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The importance of the first few words in Prophet salallahu's language is discussed, including the "brink" and "has been" meaning "has been." The origin of the word "naive" is also discussed, including the "has been" meaning "has been." The "naive" concept is also discussed, including the "has been" meaning "has been." The "naive" concept is also discussed, including the "has been" meaning "has been." The "naive" concept is also discussed, including the "has been" meaning "has been." The "naive" concept is also discussed, including the "has been" meaning "has been." The "naive" concept is also discussed, including the "has been."

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And that vein was a very pronounced sign that Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he's not happy today.

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Something has triggered and you know, there's there's an element of, you know, the fact that he's you know, something has happened and he's his anger was limited to and it was always only about matters never personal, only the matters of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he get upset on when Allah subhanaw taala his boundaries were crossed

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next one

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rasool Allah is nose it is mentioned as our canal learning, which means that this part of the nose of Prophet sallallahu Sallam right the bridge of the nose, they call it the bridge of the nose in English. This part was was little bit in and the front part of the name in Arabic language, Arabic language the Arabs they usually say the word that I mean,

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Allah Nina Innes, there's a word in Arabic and to say out I need an anus, which means the leaders of the people.

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So what's the significance of the leaders of the people, they are the ones that meet the community first, they are the first ones to meet the community. Similarly, when you are meeting a person, what's the first most pronounced thing in front nowadays is the belly.

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That's a different problem that didn't have that problem. But back in the day, it was the nose. It was the nose. That's the like, if you check the first thing, if you try to walk towards the wall, the first thing that you're going to hit is the nose. So adenine, there was a bridge that was pronounced and this was very prominent, it was the first thing and you could see they call it like the eagle tip. So so the RO nose would come down and it would kind of like bend over. So it would bend over like that. Okay.

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Law who know Ron Yeah, flew around this area. There are two meanings of this this Rasul Allah had actual physical noodle.

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Around this area, they had like a pronounced light. Remember the Hadith, which is the authentic Hadees where a woman said that it was the middle of night and I was teaching something and I lost

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my needle. Beautiful, I lost my needle.

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So she was looking for it and she said, you had a sort of Allah she just call on prophets. I send them for ah, Elena. So he turned his face towards us. For nor Lizzie as Allah. I mean, what he he the door that was emanating from his face. His word Mubarak was so much that we were able to find the needle in the darkness. So it's not actually Oh, yeah, you know, like some people completely deny this, which is absolutely wrong.

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That's not the correct understanding of any of this other facade.

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He had an actual physical unnecessarily Allah Huang, what did he say? He said Lama the Helene nebi Salah This is an authentic narration Lama darlin Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam al Medina when he entered Medina. Now Robbie knew he could Lishi everything because of his newer became radiant.

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Even the newer the light, the light itself got radiance from the light of Nabi SallAllahu.

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Right? And these are things these are concepts. Now what type of node? What's the case here of that node? We were not there. So there is another extreme which now in order to prove that point, they will take the other extreme. And they will say no, no, we're going to prove to it's like the light of we don't know. What we can confirm is that it was actual light the nature of that light in our authentic narrations are Bukhari and Muslim by Buddha own. They're filled narrations about that. Now, what is the nature of that? Like, we don't know. Attached to this is this issue that comes up all the time? Did the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam have

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Let's see if somebody knows issue.

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Shadow or not?

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Hmm. Right. So that's a big debate between the Sunni scholars. Did he have a shadow? Haleakala Holden amla? And the simple answer to that is there's authentic narrations that talk about that he had a shadow and their authentic narrations that talk about he didn't have a shadow. Right. And the best answer that I found was by Cheryl as her you know, he's a scholar of as her he said,

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you know,

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he said that a gem Boehner Houma, how do you reconcile between the two different varying a hadith is the following.

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When you have a particular person

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and for that particular person, you have two states that are mentioned in the in the in the narrations, the person is this and that, that means that it is referring to the different states, while different states that Prophet sallallahu Sallam had in certain states, ie we don't know what that state is, but in certain states Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nor was radiant enough that there would be no shadow.

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But in normal states in average, he was just like kind of assured Miss Lana he was like a human being like us. So for us to reconcile between them rather than taking an extreme position on this side or that side is not right. If you read most of the Allison now Gemma I like your doctor even hydrogel as Kalani you know mmm no we even know is shadow and stuff like that. They all say, used to Butuan Allah who they learn or neuron they say he had in certain states eminence that was so profound, that even sun's light would pale it. But in rest of the days, there's authentic narration that he was mentioned he was walking and people could see his shadow before they saw him.

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Or Aina Villa Nabis, they actually said we saw the shadow of rasool Allah before resign. Okay, so the balanced approach and this is the better approach rather than taking any extreme opinions on that. Okay. Lo nordonia Lu, this word the two opinions I said is either above the nose there was nor or in general the entire existence of prophets allah sallallahu Nauruan Yeah, luh ya luh ie it was above him either the above knows or above his entire existence. Okay. Yeah, several whom Allah Mehta I'm Malou shum Castle layer, he had a very, very sick beard. Very thick beard.

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So hello, had Dane very soft cheeks. Very, very soft cheeks, belly oil from his lips. And his mouth was not a very tiny mouth. It was a very bloody old firm basically means you know, you know, I'll lean will firm was the Old Firm A bigger mouth and it's a wide mouth and it's an open mouth it was not a very small mouth. Okay.

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And in Arabs, they used to say that a person if he has a bigger mouse, had he Delilah tone and fossa had

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a shocks alpha. This is an indication of the eloquence of that person. The bigger the mouth, like in terms of the mouth, that is an indication that arrows will take that this person is going to be an eloquent person in the past. Say Hello Daniel, you will find morphological Esna and now we're talking about the teeth of Prophet sallallahu Sallam Okay.

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MOFA ledge basically means that his teeth were completely curved absolutely perfect.

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But they had little bit of gaps in between not too profound. But the gaps were prominent enough that you could see the gaps between the teeth they were not touched and attached to one another. Right so they had little bit of off Munford edge there a little bit of gaps that you could see the gaps, but they were still fully curved and absolutely perfect baton balance. Okay, definitely a must. So roba he had a very thin line of hair that was going from the chest all the way to the belly button. Got an AKA who G do do me a 10 foot sofa it'll fill

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His neck was as if, if you were to look at a doll

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right to the dunya basically means like a doll a Cadabra like, you know, Domina so if you were to look at a doll and the doll sometimes has, it was obviously it was all white and no pale color. It was all white, but it would shine. Because they were not made dolls out of plastic back then they would make dolls out of silver. Because it was moldable so they would make things out of silver and other other metals as was in the head. So if you were to look at it, it was as if the neck of Rasul Allah was would shine like the neck of a doll that had silver on it.

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I mean, very bright neck. Very bright neck of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Oh no, the entire neck area. More daddy little Hulk balanced creation of Allah

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the next one is bad. Okay, he had a percentage of fat. He was not super fine cut like some of our youth want to be. I need to be like 5% body fat. I can't have my Brioni in the masjid. Right some of those kids are here to mashallah, right? Like, you know, he had bad you know, he had, he had a healthy amount of fat on his body, not to the level and that's why the person clarifies so our old button was southern. He was absolutely his. His stomach was flat chest and stomach were flat. So fat does not mean that yet he had a good 10 to 12% body fat. Right so he was cut, but not fully cut so you could pronounce the seed of physique of Rasul Allah says Allah and for the stomach in another

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narration his wives they mentioned that whenever he would take off his shirt, his stomach was like the crushed paper. What is he referring to?

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If you were to crush the paper and open it

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flat in and out what is he referring to when you would look at the torso of Rasulullah

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a very muscular built to the stomach area. You could see the muscle definitions and the ABS were very visible.

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Okay, I need to solder his chest was really wide. buried by gentleman Cobain, there was a huge distance between the shoulders the Hummel Corradi is extreme. You know really healthy. Joint

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musi Luma Bina a look but he was so ratty be Sharon Yejide Cal hot. Okay, so from the top of here right below the Adam's apple all the way down was a small thin hairline that would go all the sudden he said the ain he did not have any chest hairs on the pecs or the pectoral muscles. Well button and nothing no hair on his stomach. Masiyiwa dyadic except that line that we talked about. A shout was there I in wellmont keybind lots of hair here. Lots of fear here. Lots of hair here. Okay, so the limbs had here it was very pronounced. Okay. Well, monkey Bang.

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The next part, we lose Zanna Dane Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the willows and then I eat you know his he had a good good

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meat that was found in most of the the joints sometimes or meatless there was like it's just as pointy joints. So he had good level of coverage on the on the joints can you imagine the details that are giving birth to Allah? Like no player today? Alive with all the Instagram profiles will ever have that much detail

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if you think about it

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Okay, his hand was his Raha is this hand, very big hands, big hands powerful hands. Chess noodle caffine will a domain and we talked about as the hands whenever they will be, you know, super soft and another place it says really hard. And we talked about it that this was

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The mortgages are of Rasulullah that when he would hold the sword, these hands would become really powerful.

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To the extent that you know, we all know in the Battle of

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hunt duck, they came across this two giant boulders, nobody was able to break that boulder, who went down and broke it the same tool, the exact same tool if anybody has ever tried to break a boulder with it with a with a sledgehammer, it takes a like, you know, you get the shock in your hand. Everybody tried breaking the boulder except nobody was able to break it except nobody Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he entered and he says, step aside, let me take care of this. The first time he hits he hit it so hard that there was a spark that came out of that rock. And it broke 1/3 and then 1/3 and 1/3. And in every Spark, he said, You've been given the keys of Yemen, you've been given the

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keys of Rome, you've been given the keys of Persia imagine they are being surrounded by the entire army they are digging a trench to save their lives and Rasul Allah is like, Oh, guess what, you guys are all going to be leaders if you follow me.

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And we can also be the same if we just follow

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just know caffine will remain sir it will draw off Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in general was a very balanced person. Okay

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we'll stop over here in sha Allah what I need to have a watch there. I can keep track of time what time was it

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924 will stop here and I will stop here because the next we still have lots of we still have three or four more pages of that inshallah. Musyoka domain we will talk about we'll start from here in Sharla next last BarakAllahu CommInsure Allah Subhana Allah wa Byham decrescendo Lila highlanda Suffer Otto like Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabi venum Hamadani also he was telling Timothy robotic Allah Allah Muhammad wa ala Muhammad came about Tala Rahim Allah libera human Academy G. Allah Who Medina era but I mean Allahu Medina, but I mean Allah how much Ralina Rama to go on Shalina hikma together Judah LiveLeak Rahman sha Allah of maturity Naramata go on to write in a

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hunter gatherer Gilardi will crop Allahumma Illumina with my info now and finally marlington I was in denial, manioc curry masala Matata and hydrophobically Muhammad Ali was happy to see me because you