Mufti Menk – Reality of Happiness

Light Upon Light 12, London

In this talk our respected Sheikh takes us on our  quest for happiness.

Allah says in the Quran ,“I have not created mankind or jinkind  except that they worship me”. What this verse refers to is leading your entire life according to what Allah has ordained. That is your first source of happiness and contentment- Allah.

Allah goes on to say in the Quran, “..whoever from amongst you who believes and does good deeds (ie stay away from the bad and do good) we guarantee they will have a good life”.

So focus on your relationship with Allah. Remember – the latest gadget or car or clothing or holiday destination will always end in two square meters when you leave this Earth.

The Hadith says the affairs of a true believer are amazing because no matter what happens to him or her, good or bad, it is always good.

Thus the fact remains that the closer we are to Allah, the happier we shall be for Allah is the Owner of Happiness.

After advicing us to protect and nurture our ties with Allah, the Sheikh thereafter continues to inform us of  the other channels that will bring Allah’s pleasure upon us. Do Take time to listen to this brief talk to increase your knowledge in your search for  happiness.