Reflection on 40 Duas of Rabbana – Our Lord – Part 5

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Reflection on 40 Duas of Rabbana – Our Lord – Part 5


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The speakers stress the importance of protecting passengers and not objects of trial for the wrong doing, as well as having faith and trust in Islam. They stress the need to pray for his parents' success and grant mercy for his actions to make them into the highest levels of gender. Prayerers are encouraged to take their time and effort into their lives to connect with their feelings and protect their passengers.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Karim. While earlier he was hardly he Jemaine

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my brothers and sisters Welcome again to another session of our journey robina Our Lord? Well hamdulillah we praise Allah subhanaw taala for his continued support and guidance and mercy upon us that he is giving time and again an opportunity for us to be connected with him. Well hamdulillah my brothers and sisters, it is indeed the mercy of Allah, the permission of Allah, that he has allowed us to be able to go through this beautiful journey Rabbana our Lord. So let's continue. In today's session inshallah, we should begin with an ayah from Surah RF surah number seven iron number 89. in which a lot of Blairism, he says the following

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a lot of binaries,

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he invites our attention and a very important element and aspect of our lives kind of love, the translation of it, which we have to, you know, use it for recognition of its meanings and reflect upon it is our Lord judge between us and our people in truth, for you are the best of those who give judgment.

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Now, this is a very powerful and profound, you know,

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that we are trying to, you know, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to judge between us and our people in truth. And we are acknowledging the fact that Allah subhanahu wa tada is the best of those who give judgment who give you know, decision will give his you know, final call Subhana Allah will give his, you know, ultimate decision.

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My brothers and sisters, what we need to realize and recognize is that, indeed, there is no better judge there is no better decision maker better than Allah subhanho wa Taala and Subhana Allah, we are asking Allah, again, as he taught us to ask him, to judge to decide between us and our people in truth. For Indeed Allah is the best one those you know of those who give deposition. What we need to realize, my brothers and sisters is when we have a lot as our judge as our decision maker, we know that we are in a safe zone. So how to love because we know Allah is a food he is a Rahim he is an Wahab he is allow food he is the one who forgives, he is the one who loves the forgiveness, he is

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the one who decides what's fair and just for us, so we are asking a lot to judge and to decide between us and our people in truth and we are acknowledging the DI D attribute the quality of Allah azzawajal that he is the best one to decide to be judged. Right. So again, my brothers and sisters we need to ensure that fee they cited we you know remember it, we recognize it, we reflect on it and we have to pass on again to others as well this beautiful thing because you know some people they wish or they they basically have this perception that you know my

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loved ones they are the best one to decide for me. My you know parents are the best ones to decide for me. My you know spouses or siblings or someone who's close to my heart is the best one to decide. For me. Well, they all are good they all are the well wishes they all are absolutely fine and very well. Pleased in your life as decision makers barked. The ultimate and the most beneficial. One to decide for you and me is a lot as urgent

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That is what we are declaring in this particular door our, our Lord decide between us and our people in truth and you are the best of those who give decision.

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The second ayah that we would like to, you know, go through insha, Allah is from surah aarav surah. Number seven is number 126, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala he says the following,

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very profound, dry again, so significant, Allah Subhana, Allah is teaching us this bra robina after Rila, Elena sobre, whatever furna mineral water wasana Muslim in our Lord, pour upon us patience, and let us die, as Muslims as someone who is in submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The need for us again, my brothers and sisters is to recite it and to remember it thoroughly. These are very short two hours, by the way, and this does not require much time and effort for us. And even so, if it requires as well, this is something which is the message of this entire journey that we we take our time for our own sakes, panela for, you know, for, for taking an attempt to connect with our

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Creator. And these are some of the most powerful drivers and and very, you know, strong ways to get connected with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is the reason you know, a lot of Blair is a he taught us all these drivers, the meaning of it is so powerful again, we are asking Allah, our Lord, to pour on us patience, and we are making a very, very important law. And we are asking Allah let us die as Muslims in submission to you. Because as I said, in the previous sessions, what counts the most, what matters the most is the ending. So we are asking Allah to cause us die as Muslims as those who believe and who submit to none other than Allah as urgent, and this is very, very

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important, my brothers and sisters, because, you know, throughout the lives, you know, we might be you know, wandering here and there. But there is a significant element that we will have in our lives and that is the submission to Allah subhanaw taala This is a sign of success, this is the way forward for our own benefit. And that is submission to Allah subhanaw taala. So, we have to take our time and keep this intention always remind yourself always that Oh Allah, let me die as Muslims, let me die and depart this world by saying La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah let me die or Allah by saying La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah let me die Allah by saying La ilaha illAllah Muhammad

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Rasul Allah, this should be the utmost prayer and the reminder that you should have for yourself and for others as well, to make sure that we depart this world by pleasing Allah by saying La ilaha illa Allah by making sure that we depart this world, you know, in submission to Allah, because the moment we depart this world, there will be no actions that will be counted, there'll be only accounts that said, so in this world, there are only actions, actions and actions. And the moment we depart this world, there is only accounts, accounts and accounts people might be asking one time, give us a chance to go back and do what you have commanded us. But there'll be no chance given to you to, to

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those people to panela so we ask Allah to let us die as Muslims in submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala passed on again by brothers and sisters to others as well. So they also ask this law and they also depart this world in submission to Allah as the Virgin.

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The next draw is from Surah Yunus surah number 10, EIN number 85 and 86 in which Allah Subhana

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Tyler, he says the following

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a lot of what he's teaching us, again, a very powerful the world which we have to, you know, recite and remember and recognize and reflect upon it. Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us to ask him, our Lord, make us not objects of trial for the wrong doing people, for the unfair people, for the unjust people, for those who are the oppressors and save us by your mercy, save us by your mercy from the disbelieving people. You know, my brothers and sisters, this is an amazing draw a very powerful draw, we are seeking protection from none other than the most powerful one alive as the origin. And we are asking Allah to not make us in objects of trial for the wrongdoing, people, there

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are so much of oppression out there, there is so many people who wants to transgress limits, who wants to wrong others who wants to play with people unfairly, who wants to treat people very, very unjustly. We are asking Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect us from those people, too. We are asking a lot to save us by your mercy to protect us by your mercy or Allah from the disbelieving people. And this is a very powerful pieces of you know, prayers, that we have to ask a law and and and the meaning of it is perilous, so beautiful, that you know it traits of a take you into the company or in the in the protection of Allah azza wa jal and if you and me are in protection zone of Allah,

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then there is nothing that can happen to us insha Allah, so the best way is to get into the rescue of Allah, it to get to make sure that we connect with our Creator and to weigh in to make ourselves you know, protected insha Allah, again, my brothers and sisters, it is a need to take this message across to our parents, to our siblings, our spouses, our children, friends, relatives, neighbors, you know, throughout the world, for the entire humanity, we want peace, we want you know, protection, we want prosperity, and this is only possible by connecting with our Creator. The next door is from Surah Ibrahim surah. Number 14 is number 38. in which

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he says the following.

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My brothers and sisters, let us recite this again and again.

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Because in it is an acknowledgment in it is the surrendering to Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot of what he says let's recognize and reflect on the meanings of it, our Lord, indeed you know, what we can see. And we what we declare, and nothing is hidden from Allah on the earth or in the heaven. Now, this is a very powerful testimony, a very powerful acknowledgement. We are asking Allah Our Lord, indeed, you know what we conceal and what we reveal what we declare and nothing is hidden from Allah on the earth or in the heaven. So we are acknowledging to the fact that Allah is all Knower, he is all watcher. He is someone from whom nothing and no one is hidden. He knows what goes on in

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our heart. When no one knows, he knows what's going to happen to us when no one knows. So we are acknowledging this fact, the beauty and the attribute and the quality of a larger region. And we are also inviting and igniting our attention to the fact that whatever we think and whatever we do, Allah knows all of it when there are

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thoughts that goes on in your mind in the feelings that goes on in your heart, the actions that you actually perform and execute those thoughts into actions. Allah knows it all, which means that we have to be very, very conscious in what we think in what we feel in what we do in our lives. We have to live a very conscious life my brothers and sisters and self awareness is the powerful way to develop yourself. Self understanding is the first step of you know your progress inshallah. So make sure that you have a lot in your heart. Make sure that you have a lot in your heart, the love of Allah in your heart, and and when you have that, Allah knows it, and He will guide you to the ways

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that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The next jar that we have is from Surah Ibrahim surah. Number 14 ayah. Number 14, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala he says the following

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Rob banner, what Taco Bell.

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That's it, I will load

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and accept my supplication.

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My brothers and sisters. to recite it, it's so easy to have had a lot to remember is also too easy. It's a very short drama, again, robina watarrka boldre our Lord and accept my drama, my prayer, my supplication. Now, why is it important to to ask a lot to accept our application? let's recognize and reflect on it. You see, there is no doubt whatsoever that Allen listens. And a lot of boiler is he accepts our doors as well. Now as a Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, he said, a doula who will abide by the law is wish to panela. So we have to understand the fact that law is the acceptance of the law is in stages, you know, sometimes we ask Allah and Allah listens. And he responds, right

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then, and we feel and we see it in our lives. Number two, the DA v x, we ask Allah, it happens, and it realizes it happens and gets accepted. After some time. Sometimes this law is never accepted, and the bad or the trouble that we we might be going through it will be removed from that. And sometimes the law is never accepted in this world, but we will see it in the form of good deeds in the hereafter. So we need to have faith and trust in Allah that Allah listens and he responds, Allah is Big Buddha, he is the responder of the prayers. So we should never, ever know to be loved, think or even feel or say, you know, this blasphemous statement that Allah does not listen to my daughter.

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Allah does not, you know, answer my prayer. Allah answers my brothers and sisters, but Allah knows when to answer. Allah knows when to give you a lot of knows how to give you, Allah knows what's good for you, which you and me do not know. Allah knows everything. So we need to trust in Allah, our job is to do our work. And then we pray and then we accept the decision of Allah and we trust in Allah subhanaw taala and we are happy with whatever you know conclusion happens. So, this is very, very important. We should not be doing any acts by which our application is rejected. Like for example, getting involved in associating partners with a law or doing any kind of hypocritical, you know,

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actions, you know, not obeying the prophets. Listen, these actions actually become the hindrance for the refusal and the rejection of our door. So when we avoid these things, rest assured, Allah listens, and Allah responds Alhamdulillah

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the next dua is from Surah Ibrahim surah number 14 ayah number 41, in which Allah azzawajal he says the following

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Lars says let us recite Rob Bernard Farrelly, Wiley, Wiley de mi Nina, yo, Maya cool Melissa, our Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believers, the day the account is established, Allahu Akbar, what a powerful concerning a drive filled with love adrar filled with vicious adrar, which has the care for our own selves, for our own parents, for our own believers on that day, where the accounts will be established, where the accounts will be settled. So we are asking my brothers and sisters, to our rub, to our Lord, forgive me, number one, ask a lot to forgive you, for the sins for the for the disobedience for the mistakes for the shortcomings that you're in, we do. Ask allow for the

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forgiveness of our parents. You know, a lot of times we, you know, don't pray for our parents Subhan Allah, What a strange thing. We have to make sure that we pray for our parents, for their progress for their success, for their happiness, for the joy for this submission to Allah for the better dunya and for the best, our Hara Subhan Allah. So there are two scenarios that we have and we see in our lives. One, we know that our parents are alive Subhan Allah, we need to ask Allah to bless them to take, you know, to grant them mercy to have, you know, a welfare and goodness upon them, we need to ask for their guidance, we need to ask for their betterment. We need to ask Allah to provide them

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a way a path of peace, a way that is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, we need to ask Allah for them to be independent, for we need to ask Allah to grant them bounties and favors and blessings. This is the first scenario where your parents are alive. What if your parents are not alive? When your parents are not alive, it becomes a bigger responsibility for us as children, to ask Allah to forgive them in the hereafter. When when the children they pray for their parents to Panama, it affects a lot, and a lot of beleza. He basically gives reward to the parents even after they die when any good deeds are done by the children and SubhanAllah. This is something you and me can do

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for our deceased parents. We know we cannot perhaps we might have not been very, very obedient. Well, very, you know,

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kind to our parents. But then if you realize now that your parents are no more, and you don't have an opportunity for them, for you to you know, take care of them to be kind to them, you realize that you should have done a lot for them. The time is now the time is not it's not too late. The time is now my brothers and my sisters, pray for your deceased parents. Pray for your mother. Pray for your father, who are who is no more in this world. Pray for your father and pray for your mother, that they're there. Their accounts get easy, their accounts get settled in in favor for them. their their their misdeeds, and their evil deeds be removed from the meezan and the Senate and the good deeds

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should be overwhelming and overloaded. On the on the reason we ask Allah to forgive our parents, we ask Allah to admit them into the highest levels of gender, we ask Allah to make them to be in the company of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah for our parents, to make them among those blessed ones who will witness the face of Allah in the highest levels of gender. So my brothers and sisters, we need to make lots and lots of blahs prayers for our parents, because indeed, the most important people after Allah and His Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam in our lives, is our parents. They are the ones who brought us up. They're the ones who delivered us in

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this world. They are the ones who did so much of us. We have to make sure that we raise our hands in the last part of the night and ask Allah when he you know, he comes down to the lowest, you know, Heaven, part of the heaven, which suits in His Majesty, we asked a lot. We need to make sure we ask a lot to forgive us and to forgive our parents.

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Not to forget my brothers and sisters, we need to ask forgiveness for our believers as well. For those who believe in Allah, perhaps they are doing sins they are committing mistakes, and they are into disobedience of Allah we have to ask our believers as well. Our brothers and sisters out there, we need to ask Allah to forgive them as well. When we pray for them, the angels pray for us, when we help them the in the you know, Allah helps us when when we are kind to them, Allah becomes kind to us, when you have we have mercy on them. I love and show mercy to us, my brothers and sisters, isn't it a very good deal for us to realize that Allah has given us an opportunity and reminding again and

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again, again and again to seek forgiveness for our own self for our parents and for the believers, the day that account is established. My brothers and sisters, let us make an effort let us do our best let us work very hard. You know this is the only time the chance is only once we have to make the most in this life so that we may insha Allah be among those who are the pleased ones by Allah as origin, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala robina Ravana fairly Walley world the world meanie now yo maya Kula

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giavanna Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen