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The British Muslim Heritage Center is holding a house of wisdom exhibition featuring items from the Muslim culture, including a key from Islam, a key from the Kaaba, and a coin from the Middle East. The exhibition is about cleanliness, science, medicine, and technology, and features items from the Muslim culture, including a key from Islam, a key from the Middle East, and a coin from the Middle East. The discussion touches on the history of Islam and its contribution to modern day culture, including windmills and open air centers in Europe. The segment also touches on community relations and bringing people together to achieve a better world.

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And this is the British Muslim Heritage Center, the British Muslim Heritage Center, and Manchester that we're about to visit this

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Guys, we're here, what's called the house of wisdom, you often hear the common ignorant statements of people who just don't know. And that's why we have a big job ahead of us to help educate the people. And it's it's a shame that people are such foolishness that what did Muslims contribute to the world and I'm at the house of wisdom. And I really encourage our brothers and sisters humanity to visit one of these or do your research. And we have, we're going to go through some of the things that Muslims who are living Islam, how Islam encouraged all these thinking and pondering and reflecting and led them to form. What we're going to see here in the house of wisdom, let's take a

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look. Alright, let's go through the this is the Welcome to the house of wisdom exhibition at the Muslim Heritage Center. We're starting here with cleanliness. Talk to us about this, why is this import? Why do you have this up here? So this exhibition highlights the contribution of Muslim Muslim civilization in in the areas of science, medicine,

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and things that have contributed to civilization around the world. So for this one, it was actually Allah Razi, who came up with the first recipe for soap

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and then all first recipe for soap. Yes, from this Muslim eldrazi This is how important cleanliness is in Islam. I heard back then people aren't even taking baths Yeah, I heard the French Dave came up with the perfume to put over a person who wasn't even taking a bath to mask the stench. Is this correct?

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This a Frenchman was telling me this been on here. Now we're going even to perfume. Okay, perfume is something which is very important in Islam. It was one of the things loved by prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this is just to highlight

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the importance of perfume. All right, that's after you clean yourself. You wash yourself. That's how important is we covered that? Let's keep on moving to Oh, carpet, you got carpets up here? Yeah. Why do you have carpets of quality of design by the Muslims in the carpets was so popular that even royalty in Europe, they wanted to have carpets made by Muslims. For example, Queen Elena, she wanted one another's, here we have some of the artifacts that we have.

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And the rarest artifacts in the exhibition is here we have a key of the Kaaba from 1910.

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And also we have some coins. The coin in the middle is actually from 95 H 95, after hijiri. So that's literally a key from the Kaaba from 1910. How do they verify that that's for sure this was from a private collector? Yeah. Because what used to happen was back in the day, the claws of the Kaaba and the key of the Kaaba used to be made in Egypt and transported to the Middle Eastern countries. I wanted to mention this, this

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is 85 years after the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu son passed away was minted. Yeah. So this is from the time of the caliphate. So moving on, giving you guys a quick tour of the house of wisdom.

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These are perfume bottles that people used to carry perfumes in back in the day.

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These not 10 cases

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from 1818. Okay, moving along here. So we have now architecture.

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So many buildings in Europe, which iconic buildings actually took much of the style of the building from Islamic architecture.

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And you have all this year, a brief history explained right? Yes. Okay, moving along. Then you have goofy. We have calligraphy many people know about that. Yes, it's more Oh, coffee, if you're a coffee lover, and I'm sure most of you are. What does that have to do with Islam? So the word coffee is actually derived from the Italian term cafe, which itself is derived from the Turkish word GAVI, which comes from the Arabic word Kava.

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we've got So are you saying are we saying that look, then Muslims event coffee? Yeah, exactly. An Arab goat named Khalid, who came up he what he discovered was that his goats, they became lively after they ate a particular red berry. Yeah. So then He then took

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Those those berries, took the seeds, boil it and then came up with coffee. Wow. So next time you are gonna bash Muslims and Islam think about the coffee you're drinking there and have a second thought to look more into it get educated. Let's go on and schools. What is this?

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So schooling first appeared in the masajid as early as the seventh century.

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So this explains and highlights that how it started from the massages, and then came up to the universities. The first university in the world was actually started by a Muslim lady called Fatima. In Morocco. Yeah, this is known Fatima, Al fitri, Bihari so many for many people who say that Islam subjugates woman keeps them educated. The first university in the world was started by a Muslim woman, how many people knew that?

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You guys going through this, you can go ahead and pause. wherever you're watching it on and read through the rest of it. We're bringing you

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so many famous philosophers, writers,

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traveled to the Middle East to study from Islamic Islamic universities.

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This is this coin. This panel here is most interesting one for me personally, the golden coin, the golden coin, the King of England in 785. His name was king offer. He was the king of mercy in England. We're going back 1200 years now. 1300 years, he had gold coins minted with the testimony of the Shahada inscribed onto the coins. Why did he have the Shahada? So there's a difference of opinion why there's about two three different theories of why he did that. The original coins are in the British Museum. So as you can see, that's his name. And that's with the kalama on the mound the reverse of the coin as well.

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Do some say he accepted Islam possibly, but didn't one theory. That's one theory and hinges come out. Okay, algebra, algebra.

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What do you have to say about that? And I mean, now if you can, if people point to the modern day gadgets that they have that we wouldn't have them, yeah, iPhone, compute all of this stuff, because the algorithms right, all of the codes come from what the Muslims invented, is that right? algebra, algebra. So again, before you start bashing Islam, looked at the contributions that had made motivating Muslims to come up and invent these are all Muslim adventures. Yes, Al Kindi, he was one of the pioneers in cryptography.

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And you know, from that, people use that folk codes during in was sending

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cryptic codes and so on astronomy.

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And he was the first Muslim to construct astral lobes was alpha sorry.

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Are these things where people can obviously verify, go check out and do research? Do you have a website? That's the website? these are these are stuff that you can actually look up and research into more detail. Yeah. And the people can, you know, are just one of these panels. It can be an exhibition by itself. Medicine and treatment. This is when you had real healing medicine. We're not talking about today, where we're just masking the symptoms. These were actually healers, really healing. For example, even leaving Siena, he wrote a text which was used across Europe and the Islamic world.

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And many of the doctors and surgeons used to travel to the Muslim world to study with the Muslim here's a big one hospitals. Yes, yes.

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So in the time of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam this you could see the first hospital service was established in the courtyard of the Prophet's mosque in Medina. And then the first organized Hospital in the world was that it had been at Milan Hospital in Cairo from eight seven to wow you have all these contributions that Islam made Why don't most of the world know about this? Yes.

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Here it was.

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Who ordered the construction of the first windmill windmills even what I didn't know about this one windmills and world Yeah, in so it was already been hottub he ordered the first construction of the first windmill in the Muslim world. It wasn't until 500 years later, that when some of the Crusades returned to Europe that they start building windmills in Europe. We got clocks you guys are just getting a taste here. Clocks Islamic civilization accredited Look at this.

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Telling the time

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optics and so the ancient Greeks they used to have the belief that our how we see is because our eyes in which rays, but it was ebenen. Haytham and was

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mathematician, astronomer and physicist who came up with the idea was actually due to the light

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hitting objects that we can see. And he invented the first pinhole camera as well. Wow. paper mills.

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So this is so you can write on obviously write paper. Yeah.

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It says the first paper was not established in Christian Europe until 1293.

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And then what's this one? So Mohammed Al idrisi, he produced many works. And he made a huge globe on, made up of 400 kilograms of silver was recorded the continents, the trade routes, the lakes, the rivers, the major cities, the plains, and so on.

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Alright, guys, this is the house of wisdom. Can anybody come and visit? Yes, it's open seven days a week. So anybody that not yet Muslims, people who are sick of being lied to, had the wool pulled over their eyes, they are intelligent, they want to get more informed. Come to the house of wisdom here in Manchester, or British Muslim heritage at the British Muslim Heritage Center, British Muslim Heritage Center in Manchester, UK. Now if somebody wants to come in and visit, what exactly do you guys do here? Well, we have an open door policy open doors not closed, you hear that open door policy for everyone, whether Muslim or non Muslim? Anyone? Really. And I saw the exhibition that you

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have, yeah, the Muslim contributions that to the world. Yes, absolutely. And not only contribution to the world, but also contribution of Muslims in First of all, and Second World War. Amazing. Yes. And this is always interesting is that very few people actually know about it, even in Britain, who was at the heart of this whole issue, but only 2% of the people actually know the contribution of the Muslims. So it's often said that you know, what you're doing here? Why are you here, etc. What they don't understand is the whole freedom you're enjoying, they also give their blood away from this as well. Wow, that's deep freedom that you enjoy. Did you hear that?

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Mashallah. So this is this is exactly the whole idea of this particular project liberation was marriage center was after 911 there was a stigma attached the Muslim community. And there was a lot of negativity in the media and negativity amongst the non Muslims in Europe and America. And we came there are some people like Bob Zohan, myself and others came together and when we thought we need to do something about it, although it might be in a small way but we need to have a we have to contribute towards that problem. And what's amazing about the center is that this is a heritage buildings a great to store listed building which amazing history to Britain itself, as a Muslim

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community were part and parcel of Britain. They also bought this preserve this returned it to its original form. And they are now building this as a heritage for the Muslims as well. And center where we can have community relations strengthened where we can link up with the different countries as well. So reach out because under the day we live in a global village we only have one humanity one world we all have a responsibility to take steps towards one another. The doors open come visit Manchester, right yes, Manchester. Yeah.