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Mufti Menk, Cape Town, Masjidul Quds, Ramadan 2013 – Day 2

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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nabina Muhammad Anwar hirosaki.

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Signing Elijah Medina.

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We praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions, we ask Allah to bless them and to bless every single one of us and to grant us goodness. I'm sure the first fasts of this beautiful month of Ramadan has gone by very smoothly, very, very little in terms of hours in this part of the world compared to Europe and the other countries who are going through approximately 18 hours of fasting compared to our 12 little ours is really 12 by law protect us, it's actually less than that. This evening, inshallah, we will be speaking for 30 minutes and from this evening, it will be 30 minutes

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every single day. Yesterday, we were on a V six engine as you recall, and therefore we had prolonged slightly obviously the first night of Ramadan. May Allah bless us. So let's dive straight into the topic, pearls of peace from the Noble Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us that he will test every single one of us with different types of tests. So in verse number 155,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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waba she's sobbing,

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we will definitely test every single one of you. With what with a little bit of fear, sometimes we will be scared, fear may overtake us, sometimes hunger and loss of wealth, perhaps you may suffer loss, things may burn down sometimes in a different way. You may not have enough wealth. And then Allah says and sometimes loss of life, those around you those whom you love the most you may lose them your children, your spouse, sometimes your parents, your brothers and sisters, those who are dear to you, young and old. And Allah says, Allah, Allah, may Allah protect us all. Loss of produce, sometimes you find those who are farming, the produce is less and sometimes the crop in the country

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is so low that it affects the economy. So who will have peace? In that instance, if we are definitely going to be tested? The only ones who will have peace or those who bear patience, Allah says, wa abashiri sabi

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kalu in

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give good news to those who bad patients, those who accept the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala, those whom when calamity strikes, difficulty comes in that direction. They are quick to say indeed we belong to Allah and unto him is our ultimate return. Subhana Allah. So every one of us has a lesson to learn from this, that we belong to Allah, something strikes you say in Allah, He will

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move further, you will achieve a lot of peace. But if you are a person who's not prepared to be tested, how then can we deserve the affair? How is Allah going to distinguish the believer from the disbeliever if we are not prepared to be tested, what then do we expect? It's like going to school and come time for examination. We say I'm walking out I don't want to be tested, you've wasted your seven years in primary you've wasted your four to five years in high school, because you don't want to be tested. May Allah protect us.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of how important it is to eat that which is halal, and to be thankful to Allah. If you do these two things, you will achieve a lot of peace. Remember, peace is achieved from many angles and aspects. Sometimes our peace is snatched away from a certain angle, but not from the other angles. So the Quran holistically deals with every form of peace. And this is why when we look at the rules and regulations we should know if we follow them we will achieve that wholesome peace and if we don't, the peace is snatched away

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According to how much we have not obeyed the instruction of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he says, verse number 172, so Ratan Tata,

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coo coo Li Na,

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O you who believe, eat from the pure that Allah has provided you stay away from that which is impure, not halal, not permissible, and what you should do when you eat that which is pure, be thankful to Allah, if you are truly the worship of Allah. Thank Allah. Allah has provided us with food and drink, people are suffering because they don't have water to drink with us. We open the tap and that water is fit to drink. Now Allah protect us May He grant us goodness, may he make us thankful. The more you thank Allah the more peace you have because you will be able to appreciate the gifts of Allah upon you. Then he says stay away from Iran in

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common may damn Allah,

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Xenia wama.

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Indeed, what has been made prohibited upon you is the dead carrion, as well as blood flowing blood, as well as the flesh of a swine, as well as that which has been dedicated to those besides Allah, the name of other than Allah is mentioned upon it, it is slaughtered for others besides Allah do not eat it, it is impure. These are just some of the lists of that which is unacceptable, if we are to eat that which is how it will affect our whole system in Sharla. In a few moments, we will see when we speak about interest and rebound, how it affects our system.

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Then the beautiful mention is made of the month of fasting. Shang Ramadan, halabi. Xena,

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the month we are in right now, Allah makes mention of it the only month of the calendar, the Muslim calendar that is mentioned in this way Sha Rama ban in the Quran, the month of Ramadan. What a blessing, a month of peace and guidance. Allah says it is the month in which the book of guidance and peace was revealed it was sent down Subhana Allah. And this is why in this month, we dedicate specific times of the day for the poor and we want to listen to the entire recitation in Salatu tarawih. We try not to compromise the clarity of the recitation and the public should try to look for a place where they can return are we in such a way that they can hear every single letter being

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recited Mashallah, in this beautiful city of Cape Town, the city of the Pura the city of the Quran, you won't find it so difficult to do that it's quite simple to go to the masjid where you will hear every letter clearly. Sadly, in some places, they don't even have that opportunity. So make the most of it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala has peace and blessings be upon us when we fast for the sake of Allah, we will achieve lots of inner peace, our health is improved. We detoxify ourselves, detoxification physically, as well as spiritually, physically in the sense that from a medical aspect, it is confirmed that fasting is so healthy for you, and it achieves a lot for you may Allah

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subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, a lot of us when we want to lose weight, what we do we stay away from some food. Allah gives you one month, one whole month, you can get back into your shape my brothers and sisters Subhana Allah sadly with us, that's when all the fries and the pies come in. And all those words they're not good for us to be honest with you. Let's not say the seabreeze themselves. When I spoke about it a few days ago when uncle actually came to me and said Hey, you, I said hey, I'm not a parent.

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He told me No. You be careful. Our wives are so excited when you told him that don't go for the savories and all the pies but we need them that's the only month we get to eat them. So I said okay, I'll declare it in public and not protect us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a beautiful month of Ramadan. It is not a month of food and drink it is a month of no food and drink Subhana Allah don't make it your habit to spoil yourself in the evening so badly that you make it difficult on the women folk instead of a bother they are busy cooking and we call them that to cook is a great rebounder. Yes, it may be it is a great way to cook but up to a certain limit when we wasting our

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time decorating the food and putting little dots of chocolate on the plate itself.

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No one's going to eat only look at if that's the case it's a waste in fact it is sinful May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of how close he is you want to achieve peace you need to know how close your maker is to you. Look at how we looked at the fasting fasting gives you inner and outer peace, physical health, spiritual health. We'll go through it through the month of Ramadan inshallah, but let's take a look at a powerful point being raised here. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What? Allah can daddy

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huji Buddha.

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Study booni one new movie.

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Verse number 186 bacara Allah says O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when my worship has asked you about me tell them that I am very, very close. If you feel the closeness of Allah, you achieve peace. It protects you from evil. It gives you the hope. It makes you a person who's looking forward to worshiping Allah, who's looking forward to seeking forgiveness. Any problem you have, who do you call out to first Allah?

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Who do you call out to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this verse continues, where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being instructed to tell us I respond meaning of life saying, I respond to every caller as the calls. Imagine, every one of us at the same time calling for different things. Allah years everyone and responds to everyone at the same moment and the time, amazing. Love. Each one of us has different issues, some have even the medical issues. Everyone has a unique medical condition may Allah grant us cure and may have run on those who passed away.

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So my brothers and sisters, never underestimate calling out to Allah. Like we said yesterday, the month of Ramadan. When we get up we are getting up with the intention of support in the morning. That is the blessing moment spend some time call out to Allah He is near. That's what he says I am very near. I respond to the call of every caller. When he calls out May Allah's blessings be upon us. So don't underestimate the power of law. It is indeed the ingredient of inner peace. Continue calling repeat your draw, draw a list of your drama, keep on saying it again and again. A year, two years, three years, like we said yesterday, it will be ticking off your list as time passes. May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, part of the gift of Allah is he keeps us in need. If we were not in need one wonders whether we would have turned to allow or not. So the gift of Allah is when you are in need, you tend to your maker, you come to prayer, you abstain from sin, you make promises to Allah, Allah says my worship, I love you so much. I made you in need because I was waiting for you to come to me when you had no need, you will not come in to me we love you so much. Look at your condition, you are crying, your tears are opening your heart is soft, Allahu Akbar, we wanted this condition. So we kept you in need, may Allah fulfill our needs. Then Allah warns us, you

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know, bribery, how bad it is, it is made mention of in Surah Al Baqarah. If a person wants to lose his peace, he needs to make bribery. The order of the day. The worst thing is to accept the bribe. That is worse than even giving it one wonders why.

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Sometimes it is your right. And people are not giving it to you. You go to some countries in the world where you're right they won't they will tell you there is a page missing. What's the page missing? My country they call it a green page, green page, the color of the currency missing. They'll stop you and tell you why were you speaking on your mobile phone. Instead of telling them I forgotten my mobile phone at home? You can search my whole car you've got to say sorry, sir. That's it. Even though you know you don't have your phone while they're looking for something. If that is the case and corruption overtakes your sanity society is destroyed. Corruption is a disease that

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will you save the rights of those who those rights belong to. May Allah protect us really, we need to safeguard ourselves. If a person is taking a bribe, that is haram haram haram for you totally prohibited if someone is forced to give a bribe in order to receive their due right as a last resort, because they are being oppressed. Although it is sinful both to give and to receive the receiver carries the bigger burden because he is the one who's encouraging. May Allah protect us. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, voila, cuckoo, cuckoo Bella aku.

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Do not consume the wealth of one another, unjustly unfairly incorrectly. Do not eat the wealth of one another before

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In business you want peace be straightforward tell them this car I'm selling it to you It looks brand new it's been damaged once just don't lie to people brand new no damage no nothing later on they see the CV join some missed something else is not this has happened they will curse you and curse you and curse you your piece is gone. Why? Because you lie. Someone sells you a product and they're lying to you you know what this is the cheapest you ever going to get down the road you get it that Iran's cheaper? What's going to happen minimum you're gonna say Allah destroy that man.

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Where did your piece go for 30 lands you sold it for 100 names you sold it for 1000 rounds, you sold it someone cursed you May Allah protect us. So when you do a deal, do a good deal so that you will achieve peace. Look at the pearls of peace from the Quran. our daily lives are affected by what is being said in the Quran. So Allah says what will be the

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continuation of the same verse where Allah says, Do not use that wealth to pay to those in authority in order to usurp the rights of someone mentioning the bribe. May Allah protect us and grant us goodness. Then something extremely important. Let's open our ears and listen. Do you want peace?

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Stop smoking.

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It will save you so much money.

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Okay, if you're looking at me

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Did I say something wrong? You want peace? You want to save money you want inner peace, outer peace, stop smoking. This is the least we can do. SubhanAllah save your money save your house. Do you know what Allah Subhana Allah, what FICO visa been in

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Kobe de Camila Tanaka, first number 195, spending the path of Allah and do not throw yourselves into your own destruction. Never ever harm yourselves, neither with your wealth, nor with whatever you do, don't harm yourself. So what this means is that wealth you'd rather spend it in the cause of Allah give a poor person you are building your palace in the afternoon, but you spend it on that which is harmful to your health, you are missing your own health. Really.

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I wanted to say something. In fact, let's say one one is what type of a spouse or what the spouse would feel to say my man is a smoker. I wonder what a non smokers This is like, protect us. You can go back home tonight. And you can say I quit. Don't worry. One year from now you will know

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my brothers and sisters. It's a crisis Believe me worse than the smoker those who live with the smoker. I've said it and I've laid the bed within Cape Town so it's fine.

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This is a bad habit. And I've only picked on one thing you can draw that example for any other thing that is harmful to you that you know is harmful. Cut it out throw it out. It will save your health it will save your wealth and it will save much more than Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks so beautifully of Hajj and Umrah when

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complete the Hajj and Umrah for the sake of Allah. Look, we've spoken about Ramadan immediately after Ramadan the months of harsh comments, right. So now in the month of Hajj comments, if hijab is compulsory upon you make an effort to go there was a time when in this country no matter how many wanted to go, they could go Those days are gone. Today you need to apply You're lucky if your name comes through this year, they gave a refund to so many people because they had to cut numbers due to construction happening in the holy Masjid mela, protect the soul and take us there repeatedly.

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If you have wealth, the best place you could go to is take your children and your family to Makkah and Medina Subhan Allah let them see the bond. Let them see the massage. Let them see the link let them feel the spirituality of the holiest change of Islam. So panela instead of visiting every single time Hawaii and Honolulu

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and what happens we don't even know what Makkah is like our children have never been there. They've never tasted this spirituality but you had was my brother, my sister. Make it your business to go there as often as you can. Now Allah protect us. Obviously this is for those who can manage. If you cannot manage make dua a miracle can come in your direction. May Allah grant us peace, area of peace on this globe, the most blessed land Makkah and thereafter on Medina to manohara. The most peaceful. In fact, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam made a dua for this place and that do ours accepted. Our hearts are stuck to that place. They all yearn for that place May Allah grant us the ability to go there time

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and again. Then Allah makes mention of the types of art to make and I need to spend a moment on this because some people only ask Allah for goodness in this world. feminine As you may know, a man

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Tina dunia

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people make dua to Allah Allah give me goodness give me wealth give me house give me a good family give me children give me this but what about asking for the life after death? you forgotten you forgotten to ask about that which is coming more than 70 years down the line or even less forgot. So Allah says, Don't do that. The way Allah has mentioned this in these beautiful verses of the Quran verse number 201, of Surah Baqarah where Allah says, The true people are those who make dua for this word goodness in it, as well as goodness in the life after death, as well as Savior from the punishment of the Fire woman.

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Tina dounia as Anna was in Tierra de hacer una joaquina

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we should know how to call out to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then when someone corrects you don't feel bad. If you feel bad, your PC snatched away. someone tells you Brother, you are wrong, my sister, this is something that is not supposed to be the case. And we get excited we get angry. Allah describes certain types of people when it comes to verse number 206 of the surah Allah says what either te da da, da da, is that will be made for us Buddha.

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Such people when it is told to them in fear Allah, they are given advice, they are told what to do and what not to do. Correct. They become proud and arrogant in their sin, and they do it with the noses up.

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Allah says those people what do they deserve besides the Hellfire people are telling you correcting you thank them, even if you're weak, you need to acknowledge you are wrong. So my brothers and sisters, let's start a trend when we are corrected, acknowledge that we are wrong, correct the error Don't feel bad, you know, in taraweeh

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sometimes the Imam is for many reasons human beings, when you are correct, never feel bad. If a man feels bad and stops talking to those behind him because they've corrected him while he's lost the plot. And the same applies to every one of us. This is life you live it once, live it correctly. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about how sometimes there are good things in life that we love, we think they are good. They're not good for us. And sometimes they are things that are bad. Or should I say things that we think are bad, they're good for us. So this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 216 was

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there is a chance that there are certain things that you detest, but they are good for you. And certain things you love, but they are bad for you. Allah knows you do not know. So what we do, we make dua we try to achieve what we want, when Allah has kept it away. Thank Him, thank Allah for having kept it away. It's a piece that you will get in your heart. You know, sometimes people say that, I want to achieve this and I want to get it. I'm making dua, but Allah is not giving it to me. And I asked a lot to do what is best, but he's not giving it to me. Listen to that statement. I asked a lot to do what is best, but he is not giving it to me. That's a statement of hypocrisy.

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Because that means you ask Allah to do what you believe is best. Not what Allah knows is best. There's a difference. If you asking Allah please do for me what you know is best. In that case when it doesn't come in your direction that was best for you long term better for you. May Allah protect us and grant us goodness. And this is why immediately after that, Allah makes mention of a few verses later, Allah speaks of alcohol and how bad it is. They asked you about karma. They asked you about karma and gambling, these intoxicants, we will inshallah talk about them in some other day in a bit more detail. Very bad, they take away your peace, they take away your wealth, they are bad for

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you. The same applies to gambling. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about something that a lot of us lose our peace after engaging in you know, when we talk to each other, someone says brother I'm getting married before we used to say Mashallah, Alhamdulillah I'm excited for you. Now you say brother, are you sure you're making the right move? My sister Are you sure everything is okay? Are you happy? Are you definitely okay? times of change. People get married and become sadder than they were before nowadays. Why? Because we all heading in different directions. If you're aiming for Allah, Nothing will go wrong.

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But we're not aiming for LA anymore. So let's go back. Look at Nika. Allah says, Allah

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Subhana Allah, verse number 221.

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Allah says, do not marry the polytheist women, do they accept Islam? Until they believe. And Allah says, while I'm at home minaton

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jabot comb, and a slave who is a believer is better than those three women who are polytheists even if you are impressed by those by the latter. Now why is this being made mention of it is showing us you need to be on par you want your marriage to marry someone Elijah komentar Bona de novo leuco Hulu fasm we do when someone comes to you and you are satisfied with their level of spirituality and their level of character and conduct, let them get married. Don't block don't stop, don't be an obstacle. But if the level of spirituality meaning the deen is not good enough, and the character is not good enough, up for something better, get something better, it's better for you and your

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children in the long run. It's better for your happiness. People are excited, I'm getting married, you know, but if you're marrying the wrong person, one year down the line, you will have gloves and you will need training. May Allah protect us. Allah grant us goodness. So you want peace make the right choice of a spouse. Take your time about it. My brothers and sisters, you want peace in your life and your future make the right decision when it comes to marriage. Immediately after the verses of marriage Allah speech of divorce. Allah cammarata how to divorce a woman You Need to Know Before You Marry. Because it's like a gun that you have, you've owned it and you don't know what the

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trigger is all about. So you face it in your own head and you say, what's this trigger? You start pulling it? Well, I your brains will be blown out the other way. Why? Because you don't know what the trigger is all about and you want to own a gun. You want to get married and you don't know what divorce is all about. You need to make sure you know do not utter the words Allah speaks about how to issue the tala, we should go through the verses of the Quran and the 10 the lessons in our massages that teach us about this. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us about how we should never be an obstacle when people want to get married and there's nothing wrong in them getting

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married. Today, people look at a caste, a race, a clan, this and then you look at the deal. You look at the character. If the people are of a high standing status in those terms, you immediately accept if they are acceptable you do not become an obstacle. But if you want to lose your peace, all you've got to do is when your child comes up with some proposition that is reasonably acceptable. Say No, I don't want your peace is gone. Your child's speech is gone. They will elope they will go and you are a person who's lost in every single way. And that's it if the person his credentials are okay and reasonable say okay, fine, it might not be to your liking, but get them married Do not be an

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obstacle. Even if your daughter has been divorced by a man once or twice $1 or $2. and thereafter she wants to get back to him. The Quran says while

00:28:27--> 00:28:29

in fact Allah subhanho wa Taala says

00:28:35--> 00:29:14

do not be an obstacle if they want to return to their ex spouses. If they were divorced with one or two * the minute they will proceed with three then that is not an option until they marry someone else and those rules are further in Sharla we may come to them later on in Ramadan. If not, we will learn them from the scholars around us. And Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks I want to end with this point in sha Allah. In fact, one or two more points that I want to make mention of seeing that we already clocked 29 minutes. My brothers and sisters let's listen very carefully. When we spend in the path of Allah. Allah is saying spend in the path of Allah but do not waste it by

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bragging. And by being harmful hurting people don't do not hurt people. So if you are going to spend in the path of Allah spend Mashallah Allah says what feeco fees.

00:29:29--> 00:29:33

Spend in the path of a law as much as you can give, but law

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do not spoil the reward. Do not nullify your charities. nullify your charities by bragging about it, and by harming the people whom you've been charitable to. So you are charitable to someone and you think you own them. You are spending your wealth and you brag about it everywhere. Allah says your reward is nullified. We don't

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needed. We want people who spend and they are humble. Allah says we use Spanish, but be humble. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us goodness and open our doors. So that was verse number 264. And Allah says, when you are giving, don't give the worst of your wealth in a way that if someone were to give that to you, you wouldn't even take it. So some people when they want to calculate their soccer, they check the deadstock that which doesn't move, you know, those old knock ears which are no longer operational, those bits, they take out 20 of them and say, here's my soccer, but nobody's going to use them. It's going to be in some Village People will put them up to say these are little

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souvenirs of long lava. That's not good enough. Allah protect us and Goddess goodness, the last point and I promise that this is something extremely important. We need peace, make sure that we do not consume interest and we do not get involved in interest. Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us in such a way he says for inlanta Fido will be how

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long he was warning, if you are not going to quit on interest and its consumption, then you should know where has been announced against you from Allah and His Messenger verse number 279.

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Why interest loans and getting involved in interest makes the rich richer, the poor, poorer, you get involved in it, you lose at some point in time, you will lose or perhaps may lose so much becomes depressed. And in that particular case, what would happen? May Allah subhanho wa Taala not snatch our peace away, you want peace be happy with your financial condition. You cannot afford a big house stay in a smaller one. You cannot afford to buy a house stay in a rented property you cannot afford so many 1000 rental living a property that is less in terms of rental you cannot afford to eat out every now and again. Do not eat out you cannot afford meat. So eat vegetables Allahu Akbar. Learn to

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be happy with your financial condition. Whatever status you are upon, be happy with it. Make sure that Allah give you more but don't spend before you earn you are jumping the gun. If that's the case, there will come a day when you will be totally depressed. Do you know majority of those who have taken loans on interest and so on. They are struggling to pay so much so that they come back depressed completely with their homes torn apart. And yet they are living the high life without realizing my peace is gone. I'd rather be in a hut or under a tree but with that condition of peace. These are the pillars of peace in the Koran. Are we ready to accept them? Are we ready to adopt this

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especially when it comes to our financial conditions brothers and sisters do not overspend don't try and boast and show that you are on a high financial level when you are not simplify your life. Cut it down save money and you will need such a happy life. Learn to spend and give the poor reach out and you will find those pearls of peace will be found in your entire system. May Allah grant us goodness wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Subhan Allah Subhana Allah homovanillic La Ilaha Illa and Mr hirokawa tubo