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Al-Infitar-Al-Mutaffifin Tafsir Al-Infitar 1-19

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 305 SoTL infobar is number one 219 so the empathizer Maki slide has one record 19 verses and 80 words and approximately 300 Huth

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. It is summer on Fatah rot when the sky breaks apart. We learned earlier in the Hadith that if anyone wishes to see the Day of Judgment, then what should he do? Read the sutras and off them is suitable insofar as well in photography in photography, is when something is split up when it's broken into pieces. And photo is cracks, rifts that are long, not holds. So it is similar on photography, when it breaks apart when it splits up.

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What evil cowork even death or rot, and when the stars fall scattering in death or rot, in death or rot is from the root letters Nunes, or NASA, NASA is when something gets detached. And it scatters like for example, you have pearls on a string, once that string is opened up, then what will happen, all of the birds will scatter, they will separate from one another, and they will scatter everywhere. Similarly, the stars that are in the sky, they are strongly bound together. How

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through something that allows upon God has a Say for example, on the earth there is gravity. So anything that is dropped, it falls to the earth. Similarly, in the universe also, all of these bodies are bound together, which is why the sun does not come close to the earth, the earth does not go close to the sun, the moon is at a particular distance, and it remains there. So all of these heavenly bodies are bound together. But a time will come when the stars will scatter. Just like pearl scatter when a necklace breaks open.

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Just imagine

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that the organization that is in the earth in the skies, everything will finish

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what it'll be held for July. And when the seas are erupted. We have plural of bow and foot direct f g, we have done this word earlier when they're erupted when they're burst forth, meaning when they're released one upon the other, so that all of the waters are coming together. They're overflowing, joining together, mixing together forming one mass of water. Right now, there are many barriers that are between different bodies of water.

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A las panatela has placed a border between the sweet and the salty waters, even if they're together, they don't cross that hedgerow Madeira. However, on that day, the sweet and the salty, the cold and the warm. All of the different types of waters will come together, the water in the seas, the water is in the rivers, all of that will come together. What does it show to us.

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But that day again, we'll have a huge impact on people it will have a huge impact on the heavens, the earth and also the seas. In certain arafa 187 we learned some poetry summer work you will have that the Day of Judgment it lays heavily upon the heavens and the earth that this creation also knows there will be a day when all of this will happen. So it's very heavy upon them. Imagine if it's very heavy upon them how heavy it will be upon human beings. Because until a shadow has been missing out we are weaker than these creations.

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were either kobudo berthiot and when the graves are scattered, booboo florala above and berthelot from the roof letters bare rain cell or Barco is to upturn something to turn something upside down inside up and scatter whatever was closed in one place. Like for example, you have a bag and everything is consolidated together packed very well together nicely together in the bag, you open up the bag, and you start looking for something and in that process, what was inside is outside what was at the bottom is at the top what was at the top is now at the bottom what was on the right side is now at the left side. This is what Bertha is to dig out something

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to upturn to expose

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so upset that berthelot bathala. This is a combination of Bertha and Ethel. Bertha is to search to dig literally. And then it means to raise to send. And I thought oh is to trace to impress. And so Bartholet together, what does it mean to go through something to search for something and then dig it out to find what you're looking for. So what either

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Bora Bora theodoret What does it mean by this one, the graves are scattered

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that when the contents of the graves are brought out

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when the contents of the graves are brought out what's inside the graves, dead bodies, dedicated bones people. They're hidden right now. A loss hasn't sorted out yet i&i FLIR either birth or

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does he not know that when the contents of the graves are scattered either barthelme applicable and whoever is in the grave will come out in certain mergia 43 we learned the Oh my God, I mean allege that the CLR and unknown Ilana Sylvain, you feel alone they will emerge from their graves rapidly they will run out of their graves.

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So it will cover over a period and when the graves are upturned, whatever contents are in the graves will come out. People cannot remain hidden inside their graves. Right now they're hiding on that day. They cannot remain hiding, they will be brought out and why will they be brought out so that they can be given their recompense are only mad snap son, McDermott.

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Every soul will know what it has put forth and what it kept back. Every person will know my ultimate will a heart in total kiama 13 we learned in a bowl in Sonoma in beaver Kadima for a hora. What does it mean by market demand what a person a center has meaning what a person did in his life, and he deposited it in the hereafter. He invested it in the Euro, and what is a harlot?

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What came later of his deeds, meaning he died, because he started a good practice. He started something good, even though he died, that good continued, or that bad continued. And as a result, it was recorded in his record. So now God dammit, and the heart of the matter. nakara is also understood as my father was meaning what a person did, and a whole lot left, then do.

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He left it, he didn't do it. He ignored it, he wasted that chance he wasted that opportunity. So a person will be shown not just what he did, but also the chances that he missed out.

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He could have done it, but he didn't do it.

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You know, for example, I remember when we were growing up, we went to the summer school. And we were given these cards on which we were to record the salad that we had prayed. So it was a table and you had to put a checkmark on the salad that you had prayed.

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And at the end when we submitted it, there were some places that were empty. Why Some children had prayed and others they did not pray. So the record is right before you this is what you did. This is what you did not do. These places are filled up and these places they're empty. Why you didn't do it.

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This day, you read your car. But this thing you didn't.

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This day you remembered a lot you read the Quran this day you didn't. This month you kept fast this month you didn't this day you gave her the car this day you didn't. On this day, you spoke the truth on this day you didn't

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really matter enough so Napa d'amato a person will be informed about what he did. And what he left out as well. What he ignored what he didn't do,

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and other matter now, what we have done other meanings as well such as for the person gave priority to what a person does not give priority to

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so early enough So not

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every person will know what he did, what he left,

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what he did in his life and what came afterwards. Because the record is such that it does not leave anything Merlino then kita blah, you've already gotten what our cover letter.

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And remember that when it comes to the record of deeds, when it comes to the key tab in which every person needs are being recorded. Remember that everything that a person does is preserved it is recorded in it. My elfies woman Conan Illallah the hero keeping it every call.

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Now your item will be written, every word every deed is preserved. It is recorded. It's not just recorded, but secondly it is also counted it's also enumerated

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recording lashay in our Selena who this word exalt What does it show that it is also enumerated it's also listed so for example, these many scholars a person did not bring these many fasts he did not keep these many times. He lied these many times. He did not fulfill his promise.

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These many times he did such and such. So it's alternating

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enumerated it's also counted for our so called lashay. In our the, and thirdly, it's also classified.

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It's also classified. All of the deeds in the record are also classified how that for example, these deeds a person did when he was young, these deeds a person did when he was old. These leads a person did with this intention, these deeds a person did with this intention. So it's not just about the deed, or the quantity, but it's also about the quality

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or limit enough son, Mark goddamnit

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Yeah, you will insan all human being Monica Bella beaker Kareem, what has deceived you concerning your Lord who is so generous? What has deceived you? Baraka Whoo, what does it mean to be in deception to be in delusion, to be misled by something? So what is it that has deceived you concerning your Lord? What is the deception that a person has with regards to Allah soprano,

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that a person disobeys Allah, a person does something wrong? And he does not even remember? Or he does not even think that Allah who hold him accountable, Allah will question him. So he keeps doing wrong without even feeling guilty.

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Without even feeling that Allah will question him.

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So he continues in that wrong thinking, yeah, Allah is Allah for him. Everybody does it. It's not so bad. It's okay. Allah will forgive, no big deal. It'll be ignored. It'll be forgotten. Allah says, maharlika what is deceiving you concerning your Lord, your Lord, the one who has given you everything you have the one who has been so generous to you, the one who has been so kind to you so merciful towards you, and you disobey Him? The Lord, whom you know, is olalia elbasy assumere. And yet, you lie when he can hear you. You don't pray when he can watch you. Maha Raka what has deceived you? What has made you forget him? When he saw l Corinne? Just think about it. When we do something

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wrong when we say something wrong. How many times is that we actually remember Allah, that Allah is watching me. Allah is hearing me. And how many times is it that we remember people? They're watching me, they're looking at me. We're so conscious about people, we are so respectful towards them, that just because they are there, this is why we will not do something we will not say something we will behave properly. But we completely ignore the fact that Allah is watching us all the time. And we don't have any respect for him, whereas he is uncanny. The one who was most respectable, the one who deserves the most respect the one who was grand.

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And also al Karim means one who is generous, who has been so kind to you so generous, so merciful to you, yet you don't have any respect for him. And you disobey him on the earth that he created. you disobey Him with the limbs that he gave you.

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You ignore his rights, when the time that you have is what he gave you. You don't remember him. You don't think of him when the life that you have is what he gave you. Mahabharata Kareem, what is the safety What are you thinking? When your Lord is so al Karim? Yeah, you will inside Mahara Kabira beaker Karim, Allah de Hala Kaka The one who created you for some worker then you proportion you fire identical and then he balanced you.

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How beautiful holla Kaka so worker are the three things are mentioned over here. On Akaka He created you when you are nothing. So work at us we are still smooth and something to make something smooth. So what does it mean by the test we have the human body and all of the ups and downs out of the bumps and everything they're flattened how with the human skin. Just imagine if we didn't have the skin.

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Just imagine the bones would be sticking out. The flesh would be sticking out the veins, the blood, the muscles. So all of these ups and downs in the body, how are they smooth and with the skin on top so worker, he gave you a skin and then somewhere does we as also balance. So he proportion you such that you can stand straight.

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The smell of our bodies were like that of a snake.

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Or we didn't have any bones inside our bodies. So worker, you can stand up straight. And so worker is also that he has kept a balance in your body, that we're neither too tall nor are we too short, just the right size.

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Just imagine if our necks were like giraffes,

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nose like that of an elephant. Here's like that of an elephant size like that of an elephant. Just imagine or a size like that of an ant

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the size, the shape to form the figure the

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appearance, all of the parts of the body How are they so, perfect, perfect balance he has made you upright with sound limbs a human being who can you can see the abilities that Allah has given us even they're perfectly balanced and then other other other gives him a proportion and also to make equal. So other gives the meaning of that he has made you symmetrical in shape. How

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to hence

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you have two arms, two elbows, two shoulders, two sides of the face, two eyes, two ears two feet two legs he has made you symmetrical

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and also our that aka he has made you symmetrical in a way that both sides of the body How are they equal are very similar in length. Yes, people's feet I mean the right foot to the left foot is not exactly the same in size However, it's not like one is extremely small and the other is extremely big. Maximum the difference would be over half size. And for some people even that is not a problem. It's not like there is a difference of two sides or three sizes that you wear size six in your right foot and your size nine in your left foot. No it's not like that either. Naka allele holla haka Casa worker further.

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fee au soldati Masha araca, back in whatever form he will, he has assembled you and you forget him. You ignore him. You disrespect him?

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A useful at him Sora what is the shape and form of a person? So whichever Sula that measure that He willed or Kabak, he has put you together Raka yurakucho. Turkey is to put one thing on top of the other, join one thing with the other

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so that all of them are assembled together. So Masha or Robert, meaning he assembled you now what does it mean by this, that in whatever form he will be assembled.

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Some have said that suit over here refers to the slaughter of the Father, or the mother, or the uncle, or the and so Allah decides who the child should resemble. Sometimes the child is the exact copy of the grandmother, sometimes of the Father, sometimes it doesn't look like either the mother or the father. And people say, she doesn't look like you. He doesn't look like any of you. It's not your child. People say that. So sometimes the resemblance is with certain relatives. Other times, it's not with anyone. So who decides who the child should resemble? Allah, the AU saw that in Russia for a callback. We learned that once a man came to the Prophet sort of autism, and he said, Verily,

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my wife has given birth to a child who is black, and he was not black. Nor was she so he was shocked that perhaps this is not my child, that she has committed Zina.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do you have any camels? He said, Yes. The Prophet then said, What color are they? He said, red Prophet said, Do any of them have patches of grey? The man said yes.

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So he asked him, How did this happen to them? The man replied, It is probably an inherited genetic strain, meaning from somewhere, you know, high up some camel in the lineage, you know, had some. And so as a result, these camels also have the profit sort of autism then said likewise, this son is probably an inherited genetical strain. Maybe somebody in your ancestors was also like that. And as a result, your child is like that. But sometimes we see that the child remembers immediate parents, sometimes grandparents and sometimes ancestors.

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I remember I saw this child once, and I saw the picture of his great grandfather.

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And when I looked at the picture of the great grandfather, I thought it was actually the child.

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Great Grandfather. I thought it was a child's picture. I mean, they resembled so much.

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So it was when we decided to see a solid mesh or cover a lot of sides with Sora. To give to the child into the earlier one is six we learned when to use a little cornfield or honey khlifa. Instead of a plein air formula called the hollow canal in Santa Fe, Sunny Daiquiri we have certainly created man in the best of stature.

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Some have said the total over here refers to the physical form, that the person has For example, He is tall or short, or a person is a boy and other is a girl. Another has certain type of features and other has different types of features. So who decides these characteristics with regard to the physical form of law, the AU saw that and he wanted you to be tall, he gave you that height. He wanted you to be short, he gave you that height. And we see that some people, they don't grow beyond a certain height and some people that keep growing taller and taller. So who decides this

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Ma pheaa is already in my shower or cover. He has assembled you. However Allah wanted. This is the will of Allah. And what are we to do? Accept the AU suit in Russia are covered.

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Okay, we listen to the recitation

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man you're watching

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Do you want

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to boo boo.

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So this body that our last panel God has given to us and the abilities that He has given it for no reason. No.

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They have been given for a purpose that we don't forget a lot, but rather we remember him. We don't ignore him, but rather we give him his right because what has been said mahalo aka Villa beacon Kareem. And before that what is mentioned the deeds that will be shown to a person on the Day of Judgment.

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So this body that Allah has given us it's for a purpose and that is to worship Allah and a person fulfills that purpose and he will be rewarded for that. And for that, Allah has appointed a time that is young with the

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but Allah says Kala baltica de buena bit Dean, but you deny the Recompense.

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What does it mean by color, meaning Don't be deceived. Mahalo Kabira beaker Karim. Don't be in this room. Remember, Allah will hold you accountable. baltica de buena beteen. But rather you deny the recompense Why is this mentioned that you deny the recompense because this is the cause of that deception.

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that a person does not believe in the hereafter forgets the hereafter and as a result, he becomes heedless to his Lord as

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he gets deceived by the generosity of a loss of parameter. He does not remember the day of judgment, which is why he does not fulfill the purpose of his life. But Allah says How could you forget what in our aleikum wa havoline indeed appointed over you are keepers Have you lien Florida? Have you? Meaning angels are appointed over you who are recording everything you're doing and saying?

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Just because Allah does not punish you immediately, doesn't mean there will be no accountability. Don't be deceived by this. Ma Kabira Baker curry for in Alaykum la Have you lean upon your happy lien angel to do half of every word. every deed we learn in sort of off my enfeeblement Colin Elana de la COVID Rt.

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And these haflinger Angelou don't just record everything but they also watch over the person. They also protect him until the Anoma is 61 you'll see the eleiko have fallen into the word I 11. Logo moeraki bathroom amania de human configure for Luna who mean umbrella. And these angels there kill Armand Khatibi again killam and Florida Kareem these angels are very noble in the sight of a loss primadonna Why are they noble?

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Because they're very you beat in how are they obedient, that every word a person that they recorded? They don't say Oh, forget about it. No, they're very obedient. They record everything. killam and very beautiful. They never commit a sin. you commit sins, but they don't. And they're Khatibi in their record. They write everything you do. So Oh, man. What are you doing? And what are you saying? What do you make your angels right? What do you make your angels right? These angels are killing them. Make sure what you make them right is also good.

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Don't make them right or wrong things. If you don't have respect for yourself, at least have respect for them. guillaumin Kathy bean, and if these angels they are noble, because they're beautiful to their Lord, you too should be beautiful to your Lord, you too should be obedient. Yeah, Allah Mona Martha falloon. They know whatever you do, they know everything that you're doing. None of your deeds are hidden from them. Even if you go to a closed room, you shut the door, do something in the darkness. The angels know

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you do some

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In privacy, the angels know because you're constantly with you, you cannot leave them out. As we learned earlier with savvy, hearty server, nothing becomes a barrier for the angels, no wall, no water, no space, nothing. Nothing is a barrier for them. They can go through everything.

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And yeah, no matter how long they know, whatever you do, this includes three things. This includes the words that we say, the angels know about them, they record them as well. This includes the actions that we do, they note all of them down, and not just the words and the actions, but even the intentions behind them.

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They know the intentions as well. What's the evidence for that? We learned from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Allah says to the angels that whenever my slave intends to commit an evil, then do not record it. When he intends to commit an evil, then don't record it. But if he actually commits it, then write it What does it show?

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That when a person makes the near the angels know, and when a person intends to do something good, what's the command that was given to the angels that they should write it? Even before the person does that good?

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So yeah, lamona mata Farnell, they know whatever you're doing whatever you do, your words, your actions, your intentions, your goals, your motives, why you're doing something, what you plan to do, what you intend to do, they know all of that, but the question is, how do they know?

00:26:22--> 00:26:24

Allah soprano God has given them some ability to know

00:26:26--> 00:26:53

so piano so when he was asked about this, that how do these angels know about our intentions? And he said, when a person intense good, a good fragrance is emitted from him, because of which the angels know that he is intended good. And when a person intends evil, a foul smell is emitted from him because of which the angels know that he has intended evil and they recorded a low Haarlem the reality, Allah knows best about the reality. But it is definitely a fact that when a person intends to do something good, when he has positive thinking, he releases positive vibes.

00:26:54--> 00:27:02

And when a person is negative, then you know that negativity is also reflected in some way or the other. Not it's not tangible, but you can feel that you can sense it.

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In an overall afina regime, indeed, the righteous will be in pleasure, above all, who are a block, those who were those who make their angels write good things, because they do good things, they say good things, they intend good things. So such people where will they be in Maryam and Noreen remember, comfort bliss, this is two types of the burden of the body and the heart, the joy, the pleasure that a person experiences in his body, whether it is by eating something, or by listening to something, or by being somewhere and also have the call, the pleasure that the comfort, the relaxation, the happiness the joy that a person feels in his heart. So in the overall left field,

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they will be in their in,

00:27:54--> 00:27:59

in their physical bodies, enjoying in their hearts, relaxed and satisfied.

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And on the other hand, we're in Milford jurmala feature here, and indeed the wicked ones for Joe Florida, who was fired.

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One Hussein's one who disobeys they will be where the feature

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those who have made their angels written bad things, they will be in your home in a scorching fire. Yes, lonna haoma Dean, they will enter to burn in it on the Day of Judgment. And once they enter my home I'm havilah Eb, and never there from will they be absent. They will never ever be absent from the law. He be in Florida law it was law. One was absent. One was not there. So they will never ever be absent from the hellfire. Not for a moment not for a day. Never ever. They will constantly remain in the Hellfire one at home behind Aegina meaning

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they will never ever be taken out of hellfire. They will remain there eternally

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Wilma de la comme am with Dean and what can make you know what is the day recommends you deny that day? What can make you know what that day is? It's such a tremendous day. So mama de la cama yo moody Medina, then what can make you know, what is the Day of Recompense look at this repetition. Why is this repetition and why is this question for Darlene to magnify and for the wheel to horrify it shows the enormity of this day some other comedian would deem that they cannot be compared to anything in this world. People may have experienced the worst days on this earth a lot of trouble a lot of difficulty but that day cannot be compared to any day on this earth.

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Why? Because it is a day yo Millennium licona Epson Linux century, it is a day When a soul will not possess for another soul. power to do anything latam liquid it will not possess it will not have power who nevsun any person

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nafcillin for another Shea and anything at all, meaning no person can help another on that day. No person can assist him. No person can intercede for him no person can say, yeah I have a lot of good detail but you take some of my maybe you'll get through. No. Without them when I feel clean when they ask for light from the believers. No they will not get any light.

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yoma Latham liko nafcillin Epson Shea, will Unruh Yama, Eden, Lin. And the command that day is entirely entirely with

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all of the armor, it belongs to who on that day, only a loss

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in total alpha 54 Allah says Allah Allah Allah Allah

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He is the Creator and he is the one who has meaning he decides he is one who makes judgment. So on that day, what will happen? No person will be able to benefit another.

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Yo my official moment Okay, what the Yeoman letter is enough sooner and Epson che la Yakubu minha are doing well and farewell, farewell omean salam. So what will happen each person will be alone and each person will be recompensed for what he has done.

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And so the Lafayette is 17 Elio moto desert colon fcmb Mikasa but Levon Malian

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every person will be recompense for what it has earned and all authority that they will belong to Allah because he is many community. And so with Lafayette, I 16 we learn lemon in mole Corleone. Allah will question Who does milk belong to this day? And he himself will reply

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to a lot the one the one who is alcohol the irresistible. No one can avoid his judgment.

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So fear.

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The one

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on me.

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Yo mela una solina