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Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Abdullah he was truly a Muhammad Ali he was happy he Jemaine my brothers and sisters, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke the truth. He was sent to us by Allah to deliver the goodness that Allah had revealed to him. To this day, anything he said, if we were to study it, in order to be able to practice and preach, we would be elevating our own status.

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So I want to go through a powerful narration of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam today, that is a hadith of Abu Malik and Avi Allah one, which appears in Sahih Muslim. And you know, when we say Sahih Muslim they say

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it is obviously we know it is a book of Hadith that is authentic. So when I say this hadith was narrated by Muslim,

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you know what I'm referring to right? I'm referring to the fact that it is in a book that was compiled by any mom known as a Muslim. Muslim even had judges kushayb he is he has a nice long name. Now. Sometimes some people lie. They say anything and everything.

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And they say it was narrated by Muslim meaning one Muslim fellow down the road, you know, that is not what we talk about. When we say narrated by Muslim. It doesn't mean one Muslim fellow narrated this No, it means Mr. Muslim in a certain book, and it's authentic. So let's go to this hadith. It starts off by speaking about cleanliness. The Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim says up to hooroo Shalom Imani, which means cleanliness is half of your faith. It is a large portion of your faith. Now, stop for a moment if I were to tell you cleanliness is half of your faith today with the Coronavirus. They are asking you to be clean, wash your hands and so on. We wash our hands so many

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times a day, right? We wash our faces our feet and so much more. They telling us now. So Pamela Hello, Bill. And I mean, people might think for a moment that when we speak of pour, it is only referring to physical cleanliness. We say physical cleanliness is a portion of it. But it's not the only thing that refers to cleanliness or that cleanliness is referring to. If I say, brother, clean your thoughts.

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Does that mean you take your brain and put it under water? So Han Allah? Does it mean that you're actually going to drink a bit of soap and shake your heads? No, not at all. It means your mind needs to be clean. If I were to say clean up your act, your act meaning your movements, your physical, whatever you're doing anything, clean it up, Don't misbehave, clean up your act. If it is in business, we're supposed to have clean deals, do a clean deal, don't cheat people and deceive. So there's cleanliness in every single aspect of life. When it comes to our dress code. We've got to dress in a beautiful way that depicts the morality and the values that we stand for. Then you've

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cleaned your act so panela you cleaned your dress code Your mind is clean your you know when a person thinks they use the term dirty. When a person thinks dirty. We will tell them straight away you have a dirty mind. What do they need to do clean it? The Hadith says you're a Muslim while I tell you what a cleaning your faith meaning cleaning yourself is actually half of your faith Subhan Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, this is why when the prophets of Salaam says something every aspect of its meaning is true to the full extent Subhana Allah cleanliness to clean your mind clean your eyes by not looking at that which is going to disturb you clean your eyes by not looking at that which is immoral. That which is going to displease Allah Colima miny moe minable sorry him was meaner to una min Abba sorry hin welcome, Mina to both Nam in Abu sorry,

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beautiful verses of the Quran. On one hand, Allah says tell the believing moves to lower their gazes. When it comes to something you're not supposed to be looking at. Look down Allah says relax, look down. Because your eyes connected to your mind and your heart. You don't want to contaminate your heart. So when

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You do? Look down so that your mind is clean, your heart is clean, your system is clean. Your last and desires are under control. Because when you see something, you know what the Hadith says, it is like the arrows of the devil. And if you that spear is going to be released, you're going to want to follow that animal. Anyone here been out hunting? I'm sure being in South Africa here. Many people have been out hunting, you see that animal and you see it close? What do you do? you pursue it until you nail it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, that is permissible when it comes to hunting. But when it comes to certain things, you cannot have everything you want. You cannot have everything

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you see, it's not yours. Allah has not kept you on a level that you can have everything you might afford to buy a car and someone else cannot afford to buy a car and maybe you cannot afford to buy a certain level of a car. So you need to know the level Allah kept you at be happy. Thank Allah life is very, very short. so short. We know this world is in existence for millions of years. The exact number I don't know but I know millions of years. Man is so insignificant that he can only be here for an average of 60 to 70 years. That's how he insignificant man is. Do you want to know who lives longer than you are? Let me word it more correctly. What lives longer than you? The tree in your

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yard is probably they for hundreds of years. It saw your great grandfather, your grandfather, your father you your child, your grandchild and it will also see your great grandchild. That's the three

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I'm not encouraging you to go there and chop it off today. No. But my brothers and sisters the point I'm raising his look at how insignificant we are. man thinks he's a big deal, man. You're only going to be here for 60 to 70 years, then you have to prepare to go back to Allah Subhana Allah May Allah make it easy for us. Many people leave early, they leave very early. Some people have a bonus. They live beyond 70 that is literally the gift of, of Allah subhanho wa Taala He wants you to prepare for the meeting with him, which is going to be by far the best day ever for a believer the day that he's going to meet with Allah. That's the best day ever. You said your Shahada. Yes, you sought

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forgiveness of Allah. Yes. You try to obey Allah. Yes. You try to stay away from prohibitions, yes, you sought the forgiveness of Allah constantly. Yes. Then you have every reason to smile, because you were just a human being who was a believer in Allah, He is going to be happy to see you man. I have balita Allah He a hab Allahu, Allahu Akbar, whoever loves the meeting with Allah. Allah loves to meet that person to you looking forward to meeting with Allah. I swear by Allah Allah is looking forward to meeting with you according to the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam.

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May Allah grant us genital feathers, so as to who shall truly man your cleanliness of every aspect, every sphere is half of your faith, your faith, you also clean your act of worship by doing what making sure you don't worship things or people or whatever else besides Allah. Because to enter into the faith, we say, Lama Abu Dhabi hacking in Allah La ilaha illAllah. You want to become a Muslim? They say, Did you declare your Shahada? What's the Shahada? A shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah, I bear witness that, what's the translation of it? That there is none worthy of worship? Think of that statement? What did you just say? There is no one nothing worthy of

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worship, which means I'm not going to worship anyone or anything besides a lot. That's the statement shaytan makes you forget that very fast. We start worshipping things. We start worshiping people, we start worshipping sticks and stones. No, don't lose that clean your act up to hooroo chatroom, a man clean your acts of worship, they should be only and solely for Allah simply because there is none worthy of worship besides Allah Subhana Allah and in the in that way, it continues.

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That Hadith within it, there is something mentioned that is extremely interesting.

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The prophets are seldom has taught us the remembrance of Allah.

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And in the remembrance of Allah, there is benefit for us. When you say Alhamdulillah he Alhamdulillah he,

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when you say Subhana Allah He,

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what does it mean? It means All praise is due to Allah that is a hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah. I was bitten by a wasp a few days ago. The first thing I did and it was on this baby finger here, you might see a mark if you're close by

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The first thing I said was Alhamdulillah why it could have been anywhere else. Imagine if it was my eye, my lip, my mouth, my face. Everything was swollen for two three days. Yeah, by my by my finger. And I'm saying Alhamdulillah I thank Allah that I was given an instruction and teaching by Mohammed salatu salam to thank Allah upon all conditions do you know on the Day of Judgment, a caller is going to call in and levena kanaya Medina ALLAH hafiz Salah Eva Bara, where are those who used to praise Allah, during times of ease and during times of hardship, something had to happen, thank Allah, it could have been worse. something good happened, thank Allah, it is only from him La ilaha

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illa Allah, you are a believer, you are different from others. You believe in a lot. Nothing bad that has happened to you can have been Subhana Allah from anyone besides Allah, if something bad happened to you, it was in the control of Allah.

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He allowed it to happen, maybe something you did, might have caused that to happen in the sense that Allah might have inflicted you with something as a result of what you did. It's possible we know of punishment, punishment is the truth. It comes in this world and it will also be in the hereafter. But we also know that Allah subhanho wa Taala taught us something, woman can alohomora the bamboo, Muhammad Stubblefield.

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Allah will not punish them, while they are seeking the forgiveness of Allah. If something negative happens to you seek the forgiveness of Allah. And the condition of your heart will determine whether it was a punishment or not. If your heart is made distant from Allah, because of something that happened to you, that is a punishment. And if your heart became closer to Allah, as a result of something that happened to you, it was the biggest blessing.

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With the positive or negative is besides the point, you know what that means. Some people get a lot of money, they get a good job, they have a lovely family, they forget Allah, that's a punishment. Why? It was something that looked positive, but it drove you away from Allah, it took you to the clubs, and it took you to bad habits. If that's the case, it was a punishment. It's not a blessing.

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Something looking good was not a blessing, because it drove you away from Allah. And on the other hand, something that was looking so bad, you lost your job, you lost your limbs, you had an accident, someone passed away, etc. If it made you come for salah and change your life, one lie he that was a blessing from Allah. Anything that brings you close to Allah is a blessing. That's why sometimes a person gets sick, and he's a wealthy guy. And he says, I'm going to the doctor, go to the doctor, doctor says, we're doing all the tests. He said, Yes, we're doing the tests. He gets the MRI, and he gets this done. And that done. pause for a moment. May Allah grant shifa to all those

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who are seeking Ill say, I mean, all those who are seeking you, and may Allah protect us all? I mean,

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so he gets everything done. And you know what? They don't know what's the story? Why my brother You don't do your Salah on time. You're not worshipping Allah, you're far from Allah, you engaged in sin and so on. And Allah loves you enough to make you realize that it's only in the hands of Allah. So you will go to the doctors and you should. But if nothing happens, nothing comes out one after the other. And then the doctor tells you you know what, you only have six months to live.

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A person who that statement draws closer to Allah is actually blessed.

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And the other one will get frustrated that questioning Allah Why are you doing this to me? Why me? I've got little children. Forget about it. You're not the first person with little children who's got six months to live and by the way, when they say six months to live, it's not even cast in stone because you might live for another 60 years. Who knows?

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It's only a statement. He might be totally wrong.

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They how many people have left for example healthy and they've died without a problem? And how many people have been told 24 hours to go 24 years do these things and I'm on a computer, Masha Allah, may Allah grant us ease. Rely on Allah if anything brings you closer to Allah, it is a blessing.

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So remember, Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Akbar. These are great praises of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Hadith speaks about how Subhana Allah and Alhamdulillah they actually not only fill the scales but they fill in reward, the space between the the skies and the earth, just by saying Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah

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so by Subhan Allah get into the habit of praising Allah.

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Cali mahtani haffi fatahna Allah lisanna tequila Tawny filmi zanni Javi botania

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Allah Subhan Allah He will be handy he Subhana Allah Allah viene Hadith the last Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari, the prophets of Salaam says there are two words that are very light on the tongue, very heavy on the scale, very loved by Allah Subhana Allah He will be handy he Subhana Allah He loving you praise Allah and glorify Allah The Greatest, Allah says just by saying that with your heart, it's something extremely heavy. Now this hadith in Sahih Muslim is telling you that that statement will fill between the Earth and the skies in the reward. How many times are you prepared to see it? repeated every day. Praise Allah. Praise Allah.

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And levena goon Allah.

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Allah June ob him, Wyatt alpha, Corona V is somehow

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beautiful verses of the Quran where Allah praises the believers and Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us very clearly that those are the ones who ponder over the greatness of Allah, shown by the greatness of his creation. You know, when I say I'm looking forward to the day I'm going to meet with Allah, what is the reason? Because when I look at the scenery and the nature on one hand, when I look at the creation of Allah on the other hand, when I look at things that I like, when I look at things that I like so much beauty and so much goodness, Subhan Allah, I think to myself, if I am intrigued and impressed by what Allah has made, imagine how intrigued and impressed I'm going to be

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by meeting with Allah Himself.

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You follow what I just said?

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You see something nice a What do we say? Mashallah, brother, look down. Mashallah. hamdulillah.

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And then the guy will say, No, no, no, I'm just saying insha. Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah grant us ease and goodness. May Allah make us people who are considerate, I mean, so I tell you something. Imagine if you see something that impresses you, when you see the creator of all of that, oh, may Allah grant us the beauty and the sweetness of that day.

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So the Hadith continues, and you know what it says, and I'm going to actually get right to the end of this video because I want to make a specific point. It says,

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could lunacy ever do? Every one all people? They get up in the morning? What do they do? They leave the house was you're going to go out right in the morning, early morning, you get up fine. What happens on the day?

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What happens on the day, and losses during that day? Every single day? Everyone who gets up on the day and you've got life? You sell your soul? That's what you do. You sell yourself. coolness you ever do Ferber enough? sahoo? From artico? ha Oh muvico ha, you sell yourself you work? You do something? You get up? What do you do? You do some you breathing? Right?

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You either sell yourself in a way that you freed yourself from the fire or you have enslaved yourself trapped yourself and imprisoned yourself into hellfire. It's your choice. Allah says every day you will get up by the end of the day. You on that day you sold yourself you did something, whatever you did during the day, either freed you from Hellfire

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or got you trapped into it. That's the Hadith.

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Look at this. So why I am saying we need to go back to the words of the Prophet selam when you sleep in the moon in the night, what's the do you say?

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Bismillah Allahu wa here, right? And the narration says Allah homebase myka Muto, okay. Oh Allah in your name, I, I die, and I come alive.

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Do you know that sleep is actually considered the small minor death? Because according to the correct verses of the Quran, your soul and its attachment to the body, within your sleep is not exactly as its attachment when you're awake.

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Allah says it in the Quran. Allah

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fusa hain mot ha well Laci lamb termit theme anime Ha. Allah takes the souls away two times.

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When a person dies, soul is gone. And when a person sleeps, the soul is taken. How I don't know. But it's not exactly like red death. It's a smaller minor death. Do you know why? Allah says volumes ecola t kavala el Mota while you

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You know, in a journey,

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Allah says that when you getting up in the morning, Allah sins back. In fact, he holds the souls of those who have passed away in their sleep, so it's gone.

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And if death is not written for you in your sleep, you know what he does, he actually sends that soul back for a period of time, because you still have life written next to your name.

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That means when you're sleeping, your soul and its connection with the body is not the same as when you're awake. Now, when you get up in the morning, Alice just given you a new day, Allah has given you what a new day in order to prove yourself to get closer to Allah and when you go to sleep that next day, by that time you would have known did I waste my day? Or did I use it correctly? If you wasted it, the loss is yours for coolness you ever do for bad enough, so who for more depot, Home Depot, ha, every single one of us, we will come out we have to actually get up in the morning, we have to do something we have to go out to achieve, we have breathing, we go to work we do whatever

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through the day, you can never ever survive unless you get up out of your sleep and out of your bed. Because you need to eat.

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You need to go to the bathroom, and so on. And you know what Allah says, Well, during that day, you either sold your soul to the devil or to Allah. Basically, that's in a nutshell the meaning. It's up to you. Today, what am I doing? We're lucky we're all lucky. We're fortunate. We are in the house of Allah, this, if our intention is right, we are selling our souls for Allah. Right or wrong. Don't spoil it. don't contaminate it. When you leave here. Make sure that you've kept it that way. And allow will grant you is Allah will grant you goodness, care for people talk nicely to others. respect people help others. What are you doing, you're selling your soul to Allah for Allah to Jenna

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to paradise, the minute you head in the wrong direction, tell yourself Allah gave me today, I might not have tomorrow.

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And let me not sell my soul to the wrong side. I'm walking away. The strongest of us is the one whose heart desires and has an urge to do that which is displeasing to Allah, but they abstain solely because they want to please Allah.

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You know, there was a certain brother who came to me, he said, You know, I used to be an alcoholic. Listen carefully, because I'm sure we might relate to this with some people.

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I used to be an alcoholic, I quit it for the sake of Allah. But now I miss it. SubhanAllah Am I allowed to say this, he asked me. I said, Brother, don't say to anyone, there's no point. I'm glad you're being honest with me. But I can help you by telling you every time you miss something or you want to do something, and you know that this is displeasing to Allah so you don't do it. Allah writes a reward for you.

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He writes a reward. Why the Hadith says it clearly man Hammurabi say at him, whoever wants to commit the sin, hey, I really want to do this. I really want to do this, whether it's drugs or adultery or gambling or whatever else it may be what I spoke about now alcohol whatever it may be, you want to do it because the shaitan within this driving your lust and desire towards it.

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And then the Hadith says if you stay away only because of Allah, he writes a reward for you. I doing what I just set in my brain was thinking that so my brain was thinking I almost got up but I didn't unless it's for you is sitting reward, sitting reward. Because you get something and you didn't do it for the pleasure of Allah. May Allah make us such that we are clean. We praise Allah often. And at the same time when we sell our souls we sell it for Allah to Allah and we earn genital for those by the mercy of Allah akula Cali hada wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Maha

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