U-Turn – Lessons From the Life Of Fudayl Ibn Iyadh (RA) – Part 02

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There. And that's why someone came to somebody. And he said, You are not worshiping long enough, think about that. He might have been in the past, someone is a worship, but he didn't do it. Because if you're not worshiping a lot enough, maybe he saw you, he didn't pray.

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You're not the obligation, but I'm saying something virtuous, and so forth. So he said, You are upon loop. And I have a pocket, he said a lot as a region, he distributes the sustenance and

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distributes the actions as well. For every person alive, open circuit auction, for some, this is my money, talking, and I'm paraphrasing for some a lot. So agenda has opened the door of Salah, they're not able to fast as much, but they can pray for others a lot. So again, let's open the door of fasting, they're not able to do this. But they can do that. For others allies open the door for a hedge, they do it repeatedly, but they can do something else. For others allies opened the door. But they can do everything else, every single one of these happens to be something good. He says I am pleased with the dismount of a lot of religion for me, I am pleased with the opening that Allah has

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given the fact that Allah has given me and that is to teach and preach the knowledge. Okay, maybe I can't worship of God as much as you do. Maybe I can't. Because I'm busy with with this. There's only one guy who was able to do thing, what everything edits affinity and that was a muscle loss.

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Okay. And that's why in him is an example for every single person, right? But it no one else happens to be an example for every single person, every single person takes a portion of the legacy of receiving a lot and clings to it, the worshiper things to it and every single person within their own way, within their own capacity clings to this particular aspect of one particular aspect of the life of the Prophet. Right. So the late half worship, and he acknowledges

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Another thing we notice within Felipe is related to reality, meaning he was very keen on the form on rubber had these is very important. By the way, there's some people today who think that Hadees is not important. It's also very, very important. It is one of the two sources of guidance, okay.

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But we noticed that some people who are gaming hobbies, they were not doing it for the right reasons. Because what you need from hobbies, is you need to collect the center of the profits of some people they do, what they do is they collect not just the suit now, but they spent their entire life, one can even say perhaps a little bit of wisdom. But they're, they're going from one place to another and they're just collecting one chain after another even though they happen to have the sooner collected before the purpose of the sooner is to do what

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it is to understand the dynamics of the practices. So they saw that some people weren't doing that. So he started criticizing them. And he said to them, that

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he said to one man, he said that you are a Jew, a person amongst the people of Hades. Remember, the lady is also from the people who already use this color is in the books of police and his his biographies there. But some people as I said, we're going overboard in the opinion before later Korea. So he said, Yes, I am. And he said, look

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what happened to them?

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What happened to the robot, because there's people out there too, today who get occupied with every other thing. And every other book,

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I read the book of

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they don't know how to pronounce the words of God. Imagine that. People who are will teach you everything, but they can't pronounce the words of God, people who will teach you about this life and other lives as well. But they don't know about the Word of God. Right? So he said to me,

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what happened to the Bible? Well, if even a lecture was to be revealed in Yemen, it would be obligatory for us to go all the way to Yemen to get that metric. Okay, so he started encouraging when

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he, in his opinion, a little bit too much. He started encouraging the guidance of the Quran as well. But this doesn't mean to discourage him. He himself does a lot of work on the team. So he encouraged understanding the providers role.

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Now we are coming towards and there's a lot more to hear about the life of labor Time is running out and it's obviously of the essence.

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Now comes the time for Selenium resolve a demeaning to depart this world. Most of his life. Remember, Felipe is in fear. He's afraid of the things that he's committed to

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The past

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most of his life, he's afraid. He's in fear. And one may think, and that's why when you read, always be careful of what you think of the seller, one may think maybe it's a psychological issue that his past is coming back to haunt him wasn't related Montreal was a scholar of the highest caliber. So he knew how to protect his nerves. He knew how to treat his nuts. He knew how to correct his soul. Throughout his life, he continuously reminded him of the fear of rejection. But when he became towards the end of his life, in his final sickness, for late in reality started to remind himself now of the receiver of a lot. Okay suddenly changed. What are not 180 degrees. Remember, the prophet

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testament said that he man, vain and hope you have a job. And the scholars they say that feed happens with the profits or something sad feed happens to be between fearful as father's disease, the fear should be more within early life. As for a young man, because sins are more, so you should remind yourself of the fear more and not the hope sometimes people make a mistake. And they remind themselves too much of the hope and they forget the fear, okay, but a good doctor of the heart will realize when to use fear and when to use because some people hope or it's better actually. Right.

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So, but for many of us, fear gets us to work better, okay, especially within our early lives. fellated, nearly all capitalized on the sphere in his early life. But now that he's about to meet a lot, as a virgin, he started to remember the hope that a lesson learned without us survive the loss of God, His names and attributes also granted to us so much so that people started to wonder why are you so

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used to be so fearful throughout your life, and now you become so hopeful, so fully, in reality said that fear is better, so long as a person happens to be healthy. Okay, so long as you're healthy, because your health might think of leading you to committing a sin. So you're reminding yourself of fear, so you protect yourself. But he says, once the person gets closer to death, for either an SNMP note for a job offer, at that time, code becomes better. At that time, hope becomes better. And that's why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said in an authentic hadith,

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he said, none of them know how to come in.

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Like not any of you die, except that he happens to have good thoughts with the law.

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So the key then to faith in the key to Iran, is that we have fear, and we have hope as well. Okay, but we, we try our we look at ourselves, because remember, some people

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tried it, sometimes if you give people too much fear, they start to have, you know, it starts to take a psychological effect of they get very, they can handle it. So for some people fear does not work. And I'll say this, this is very important to be said, because that maybe worked in the case of blatant lies me two wings of faith, fear and hope, the perfect balance of both will gratitude, Jehovah perfect faith. But not everyone is ever going to be able to perfectly balanced. And that's why this Father's Day said allow yourself to have more fear because that is what works for you during your learning life. But when you're meeting the laws of logic, and think about the art of the

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mercy of Allah xojo at that time, and this is how you ended up ending your life because remember, a lot of diligence is always going to be as you proceed. So if you're hopeful of Eliza widget when you're dying in chalk walk, a lot of the widget will give you that

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wonderful Lady Maria guidance, we noticed within the

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within the tradition of Islam in general, and within the biographies of the Southern notice many of the many of the pious predecessors happened to be people who are pious, when they died, people started to see dreams. Okay, so somebody also was one of those scholars and one of those people when he died, people started to see dreams about them. Now, we don't necessarily take all of these dreams at face value. Sometimes the dream might have might be misleading, okay. So if the dream is misleading, there is no reason for us to accept it. But if the dream is a good dream, then there's no problem in a sneer at going on as well. This may be a sign that the light is showing to the

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people that lies accepted. So until a widely accepted such and such person, by the way, this happens to till today. Sometimes pious people die in other people say I saw my dream. He was telling me this he was telling me that I saw him in my dream and he was impressed. It wasn't the hell I saw. I've been wondering who the profits are, the longer you send, and things like that. We hear this till today, right? Are people so we know this through experience that allows open sometimes allows the mention of people to be good

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after their death through the dreams that people have about them. One of these dreams was a dream in which combat and soft related reality. And he said to him, Oh, see, and this is where I'll leave you off. He said to him, give him give me more senior, give me an advice. Hopefully,

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it goes back to the same advice he gave us earlier on. He says he can

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go and fulfill your obligations,

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for any length are shaken up to miss now, I have never seen anything that happens to be like, Okay. Remember, virtuous deeds are great. But if you're not fulfilling your obligations, then in travel, you will still be rewarded, but you won't be rewarded as much, okay?

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For those in reality told us, and over here, there might be business people as well. He told us that your obligations are like your capital in your business, political reality. He said your obligations are like your capital. And the profit that you make happens to be the virtuous deeds that you do. So the extra detail that you do, the extra prayer that you do, the sad thing that when you go above and beyond

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that is like your profit, a smart businessman, he never ends up losing his capital for the sake of the profit, because he knows you're even out to be grafted ground zero again, or you might even go dig down. And you might even lose some of those capital. And so you might be in a loss, right? So a person who's smart, when he's doing business, he ends up ensuring that his capital is preserved. And beyond that, he does the ritual. Beyond that he gains the profit, right? So if you want to do virtuous deeds, great, but at least ensure that your capital is being fulfilled, I asked what kind of data to grant us to practice to convey is listening.

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And if there are any questions, I can take them.

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Questions. Okay. Normally, I always tell people, if there's no questions, one of two things, the lecture was really good,

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that everything was understood, or it was horrible, nothing was understood.

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I just want to know,

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how you want to use feel in our day?

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Both but we don't know.

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Okay, that's a very good question. Okay, how do I balance between the fear and the home?

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Firstly, I'm going to guide you to a lecture that are given complete one hour lecture on this particular topic of fear of if you just

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look for fear and hope you'll find an hour long lecture about fear.

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Fear is a tool just as well as hope happens to be a tool, okay? Now, hope is required when hope is required when a person happens to be driven by hope, okay. We know people within our general interactions with people as well, they happen to be different types, right? There are people who are driven by warnings like if you're if we bring it down to a simple example, on the road, someone happens to be on the road. And he knows that if he gets a ticket, he gets a ticket.

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That if he's assured that there will be a cop at this particular junction, and if he crosses the lights, and he doesn't wait for the green light is going to get a ticket, there's going to be some people in this world who will stop because they're afraid of this ticket right?

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Now, others who tell them there are no cops. This is everybody sleeping, okay? There are no copies, everybody's gone home, they're all gone to their villages and everything. Follow the forest completely empty. You can drive as you pleases, you can speed it up, except for the cameras Watch out for everything else. You don't have to worry. There's going to be those people who are hopeful of bettering the society. This is how they're driven. They're more ethic driven, for instance, they are willing to see that it is against ethics, they are going to see that this against virtue, they are going to see it's upholding the system and it's creating a better country and a better nation.

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If we end up stopping

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into light, whether we get regardless of whether we get a ticket at the end of the day or not, regardless of whether it happens

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or doesn't happen to be, okay, so for that for one person feel worked very well, okay, for another person hope work very long, not simultaneously, there happens to be different types of situations within one person's life as well. So for example, one individual is

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he has a problem of lowering his gates, for example, or her gaze, they cannot keep their gaze away from

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it's very difficult for them to do that. If you start telling them of hope, okay, if you lower your gaze brother, you'll get this or if you lower your gaze, brother, sister, you will get so and so. Now such a person is shot out in this particular case is so strong desires are so strong, that the hope is just not working. The person says even if I get that, I don't care i'm gonna continue doing this right. But if you tell him that the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam he said that you know, he doesn't he

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was he Neverland, that's the two eyes They also make dinner, they also come exam and

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when you see this will be concrete in every house, the heart of most believers is a very, very difficult thing to do, right. So, when you hear that the Zener of the eyes is if you look in the wrong way at the wrong person in the wrong place, then that is considered data, then the person is obviously going to be there that will act as a deterrent. So, even within the lifeboat person, he has to see whether the dosage or fear is working better for him to protect this is not for whether the dosage of Hope is reward is working good. So when for instance,

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there is a person who is very, very stingy, okay, very, very stingy.

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He can barely give his the gods. If you come in, tell him the virtual soda and giving and so on and so forth. This person is not going to give any set up. Because I mean, he's very stingy, He's nuts is too strong. So the virtues are perhaps not working. They're not good enough. Okay. So for such a person, if you tell him when Debbie meizhou that bad though, and

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he said he did.

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That those people end up hoarding gold and silver and they don't spend it in the way of Obama he's got a very severe torment, his person is going to be concerned because he knows if he doesn't spend there's a term in default. Another person is very wealthy, and it's very generous with his

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virtues and you give them more of the hope you'll spend and like that, so every single situation has a different answer. And the true doctor of the heart realizes which medicine is required, and slowly but surely we can become the doctors of ourselves as well meaning that we can realize what works best for us as well and as I said, For a complete answer and extensive answer you can just search for that and you'll find it.

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Okay dissolvable love letter again for distinguish, sad enough, they thought it was

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a sellout