Is the Qibla really between the East and West

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This video is a detailed discussion on the issue of the direction of the Qiblah based on the tradition of the Messenger, “whatever is between the east and west is Qiblah.”


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The Hadeeth tradition is believed to be weak, with many participants believing it is weak and others finding it weak. The tradition is discussed, including the use of hammer and phone for communication, confusion surrounding directions, and the use of multiple words. The Hadeeth is not considered acceptable, and evidence from past and future evidence is considered evidence of its weakness. The speakers emphasize the importance of keeping in mind the use of multiple words and the potential for confusion.

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In a bad and fatahna Daniela awful Fiona

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sadly hi in wattana

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so it's the bad means to turn in front of someone to become in front of someone to face someone. And similarly goes the issue of is the value of the lie you face the Qibla specifically. Okay, so that doesn't mean you face the general direction of the of the labeler. Some people have this notion that you can face anywhere in the 180 degrees Susan circle is 360 right? Okay, so they say up to 180 degrees of the glass right here all of that for you is the law. And this is not the case. This is not the case.

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Why? Because this Hadees is a weak tradition.

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And over here you're noticing he turned back around to face the messengers all sudden the boy in front of him is stuck to his balance always, because bark comes from the word tibia fibula means Ogallala you're in front of the person.

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A loss of Hannah in the local dialect, animal Salinas, Allah subhanaw taala is in front of the face of the person that that that that praise God Allah azza wa jal masani. Right Gabler means in front of a person

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so fibula, you're the Kaaba should be in front of you, you should be facing in that same direction and not that 180 degrees. And that 180 degrees rule is taken from the Hadees that is found in Timothy and Barry Habib and a ba ba in other places, the IDC which says my Bain and machete will normally be table or whatever is between the East and the West is Qibla as well. Now, this particular tradition, the east and the west is this, I researched that chain of this Hadeeth and in great detail, and I found that every single chain that is raised to the messenger Sol Center is a week tradition, every single chain, I looked at all of the chains that I could get access to, and

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all of them are weak traditions. All of them have either a a person that is a weak narrator life, a person that thought he acted, he ended up having confusions when he later made, delivered the tradition, or he was a authentic narration but NARRATOR But he had a lot of confusions or he was authentic narrator narrator so long as he did not relate from salaried for example, so we have a hammer that you reproach him say he didn't approve it. And the earlier they said, This man's need for money is not acceptable. Right. And he reports has had these in that particular way. And then we have Bishop Najib, right above Bishop is a weak narrator as well. And he's also in the Hadeeth in

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the editor, so this is reported by Buddha it's reported by Eben Armada, it's reported by Ayesha and some other people, all of them are weak, all the traditions are weak. Okay, because of primarily two problems with man and elevation and there's a few other issues as well within the chain as well. So all of the chains of this Hadeeth that are raised to the messenger that we came up with didn't meet and thereafter him followed by Ambani as well, they may have graded it to be an authentic IDs but in reality, they should not be considered because there's clear weak reasons reasons to believe that this tradition is weak and many of them are how do you think they very, very clearly verbalize this

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such as Lucy in his Mortazavi? Mama, tell me these?

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Tell me the right Jana Tell me. He verbalize it to be awake, he said, I think is why he is a really weak tradition. And

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even humble, he said Leyzaola was not so weak that it doesn't even have it. It's not. So he graded it to be extremely weak as well. And so did it'll be up to you to keep your graded this needs to be weak as well. So this Hadeeth in reality is a weak tradition. And almost anyone that graded it hasn't he looked at the wording of the way he said he said I'm sorry, but again, I don't think this should be accepted. This Hadeeth has a lot of issues within it rather what is true is the statement of urban hapa okay are not a bit of hot Bob, while the along with Alan who he had said that this particular tradition goes as such mobbing and machinery will not reveal Qibla whatever is between

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the East and the West is Qibla. Okay.

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Whatever is between the East and the West is Scribbler. Okay, by the way, I'm talking about this particular tradition from a from a chain aspect to tweak if you were to look at the wording, you know, you can also graded wheat from that angle. How's that?

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The prophets or send them as most scholars that looked at this hadith is directing this directive to the Netherlands, the Netherlands are north of Mecca, and north of Mecca, is so the northern people, they're going to fail.

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directly south to Mecca.

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Because if you look at Medina, almost directly north and south almost not entirely, but almost.

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So the melanins are directly going to face south. So for them when they're facing south, mashing it then becomes the law between those two becomes the Qibla. Right? Now, if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had, if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had already defined the Qibla of the masjid and never never be allowed to send them for the Sahaba Do they have any opportunity then to make he had about slightly right and slightly left, as the Hadith apparently shows? The answer is no, because it is not permissible for them to go against the verdict of the Prophet that said he prayed and msgid he set them helaba was mastered. So it is just as good indirection as the table

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You have to in Mecca, Medina follow that direction that was laid down by the messenger, so send them you cannot go even slightly right and slightly left. This is something that is bit difficult with the consensus of Islamic scholars, and you cannot take a Hadeeth that is absolutely weak, all these weaknesses around it and overrule a an action of centuries of scholarship and muslimeen at large. And so how about hoonah phylogeny? And of course, it's similar to Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam himself, right. So from all those angles is Hadeeth is not necessarily considered acceptable. But what we can take from it is the as I said, it is maybe report it's reported

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definitely authentically from evidence from on and from, or multiple hops or even sometimes you would say it himself, whatever is between the East and the western Scribbler. And at times, he would say Roma, or mom said, my father said basically, that whatever's between the East and the West is good luck, when we can take from this is that you make the eastern your left or the east to your right, depending on where you're standing. And then you make the west to your right, or to your left, depending on where you're standing again. Then whatever's centered is the Qibla. Not that the whole 180 degrees is Qibla. No, that is not what you understand from this heady. I'll tell you why.

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Because it will normally further explain this particular statement of his himself. By the way, even if he did it, it wouldn't be acceptable because of a clear passage in the Koran, I'll tell you what, how. Okay.

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So if you don't remember, he said, You make the east to your right and the west to your left or the left West, to your right, and the eastern left, I can't remember. But anyways, one direction to your right, one direction to your left. And then he said, then you face the fibula. And then whatever is there between those two is what is the Qibla as in this particular direction, either stuck Belton Qibla, in another narration, he that though agenda, you know, blah, and so on and so forth. So when you face the Qibla, then and you've made the East year, right and the West, you're left, and that is when you have the Qibla between you and not that the whole 180 degrees is considered the Qibla This

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is something that I'm misunderstanding, the best thing that you can take out of this as simply that that there is a slight bit of leniency that if you try your best to get that tablet and you are very slightly off right or left, then that would be considered acceptable that is the best you can get out of this any more than this. You cannot why because Allah Subhana Allah says, so when the when you have shelter all messed up, and how long then turn your faces to the direction of the masculine How long? And I thought he explained this particular direction to mean three things he said and now and and cost in a tilka. Okay, he said, the noun, meaning the direction, and a cost and a tail call.

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So if I say Anna and una, I am going in this direction, could it mean that I was actually going this way?

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Because based on that, understanding that misunderstanding rather, it actually means you're going this way.

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All right. You're trying to get to someone and up, see do who I'm trying to get to that person? Could it mean you're taking this road here and going this way? Or could it mean that you're actually going this way?

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Because according to this opinion, 180 degrees, all of that is there for you.

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Okay, and tilaka who I feel for our G he's right in front of you. Could it mean that he's actually on the side?

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He cannot. So all of that those are the three wordings that erupted, immediate explained. And by the way,

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a poet even says Fernando when he decided to chaperone me that allowed him

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In any sulan

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that, isn't there someone that will come and take this particular passage or this particular letter for me? To who to ama, and then he says fomat risala to shutaura amedee. What is it that I'm going to benefit out of sending a letter to the direction of IMO? Now, if the letter happens to be going this way, will it ever get to Irma? I'ma Chatelet already the word shuttle and unless I know what the ISS so when you would take a shuttle miss you face away the direction of the administrator cannot. And furthermore, reason and message you that the masjid al haram specifically, and not the whole horizon 180 degrees. So this poet when he's saying that, what benefit will I get out of

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sending a letter to the direction of IMO? Okay, if it happens to be 180 degrees, basically, you can say, I'm going to lives in Canada, your risotto is going to Saudi Arabia buddy.

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Because the word shuttle does not include that shuttle has to be due there, that particular way, not the 180 degrees. So this is something we have to keep in mind that sometimes people misunderstand that he's number one, number two, that he says not even a hadith to begin with. Number three, that particular Hadith is a statement of promo or even or only those two. And it's been reported from other people as well as it didn't he says even best, I could not find the wordings of a bus. But he must have had it amounted me. And but the idea is in all estimations that particular had he ignored him on himself explained it by putting one direction to your right, the other one to your left, and

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whatever and then whatever is between them as good as long as you are actually facing the public. Not this way. That's what he was trying to say. And this is something that is more than clear. So that's why I just stopped here to give that little you know, give that little important note side note, but important