Hadith. This is clear and simple. We should follow the Hadith with all the respect

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that is due to our Imams and our scholars. We respect they're very self saying that no, it's not a must. But we respect the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam more than respecting them. So if the Hadith is authentic, and is it authentic? It is 100% authentic. It's in Sahih Muslim, which is regarded to be one of the most authentic books of shouldna after Buhari so we take it as it is, and we believe that it nullifies water. Now it still talks about camels meat. Okay, what about

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camel's milk?

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Does it nullify Boto?

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Because it's part of the camera does nullify will do.

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What do you think Mustafa?

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Does camel milk nullify will do.

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unless there's a specific text that says, Okay, what do you think nor I think

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it doesn't nullify the why

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The answer is correct. By the way, it doesn't know if I would have met you haven't if we don't have it in Hades that it says, the Hadith says only by eating the meat of its meat, it says camels meat. So, if you consume anything else that is considered to be meat, then it does not notify you though. So, camel's milk does not nullify your water. Now we come to another thing. What about the guts, the liver, the heart of the camel? If we cook it, does it notify will do or not?

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Is it considered to be part of the Campbell meat?

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I think for the same concept, as long as it's not meat, it does not? Well, actually, it does follow the same concept, simply because when we talk about generally speaking, meat, lamb, this falls under it because it's cooked, and it's eaten. While milk cannot qualify as food, cannot qualify as meat or flesh or whatever. Therefore, the scholars say anything that is cooked from a camel, then it is a nullifies model. Now milk does not nullify Moodle, and one again, would come and argue and say, Why? The three letter word that usually, you know, buzzes and bugs people? Why? What's the difference between camels and other animals?

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There isn't a clear cut answer to that. Is there a difference between camels, camels and other animals? Yes, there is. There are differences. Now,

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the Hadith has an ending, but it's not mentioned here. The prophet SAW Selim was asked, Can we pray in the barns or pens of a sheep? He said yes.

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So he was asked again, can we pray in the barns are the pins the wit the place where they stay? Have camels? He said, No.

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So there is a difference. People say, scholars, that is not normal people, they say that.

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camel is different than other animals. camel has pride and arrogance. When you see a camel walking, man, this guy is confident. He's standing tall. And we see sheep, you know sheep is humble and modest. And, and that is why the prophet SAW Selim made this difference in said that those who Shepherd sheep, who

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walk with the sheep, are people of

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tranquility, and Sakina. They're humble and modest. And those who stay with the camels, and Shepherd the camels, are people of arrogance, and of pride. And this is found we find this in Arabia, those who stay with the sheep are usually very humble and modest, nice people. And that is why the Prophet says our son, that all messengers and prophets of Allah have Shepherd sheep.

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They all at one stage of their time, stayed with the sheep and walked with the with the sheep and lived from the sheep.

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So they told him the companion is even you. Prophet of Allah said, Even I did this on so much and much for a woman in Makkah. Before Islam, I did it as a source of income. And we see this, the people that always raise and Shepherd, camels are always adamant, and they're not polite and you find this pride in them. So there is a difference. Now, also there are Hadith that tells us that in the barns and pens of camels, Satan is present because of this arrogance. Therefore, it is not permissible for us to pray in these areas.

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To wrap it up, eating camels meat, nullifies a person's model, although it is the the verdict of Mr. Mohammad, but the Hadith backs it up. The following Hadith

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narrated Abu hurayrah Roger Lalanne, who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Who ever watched a dead person should take about thereafter, and whoever carries it should perform ablution Of course, in Islam, it's very

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ritual thing, but it's very easy and simple. People die. This is human nature. The only

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person or entity that does not die is Allah Almighty. All creatures of Allah die without any differences, no discriminations, they all die. Angels, devils,

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humans, plants, animals, they all die. Now, in Islam, it's very easy for us when people die. Simple. we grieve, within sorry, we wash them, we perfume them, we wrap them up in garments, and we take them perform funeral prayers, asking Allah for forgiveness, put them in a ditch in a hole, bury them

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is history is that is gone. We don't have any, you know, conveys convoys or caravans

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carrying them with musical instruments in front of them and behind them. We don't have any big receptions and spending money and wasting it on food and beverages and so on. We have it very simple. All people die. And the more you need things, the more it's made easier in Islam.

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And this we have to pay great attention to

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you need water and you need oxygen air that you breathe. What do you need more?

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Oxygen, so it's found everywhere? Do I have to pay for it? I have to breathe water I need but my need for water is less than my need for air. Can I find it everywhere? Yes, you can find it mostly everywhere but you have to put some more effort to it.

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Our time is up, but I'm afraid that we still have some issues to continue. So we'll postpone it inshallah. Until next time, and until then fear Manila was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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