Mohamad Baajour – Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #14 food of the Prophet

Mohamad Baajour
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getting less and less

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Salam hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main founder when finally my LinkedIn I was in the inland camera I mean

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I ask Allah subhanaw taala to teachers would benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless this gathering and Sharma and protect us from the Hellfire protect our families, may Allah subhanaw taala protect all our families from any evil especially in these days before I come I just got an email from Kerr saying that the attack against Muslims the highest ever since 2011. So just take your precautions and keep your trust and Allah subhanaw taala strong, but at the same time that does not mean you know, we our our terracotta is very strong but Hamdulillah we take by the means we be very cautious. We vigilant and we look around

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and you know you have rights in this country. Not like our countries. You have rights here you can defend yourself. Just keep your eyes open. Help one another inshallah Tana And

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let our sisters be very cautious in sha Allah. May Allah protect all our women, Jonathan, and I request from you please, I told you this before but I remind you chama every time I see a sister with hijab, anywhere whether driving or in the supermarket or in Walmart or anywhere I will make the offer. I say Allah please protect her. So please when you say when you see any system, make dua for them, chama Tada so that Allah subhanaw taala will protect them.

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Cameras are so cheap, right? All you have to do just get the cameras and connected, Smart Record. So if something happens, you catch right away. And once you catch peace,

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yes. So another use of saying that the cameras that

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you can install around your home are very cheap. And you can find them in Costco and Sam's Club and the rate cheap to install and you could hook it up to your to your cell phone and watch the phone, watch the home from anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, it happens with all the businesses also. And

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especially, yeah, these are the cameras that you could install and watch wherever you are, you could watch what's going on. And if we report a couple of incidents and they come to the news, then it will decrease in sha Matan.

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They will continue in sha Allah with

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description of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and we said last week that today we will be discussing the exam. What did we say that means? Yes, it um let me read exact translation the exam refers to all which is eaten with bread, be it liquid or solid, and so includes even meat. The fact that meat is considered a type of idiom is based on the linguistic meaning of the word but it's not considered an idiom based on the norms of the people. Just by the because of the word is considered meat is considered also Edem but from the norm meat is not an idiom, okay with the idea to the Canadian culture. So anything that you did is called either so the first Hadith

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a definite Muhammad Musa Nazca, Abdullah Abdullah Abdul Rahman kala had been her son called her definition a min Ben Bilal, and he shan't be in Ottawa and Abby, Anna Aisha and Rasulillah Salam Cong Nirmal Edom will hon Nirmal Damo al HUL.

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Aisha narrated for the Allahu anha.

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That also was right Salam said, What an excellent Edom is vinegar.

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There's a we want to go into the realm of Hadith. This is very deep topic, but just briefly,

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you cannot take a conclusion from

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or a ruling from one Hadith. Unless you study all the Hadith about the topic, then you come up with the ruling. Now if I hear this hadith only there will come. If I only hear this hadith without knowing the background of this hadith, that means the best dip is halal.

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Right is vinegar.

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When I read the story behind this hadith, I find out that our Salah Salem was visiting somebody one day

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That was so cool. All he has was called and from the luck and from the great manners of Rasulullah Selim, in order to make the guy feel embarrassed, he said Yara salah, all I have is *, he said there will sell. You know when you go to somebody and he tells you Allah Hey, all I have is like when one of our CO one time Subhanallah he went to

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a brother

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invited him for the fall and Ramadan invited the chef he keeps inviting him the chef. You know, I'm busy. I'm busy. One time it'll be a chef. You keep telling me I'm busy please just came come and break Iftar give us Baraka in our home and this. So the Sheikh said let's go

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when he went the Sheikh is telling the story. He said I got to his house. It was a small very small room on the top of a building in our countries they have buildings on the top and the roof up on the roof of the building very small room, small kitchen and maybe closed door it was a bathroom Allahu Allah. I went inside the living room is the bedroom everything so I sat inside and you know looks the guy told his wife here on the shakers here bring the food. So he said The chef said the host said oh by a chef any all we have is full. You know the phone the beans said all we have is full your chef. He said what? Bah he that's all I eat for the stars. And the chef told us that he cannot

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even eat food. He hates food

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so he told them because the guy invited him and to make him feel very special. Imagine if he doesn't fully share.

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You're inviting me here to fool you know, and I don't like to know that somebody invited me and I'm told that we spicy food

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What am I gonna say? Spicy? That's what I eat spicy.

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So as soon as I sell him of course he has the best of UCLA. The mentor of all I have is vinegar. So what do you say? Normally Dan will help. The best tip is is a vinegar so that does not mean you go home now

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GBL Oh my wife brings let's eat so we can imitate it is good but it's not the best of me

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it's not something like you know what let me do Reviver some Okay.

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Let's explain that. In the he said the prophesy Salam praised vinegar to complement and bring comfort to the heart of the one presenting it to him Subhan Allah otherwise, if the available exam was milk or meat or honey, they would have been praised instead. Okay. So that has to be clear. And this

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this method this formula has to be applied to all the Hadith, especially if we are not knowledgeable about the elbow of Hadith, okay, so you do not take Hadith and immediately judge that this is the best thing without studying. Why did the Hadith come? Where what was the occasion? You know, to whom it was said, Okay. And if for example Rasulullah salam how many times people ask him, you had a Salah what is the most beloved thing to Allah? Some people told them the first thing was a Salah to unlock the praying on time, some people told them again, some people told them as jihad. So, you know, some people told them putting joy and happiness in a Muslim is hard. So a soulless Isilon his

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his fossa is intelligent, can give him the ability to differentiate between people. When we come on man came to him Anton Yara Salah advise me

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he knows that this Sahabi is quick and getting angry said lotta

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advisement letter, that letter that we all know the Hadith. If somebody is extremely quiet extremely. Now, of course, this is a general

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advice to all Muslims. But if somebody is very well known to be quiet and never ever get angry, and if somebody comes to give me an advice, don't get angry. You understand it so

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he knows

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the people he's talking to and he knows what everybody needs. Of course, there are many advices and many ideas that are general for everybody. But there are some certain hottie that are specific at a specific situation.

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The next Hadith

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had nothing Octavia Kahn had definite son Sima kidney herb called so near to Norman been mushiya Cool. Allah less than fee time in wash Rob Shipton la kodra at NAB you come some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, when he Domina duck Cali, Mina de Cali, Maryam la Patna and not madam number Shiradi Allah and said you are in enough luxury luxury to eat and drink or that you wish you are in enough luxury to eat and drink or that you wish by Allah than a man is swaying

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By Allah, I have seen your Prophet salallahu Salam, not having the worst type of dates to fill his stomach Subhanallah

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two lessons here, number one, yeah, one.

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Appreciate every small thing that you have. And especially, we don't have too many young people today but

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do not complain about the food, do not complain about this and that we are always bored. You're always we don't have enough of this, I need this. I don't like this. You know, I don't like the cereal. I want seven different kinds of cereals. This juice is not, don't complain, you know, just be satisfied and be content, what Allah has given you, then Allah will put Baraka, this word Baraka one is extremely important. You know, when we hear that a source as salam said, Eat together, there will be Baraka. What does that mean?

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You know, if you take a bite,

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the small bite by itself, does not fill any man,

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by itself does not fill any man. But when Allah put Baraka in that bite, it fills up the stomach.

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This is the burqa, you might say how could this plate be enough for all these people, naturally and logically, it's not enough. But when you take that bite, and you share and you apply the Hadith plus alongside Salam, Allah will put Baraka in that late, Allah was put baraka and that $500 That you make every week, and you see it's becoming enough and sufficient for many people in the house. So the burqa is more important than the quantity. Allah when he puts Baraka in your children in your time. You know, we see a lot of people achieve so many things in one day, and other times you're looking the day is gone. I didn't do anything. Baraka baraka and the money in Farrakhan your wife

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Baraka in your, in your

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hub, your friends, Allah put Baraka, that's the most important thing. And we gave a whole football about the importance of Baraka.

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Now, second thing, listen to the characters in the Hadith carefully and not Madame de Bashir. Anybody knows what's so special about him?

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Anybody knows something about the Noman

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think he's has something very special.

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And amendment machine is the first minute of the answer in Islam.

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He is the first baby born Muslim amongst that and so on. Your Honor social sellable to Medina after one year and saw the man was born

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not medicine, anything Hadith. How what is the maximum age that the man could be?

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Before so Salam died?

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1011 Maximum right. 10 years old? Because he was born in Medina and Associates and how long he stayed in Medina. So no 1310 Yeah, 10 years. So he could be nine or 10 years old. And

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you see all these things, we have to look at the Hadith. So no man is narrating the Hadith. Because the other Sahaba before they said, submit to a man I heard that a man say and what did you say? He didn't say? I heard from another Sahaba? He said I saw an ad yeah. Can he use the word your Prophet so it could, the message would go further than the Sahaba it comes to us in the video is still that word could be used now, our Prophet, I saw him eat and not fill up his stomach from dates that are not even the good dates.

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The dates were not good. They themselves were not even good. And he could not fill up his stomach Allen salatu salam

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Someone might ask

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them how come

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the Sahaba that were ready to defend and give up their life for a solo Salem? How come would leave him with nothing to eat? How do we answer that?

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No man was very young. And he saw that that means a soulless, SLM. Look at that lack any? Are you imagining? Look at death left in front of the Sahaba 100 Allah everything is good. No man was a young boy.

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So if we can do you know, it's a young boy. So he was sure he was really acting natural, you know. So he was eating whatever is available and Amanda looked at that age.

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People you know that age at that time. Nine years old was a bright boy. Actually, Alana get married at nine, right. So they will he was a bright boy. So he noticed that his profit and insula

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Tucson was did not have enough food to eat. So obviously, like brother Marcin said, a social service to hide it from the sahaba. So he won't make them feel because they are also poor themselves. You know, because the he knows I'm hungry, forget about it.

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Everybody would bring their house. I mean, they give up their life, they're not gonna give up food. I'm not gonna give up everything he has, they are ready to give up everything for him, you know, he don't worry him, I'm pushing him. And Allah says, This is not about us what we are doing, they will make you that you had in their souls and their wealth and everything that they had to give up for a service I sell at the ready, anything you want.

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So Subhanallah these, these are the beautiful things that you notice from the simple Hadith. So the reason he said Your Prophet was to emphasize the meaning of the advice that followed and to encourage them your profit. So if your profit is doing this, you should be you know, doing be appreciated more about the noun that ALLAH blessed you with.

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he mentioned a few Hadith that I checked and they were

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they were weak. Then we jumped to another Hadees had definite Mohammed Abu Bashar called Mohammed and Jaffa Abdul Rahman. De con kala had definite short and unassuming symptomatic con can interview some Allahu alayhi wa salam, your Jeeva would do

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a dupe

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for ot every time I will do a federal two at a belval for Allahu beignet a De Lima.

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Anna, who you have anybody knows what the is

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what is it?

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Squash? Yes, excellent. It is the family of squash not only squash, or the family of squash Kusa will call out on

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pumpkin. Oh, that even though as a matter of fact, the chef translated into pumpkin, but when I heard it, I've seen of it, it was the bat, it was a squash and what is the current English anybody knows?

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The you know, that looks like squash but she will correct

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this type of squash it's very, very long, very long, or sometimes gums.

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Thin from the top and then fat the bottom. This is we eat a lot overseas. I've never seen it here really. So it's a form of

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Indian squash

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Egyptian squash.

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Anyway, whatever it is.

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used to love it.

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Let's read the Hadith. And as narrated rather than behind the prophesy Salem loved eating, he translated into pumpkin once food was presented to him, or he attended an invitation where pumpkin was served. As I knew that, look at this panel, we're just talking about the love of the Sahaba as I knew that, and as the saying, as I know that he loves pumpkin.

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I thought it's pieces in the platter, and then place them in front of him. So he can eat them. So he looked you know when you see for example, your son tells you Oh, I like the

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green m&ms. So we look at all the green ones. And you put on the side I like meat only so you put all the meat on front, so Subhanallah and does He know that also Salem loves that squash or pumpkin so he collected them from the plate and he moved them forward next to Rasul Allah salAllahu Salam, so he can eat them the prophesy and send them like pumpkin because he knew that this vine possesses hidden benefits since Allah caused it to grow to grow over Prophet Yunus and insulin. The other name for the bat in Arabic is

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excellent Yakety yak thin, you know in

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euros or in Sudan, but it Allah subhanaw taala say

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it's one of the

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kalam right

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one McNally he shot a 10 Min Yaqeen

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when he was saved and Allah subhanaw taala

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grew the three of Yuxin Okay

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another Hadith we'll take one more inshallah.

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By the way, this is a very, very long

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an asymptomatic you're cool in the hayyat on the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If I'm in Santa Anas for the hepatoma Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in identical time for cholera Ilya Rasulillah salam ala Rasulillah Salam who cubs admin chair here, while Moroccan fee here to bear on wrockwardine cada Anna's for itenary, so I sell them yet at about the house. Casa phenom as a Hebrew Hebrew the bat minyama is Subhanallah and cinematic narrated that a tailor once invited wrestler sigh salam to a feast that He has prepared. He said I went to the hair salon salon and attended the gathering. The host presented the messenger sai salon was some bread made of barley and a broth with

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pieces of meat and pumpkin in it. I saw Salah Salem, look for the pieces of pumpkin from all sides of the ball. Therefore, from now from that time on, I started loving pumpkin

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Lahemaa what is the slum? That he they love it because he loves it.

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They love it because he loves it like

00:21:15 --> 00:21:20

the very famous statement of Abu Bakr. He said I was extremely thirsty.

00:21:22 --> 00:21:29

I was extremely thirsty. So Rasulullah Selim drank until I got quenched.

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For sure you had to wait.

00:21:39 --> 00:21:43

He drank a successor of jank and Obama said I was full

00:21:44 --> 00:21:46

he did not touch the water.

00:21:47 --> 00:21:49

What kind of love is this nearby gathers with

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then they started talking about that hadith that if you eat a Cameron's meat

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you have to make wudu he mentioned this earlier I probably will talk about them.

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Next week in sha Allah

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just one more had quick health was very short. Canon nibio Salallahu Salam yo hibel halwa when arson is underrated, there are social selling used to love halwa and honey so now every time I tell you I like chocolate Don't Don't

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you know I love chocolate. So

00:22:28 --> 00:22:38

like Hello, and honey Salatu was Salam Khalifa refers to all that which is sweet. And it can be used to refer to fruits also. And

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Bobby said he added insult was RAM did not like Hulu and the sense that he used to crave it, but rather he would like it to eat more to eat more of it when it was presented to him. And that is how it was known that he liked it. If it's there, he eats it. If it's not there, he does not say I'm craving kindness. I'm not going to sleep tonight like no, this is not the way it works with Rasul Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam, Allah subhanaw taala gathers all with Rasulullah Salam, the Allah subhanaw taala make us follow his manners and everything that we do, but a couple of eco Subhan Allah Allah, masha Allah, Allah, Allah and the staff Utica to be like

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