Divine Remedies: Ramadan and Zakah ā€“ Part 2

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should be one of the nights are short, and the person might break

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down after they finish and they get home, maybe in an hour's time

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people go and pray a shot late but Castaway.

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So that's something that's something that we have to be careful of, we have to realize that it's important for us to it's important, very important for us to keep up with the obligations, right? And make these extra voluntary acts like the towel, we,

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you know, the VM and all of that stuff.

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A source of help, not the basis of our department, not the basis of own worship, to God, I pray to my family, I paid my fee. Well, a lot said pray or saw one, you know, pray or five prayers.

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Those are the obligations not not recommended or, you know, the sooner.

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Okay, number two and three. So number two is backbiting and the definition of by backbiting I don't know sometimes it comes across as surprise to many people, but the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says De Luca cerca de Maya. And you know, this is very clear, the prime is not to slam says mentioning your brother, or your sister, right? So when asked is used here is referring to, you know,

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man or woman

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mentioning your brother, or sister in that which they dislike

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in that which they dislike.

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So if they dislike being praised, and you're praising them behind their back, that's bad way.

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That's that's the standard that's given to us. The policy says, if somebody does not like something, and you do it behind their back, then that is backed by. Right.

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So can you imagine that the things that we may say about people behind their back and how their reaction would be to that?

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Do they mean, if, if somebody doesn't like being praised, behind their back, that's, that's good. It's a good sign. But do you think they're like being talked about or assaulted or made fun of or, you know, be little behind their back? Definitely not.

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So this is why it's beautiful, this definition that the Prophet is upset, because different people may dislike different things.

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Right. Some people might be like, you know, yeah, I don't like it when you

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when you stop, and you, you know, you talk about how the way I walk or something or say anything, right, other people like, yeah, so yeah, that's funny. It's a big deal, right? It's not, it's not up to our judgment. It's what the people dislike. That's what they dislike. It's considered that way. So then it's a requirement upon upon us to find out what they dislike,

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rather than running our mouth, right, and falling into backbiting.

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say, Oh, I didn't know this person this like that. was better for you to check.

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And if you and I know people are not going to check, right, well, that's the whole point. Right? If you tell somebody gotta go check with that person, if it's okay to talk about him in this manner behind the back would be like, Okay, fine. All

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Then I can go up to the person. So hey, I'm going to talk about your back tomorrow and five o'clock.

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Just wanted to let you know,

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you know, here's the

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here's the schedule, or here's the agenda. You know, let me know if there's anything you dislike.

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So this is the point right to, to stay away from idle talk from anything.

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Anything that would would

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would be disliked by others behind their back, just like you would lift like certain things behind your back. It might not be a bad thing. But the way it's being talked about behind your back or the back

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than the people are talking about it might not be bad. Might be a good thing. But you just don't you don't want to, you know, you don't want it to be mentioned like that behind your back.

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number three slandered. And

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basically the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up, he said that so if you mentioned your brother with that, which he does not like behind their back, that's backwards. Right?

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If you mentioned something that is not they don't have less, if you like, they don't know what you're talking about is not a trait that they have.

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Or character characteristic, then it's slender, you're standing

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you're standing with it, which is which is more severe. Right. It's more

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it's a great graver than, like, it's a grave matter. Right? Because it's not that you dislike it's not true. You're saying something, you're making something up? That's not true. Okay. And it was in San Diego him a lot. He had, he had some tips actually that I want to share with you quickly. Right on how to deal with the person who slanders Okay, so number one, don't believe them.

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If somebody comes to you, and they're trying to slander someone else, don't believe them.

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that what they're saying, takes them into the category of a facet.

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A facet is somebody who's disobedient, someone who

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is not adhering to that which is correct. Right.

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And the Prophet, Allah Allah Subhana Allah says, We

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will be never in the pain. And if a disobedient one comes to you with news, then investigate, verify for yourself

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in the Mima, nano Akiva and the Mima Reba is backed by Reba is backed by the NEMA standard.

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So the idea behind slanders when I say why would people say something like the whole idea, the whole purpose behind it is to is to spread evil amongst the people to

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you know, to get this person, this person's throat and to, to get them to get some kind of conflict goal. That's the purpose of standing. Okay, so number two, so number one, don't believe number two, admonish them

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for their action. Okay? Number three,

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hate what they have done for the sake of Allah Subhana. Allah does not like them. Right? And just like, we love things for the sake of Allah, we can also hate things for the sake of Allah subhanho wa, taala. Right, we don't hate them personally, but we hate their action when they're doing okay. Number four,

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do not make bad assumptions, when somebody tells you something about somebody else, or so and so's saying this about you or whatever, do not make assumptions about that other person or the person is saying that because of this, or because of that, and you start doing standard, what yourself, you start backbiting and perhaps then during

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the other person, right.

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Number five,

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do not spy on the person. That is, you know,

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yeah, yeah. So not the slander the guy doing this, and then

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I'll do the slandering, but the person that they're talking about, don't try to spy and justify and to see if what they're saying is true. Why? Because you will probably most likely find some way to justify it.

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Even though it may not be true.

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Somebody says, oh, that person doesn't like you and this and that. So you meet them and they're busy and they don't look at you

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said he doesn't like me, they will look at me

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some more.

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Just to get the point across. Number six.

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Do not fall

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in what the standard is the meaning do not slander, like the person slandering

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the action that the person has done. So a person comes to you and slanders don't, then you yourself become a slander, meaning, don't take what the person has told you and go and talk about it. Just forget it. Very, very tell them stop doing it. Don't believe it. Don't try to follow up on it. and bury. That's it.

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these are these are

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These are really good points of advice to the Prophet at least a lot of SAP, as mentioned in Euclidean Muslim says liat, who will generate an amount, the person who standards will not enter gender will not enter parents. pretty severe. Yes.

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as lander is someone who is lying, specifically to spread mischief and hostility, and to mess up relations between the people, so, you know, I know

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a brother, right? And I don't like him very much. I go to another brother, and I say this person said this about you. And I get them to fight and get them to, you know, they're trying to try to create problems.

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when you say you say that someone is lacking,

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lacking certain traits, so you make fun

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of someone because you

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No, so slander is.

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So slander is to share wise, or to make up something or interpret certain things to other people with the objective of creating hostility and mischief.

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So it's either gossip, which is backbiting, or bad gossip, which is even worse,

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even worse,

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Okay, moving on, to shut up, not lowering the case. We know the last panel with Allah he says.

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And he says that similarly to the woman, so to the men and to the woman, to lower their gaze and to protect their private parts. And this is something that

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we may start practicing or taking seriously in Ramadan, but

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outside of Ramadan, or outside of the fasting times, we may be

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right. And this has a great effect on the heart has a great effect on the person's spirituality, right, and we're going to talk a bit more in detail inshallah, in the next chapter about this, but the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam

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he he says that every son of Adam has a share of

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a share of

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you know, committing committing sin right. Now,

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the eyes the sin of the eyes is to see that which is not permissible, right, the center of the hands is to, to hit or to abuse or oppress someone without without a right or without, without justification.

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And the legs, they commit Zina, and in walking to things that are forbidden things that are not permissible, and the mouth commits Xena, right. And

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I mentioned that and it's to, you know, the kissing and all of that. Well,

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yeah, yeah. So in the heart has desires, right? And, and wants or weapons, right. And the private part is what either you know, you solved it with daddy or you get it either will will substantially substantiate that Meaning, if a person is committing Zina with the eye, right, then the private parts, if he actually goes and does some illicit sexual intercourse, then that action confirms what does he know that was happening with the eye or the hands or the heart or in the eyes,

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or indicates So first, we might see something how long but they may repent, they may turn to less penalty, and then the private parts are protected that they do not commit sin, you cannot commit anything illicit anything that is not permissible.

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We'll talk more about

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cursing and bad manners.

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That's why the private is awesome. Sidibe says if somebody it to annoys you, or tries to fight you, why should you respond with any slot?

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I am fast. Meaning that it's not that I'm not able to respond to you, or I'm not able to protect myself or I'm not able to stand up for an assault.

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While I'm fasting, I'm in the state of worship.

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And I cannot be occupied with this right now, I don't want to deal with it, I am doing something that is greater and better. And this is something that is petty, something that is not worth my time or effort, or energy, right?

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laziness and lethargic. Okay, so unfortunately, some take this month as a month of sleep, catching up on sleep, and, you know, being lazy, they go to work, they don't do work on fasting, you know, come back home, they want to just rest and sleep at night, you know, after thought,

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to get all of this energy all of a sudden, right? So they stay up all night.

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You know, not praying, not reading the Koran, or setting the phone on or remembering a lot of data. They spend it gossiping or backbiting, you know, they spend their idle talk things that will not benefit them. Right. So this is something that we have to be, we have to be weary of. Okay.

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Last but not least, a couple more.

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So excessive eating. And, again, this is something that we are populated with.

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You know,

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the purpose of our fast is just to, it's just to get the timing, right. It's not to purify ourselves, tequila, and what have you and everything that we talked about. But when it comes, when it comes to the

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things that you don't eat, things that you don't have,

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for the whole year on the menu, and things that people can't even pronounce, or people don't even know what they are, no, people are cooking it making it and, you know, unfortunately, a lot of the brunt of it, you know, falls on our sisters or mothers our you know, those that, you know, take care of us. Right? And for us.

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they're occupied with that. They're spending their Ramadan in the kitchen, because the guy wants to come to a table that's 20 feet long, has everything that they can imagine. And they probably going to have a couple of dates, maybe a bowl of salad. Right? And then they're going to pass out for like, two hours.

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Right. And then they make it to salon and the heat. They wake up and they eat, they make it to the salon. It's a symphony of burps and, you know, stomach sounds and, you know,

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you know, is this the purpose of fasting?

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Right? I mean, we've all had that experience. Right? You You're in the Salah, and you're like, man, seriously, Dude, that was it. I could smell it right up your bread. They're all you had there. So you had that. Right. Not being discriminating equally.

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I'm not saying a certain food or certain people is worse than others. You know, it's just general. Right? But

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but it's sad. You know, it's sad, because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says there is not a container that is worse. Like, there's not a container that is filled, that is worse than the stomach.

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Why? Because it slows you down. Right? It makes it you know, this excessive eating feeds into laziness. Right? You're not productive. You're no methodic. Right. And the property salatu salam says, It is enough for the son of Adam, to have a few bites to keep him upright.

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To keep him upright.

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You know, I mean, I'm not saying don't have fun and don't eat and enjoy, you know, whatever, whatever good food that is cooked and placed in front of you. Right? But control yourself. Why? Because it has an effect, it has an effect on your fasting has an effect on your prayer as an effect on your energy throughout the month. Right? I mean, and physically physically as well, your health, you know, I mean, you don't want to go into them a lot with a clean health of bill, bill of health come out, you know, a diabetic because of all the sweets, you may or you know, have high blood pressure because of the salt that you know, it's on all these different foods or cholesterol or what

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have you. But you know, that's not the purpose of fasting. Right? You have to be careful with that. And privately sort of says if there's no choice, you have no choice. You need to eat or you have to eat more than a few bites to keep you upright.

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You have no choice.

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Like if it's gonna happen, like there's, there's no way around it. But I saw some said a third for eating the third, a third for eating food, and third

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and then a third for water, or for his drink and drinking water and stuff like liquids. And the third for air.

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For air, the third for air, you know your diaphragm, right? You know, anybody know where that's placed?

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upon your stomach, right? So you try to breathe, and your diaphragm is like, up in your throat.

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You don't like it makes it very difficult. And some people feel that right. So I have heartburn. No man is just

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packed, it's not going down. That's not heartburn. It's just, it's the fluid is still up there. It doesn't have any space to go anywhere in any space to come down. But normal is coming back. No, it's never went down anyways. So anyway, I see. Some people I don't know if they're laughing because this has happened to you, but

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okay. All right. Moving on.

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Am I breaking the glass without another reason this is a major sin. And one must repent and make up the fast and you see a lot of people breaking their fast without,

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without a valid reason. Right? I'm tired. I have a headache. Again, headache that doesn't rise to the level of stability for you to break your fast like the concession or, you know, yeah, I'm going to be outside all day today. I don't break my fast.

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No, without a valid reason and reasons that have been placed upon us by

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given to us by the prophet, Allah Subhana, WA Tada.

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It's not acceptable, because this is a pillar of Islam. And the pillar must be fulfilled in his time. You can't make up, you can make up from a bond, right? If you missed it for a reason, if you ever consider an exception or concession, right. But if you miss it without a valid reason, you're missing the time for the prayer.

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Right? So you can make up salaat. Right. But it's time is when whenever it's time is. So as soon as it's time exits, you've committed a sin, because you haven't done something that you're obligated to do, there's a place of time specifically set out for these worships. Okay. So,

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that is something that we should be very careful of, and we should advise others, you know, if we see, see them this doing them we know, okay, we asked, Is there a reason? Are you okay? Is it too fast? You're breaking your fast is your health? Okay? Are you? Are you feeling a feeling? Okay, you know, you don't try to be positive and try to help in a way where say, Oh, no, you know, I have this going on or that going on? Then maybe you can advise them? if, if, if it's placed for advice, if it's not, it's not, you know, it's not a problem.

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Last but not least, not tonality. So, this is usually applied to animals. Right? And it seems like sometimes we act in such such a manner, right? Where we go out and write

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certain animals fall at night. Why? Because it's safer for them, you know, they're gonna get eaten or stomped or, you know,

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radar, right.

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we go out at night, right, spent the night awake, doing whatever.

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And we don't have the energy to fast. The next thing, right, so affects us in many different ways, right? People Miss reading those who stay up, right? Not talking about tm is different. But if a person just stays up for fun and for games and you know, wasting time, right, they unmiss budget, right? They're going to be lazy. They're going to be lazy for the next day, right from work.

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They may miss buffer and acid.

00:24:10--> 00:24:13

Right? They don't have work. When did they going to sleep?

00:24:15--> 00:24:18

Let's say the cash budget handled in a asleep until Monday.

00:24:20--> 00:24:36

Right, and they have to make up that sleep. Yeah. You know, they have to get dressed. Right. And of course, their fatigue, even if they push themselves and they wake up, they're fatigued the whole day. They can't do work, right? They can't talk right? They can't walk right? They can't do anything. Right.

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So this has a great, great effect

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on how we fast.

00:24:43--> 00:24:49

So inshallah we'll take a break and then we'll get into spirituality after this.